Grid Work: Delivering Light to a Sacred Site Near You

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Most of you will be aware there is an energy grid surrounding the Earth. Its energy lines, called ley lines, provide every living being and ecosystem on Earth with the cosmic energy needed to exist. This concern should be universal just like the air we all breathe, or the water we all drink.

All over the planet there are vortices, points where energy lines meet, and many of these locations are now occupied and mis-used by those who seek to reinforce their control of the planet and enslave us.

Untwine, among several others, has been to many sites to invoke the Light and created groups in several locations to bring light to these sites. You will find an article from his blog below containing steps and guidelines for anybody who would like to do this work as well. The value of doing this should be self-evident to light workers. Therefore this page is to establish an effort by Prepare for Change to assist with this by creating a channel for all our Event Support Groups to have a regular program of events at sacred sites, and infuse light into the Earth to counter the negative energy that has for so long dominated our planet’s surface and reconnect us to the galactic network of Light.

Please read the introdution to this process below, and if you are guided to, put these steps into practice with a local group. If, after trying these steps, you are stuck and need help to find the spots or to know what to do, you can write us at [email protected], tell us where you are, and what you have done so far, and we will help.

Untwine’s blog Recreating Balance post from October 21, 2014 is reproduced below :

Invitation to Physical Gridwork

 As many people know,  there is a grid around the planet made of energetic currents, and meeting points of several currents are called vortexes.

This is raw energy that can be used for any purpose. Whatever happens on a vortex creates an energy that will spread out onto the grid, and any energetic situation will in turn be mirrored in the physical situations, in the state of the world. We are not simply passive observers, we are the creator, and the ley lines are here for us to use. This is why we can see that all ancient cultures throughout the world placed their constructions on important points and were doing ceremonies with them, to infuse energy into the planet. Groups that seek to enslave us misuse them, and we can clearly see that they do ceremonies as well. However the true purpose of the grid is to circulate pure Source energy. The situation on this planet is mixed right now and the grid is being used both for good and bad. We have the power to help bring back the whole grid to its true purpose.

There are already several people proposing to do collective energy work on the grid by distance, which is is great, so my focus here will go on another form of work that is also very important, which is going to do gridwork by being physically present in the locations.

It is important because we want changes to manifest in the physical plane so we want to anchor energy physically.

Anybody can do this, even by yourself, although it is more effective as a group. It is good to make sure every participant understands the nature of the work to some degree. Collective remote clearing on the location before going there physically can make things easier.

When doing and preparing for this work, one must remember to protect oneself constantly, every day, several times a day. The beings who are being cleared and healed by this work can be aggressive and they can be very strategical to turn people away from the work, or against each other. Some of the most difficult locations require enough people (roughly more than 6 in my experience) in order not to be outnumbered.

It is beneficial in any type of environment, big cities need the most work, but small villages can have important vortexes as well. Things can be done very discretely without being noticed, or not, as you wish.

There are two ways of finding out where energy lines and vortexes are. Results will be the most accurate by combining both ways.

One way is to analyse the symbols, geometry, geography, history, circumstances of locations.

Enslavers are usually aware of the grid, at least at the top level, so they place their centers on key points. Historically ancient cultures that were more connected to Source placed temples on the grid and used it for good purposes, and then when the whole planet was colonized, enslavers placed their centers on top of ancient temples. This is the case for the vatican which used to be a goddess temple, or most european churches that were built on druidic sites, dolmens, mehirs and other kinds of sites. Notre-dame (our lady) in Paris used to be an Isis temple (Paris, Par Is, Per Isis).

So the first thing is to recognize places of power, main government buildings, ‘touristic’ sites, financial centers, big corporations centers, etc. These are almost always placed strategically on the grid. In smaller villages, churches are often the center of energetic power, but it can also be other types of sites.

The great research ‘Secrets in Plain Sight’ explains much about how the grid is built, giving tools to comprehend and recognize the symbols, giving hundreds of clear plain geometrical and historical facts such as this one :

Watch the first documentary here for free

And check the website here for more material

Google map is also a great tool to visualize the area, especially with my map where you can draw lines, measure distances, etc.

The other way is to use feelings, intuition, clairvoyance, to recognize spots where the energy is more intense, and even see what is happening. Everybody has their own way of achieving this.

I have been in 5 conferences with Cobra in different locations around the world and everytime we went to do gridwork on key points.

He explains something that I have also understood from my experience: this planet is being compressed now, there is a blockade imposed by the enslavers using us as hostage, preventing beings from coming in and out. Below the surface is the Agarthan network, and above the surface are many beings from the galaxy, who are aligned with Source and working to liberate the surface. They are doing everything they can but they mostly can not be present on the surface because of the hostage situation. Therefore we need people who are present here on the surface, to open a bridge and break the blockade, to create a connection with the outside.

 So all these beings outside the surface of this planet desiring to infuse the grid with light, are seeking people to anchor it here, because it is here that we want the changes to happen. They are seeing us and as soon as we go and do gridwork they participate. So even just a handful of people doing gridwork in a location will open the way for many more beings to join. This happened to me and my partner very clearly recently, when we were guided to work on the Sacre-Coeur in Paris. We did a special energy movement in front of it, as a couple, a balanced entity, and as we did this my partner saw dozens of Pleiadians swirling around the building with Light, thanks to the bridge we opened. This can happen quite often, even if we don’t see it, with anybody expressing an intention and anchoring it physically.

So, once a spot has been found, it is best to go with as many people as possible, and then many things can be done. Using your guidance you will make your own techniques and decisions.

Examples of this include visualizing a pillar of white light going from the central sun of the galaxy to the core of the earth, through yourself and the location you are clearing. This is good to break the blockade and open a bridge. Violet flame is also very effective for cleaning and transmuting, visualized as a double spiral, one going clockwise the other anti-clockwise. Turning, spinning around yourself or around specific buildings/locations, creates spiral movement and is also very good because this is the way energy flows. Clockwise is anchoring, feminine, and anti-clockwise is liberating, masculine. Creating sacred geometry and masculine-feminine balance is also central and very effective. For example, 6 people can place themselves as a hexagram, creating a merkabah, composed of two triangles, one feminine and one masculine. 5 people can also place themselves as a pentagram, 7 people can each channel one color and create a rainbow, etc. Use your guidance and creativity.

You can find people to do this in your area here :

Update :
 Click here to see an example with my process in Vancouver, and links on the right side of my blog for other cities.


  1. I wish to invite light workers and light warriors to check your local water supply. We found seven entities in our water supply- as part of the cabal plan to charge people for water. Through meditation we cleared the water supply here locally helping many people locally to have water untainted by these dark entities.

  2. Wish I had found you all earlier. Peace & Love to ALL Grid / Light workers.
    Please go to my channel for details about Grid working:
    I have been doing this for a while now and was self directed by source. I follow ‘SpiritNav’ and also use rod dowsing to find all th energy features we are discussing here: vortices, nodes, power places etc. Many, many many are not marked by anything at all 🙂 So easy to work on without drawing attention.

  3. The Light beings and Light workers cleared our chakra systems and body systems of all the dark feeders 3 and 4 weeks ago.

    Just over a week ago we broke down about 30% of the dark grid we’ve been attached to, (think “Tron”), and started building the new light grid for our transition.

    We are detoxing big time and a lot of us who have already dumped major darkness from our lives are being forced onto the light grid. This brings severe exhaustion, memory issues and body purging.

    It’s literally a magnetic switch, which is unbalancing our memory. The Light Beings are doing it slowly as not to wipe our minds clear, but to help remove more and more of the dark from the collective consciousness so people will “wake up.”

    It’s going to continue for about another three weeks before it will lighten up. This cannot be helped. And it is not pleasant. I am right there with all of you in the wretched detox.

    Blessings and Light to you. The next phase of human-transition is here, and your perfect human system will start to feel more vibrant soon.

  4. I have recently received an invitation to share a calling from my Conscienceness that Enoch laid down a Christ Grid around the whole planet around 4000BC. The visualizations of this in your Consciences can be very powerful.
    Love, Light & Laughter

  5. Hello to everyone .I would like to know if there is a map of ley lines for Croatia
    I am being guided to do energy work.Thank you

  6. David Jayne
    February 23, 2019 at 11:36 AM | Reply
    Giza in egypt any thoughts? It just, the energy is very powerful, i think you will feel it as an entity that is doing its own thing above and beyond.

    Hi David! So the Orion Nebula is directly aligned with Giza… and I am pretty sure there is a very strong energy working with that since 4/21/2016.

  7. Giza in egypt any thoughts? It just, the energy is very powerful, i think you will feel it as an entity that is doing its own thing above and beyond.

  8. hi guys I have been working the field of energy medicine for a long time, im sensitive to areas of activity good or bad. I would like to know if there is a map of ley lines for Africa. im in Mozambique , there are places where the energy is strongest , there are also granite hills around unexplored virgin country.


    • I just noticed your comment, I live at a site myself where the leylines are active.
      You can find me on Coeo, near Aarhus.

  9. I would like to find the ley lines in Atikokan, Ontario,Canada and
    east of Atikokan if you can help me locate them I will do
    some light work here.
    Thanks. Keith

  10. Any Maps for vortex’s in British Columbia, Canada? Specifically the Southern half of the province?

    Many thanks, May Yahwah baruwk you with health, long chai, and prosperity. AmaniYA!

  11. I would like to know if there are some more people in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico whose are cooperating with the Event? I try to form a group and be connective and do not receive any confirmation from nobody.

    • Hi Valeria, I live in Banderas Bay. Hablo español tambien. I spend 5 months in Mx during the winter and I will be there in at the end of November. Are you still doing this work? Please contact me at [email protected] if you want to get together. Namaste

  12. You can also use Google Earth and follow these very simple directions to see where ley lines are near you.

  13. Here is a link I found with some maps: I’m going to look into this a bit more and if I find anything better I’ll post it, too.

  14. We are here ! we have been grounding the light for centuries, there is no turning back now, we came so far and they can ‘t win, we already won! we just have to trust ourselves.
    Let go of fear! love, breath, relax, enjoy, do the opposite they want you to do. It’s enough to balance yourself and see that you have greater power than they ever have. We accepted this situation a long time ago because we knew that it will make us more than we were, now it’s time to end this game , and to return to light and to share with others the wisdom.
    Shine your love on everything you touch and do!
    Celebrate the great Awakening, It’s unique! Our brothers and sister are waiting for you out there, they are here to welcome you back, don’t wait too long, just let go …

  15. That’s a weird way of greeting us in peace, Nexus six. Very weird indeed.
    Anyway, regarding the discernment of leylines, there’s a knowledgable man called Marco Pogacnik, who has worked with these lines and other spirit beings of planet Earth, nature, etc. who can offer more understanding of what these line are and what they do or not do. Using dowsing rods is helpful to discern them while walking around, there’s a lot of info online. The ley lines are similar to the acupuncture point network on our body, the meridians related to our organ functions etc. As these meridians are treated with acupuncture, to correct or balance the flow of energy, so can ley lines be treated and put in balance or function again. It’s mainly by experiencing, witnessing, trying out ideas and approaches, that you will find your truth in this sort of exploring. Great outdoor activity and healing tool for planet Earth at the same time 🙂

  16. I greet you in peace all,

    Question: What if we remain calm and the current officials get me and my family shot.

    Im a bit concerned there, prefering my wife and daughters stay alive.

  17. There are many websites that show the ley lines and the vortex nodes on the grid. You would be suprised at the geometry of our planet and how well it is layed out. No need to ask Cobra, just google it your self, He has enough to do. PM me if you need some help. I can point you in the right direction

    • Hi Mark, I would like to but really don’t know where to start. Where I live there really isn’t any particularly noteworthy locations, apart from Ayers Rock 100s of kms away. It’s a fairly small town… Are there any good places to start researching you can recommend? I am in northern Australia

  18. May you ask Cobra to ask RM about a map or better a table with the most vortex nodes of the grid, if they are so by so allknowing about everything and everyone 🙂

      • Yes, you are right!
        But how the heck do you know where it is?
        You know very well that the more you know the coordinates of a point the stronger energy you can anchor in the node or line, isn’t it?


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