I’m writing this article as an imagination exercise to facilitate what I envision will be the inevitable rise of a new global network of Leaders from different cultures and contexts, connected through Oneness and with a common approach to tackle the fast unravelling transition.

Moving on from the Prepare for Change Leadership model which spells out loud and clearly that we want LEADERS not followers we should start, right now, crossing to the other side of “The Wall”, the invisible line, the change in perspective which means to be “on the other side”.

Imagining it will be not only a good training but also a nice way to speed up the Compression Breakthrough process.


Imagination can be a precious ally but also a vicious and ruthless enemy if we lose control over it. Therefore imagination without training is like trying to ride a wild horse for the first time without training him and being tamed.

Having the privilege to actually have known a few people who went through a revolutionary process, playing roles in different contexts, which meant BEFORE and AFTER the transition, I got a glimpse of the most common challenges associated with it, along with the frequent and treacherous pitfalls.

Remember, this is an exercise, just that. You might imagine that after the Event things will be much easier than now, and in some aspects it will make things obviously more manageable. But when Cobra once said “I can assure you, after the Event the comfort zones of everybody will be definitely expanded or challenged, one way or another” my eyes popped because that brought me memories of observing the same people that went through the process of crossing “The Wall” .

And if you think it’s that easy you better think twice and start doing some role playing exercises right now.

Also there some underlying ideas and simple techniques in Leading that, if you get familiar with, your mission might have higher chances of success.

Challenge: Your body crosses “The Wall” but your mind gets stuck on the other side.

Think about it. Right now we discussed these matters mostly with like minded people.

We do our gatherings to meditate, discuss the latest developments, have our favourite internet forums and groups were we freely discuss the latest developments in the planetary situation and so forth. We can’t say it’s a SECRET or that we’re in a highly classified mission, but the plain truth is that we seek places where we can freely express ourselves. We plan and imagine how to break through the veil and the layers of deception we were enveloped in. We are in “Resistance” mode.

As shocking as this may sound this could be so much different from the circumstances you may be faced with AFTER you cross “The Wall”, the Event horizon itself.

To fully understand this we should realize first how the Human mind works. You see our thought patterns process information along something called neural networks. Those circuits define your routine, your usual processes to get things done, how do you react OR how do you act in face of the information you download from your higher self, your soul, your consciousness. So you might “think” that you make a decision, but science proves that, at an unconscious level you already made that decision about 30 milliseconds before you-re consciously aware. This happens because of the biological neural networks in place. It’s not a bad thing because for us to operate in any reality we need routines. The problem comes when you lose the ability to reprogram yourself because you’re cut off from your Higher self. Then those routines and patterns start turning against you.

Of course now we know what dampens that higher connection. Implants, environmental toxicity and hyper-dimensional parasites.

Assuming that the Event is going to take care of all these “interferences” which disrupt our thought patterns we’ll be left with the routines or neural networks.

My point is that with or without interferences, our neural networks, at present, are wired in “Resistance” mode. Which is to help us pierce the veil, connect to the higher self, try by all means to wake others around us, post furiously on Facebook all that can expose the lies, publish the latest ground breaking article that will ring a bell in someone that will get his or her “Aha” moment. Also we seek like-minded people that make us feel “safe” in discussing openly these matters. It’s normal. It’s understandable. We all do it.

However it’s a constant “Resistance” role that you’re called to do. Hence you’re acting along that programming and the risk will subside that you’ll continue to operate along that modus operandi.

This why I say that our body may cross “The Wall” but our mind might get stuck on the “other side”The Resistance mode.

That is the main trait I observed in those people that underwent previous large social transformations. Remember the Hippies in the 60’s become the Yuppies in the 80’s. Why? Try reverse thinking here. While they were on the “Resistance” side on the 60’s, and as some apparent victories were achieved and more and more people awakened, their vision and mission was stuck and rigid, and so the powers that were set up a nice trap for them, which meant to flirt them with the idea of them having “won”, that there was nothing left to fight, that those same powers had lost.

If this seems like a total nonsense give it a thought. Did hippies want to “fit” in the society? Did they aspire having a family, a job, a “normal” life? No. Then why many of them ended up precisely down that road in the end?

Neural pathways I say. And the cabal knows that. When they were faced with the prospect of a “normal” life most of them accepted right away it because they couldn’t adapt to the idea of keeping on with their “Resistance” mode for much longer, after they choose to go through the breach in “The Wall” . When those neural routines are left without the reality they operate in, the brain immediately opts by closest reality available to create new routines and accommodates to them.

The point may be that when a certain order collapses if you don’t replace it consciously and intentionally you’ll end up doing it involuntarily and reactively.

Consciousness always has the leading role but only if you willingly choose that path.

All in all the moral of the story is that after visible changes start taking place you should focus on reprogramming yourself also as you go along, in a conscious way, otherwise you’ll end up eating whatever someone else puts in your plate.

The most common mistake in a (R)evolutionary process: concede to the instinctive search for safety

So now we thrive in secrecy. It’s not expectable that many other people we know, totally immersed in the current artificial reality, read anything on this site or others alike before the Event, although it would be a good surprise.

So we, that thrive among others like-minded now, and feel free to discuss this matters among ourselves, suddenly can be faced with a totally unfamiliar scenario: the possibility of having “the majority” seeking us for solutions, decisions or a vision.

Although it may be a very pleasant scenario to think of right now, I don’t really know if everybody that may be called to action is aware of the real challenges behind it.

Let me explain. What if suddenly, right now, as you read this, someone (let say for example your local mayor) snapped you off your chair telling you “please come quickly I need your help, I have our local population totally in panic and I heard that you know something about this, so please come and help me. I have 500 people in front of the city hall demanding answers and I don’t know what to do”.

Several things might happen.

  1. You think “this guy was in the same bed as the cabal. I’m not going to help him even if a comet was about to hit the Earth”

  2. You’d like to help but think to yourself that you’re not comfortable in speaking to a larger audience and might compromise everything a make a foul out of yourself.

  3. You say “of course let’s do it. I’ve been waiting for that chance four about X years”. This is what we’re being praying for so long.

Most of us will choose number 3 (I hope). This can play out in very different ways. You may have to talk to people, be present at a decision makers meeting to advise, go to a radio program, TV interview or talk with the local newspaper reporter about it. However there are several things to consider here. Is it your first time talking to a larger audience? Have you got experience in engaging large audiences but not about these matters? You’re accustomed to discuss these subjects only in very restricted circles in a semi-secretive way only?

You’re faced with a big challenge and trust me, imagining the audience without their clothes is not going to solve your problem.

In this regard it may help to have experience in engaging smaller audiences and also a bit of acting experience will certainly make you more comfortable with the idea.

However nothing will prepare you for exposing yourself, for what you truly are and have always been, to a possibly confused audience.

Look, one thing is to speak for an audience about the secret space program in the latest UFO conference. The room should be filled with UFO enthusiasts seeking the latest intel. Another thing is to speak about higher dimensions, secret space programs, quarantine earth, inner earth civilizations and exopolitical stuff to the same 500 people that the day before would gladly put you in a mental institution for speaking openly about that in the middle of the street…

So what’s the most common occurrence here? Usually what happens is, because you didn’t previously worked on rewiring your brain to the new mindset, you tend to play defensively, instead of opening up and exposing yourself. This makes de audience feel something is “off” and disengage.

In this regard we must recognize another common feature of (R)evolutionary processes: the rise of opportunists and conman’s. After a status quo collapse they seem to sprout like mushrooms on grassland. Moreover we have the disadvantage here that all our material is public. Anyone can just read all Cobra’s, Wilcock, Fulford or Corey’s posts and follow up sites in a single day and claim to “know” everything. This is a very real possibility and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.

This is NOT to claim that we know everything now, not the case. It’s just that we’re on a mission following our higher guidance to help liberate the planet. And we feel this for a long long time now. That’s where we draw the line and make things clear if anyone tries something “funny”.

Opportunists get caught sooner or later but in the meanwhile they induce fracturing and extra confusion which is something we don’t need more of at that sensitive period.

So to learn how to draw a line here can be very useful. This can be easy if you can deal with exposure. And exposure is not “disclosure”. Anyone can go on a stage and regurgitate Intel. What I’m talking here is to be ready to open yourself completely to the point you might feel totally naked in front of an audience.

Remember people follow the feeling you transmit, not the information. If you don’t reveal yourself they’ll detach from you. They will not care for your vision. If you start a speech by saying “I also was very disturbed when I first knew about this, and just like you I’m in the process of waking up” is very different of saying “here are 50 examples of whistleblowers that say similar things” or even worse like falling for the temptation of saying something like “wake the F$#$”% up you sheeple”.

Also improvisation is better than a rational speech. If you must write, write guidelines, not a full script. Leave room for the unforeseen, for the moment, even small accidents like a microphone that doesn’t work can be very useful because it leaves you even more “naked” and more ready to be sincere, insightful and galvanizing if you have to. Use humour and smile but don’t be afraid to “sound” too serious. If things are serious we shouldn’t pretend they aren’t, and if things are not to be taken seriously there’s no problem in having a good laugh with it.

So just “show” your heart instead of “speaking” your heart out and everything will be fine.

Meetings and decision making processes: realizing your mind REALLY got stuck on the other side of “The Wall”

Why independence, if the slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow?”

José Rizal, El Filibusterismo

Trust is one of the most critical aspects in (R)evolutionaries. Usually this is the point where things that were looking great until then begin to fall apart.

The reasons are actually very simple. We trust more in people that have similar thought patterns, common interests, in short, similar neural patterns or, adding spirituality to the equation, that come from the same soul family, that are twin flames, incarnated with similar missions, have similar frequencies or vibrations or simply higher astrological match.

So inclusiveness is a major issue. Egos run wild when the sense of “being right after all”, or “I was right about Aliens running the government after all” get the spotlight.

The New Age movements focus (too much IMO) on the Ego issue, and in controlling it, using it as a tool of personal development, constantly in check. But putting the spotlight on the Ego only is like talking about the machine the Wizard of Oz was using behind the Curtain and forgetting about the Wizard himself.

Could this be also some neural circuit that needs rewiring more that it needs control?

If that’s the case simply being aware of some aspects can do the trick. So if after some local power structure collapses you find yourself in a grass-root self-organized collective for reconstruction, you’ll end up in decision making activities, action groups or teams and assigned with duties.

Usually, if you got stuck on the “Resistance” mode, you’ll tend to rely more on the people you feel comfortable with, the ones who “know what your game is”. This is precisely where the initial fracturing begins. The original Sin in a (R)evolution.

What happens next is that you become more and more keen to make decisions within the circles that you trust or that “understand you”, and this process tends to escalate, in the more severe cases to armed conflicts, and in the more mild scenarios you tend to create a “political party” or an “opposing faction”. All in all this is a paranoid self-feeding routine that you might want to get rid of soon as “The Wall” falls.

The cabal playbook to control a (R)evolution: choose sides (and stick to them)

The immediate temptation you might feel, and certainly the people who will be caught off guard will feel is to choose their “new team”.

Controlled revolutions have a common trait: immediate fracturing and polarization.

But we know that the only real polarization the Event might cause is between the ones who are on service to self mode and the ones on the service to others timeline.

Unfortunately thousands of years of mind control, implants and programming wired most people’s brains (including ours probably) to be prisoners of ideological or belief system fixation. Hence the “rush” you might feel to choose which side you’re on now.

But then again neurobiology can give us a clue of how to exit this vicious circle. The way I look at it, when basic needs are not suppressed it’s very easy to reach a consensus and avoid unproductive reasoning. If you don’t have food, shelter, water or electricity the choice is very simple: either you live or not live. So people in general will tend to be more cooperative and exceed themselves.

The challenge may lie in what may happen AFTER things settle a bit more.


The Brain was conceived to search for order and to operate the reality manifested by our consciousness. Esoteric studies say it is more of a receiver and processor of information. Nevertheless it searches constantly for things that work even if they suck which is the case of our current paradigms. They malfunction but there is an order. Believe it or not this is why mass mind control works: order. Logic dictates that DEPROGRAMMING the masses should essentially work the same way – providing a new order as the current goes crumbling down. The good news are that, as exotic technologies and hyper-dimensional parasites leave this planet for good, projects built upon unconditional love will thrive and accelerate, making the new order a reality. Nevertheless it’s important to anticipate challenges and prepare.

We can grab people’s attention and link them up to the Light grid at the same time if we keep some things in mind:

  1. Never say “I”. Always say “WE”. WE are a network, not a lonely cowboy riding into the sunset. Much more powerful.

  2. WE BELIEVE. Never say “we know”. This is happening because WE believed it would happen. If you say that you knew, people will ask you for proof of what you’re saying and you risk sparking unintentionally a rational cross-arguing endless debate that will “split people into different sides”. But to BELIEVE in something renders any rational manipulation useless. And it’s thousand times more powerful.

  3. It’s “up to us”. Never say things like “everything’s gonna be alright” to a nervous audience, especially if some drops of sweat are visible on your face or you’re visibly nervous. So if someone complains about ATM machines being unavailable and the payment systems are down, use expressions as simple as this: “We need an action plan to tackle that – volunteers?” or “We should work within our community to solve that problem”. Also, always take the lead and actually volunteer to do something. This makes people feel more empowered, confidant and inspired by you.

  4. Always “suggest”, “propose” and never act like yours is the only solution. “I suggest transforming our city park into a food garden right now as a matter of precaution”. This way your proposals have much higher chance of acceptance.

  5. Always present “options”. When something seems impossible to solve discuss “options”. If you don’t have that card up your sleeve be honest with the audience by asking them to discuss “options”. But if you do this make sure no one leaves the room without an action plan – there’s nothing worse than an emergency meeting to discuss a contingency situation where everybody comes out with their hands empty. That sparks even more confusion and chaos.

  6. Use language archetypes as often as you can in your speech. Language archetypes are powerful triggers to connect with the audience. “I have a dream…” remember that one. The difference is that some people, like the one in question here, did that naturally, like drinking water. If that doesn’t come naturally for you I suggest you practice it a bit. Language archetypes are images from the collective consciousness that are recognizable by everyone. Therefore they are an “aggregating” factor that makes a person feel engaged to a subject. Examples that you can practice with: “Leader”, “Love”, “Courage”, “Dream”, “Relationship”, “Mankind”, “Universe”, “Life”, “Joy”, ”Vision”, “Power”. “Transformation”, “Transition”, “Planetary”, “Global”, “Mission”, “Creator”, Citizen”, “Hero”.

So “WE have a vision. WE have a plan. WE have options. WE BELIEVE it can work this way. WE are guided by the most profound sense of being connected. Can WE prove it WILL work? – NO. Do we believe it will work? YES. But this has never been tried before – Yes but before the car was invented people dreamed with faster horses didn’t they?”.
This will allow for the New World Order of Love to be built on solid ground.

If you don’t believe this, test it on your daily conversations about other more mundane topics with the people you meet, and see if you can spot the difference.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER OF LOVE CHAPTER 2: dealing with hate, thirst for vengeance and old scores

In (R)evolutionary times another common feature is the settling of old scores in the aftermath of the Fall of the “Empire”.

And old scores don’t include only possible vengeances against the cabal. It might be between neighbours, a couple, to priest of some religion that you felt misguided with or in general just two people mad at each other. Once the power structures begin to collapse, it all trickles down to the surface were we are. The VOID reach us all. Once the VOID of power is perceived by individuals, the programs which run through the brain neural networks will be left without the reality they were designed to operate in.

What this means for awakened individuals is an OPPORTUNITY! An opportunity to introduce a new ORDER.

Now as explained in this post vengeance and mirrored behavior unbalances and pisses off the Universe. And you don’t want to make the Universe mad at you.

So this applies to everything you might be called to do under extraordinary circumstances.

Remember, you can lead in so many different ways, but they all have a few things in common, the Leaders…

Just imagine that you’re asked to lead a “truth and reconciliation committee”, the idea Nelson Mandela used to avoid blood baths in South Africa after he was elected. How would you deal with the situation were you’d have a role in reconciliation and integrating people that have done harm to Humans?

Here we can polarize a bit and label without major consequences. I would label the ones who are in “Repentance” mode and the one’s that aren’t. The major ones are being dealt with now and probably that will not be up to us to deal with them, unless you’re a lawyer of course.

But consider this example. What about the public employee that fluoridated your water on a daily basis? Is he guilty of something? Yes. Sure. Will we prosecute him? Was he aware of what he was doing? Probably not. But if he was aware of what he was doing and kept on doing it, then why did he do it? Was he just obeying orders? Was he afraid of repercussions?

You see this investigation has more than meets the eye and its very complex. It involves an individual reality that we don’t know nothing about and the process it self is very subjective. So for the more “lower level” offences I propose more balancing solutions.

Instead of Reconciliation Committee why don’t we upgrade the concept to a whole new level and call it the Re-equilibrium Committee or Re-Balancing Committee or something along those lines?

So that the guy wh put fluoride in the water can himself go back to school, re-learn and unlearn all from scratch, and he can be set with an action plan in which he’ll be responsible for drawing and implementing a plan to completely transform the city water supply, in a way that water is not only pure, but energizing.

This might sound totally insane for some but think in the opportunities this creates. It’s not a mere process of reintegration. It goes a step further and it’s much more of a regenerative process. Applied in a massive scale you exponentially speed up the rise of frequencies globally. Instead of creating dead weights in society which would require constant supervision, efforts and attention, we create an opportunity for them to re-balance and heal their actions.

This can be applied with discernment, common sense and intuitive guidance. That’s why it’s so crucial now to cultivate that discernment. Discernment shouldn’t be used only to spot out the next fake whistleblower or the latest trick of the cabal. After the Event you may be called to use your discernment to help solve very real and troubling individual conundrums. Needless to say that the sum of all this actions locally, on a global scale will determine the velocity that our so called “quantum” leap collectively will occur.

And of course in more complicated cases of non-conformity or total refusal to take on responsibility for wrongdoing, which we hope will be residual, will have to be dealt with by “higher” powers.

But the point to retain here is that we should use common sense and balanced solutions. To seek punishment at all costs without a more personalized and individual analysis of situations, taken to extremes, could end up in the paradox scenario in which you would have to prosecute yourself because that computer you’re using right now has some rare earth minerals that were extracted by some slave children in China and Africa. So everybody is guilty of something at some point, and we’re already living in a prison planet which is something we shouldn’t wish to take on to the “next level”.

NEW WORLD ORDER OF LOVE, Chapter 3: Dealing with rebuttals, detractors and rational polarization

Keep it simple

Although I’m a big fan of critical thinking I must admit that trying rational arguing with people that are seeking flaws in our ideas more than seeking to sustain their own, without solid arguments and invasive / violent communication, it’s a waste of time.

Also is a form of social control because it activates more programming from auto-pilot behaviours, and therefore we get more disconnected from the information we may download from the pineal gland, chakras and other consciousness / source field receivers we possess. The cabal knows this very well and that’s why you see so many no brainer “Think Thanks” and “Experts” which take part in endless debates that result in like 0 actions taken to improve nothing.

That’s their game. Not ours. So here are 2 very simple suggestions to get around useless debates and get people to embark in real problem solving discussions. Non-violent communication is not mentioned here because it’s a prerequisite to discuss any real and tangible solutions.

Avoid “Mentalist” tricks and prefer “Jedi” skills

Mentalists are manipulative. Jedi’s are collaborative with natural flow of things. Mentalists want control. Jedi’s want to flow. Mentalists can be creative. Jedi’s are co-creative. Jedi’s know they don’t have the power – the power flows through them.

The point here is: we don’t need to force anything. Why? The Event will “awaken the force” in everybody on the planet. Its Power will make discussions and exchange of ideas more fluid, and certain things might become obvious when more light is shed upon it. Hence the need to “force” situations may become more unnecessary as time goes by.

The power of Storytelling Vs reporting simply what you know or developing complex arguments

Regarding this I’ll use a very practical example to prove my point. There’s something people might contest or cast their doubts about since it may clash directly with the belief systems they have “installed”. Sooner or later someone unaware is going to read that “New Financial System” has links to “Galactic Confederation”, “Secret Space Program”, “Resistance”, “Planet X”, “Alien” or “Intraterrestrial”, “Dragons”, “ISIS” (Goddess), hiperdimensionals and ultraterrestrials and so forth… a very natural first rebuttal attempt would be something along the lines of “that’s rubbish”, “If they were here we would have found out a long time ago” or “the Government may be corrupt, but run by ALIENS??? You’re lunatic”… Imagine what you had to deal your whole life but on an exponentially larger scale!

So in this case I would use a very short story to stir up the pot a bit and let people wonder by themselves. This story was told to me by a friend and it fits right in:

Imagine you’re an ant and that the whole world for you is a thin sheet of paper. You live there. For you there’s nothing else. That’s your dimension and, because you never went beyond the limits of your dimension you don’t really know anything else. You’re unable to process anything different because you can’t interpret it, you can’t RECOGNIZE IT. Now imagine a Human approaches his hand of that sheet of paper. Can the ant “see” the hand? Even if it could see the hand would the ant know what a hand is and what it does? Of course not. But the ant “senses” something is there and usually changes its course when it comes near. Now imagine you’re the ant and your whole reality is compressed into a sheet of paper – one dimension. You may not see the other dimensions – but you feel they’re there and they have an effect on you”


I believe this planet had its share of revolutions already. RE-vo-lu-ti-on is like recycling and re-packaging the same stuff, give it a new label and a refreshing facelift. But the RE part gives me the chills. I want Humanity to exit the vicious cycles that trapped her for ages. So to be coherent with this I believe we should avoid the word “revolution”.

The correct archetype should be EVOLUTION.

Or a more catchy expression like “ReLOVEution” or “LoveLution”.

Anyway I feel very confident that we’ll soon be on the other side of “The Wall”.

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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


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  5. Excellent article, thank you Colaborama! It’s well presented, succinct and clear, a powerful result of very well used imagination, as I see it and the video with Simon Sinek at TEDtalk is great. Please don’t read this comment as if I suggest that the feminine is superior to the masculine.To me, the nature of a matriarchical civilisation is exactly that: EVOLUTION. Matriarchy includes both genders, it’s almost as if there’s a 3rd component of an alchemical nature that brings these two (Adam and Eve) together, creating a sum of 1 + 1 = 3.

    To me, matriarchy aka evolution, is the opposite of a world where men run off to war, defend their families, purely by instinct and motivated by repetition of that instinctual drive: to kill, so that others may live. It’s insane and a karmic maze no one escapes from, looking at it coming from love and respect for all life. The whole concept of war, killing people to defend our country, we need to outgrow it in order to live and express who we really are. It’s a beautiful expression in one of Mandela’s quotes:

    “It is our power we’re afraid of, for we are powerful beyond measure” and oh boy, oh girl… what horrors do we find, once we take the first step on the path of our true power, by first facing our face in the mirror of truth? That’s what I call “breaking through the wall” or “the dark night of the soul” or “hitting rock bottom” metaphorically speaking. No escape from that truth, enduring going through the e-motions to live with it and let it be true. And to own it. It’s the lightsabre of the Jedi, the place of utter unsentimental love. I know that place.

  6. Did we need new leaders ?

    The last great leader we had in Germany caused many harm. The leaders which were following him called “Bundeskanzler” were celebrated by the press an people who are not interested in any politics.
    The main thing is there must be a leader.

    If someone tell me that we need a leader, i ask him why. I am able to comb my hair, to go shopping and to earn money. I think leaders caused many problems and did not solve them.

    Its time to change the system of leadership in a system of wise men.


    • Robert

      Please read the whole article before making any comments. Leadership is a natural role in life. There are many types of leadership and it’s a very natural process for people with a higher awareness or connection since the state of Oneness works like a magnet that attracts darkness and dissolves it into our I AM presence.

      Someone can be a leader even just by standing still in perfect multidimensional alignment in his / her resonance center and still be a leader because you’re drawn to that resonance field the person generates.

      Ain’t that what the greatest spiritual teachers taught us after all?

      So the article just provides some useful tools and techniques to avoid common pitfalls in the extraordinary times we live in.

      Highest frequencies

  7. This makes no sense to me. First, because it talks about The Event as if it were purely political, that only a change in leader happens, e.g. the Cabal removed, but no change in anyone’s hearts…isn’t there supposed to be a wave from Galactic Center that starts this off that will leave no one uneffected? Second, from experience, you cannot force a person to liste or to hear. They awaken in their own time, guided as I was, towards the same knowledge. If someone is ripe, they will come near, ask, etc. Chasing them down and talking at them doesn’t work and shouldn’t. Third: in this moment, everyone’s discernment is on high, and while I’ve learned alot about what the Cabal has done and is doing that must be stopped, and I know we are all spontaneously waking up, I have zero first-hand knowledge of any of the “good guys”, the Resistance, the benevolent galactics, the Agarthans…so at the moment of any abrupt change and in the absence of a wave of love, I will first look to see who’s behind it, how it feels, here it’s trying to take us, before joining sides. Half or more of the “patriot uprisings” are tricks to flush out and remove those who resist, or to discredit them. Is it “our guys” or Project Bluebeam? I’ve met Cobra and I know he can manipulate energy in a powerful way. But I’ve no idea who he is truly working for, due to all the secrecy. Are they Pleadians? or Breakaway Civilization? So, the idea of me jumping up on a soapbox with a microphone with just the info in a “community leader’s brief” is ludicrous. I have NO real info, no way to check, so, yeah, I’ll try to keep people #romsb-nicking and rioting and help each other.. But I’d do that anyway. But get up and say “Listen to me, I know what’s going on?” Nope. Cause it’d be a bald-faced lie!

    • Lois

      You misunderstood the end game here.

      If you see the videos I posted and read the text you’ll see that it’s clear that The Event will be the turning point from where the change in perspective will occur.

      That change in perspective requires and change in our own mindset in order for the current cabal subservient leadership to be replaced in the less chaotic way possible, so that we can have our golden age as soon as possible.

      Leadership is required in every step of anyone’s life in order to achieve anything.

      A leader is not a boss. There are many of those.

      • But that’s just it: we don’t need any more leaders, at ALL! Because by definition the rest are follow-the-leaders. What we should be aiming for is that each individual take responsibility for him-/herself, and empowering others, not leading them. And the best way is to just give all the info and understanding possible. If we don’t realdy know what’s going on either, then what’s the point?

        Here you are promoting speaking to people in ways that subtly influence how they will see/feel about you, using archetype, story and inclusory WE…speaking to parts of them that they may not yet understand, taking advantage of the power of archetype. That seems terribly manipulative to me! Instead of concentrating on how you can affect others, concentrate on being you, in truth and love. Sincerity and honesty will be more convincing and welcome than verbal tricks. We’ve had enough of that with all the election camphigns to last a millenium!

      • For excellent and succinct contrast between “leader” and “boss” – look at the images on this page:

  8. Thank you for the info ,I can say one think which is so clear to me to reach my goal If i can help to wake people up ,i can live the all matrix all over again ,Namaste

  9. Again thanks so much for the article. It is timely if the event is as close as we feel. Your points are well made to challenge each of us to think about the processes following the event, and/or disclosure. We all are a product of the generations of manipulation and as such need to think about all of the issues you describe. I wonder about another aspect regarding the people on earth at this moment. I have read about the possibility of two lines of humans, sometimes referred to as pre adamic vs adamic or group souled vs individuated souled beings. If this information is possibly correct and that the situation on this planet is approximately 50% each it seems to illuminate some of our history and events. The characteristic of the group souled or organic portals is that they lack the inate ability to feel empathy for other beings and tend to be more easily led or influenced. If any of this is true it adds another dimension to the issues that you raise regarding the leaders that emerge after the event and their motivations. We could potentially go from one group of cabal leadership to a “new” cabal leadership, I can only hope that the increasing vibration will enable us all to more clearly see the truth in all the people we deal with and increase our level of discernment to a level far in excess of what we experience in this density. Just a few thoughts and thanks again for the stimulating article on life “on the other side”. We do need to think about what the future holds and what it really means in all aspects.

  10. Thanks for that article. You are right, we all have to get prepared for whats coming up sooon. I have tried with a few strangers on FB that were interested in my spiritual posts. We then communicated via email, and when they know nothing and you have to begin to explain things from the beginning….how to explain years of learning in a few conversations…I have had to organize my facts, and explain in plain talk, using my intuition and heart. I know that I will be repeating this again and again with the new ones that come my way.With more practice, it gets easier…I wish all the Lightworkers much love and luck on this journey!


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