Healing Group Internet Tools


Click Here to See the Prepare for Change Communications Tools and Techniques Page where all the useful tools and techniques are gathered for PFC members. This page is dedicated to information related to the Healing Group

Website Information describes the pages and posts on the website related to Healing

  • Healers Directory  TheHealers Directory is meant to serve the local groups with a simple form and directory where qualified and proven energetic healers can register and be located by members. Please share with everyone when you have found a person with these abilities, for as the raising of frequencies progresses this type of healing will be the most important one for health.
  • Wish List This is a very popular page and helps people in several ways. First it focuses their attention on what they want, and then enagbles others to assist them with their focus too.
  • Healing Blog Archive This is a list of all the Posts on PC that are categorized with the Healing group.
  • Discussion Lists exist to help all members of the Healing group to connect regardless of their location on the planet. There are five lists here (currently) and they are about healing our society, our planet and ourselves. There could be more, but that will depend on how our members feel about these and if we need more range.

There are PFC VolunteerForums to manage activities chosen by the volunteers.