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  1. Hi Cobra, I am curious about the event of Mars and Maldak. I heard that millions of years ago the Lyrans lived on Mars and Maldak, and then the Alpha Draconians invaded Mars and Maldak. Can you explain the incident to me completely? thank you

  2. Hello, dear Cobra. Do all the races of this world, including the Pleiadians, have homosexuals? Do you also have homosexuals? If you have homosexuals, what percentage of your population do homosexuals make up? What percentage of your men and women are gay? Do you love your homosexuals, and in your race, the Pleiadians, homosexuality is legal and you respect it.

    • Hello

      Here is what Cobra says about Pleiadians and sexual energy/sexuality :

  3. Is this page even valid anymore for real questions? It’s all nonsense. COBRA himself had already talked about Sala/Goode’s assertions about the “fake Alien invasion.” This question was on the very last interview… and I can’t even number how many times he’s spoke about Trumps influences.

    • Hello
      If you have some questions about Cobra and the things he talks about, I can try to answer.
      I am in contact with some people who do some interviews with Cobra.
      I follow Cobra since 2016. Since several years , I do french and english sessions ( healing + clearing implants, explain Cobra with his interviews/articles /conference when I attend …) and I manage some groups and websites linked to Cobra ( in french and in english).

      • Hey Cindy,

        My Q for Cobra is he has in various interviews spoken about KARMA and REINCARNATION are programs run by arachnid Chimera entities. While the Ascended masters themselves follow a Hierariacy ( Sanat Kumar and various other Ascended masters including Serapis Bay, Lord Maitreya, and Lord shiva) though I am aware they are from the Positive resistance team which was helping the light forces. Also, there is a Karmic Board headed by a few ascended masters and we know it's run by the Cabal so how do we know these ascended masters have not been compromised? Can he comment on this?

        • Ascended Masters

          There are no Ascended masters or other completely enlightened beings publicly reachable on the physical plane of the surface of this planet right now. The Ascended masters can contact you through your Soul contact and inspire and guide you directly through your connection with the Source. Your connection with the Source should be your ultimate guidance. All external sources of information are to be used only after you checked them with your Source connection.


          You need to distinguish between Law of manifestation and Law of karma. Law of manifestation states that we co-create our reality with our thoughts, emotions and actions and is part of the Light teachings. Law of karma states that we will suffer consequences of our past actions and that our past actions are debt that has to be paid off – this is part of mind programming teachings of the dark.


          AND :
          "Lords of Karma have nothing to do with the Ascended masters. The whole teaching about karma is a disinfo programming attempt from dark force agents that have infiltrated mystery schools in India millennia ago. The purpose of that teaching was to strengthen the control mechanisms of the caste system in ancient India. Lords of Karma are beings on the astral plane that to a great extent dictate the incarnation path of those about to be reincarnated.
          Karma was never part of Ascended master teachings. Ascended masters teach about love, forgiveness and liberation. There are no direct Ascended master teachings on Earth right now. All Light teachings available on Earth come from their disciples and all those teachings are biased to a certain extent."
          (Thursday, May 10, 2012
          "Clarification about Archons")


          AND :
          "Who are the ASCENDED MASTERS?

          The Ascended Masters have completed every challenge, passed through all levels of difficulty in the system of reincarnation, and escaped Earth’s prison control matrix. They are therefore able to instruct us in cosmic knowledge and assist in accelerating the liberation of planet Earth. Based on their previous lifetimes and experiences on Earth, they have their own higher visions of supporting planetary liberation and are fully committed to all living beings on planet Earth.

          Connecting to the light of the Ascended masters is extremely important for us. We use our hearts and free will decision to open up a line of communication with them. We can describe Earth’s current situation and our ideas about it to them. Doing this can accelerate the process of liberating Earth, enabling us to experience the Event as soon as possible."

          "Jedi: Wow. That's really a good news. Okay, next one. After the First Contact, many Ascended Masters will instruct the surface population with their tangible hologram bodies. We have a list of the most famous Ascended Masters, and we would like to ask you if we might be able to see them face-to-face in the future.

          Jesus Christ
          Mother Mary
          The Buddha
          King Arthur
          Isis the Goddess
          Ashtar Sheran
          El Morya

          Cobra: Yes. All of them, all of those from your list will most likely be able to show themselves when the time is right after the First Contact.

          Jedi: Okay. I will say this name. Okay. (Ok.) Jesus Christ. Yes, yeah?

          Cobra: I will not give individual comments. You can read the list, but I would say most of those beings will be able to show themselves and will have a plan to show themselves to the surface population when the time is right.

  4. Dear COBRA and the PFC Team,


    To those who are particularly politics-oriented and are wanna-be statesmen, what would you suggest and is there any chance for them to be contacted by Yellow Dragon in their coming future?

    • Hello

      Cobra has said :
      "COBRA – I would say the Blue Dragons are the spiritual side…. They are the ones who were contacted by the
      Agarthan network several hundred years ago and their spiritual power comes from that connection with the
      the Agarthan network. The Golden Dragons or I would say the Yellow Dragons are those who are trying to bring about positive changes in the political structure in the East.
      positive changes in the political structure in the East and gradually with their connection with the
      Templars also in the West… —ref : pc1015"

      and :

      "-There were two factions of the draconic race that came to this planet. The majority of them were, I would say, the bad guys, but there were some good draconic factions. The mission of
      the good part was to be the guardians of the wealth of the planet. In the West, this project did not succeed. In the East, it succeeded to some extent. The original plan of the dragon families of dragons was to give this wealth to humanity. Along the way, many of them were corrupted and that is the problem. The problem is not their origin, , the problem is not the Dragon symbol, the problem is the human personality. And that's the problem all over the planet

      The White Dragon Society :
      a group that represents the interests of certain ancient Chinese royal Chinese lineages, supported by many martial arts groups around the world.
      Their main motivation is to bring down the Cabal, but their motives may not be entirely pure ( in the process of improvement), as they see their role in the new society after the event as not after the event is not dominant and controlling enough. They also have a financial interest in the funds that will be released after the dissolution of the
      Cabal.The White Dragons are much more cautious now, especially as the Jesuits are trying to infiltrate them through Te-Wu, the Chinese secret Chinese secret intelligence agency.

      The Dragon's Gate:
      Underground sister organisation to the White Dragon Society. A long time ago, the two groups were one and the same. But after the Rothschilds, aided by the Triads, overthrew the Chinese Qing dynasty in the Xinhai revolution in 1912, the Xinhai Revolution in 1912, both groups went underground and began to oppose the Cabal behind the scenes, and then their paths began to diverge.The White Dragon Society focused more on political, military and financial opposition to the Cabal.
      At the same time, the Dragon's Gate began to focus more on the development of advanced technologies and the process of spiritual liberation from the from the grip of the etheric Archons. The two groups are cooperating behind the scenes to assist in the liberation of the planet and their methods are complementary

      Blue Dragon Families:
      The Blue Dragons originate from secret Taoist groups linked to the Agartha network.Together with the Secret Order of Pythagoras, they ignited the spark of the Renaissance in Italy
      the Blue Dragons are the spiritual side…. They are the ones who were contacted by the Agarthan network several hundred years ago and their spiritual power comes from this connection
      with the Agarthan network
      Not much can be said about the Blues, except that some of them are the guardians of certain portals.

      The Red Dragon families:
      there are many people who claim to be Red Dragons, so you have to be very careful with these claims. And the real Red Dragon families have NEVER worked with the Cabal
      The real Red Dragon families were actually born in the dynasty when they began to see the danger of the Archon invasion in China. They have worked underground ever since to keep China safe from these invasions. China protected from these invasions. They have not been very successful because they had to work underground
      The Red Dragons came from the military forces of the Ming Dynasty.
      In the early 19th century, the Rothschilds took control of China through opium wars:
      The Chinese Red Dragon families were forced to keep a low profile,but disguised as the secret society of the Eight Trigrams, they still managed the Boxer Rebellion, an attempt to drive the Jesuits and Rothschilds out of China.
      the Rothschilds from China
      We also sometimes hear about TRIADS, Triads do NOT work for the Dragons, but mainly for the Dragons, but mainly for the Cabal. However, many agents of the Dragons have infiltrated the triads and recently some or even most of the triads may or may not be secretly helping to overthrow the Cabal
      Chinese Red Dragon families are providing tactical support to the Chinese government to eliminate Rothschild infiltration.
      Taiwan is the base of operations for many of the Dragon families families. They were forced to leave mainland China after the revolution.The Red Dragon families aim to defeat their sworn enemies, the Jesuits and Rothschilds. They are valiant protectors and guardians of justice.
      Taiwan is therefore one of the main seats of the Dragon families.Unfortunately, the families are not yet fully united and there is still infiltration of dark forces and also a great need for spiritual guidance.
      In addition Taiwan will have a very important role in the event which cannot yet be disclosed.
      On the surface of the planet, the positive army and the red and blue dragons are conducting behind-the-scenes operations to prepare for the event.
      There are other families of dragons such as the "Yellows" who are exclusively dedicated to politics and infiltrating the Cabal ,
      . The Golden Dragons or I would say the Yellow Dragons are those who are trying to bring about positive changes in the political structure in the East and gradually
      with their connection to the Templars also in the West"

      We do not know how to contact Dragon Families. We need to ask the question to Cobra or to write him.

  5. (📢PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT) The ridiculous questions NEED to stop. Somebody seriously asked a question, that even made it to the most recent interview, implied that the aprox 2000 ppl that were to ascend would likely be “Star Seeds” and how the Starseeds might then in turn “occupy the earth.” Firstly, do your homework on appropriate jargon, because it seems like it is insinuated that a StarSeed is not a true member of the Surface, or even a Human being for that matter. Secondly, seeing as the Galactic Federation is currently liberating our planet & entire solar system as well as feeding Intel to Cobra… wouldn’t it make more sense for them to do that now & directly(I dunno, like the Orion’s, Chimera or any number of dark entities that already “occupy our planet.) PLEASEE! Before posting on this page, if you have a real, legitimate question, first check the archive of past Cobra interviews/questions and at the very LEAST, the last few Cobra blog posts. I would also be willing to help directly and have provided my email & my Telegram for this purpose. I don’t mean to single this one question out, because this issue is MUCH larger than just one question;

    there was also… another question, that again also made it in the last interview(which I don’t these folks who ask questions like these are even attending) which implied, wait for it… that the Pleiadans might be sending an ENTIRE ETHNIC GROUP to the Galactic Central Sun for their Souls to be deconstructed… yep, I kid you not, someone insinuated that the GF might be considering a mass- genocide. PEOPLE, we’re talking not about fellow Humans, but beings that are A.) not dark beings(like the ones that are already present) and B.) INFINITELY more evolved that we are. I mean, I sincerely HOPE we just have some bots/spam or practical jokers or even disinfo- agents, before considering people like this might actually be among us; don’t get me wrong, I can understand having questions like these if (& ONLY if) one was brand new to not only the blog, but the entire ET phenomenon… and most of us have been here since 2012 for God’s sake. Enough is enough. Let’s come with the light and do our due diligence beforehand. I’d be happy to help with the interviews going forward, personally I have no issue with going through the questions one by one before an interview if necessary.

    P.S can we pleaseeee get someone that has English as their first language do the video/recording part of the interviewing? Haha love PFC to death along with everything they do for the movement, but c’mon now, shouldn’t be to difficult of a request. Again, you can contact me either by email and via Telegram.
    Thankyou all for your patients.
    —a light-worker, grid-worker & student of esoterica

  6. Cobra,
    Michael Sala has recently put out a video in which he warns of a false evacuation of Earth prior to a staged catastrophe. Sala warns that the Deep State will fake a planetary catastrophe and send in space ships to "rescue" people when in fact they are being captured and enslaved.

    The scenario Sala's asserts, is virtually an exact copy of Cobra's description of the rescue of humanity just prior to the catastrophic earth changes, but he flips everything. Those who go on the ships are captured and those who remain on earth are saved by benevolent ETs. The link below is the excerpt starting at 5 min.

    Further, Cory Goode asserts a similar scenario in which the Galactic Federation are negative et's pretending to be benevolent rescuers will use a technology to make Starseeds feel blissful in their presence in order to make people trust the ETs and voluntarily get on their ships, again to be taken away as captives. start at 20:10

    Can you please address this information. It is very confusing.

  7. Cobra

    What was the role of the apostle Paul inside the network of the Light Forces? Was he just a mere instrument for the dissemination the Christ teachings?

  8. Cobra

    A few years ago there was a Twitter account of a woman named Baroness Rotschild. Was this account really from her? Why the account was deleted two times?

  9. Cobra

    What is the update about the terms of surrender of the Cabal? Do they still exist? Does the Cabal is more willingly to hear about these terms or not?

  10. Cobra

    Only some people inside the Cabal network know for sure that their total defeat is near or they all know that they are going to lose the power?

  11. Cobra

    When you say that the soul who goes for the Central Sun for restrucuting it is the same to say that this person will have to evolve rom the beginning again?

  12. Cobra

    How do the population of other planets reacetd when they knew about the Galactic Confederation and their effort to liberate them? Confused? Amazed? Happy? Angry?

  13. Benjamin Fulford said in one of his recent reports that the Cabal is playing our version of our being called God. Is it true? Do the Cabal pretend to be this god we all know of? Or Jehovah as we know is another name for Yaldabaoth?

  14. Cobra

    Do the Resistance Movenet passed for a total slavery on the Planet X like we have here on Earth or was it more a subtle slavery?

  15. Cobra

    Could you please tell us what kind of mutation process the Archons passed? The non physical Archons changed just the appearance or is there something more about this mutation process?

    • Hello Ludwig

      you will find some answers here


      Archons: Earth archons all dark. Not guardians. Mainly found in German and Italian black nobility. The bad will have to work to correct what they have done if and when they turn to the Light. The archons came here as other planets were cleared of negativity. This was their last bastion stronghold and they came here and have taken the planet hostage about twenty-six thousand years ago in a hostile takeover. An archon is actually a being that has been subjected to a very strong unnatural mutation process. A long time ago, in the galactic history, there was a certain group of beings that were in fact very powerful angels and they wanted to experience matter, so they devised very advanced technology based electro-magnetic fields that distorted space and time continuum and they subjected themselves to this technology and this has changed their consciousness and this is the source of evil as you would describe it. And those beings have been very powerful angels before and they, after this process, they became very powerful, I would say demons, and they actually created quarantine earth and they have ruled this place for the last 25,000 years and now it’s time for them to go. Their time is up. Archons are the top demons. Demons are the lower archons. Most physical archons were made to leave the earth in the mid 1800’s during the March revolution in Europe, led by the Light Forces. The Archons communicate with Yaldabaoth through meditation. The Catholic Church was created by archons and is administered by Dracos. Some archons have turned to the Light when they were captured and transported to the mothership and the locations, some of them have realized their wrong choices. Archons are not Dracos or reptilians. They are mostly negative Andromedans. The Chimera group is also from Andromeda – not all Andromedans are bad. They are the ones engineering the reincarnation process – the so-called Lords of Karma. They work at suppressing human spirituality and created monotheistic religions and religious dogma. The Chimera is a different soul group but are also from the Andromeda galaxy that is more technologically oriented and their purpose is to maintain the quarantine status of earth and to keep humanity isolated and enslaved.

    • Hello
      You will find some information here

  16. Cobra

    In the movie Advocate of the Devil it is shown Lucifer as a manipulative and disgusting being. How much of correctness is there in this image showing Lucifer? Is he totally evil or even him has a soft side hidden?

    • Question: What is the true meaning of Catholicism and Orthodoxy? Why
      Orthodoxy take root in Russia, and Catholicism in the West? And what was and is the relationship between these two religions?
      And what is the actual relationship between these two religions and what is the relationship between them now?
      COBRA: They are two factions of the Christian programming cult that split in the great schism of 1054.
      schism of 1054. Orthodoxy took root in Russia simply because of its proximity to
      Constantinople which was the seat of the Orthodox Church. (ru0317)

      (ru0317) Question: What is the real meaning of religious confessions and rites in the Orthodox Church, such as the
      Orthodox Church, such as the sacrament, when a person receives the body of Christ and the blood (bread in red wine)?
      wine)? And why do so many people, after visiting a church, feel a sense of ease and
      and inspiration, while for some it is difficult to be there?
      COBRA: These rites have their origin in the rituals of the ancient mystery schools. Those who can
      connect to the positive spiritual side of Christianity and the message of Christ can feel inspired,
      those who feel the negative entities that are present on the lower astral and etheric planes in most churches feel unbearable.
      most churches feel unbearable. (ru0317)

  17. Cobra

    Do the Light Forces have technology to dissolve and reestructure a soul? Or they need to just use the Central Sun for this purpose?

  18. Hi Cobra,
    Hope you're fine! Could you please provide in PM the right email/website/link to acquire a Tachyon chamber kit? I would like to avoid to invest from a fake tachyon provider. thanks for your precious help

    • Hello David. Thanks for your interest. There is a unique specific process to get a tachyon chamber and a unique email address.
      You can find it here :
      In France we have the largest network of tachyon chambers. Our French team interviewed Cobra in January

  19. I am an artist, cartoonist and graphic designer and I want to help. I create drawings and post the mass meditations, but it is not enough for me. I love working to enlighten people in any way that I can. Is there anywhere I would be useful?

  20. Dear Miste(?) Cobra,

    1- 300000 years ago the reptillian race Gina’abul came here. You, Pleiadians, knew very well what they were up to, Why didn’t you do do anything? since now you are here to,we assume, to “repair” the mess they have put so far?

    2- Why to “make friends” with these, so called, Ascended masters?

    Thank you
    G. Organoff

  21. it ‘s really great that cobra is expanding global meditation so it can improve awareness and enhance vibration and activation of human energy .


  23. Bonjour,

    J’aimerais savoir si le résultat de la méditation mondiale du 4/5 avril a eut l’effet escompté ?
    Et si “l’évènement” se produira pendant le confinement ?

  24. a friend is trying to contact Cobra for a technology that Cobra is interested in: Pandora technology

    un ami essaie de contacter Cobra pour une technologie qui l’intéresse: la technologie Pandora

    have a nice day! bonne journée !

  25. The Rosicrusian Order, AMORC approves the Lord of Karma. There are many masters in the hierarchy of their Great White Brotherhood. One of them is the Lord of Karma.

    I remember that Cobra said that Lord of Karma is an Archon. If so, is AMORC an Archon organization? Even if it is not, at least Archon is infiltrating into it at certain degree?

    If anyone has a clear answer to this question, please tell me the answer. Thank you.

  26. Hello. My question is about the hologram of the reptilians: Do the women who recently entered into British royalty by marriage really know about them? Is there some kind of initiation ritual for them to become familiar with the whole situation? Or are they like them, reptilians? Are William’s sons hybrids or will they etherically be possessed when they are older?

  27. Hello. I am from Slovakia, where the presidental election is about to take place on the same weekend as the Budapest Conference in neighboring Hungary. The thing is, the leading pro-system candidate Zuzana Caputova went from 10 to 50% in latest exit polls and she is openly supported by the software company of ESET which is participant in the elections (also believed to cooperate with CIA). Little wonder, there is quite a worry over the election being rigged. What I´d like to ask is if the cabal has still power to make that happen (at least in small country like ours) or are they just stuck with manipulation throught the media.

  28. Dear Cobra,
    I’ve noticed that there are many UFO religions and I am undecided on which one to choose since many are similar.
    Could you tell me what sets this one apart from the other UFO religions out there?


  29. hello dear brothers and sisters ,I would like you to ask COBRA this ,in the last update from kent dunn Parody 59 .he said that we should not listen to Cobra ,that he was sending code to the cabal using his wed page and the way he sound is like they entrapped Cobra and the real cobra died and this one is a clone .if that is true is pretty sad ,but any way this is pretty disturbing .and I’d like for COBRA bring some light to this ,nor trying to stir anything here between both of you ,just like to know what’s going on ,why this constant attack from kent ?I have both of you as light warriors in this battle against the cabal and I’m pretty uncomfortable with this situation .thanks

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  31. I would like to know whether Trump’s presidency was manipulated by any dark force.
    Do you know what is Trump’s previous life? He seems to be such a dictator making so many people suffer.

  32. Why?
    Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary..


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