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You can submit your questions to Cobra here under the comments section for our monthly interviews. 

The email address for the Cobra Questions has been discontinued. Please use this page for that purpose, and review the other questions that have already been asked.

The best questions are the ones everyone can learn from, so attempt to phrase the questions with that in mind. 

Please know that Cobra cannot answer personal questions, or review links that you provide. These links maybe interesting to other readers and you may post them here but know that Cobra cannot possibly review the content of everything on the internet. Remember that Cobra does not review or criticize others so don’t ask for an opinion of another person’s work. Please also know that there is also disinformation posted on the internet so things must go through your own personal filters: discernment, discernment, discernment…..always!

Thank you.

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  1. Cobra, would you say that the number of toplet bombs in (the area described by you as) “the area close to the Earth surface, not extending beyond 3 Earth radii from the center of the planet” is higher or lower than the amount of toplet bombs in the “sublunar space” that used to be before the Resistance started clearing it? And if it is bigger or smaller, could you give us an estimate of how much?

    (NOT for COBRA: It took the Resistance ~two and a half years to clear the sublunar space. since this post: )

  2. Cobra said the US dollar will devalue about 50% during the financial reset, some countries or areas linked their exchange rate with the United States , such as Hong Kong dollars, Will these currencies be devalued together with the US dollar?

  3. Bonjour Cobra,
    Vous avez annoncé le 07/12/17 que 80% des forces négatives ont été vaincues, en Antarctique (Merci infiniment aux Forces de la Lumière !)… Les Ummos (ou Ummites) ont envoyé, en Oct/Nov 2017, par twitter un texte, comme quoi “Ils s’installaient en Antarctique, avec 2 de leurs alliés” (?) et qu’ils revendiquaient ces terres suite au Traité de 1959 , et qu’ils revendiquaient l’appartenance à l’humanité (ils se considèrent comme Humains)… Au vu de ce que vous annoncez, la déclaration des Ummos me parait très bizarre… Font-ils partie des forces négatives ou positives ? Pour les français, c’est une réponse importante, MERCI A VOUS TOUS !!!!!

  4. 1. What does the Asura mean in Buddhism?
    2. Please rate these people.

    1 being most positive and 10 being most negative

    1-bill gates
    2-steve jobs
    4-mark zuckerberg

  5. If we have free will, I have one question.

    – First, why all the souls in the Universe will ascend sometime and come back to Source? Can´t a soul live without the necessity of coming back to Source?

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