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  1. Cobra

    What was the role of the apostle Paul inside the network of the Light Forces? Was he just a mere instrument for the dissemination the Christ teachings?

  2. Cobra

    A few years ago there was a Twitter account of a woman named Baroness Rotschild. Was this account really from her? Why the account was deleted two times?

  3. Cobra

    What is the update about the terms of surrender of the Cabal? Do they still exist? Does the Cabal is more willingly to hear about these terms or not?

  4. Cobra

    Only some people inside the Cabal network know for sure that their total defeat is near or they all know that they are going to lose the power?

  5. Cobra

    When you say that the soul who goes for the Central Sun for restrucuting it is the same to say that this person will have to evolve rom the beginning again?

  6. Cobra

    How do the population of other planets reacetd when they knew about the Galactic Confederation and their effort to liberate them? Confused? Amazed? Happy? Angry?

  7. Benjamin Fulford said in one of his recent reports that the Cabal is playing our version of our being called God. Is it true? Do the Cabal pretend to be this god we all know of? Or Jehovah as we know is another name for Yaldabaoth?

  8. Cobra

    Do the Resistance Movenet passed for a total slavery on the Planet X like we have here on Earth or was it more a subtle slavery?

  9. Cobra

    Could you please tell us what kind of mutation process the Archons passed? The non physical Archons changed just the appearance or is there something more about this mutation process?

    • Hello Ludwig

      you will find some answers here


      Archons: Earth archons all dark. Not guardians. Mainly found in German and Italian black nobility. The bad will have to work to correct what they have done if and when they turn to the Light. The archons came here as other planets were cleared of negativity. This was their last bastion stronghold and they came here and have taken the planet hostage about twenty-six thousand years ago in a hostile takeover. An archon is actually a being that has been subjected to a very strong unnatural mutation process. A long time ago, in the galactic history, there was a certain group of beings that were in fact very powerful angels and they wanted to experience matter, so they devised very advanced technology based electro-magnetic fields that distorted space and time continuum and they subjected themselves to this technology and this has changed their consciousness and this is the source of evil as you would describe it. And those beings have been very powerful angels before and they, after this process, they became very powerful, I would say demons, and they actually created quarantine earth and they have ruled this place for the last 25,000 years and now it’s time for them to go. Their time is up. Archons are the top demons. Demons are the lower archons. Most physical archons were made to leave the earth in the mid 1800’s during the March revolution in Europe, led by the Light Forces. The Archons communicate with Yaldabaoth through meditation. The Catholic Church was created by archons and is administered by Dracos. Some archons have turned to the Light when they were captured and transported to the mothership and the locations, some of them have realized their wrong choices. Archons are not Dracos or reptilians. They are mostly negative Andromedans. The Chimera group is also from Andromeda – not all Andromedans are bad. They are the ones engineering the reincarnation process – the so-called Lords of Karma. They work at suppressing human spirituality and created monotheistic religions and religious dogma. The Chimera is a different soul group but are also from the Andromeda galaxy that is more technologically oriented and their purpose is to maintain the quarantine status of earth and to keep humanity isolated and enslaved.

  10. Cobra

    In the movie Advocate of the Devil it is shown Lucifer as a manipulative and disgusting being. How much of correctness is there in this image showing Lucifer? Is he totally evil or even him has a soft side hidden?

    • Question: What is the true meaning of Catholicism and Orthodoxy? Why
      Orthodoxy take root in Russia, and Catholicism in the West? And what was and is the relationship between these two religions?
      And what is the actual relationship between these two religions and what is the relationship between them now?
      COBRA: They are two factions of the Christian programming cult that split in the great schism of 1054.
      schism of 1054. Orthodoxy took root in Russia simply because of its proximity to
      Constantinople which was the seat of the Orthodox Church. (ru0317)

      (ru0317) Question: What is the real meaning of religious confessions and rites in the Orthodox Church, such as the
      Orthodox Church, such as the sacrament, when a person receives the body of Christ and the blood (bread in red wine)?
      wine)? And why do so many people, after visiting a church, feel a sense of ease and
      and inspiration, while for some it is difficult to be there?
      COBRA: These rites have their origin in the rituals of the ancient mystery schools. Those who can
      connect to the positive spiritual side of Christianity and the message of Christ can feel inspired,
      those who feel the negative entities that are present on the lower astral and etheric planes in most churches feel unbearable.
      most churches feel unbearable. (ru0317)

  11. Cobra

    Do the Light Forces have technology to dissolve and reestructure a soul? Or they need to just use the Central Sun for this purpose?

  12. Hi Cobra,
    Hope you're fine! Could you please provide in PM the right email/website/link to acquire a Tachyon chamber kit? I would like to avoid to invest from a fake tachyon provider. thanks for your precious help

  13. I am an artist, cartoonist and graphic designer and I want to help. I create drawings and post the mass meditations, but it is not enough for me. I love working to enlighten people in any way that I can. Is there anywhere I would be useful?

  14. Dear Miste(?) Cobra,

    1- 300000 years ago the reptillian race Gina’abul came here. You, Pleiadians, knew very well what they were up to, Why didn’t you do do anything? since now you are here to,we assume, to “repair” the mess they have put so far?

    2- Why to “make friends” with these, so called, Ascended masters?

    Thank you
    G. Organoff

  15. it ‘s really great that cobra is expanding global meditation so it can improve awareness and enhance vibration and activation of human energy .


  17. Bonjour,

    J’aimerais savoir si le résultat de la méditation mondiale du 4/5 avril a eut l’effet escompté ?
    Et si “l’évènement” se produira pendant le confinement ?

  18. a friend is trying to contact Cobra for a technology that Cobra is interested in: Pandora technology

    un ami essaie de contacter Cobra pour une technologie qui l’intéresse: la technologie Pandora

    have a nice day! bonne journée !

  19. The Rosicrusian Order, AMORC approves the Lord of Karma. There are many masters in the hierarchy of their Great White Brotherhood. One of them is the Lord of Karma.

    I remember that Cobra said that Lord of Karma is an Archon. If so, is AMORC an Archon organization? Even if it is not, at least Archon is infiltrating into it at certain degree?

    If anyone has a clear answer to this question, please tell me the answer. Thank you.

  20. Hello. My question is about the hologram of the reptilians: Do the women who recently entered into British royalty by marriage really know about them? Is there some kind of initiation ritual for them to become familiar with the whole situation? Or are they like them, reptilians? Are William’s sons hybrids or will they etherically be possessed when they are older?

  21. Hello. I am from Slovakia, where the presidental election is about to take place on the same weekend as the Budapest Conference in neighboring Hungary. The thing is, the leading pro-system candidate Zuzana Caputova went from 10 to 50% in latest exit polls and she is openly supported by the software company of ESET which is participant in the elections (also believed to cooperate with CIA). Little wonder, there is quite a worry over the election being rigged. What I´d like to ask is if the cabal has still power to make that happen (at least in small country like ours) or are they just stuck with manipulation throught the media.

  22. Dear Cobra,
    I’ve noticed that there are many UFO religions and I am undecided on which one to choose since many are similar.
    Could you tell me what sets this one apart from the other UFO religions out there?


  23. hello dear brothers and sisters ,I would like you to ask COBRA this ,in the last update from kent dunn Parody 59 .he said that we should not listen to Cobra ,that he was sending code to the cabal using his wed page and the way he sound is like they entrapped Cobra and the real cobra died and this one is a clone .if that is true is pretty sad ,but any way this is pretty disturbing .and I’d like for COBRA bring some light to this ,nor trying to stir anything here between both of you ,just like to know what’s going on ,why this constant attack from kent ?I have both of you as light warriors in this battle against the cabal and I’m pretty uncomfortable with this situation .thanks

  24. I would like to know whether Trump’s presidency was manipulated by any dark force.
    Do you know what is Trump’s previous life? He seems to be such a dictator making so many people suffer.


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