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You can submit your questions to Cobra here under the comments section for our monthly interviews. 

The email address for the Cobra Questions has been discontinued. Please use this page for that purpose, and review the other questions that have already been asked.

The best questions are the ones everyone can learn from, so attempt to phrase the questions with that in mind. 

Please know that Cobra cannot answer personal questions, or review links that you provide. These links maybe interesting to other readers and you may post them here but know that Cobra cannot possibly review the content of everything on the internet. Remember that Cobra does not review or criticize others so don’t ask for an opinion of another person’s work. Please also know that there is also disinformation posted on the internet so things must go through your own personal filters: discernment, discernment, discernment…..always!

Thank you.

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  1. a friend is trying to contact Cobra for a technology that Cobra is interested in: Pandora technology

    un ami essaie de contacter Cobra pour une technologie qui l’intéresse: la technologie Pandora

    have a nice day! bonne journée !

  2. The Rosicrusian Order, AMORC approves the Lord of Karma. There are many masters in the hierarchy of their Great White Brotherhood. One of them is the Lord of Karma.

    I remember that Cobra said that Lord of Karma is an Archon. If so, is AMORC an Archon organization? Even if it is not, at least Archon is infiltrating into it at certain degree?

    If anyone has a clear answer to this question, please tell me the answer. Thank you.

  3. Hello. My question is about the hologram of the reptilians: Do the women who recently entered into British royalty by marriage really know about them? Is there some kind of initiation ritual for them to become familiar with the whole situation? Or are they like them, reptilians? Are William’s sons hybrids or will they etherically be possessed when they are older?


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