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  1. Cobra, in the past you have stated that Trump is working for the Jesuits. In the Truth movement many people are saying that he is working with the Alliance and Light Forces and he is even directly helped by 3 Pleiadians. What are your thoughts on him and his rate positive-negative 1-10?

  2. Was Ayrton Senna, the Brazilian F1 racing driver, killed? If so, why? Is that true that now he leads a space fleet and is known as Lohan?

  3. How a soul can be a body if it is pure light? And what is the difference in etheric and astral bodies? Do we look differently? Or the same?

  4. We all talk about the Cabal but we forget ourselves, and I would like to know if we the “common people” have been in just one or two lifetimes a member of the cabal or worked directly for them and if that will be held accountable on the process of judging of the evil for ourselves too? Will we have our ears stretched? rs

  5. From Cobra Blog:
    Here are some questions if anyone one like to use them.

    Did dinosaurs have group souls and are any incarnate as humans now?

    What kind of animal did the grey type of ET evolve from?

    Can you travel to where source is located in the void and go there physically?

    What group were Satan and Lucifer apart of?

    What is the average amount of years a soul takes to get I am presence?

    Can we get physical description of the chimera and Archon in there natural form?

    Would it work if you hypnotized someone and asked to talk to their higher self and is it dangerous?

    What is the process for a soul being made in central sun?

  6. I liked the rating of politicians of one to ten, so I will ask about ten artists of all areas and 1 being positive and 10 being negative

    1- Michelangelo Buonarroti

    2- Pablo Picasso

    3- Monet

    4- Beethoven

    5- Brad Pitt

    6- Tom Cruise

    7- Angelina Jolie

    8- Homer

    9- Leonardo da Vinci

    10- William Shakespeare

  7. Could you give us names of top scientist of the past that worked for the Cabal? Please, give us twenty names or more, because I suspect of some, but I am not sure. Thank you.

  8. Why the WDS is so calm and let the Cabal playing on Earth with their dangerous matches? WDS needs to take off the matches of the Cabal hands.

  9. I remember reading Dolores Cannon saying that in Atlantis almost all people were doing genetic research and creating people half horse half human, half cow- half human and other subhumans. Will, the genetic research change after the Event and even in the days and cycles after the Event? Will we have protocols? Will Source create directly new human species? How will this be made? Will it have punish for example if I create a Gray in a laboratory to serve me?

  10. JFM Gelebart

    ( A little moment of irony) No, the demonic entities will sit and feast with us the liberation of the Earth and then we will leave them committing the same atrocities as killing, sacrifice, possession, etc. rs. They will stay because they are our bros. rs

  11. More questions about the Black Nobility because we are approaching the liberation of humanity( Sometimes I doubt it, but I try to maintain the focus):

    1- Archons seems to love Italy. And we know that it is because of the Roman Empire and they ruled behind or in front of the Roman Empire. But is there some occult energy that feeds Archon in Rome?

    2- It is said Archons do not have creativity and do the same thing over and over and over again. Is this because of their disconnection with the Spirit?

    3- They have got hidden 26 thousand years from us, but how could they get hidden in Italy a so much famous place?

    4- Is there an implication of the creation of Jesus because of the Black Snake Nobility?

    5- How Archons can perceive if a person is of the light or the darkness? Do they have astral vision?

    6- If some members or all of the Black Snake will be judged and sent to the Galactic Central Sun, is this really the ULTIMATE end of them or are they going to come back in another cycle to make more mistakes and mischief?

  12. David Icke was the first crazy in the world to expose the royal family, politicians, generals, banksters as reptilians or draconians( I do not believe in hybrid races), and we know that they eat human flesh and drink our precious blood. But in the normal days what do reptilians eat? Our food? Special food? I can not understand why a so different race can eat earthly food without getting sick or dying. And how do they breath our oxygen atmosphere if reptilians worlds are based on hydrogen?

    2- The Black Nobility has some member that is a little too focused on Light but hide because of the family? If so, could you have the courage to pass us the name? Because everybody who make research on the web about Black Nobility know now their names.And the same as the reptilians why do they keep a human body if they hate so much our “rotten and sinful bodies”?

    3- How is the process of reincarnation for an Illuminati, Jesuit, or Black Nobility if their guides and angels must be so distant of them?

    4- Seeing the Black Nobility members photos we see they are very different and have no trace of beauty on their faces or bodies. Why is that so?

  13. lieber cobra,
    hätte noch eine frage: wer ist eigentlich der anti-christ, man liest
    er sei schon bereit aufzutreten !! stimmt dies ?
    danke für deine antwort

    google t – dear cobra,
    There is one more question: who is actually the anti-christ, you read
    he is ready to perform !! is this correct?
    Thank you for your answer

  14. Cobra… I am utterly sick watching Joe Biden of USA grope young children on TV time and time again… Now he is claiming to run in 2020 for president. My intuition tells me there is no doubt this man is a dangerous predator… How high is Joe in the hierarchy? When will this monster be taken down after years and years of obvious sexual abuse toward children. I feel like he is a big fish to fry in USA, yet all we talk about is the Clinton’s/Bush’s?

  15. What was the ultimate purpose of the one-child policy in China? – Was it as reported? Given the adverse effects (which were to be expected), was there more at work here?

  16. Is Nassim Haramein (quantum physicist) correct?

    Do galactics tend to like any type of Earth music? Have we unknowingly heard any of theirs?

    • I read that Mozart’s music was from the Arcturians. This was in either books by David K Miller or Norma Milanovich. Sorry I can’t remember which.

  17. They recently announced a military drill simulating a national grid failure in Wisconsin, which is to take place next week (November 15-16).

    This is in addition to the previous drill that took place on November 4.

    Can you shed some light on the situation?

  18. I know this sounds silly, but can people, after ascension and becoming holograms interact with physical things (like play guitar?)

  19. What can you tell us about the Voynich Manuscript? – Voynich found the book at a Jesuit institution. Does that have any significance?

    Does the manuscript point to greater “hidden secrets”?

  20. My older son used (hard) drugs. The violet ray did help. The deliverance by an evangelic priest (Toni Silasi) (from demons, as they are referred to by the priest) a lot. Unfortunately, my son then used drugs again. Very strong demons came back.

    My questions are:

    Are these demons on the plasma plane?

    What can I do to get rid of them?

    Thank you very much.

    Victory of the Light.

    Jacques (I met COBRA at the last conference in Switzerland)

  21. Can earth humans go to the inner earth known as Agartha or Shamballa the city just by seeking the openings known to man with pure intentions?

  22. Why are we sent to earth to be tortured, controlled, manipulated and don’t have the knowledge to know more if we are from God and higher consciousness; shouldn’t we be saved?

  23. Are we able to change our circumstance and income just by thinking it or do we have to literally come up with a plan and make it plain?

  24. Questions for Cobra from ISRAEL from few people from there who wanted me to post here:

    Shmuel Zvulun:
    Are these groups of the light: “Light keepers” “Creators” and groups about Kryon? Are we going to get in higher dimension?

    Yonatan Gal:
    1. cobra -please give us an update on what is happening beneath surface in the middle east and specifically Israel.
    2. Is Netanyahu (Israel’s prime minister) of the light or the dark and is he close to resigning?
    3. What is Israel’s role in achieving world peace and harmony ?

    And to my question 🙂
    What will happen in Israel before and during the Event? (to its varied groups there, the Arabs, the Jews, the ultra religious ones, the seculars etc..)

    Thank you if you are able to enlighten us <3

    • The CURRENT “Occupiers” living in Israel are NOT the “Original” people that once lived there, because THEY were ALL made up of the BLACK races…especially WHEN during their most ancient times.
      During those (Bible) days, even the man we know as Jesus HAD to have been a BLACK man because ONLY black raced beings lived during those days…Even the Bible “Certifies” this TRUTH!
      Revelation 2: 9…and all over the rest of the bible.
      ONE of the biggest LIES in history..ongoing is these FAKE JEWS living there!!! the PROOF of this is all over the Internet RIGHT NOW…MANY hours of is just ONE at: (Out of Darkness)
      Type into search there: Who are the REAL Jews for MANY more videos…Many HOURS of them!
      The FAKE JEWS (Khazarians/Zionist control the ENTIRE financial system…including the BRICS one!!!
      Until this TRUTH is exposed to the world NOTHING will change!

  25. I would like to know what caused the wildfires in Napa County and Santa Rosa last month as I can’t understand how everything there was burned, with no remnants of stoves, sinks, toilets, etc. It just looked like nothing had previously occupied the burned-out space, and the trees right next to the houses that burned down, were untouched. Was this done on purpose, and if so, what was the reason?

  26. Cobra,
    Did the mineral kingdom of Earth collect and arrange itself according to spiritual laws of attraction while the planet’s physical form was still more fluid, during the birth and early formation period?

    • Atlantis people grew in mineral mines a great crystals (emerald, platinum… 10-100 m high). All were activated, last on 12.12.2012. Search also Silicon ancient trees – very vivid – they are now cliffs similar to the trees.

  27. Cobra,
    Is there an effective treatment available in the United States to counteract the negative physical effects of exposure to the molecular compounds used in ‘chemtrail’ spraying? If so, where can they be found?

  28. Seen from the Pleiades , is our Sun part of a constellation? And do they ( Our Sun and the Contellation ) have a specific name ? ( Pls tell name if yes )
    And if yes = Does the constellation shape , and name change too , seen from Sirius for example

    Do you know an accurate map of ley lines we should use ? There are many on the internet but they are sometimes contradictory

    Many people say on the internet that trump is blackmailed with a video of him doing very evil things on a little girl , is it true ?

    What ’s the question you are the most surprised people never asked ? And what’s the answer?

    What’s the question we should have asked long ago for our spiritual evolution ? And what’s the answer?

    What can you tell about Hidden hand material ?

    Was HERGË an insider? His cartoon “Tintin Destination Moon” from the 50’s depicts the Moon and rockets way before the first Apolo Mission .

    Level of evilness ( 1 to 10 ) = Emmanuel Macron / Bachar el Assad / Ignacius of Loiola

    How would you explain the difference between rays and flames ?

    Are you familiar with fairies and spirits of nature ( Elementals) ? Are you in contact with them ?

    Maria Valtorta delivered a lot of « messages « by Mary and Jesus and there are many books telling her messages about Jesus’s life . Does she really get her messages by Mary and Jesus ?
    And are the messages true?

    • Time is not space nor weight nor color nor luminosity. All are another dimensions built by energy vibrations. Time you could not reverse back but could quicker or slower a time – live 1000 years at 1 second. When Higher Beings feel 1 second we in 3D could feel a few years.

      • “But could quicker or slower a time”… Do you mean a being’s relation to absolute stillness within any given energy field (dimension)?

        • I mean all processes could quicker: Higher Beings are controlling sub-atomic particles with energy-information. Their ships exceed the speed of light by teleportation. Tachyons also exceeding. But time-machine is nonsense. Holographic AI could a bit forecast a future or simulate a travel to the past but you can’t change that past without creation of parallel world (if you are God not an AI machine). Also higher dimensions beings feel a few hours when are lasting eons of our Earth.

  29. 1.) Are the 2 worm-like Plasmoid entities hiding inside the Yaldabaoth head part of the “Master Chimera/Master Archon group”?

    2.) Are all of the humanoid beings with elongated skulls on the dark/negative forces side or are their some that are neutral and/or benevolent?

    • 2. Watch a picture of Arcturians. Also elongated skulls, but very positive. Furthermore there are species of good vegetarian Reptilian

  30. Do the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers know of or ever meet the Archons and Chimera Group? What are both family’s lineage and where do they come from?

  31. Cobra,

    My friends and I are some what stepping through the door to the music/entertainment industry. In order to make it in that world, Do the successful celebrities in music or acting literally have to sell their souls or make a blood sacrifice?

    • They not necessarily must sign a contract but soul is selling automatically when they are on their dirty parties… So we have a “beardy woman” sold to Hecate. K. Perry and Gaga have “sold”, Spears was mind controlled by Cabal. Bieber testified about his “masters”

  32. Cobra,

    Are Montague Keen messages of the light?

    In messages posted by Matt Muckleroy from Arch Angel Michael. They say February 18, 2018 is the end of a transition and a lot more things will be noticeable. Is this true? Are the messages posted on Matt Muckleroy’s channel from real galactic beings that are positive and of the light?

  33. Cobra,

    What would an Archon look like in the physical and non physical? Are they considered demons or would the Chimera Group be considered Demons/

    Is Satan an Archon or part of the Chimera Group?

    Could Arch Angel Michael come down to earth and appear before every Chimera Group member and just get rid of them all? He seems to have more than enough light and power to do so.

  34. Cobra,

    After the event, If one is ready to move on to higher dimensions, consciousness, 5D earth but one’s family isn’t and the family is stuck on a 3d earth type of planet. How will we be able to contact them? Will the ones who are ready to ascend to 5D earth just vanish from their view or memory? Will the family know there loved ones ascended and they did not?

  35. Cobra,

    There are lots of rumors on the internet of celebrities being clones or reptilians. Are any of them clones or reptilians? if so, which ones?

  36. Cobra,

    If a Chimera member was in the general public, would people be able to tell they are not human? What would a Chimera being look like?

    Does any of the Illuminati/ other secret society members ever see these Chimera Group personally?

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