Vaccination Exemption Based on Contraindications

A Physician’s Permanent Medical Exemption Based on Contraindications to Vaccinations document is  shown below as an image with the actual downloadable document here.  ( Medical Exemption Letter BLANK.pdf (2915 downloads) )

Please Review the images of the Exemption below:

medex1 medex2 medex3

Please Note:  Some states require their own forms be submitted also. Please do a search on (your state) Vaccination Exemption Requirements.


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  2. The forms that the STATE uses for Exemptions are for school children exemptions only. Not very useful to adults and/or children that want travel abroad. For that you would need this form above, or a better version. I have a better version that is designed on the World Heath organizations “Certificate of Vaccination”, as available from the US GOV printing office: stock number 017-01-00399-9. There is a place on this card for “contraindication to vaccinations”. This card is the same size as a passport. The good part about using this card is that it is already used by millions of US military personnel, and therefore, already recognized/accepted by custom agents/nazis, world-wide. This is half the battle. My version expands the section for contraindications of this WHO pamphlet/book, as necessary, because there is not enough room to write all the details of the contraindications, that are on Dr. Atkins form. I am finalizing my pamphlet soon and can send you a copy for your consideration and use.


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