101 Best Zen Sayings and Proverbs That Will Make You Feel Peaceful

By Dreamcatcher, Having a troubled and agitated mind can affect not only your daily life but also your overall well-being. In these situations, what you need is positivity, inspirations, and peace of mind to get yourself back on track. What’s a better way to calm your mind than Zen, the journey of meditation towards self-actualization? Today, … Read more

Abundance is Our Birthright – Interview with Miss Merrilee and Gerry of Prepare For Change Regarding Love

On March 23, Prepare for Change’s Gerry Gomez appeared on the Miss Merrilee radio show, Equally Yoked. You might recognize Merrilee as the voice of our interview messages as she supports Prepare for Change’s mission and her own mission with her work in the area of love. Of course, if every situation was viewed through … Read more

Cabal CV War Intel with Laura Eisenhower, John DeSouza, Mike Bara and Dr. Michael Salla

In these uncertain times knowledge is power. Information is vital to understanding. Becoming conscious requires asking questions. In this discussion with some of the alternative media’s highest regarded investigators and seekers Dr. Michael Salla, John DeSouza, Laura Eisenhower and Mike Bara they go around the world with insight from intelligence sources and uncover items miles … Read more


By John Vibes, In most of the world, the cities and their architecture were not designed with the environmental impact in mind. Until quite recently, humans were unaware of the effect that they had on the environment, but now that our capabilities to cause damage have become so great, the fact has become impossible to … Read more

How to Stay Healthy Under the Constant Stress: 5 Basic Hints to Reduce Negativity in Your Life

By Guest Writer Jenine Wing, Stress can come from many factors, and it is an inevitable part of human life. It is common for both students dealing with lots of tasks and for working people with lots of responsibilities. We all deal with stress facing news on crime and violence, personal and global matters at … Read more

“What’s about to happen this summer and fall will change the world’s history.”

Take a look at what is going on around you. Does it look or feel familiar? The Universe has been preparing those who have already awakened for a large-scale event…and this is it! Take a bit of time to remember your own personal awakening process before you really understood what was happening. Now multiply it. … Read more

Want to transmute negative karma and accelerate spiritual growth? 
Try the violet flame: the alchemist’s dream

By Guest Writer Craig Donaldson, For centuries, alchemists have sought to change base metals into gold. But the transmutation of metals like lead into gold is symbolic of a higher and more noble alchemy – the alchemy of self-transformation, writes Craig Donaldson. Self-transformation was the goal of the most spiritual of alchemists. They sought a … Read more

How to Find Good Meditation Music

By Guest Writer Nicholas H. Parker, Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is that we people are so keen on playing music? Think about it for a time…what is might reason why we listen to music in any respect? Because it is mood-altering in the broadest sense, the reason why we enjoy playing … Read more