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3 thoughts on “Leadership Newsletter Sign-up

  1. Hi I am looking forward to putting together a community group that I have already started up from bottom feeders looking for away out I got started by posting my picture public me by accident on Facebook and though this I received 1000of friend request that in term turn into
    communication overseas and other areas of the the world and now I am
    gearing up to makeing my next move in actual building out and message today is to reachi out to others who have or is in structure already and ready to reach it forward for the next project . Please reply back with me with your love and advice
    Love you all ! Namaste

  2. I would like to be envolved in the help to any comunity where is necessary. First here in Mexico and any where else. I have time to help as much as I can. If here in Mexico you know are people whoos are helping please give me the information to contact them, and I can be with them helping more and more. In case if there not, please give the training how I can do it.
    Thank you so much for all you best wishes to us.

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