The Financial Group will 1.) Educate and inform the public of the up-coming financial changes around the world.  2.) We will inspire all to initiate and maintain a bridge of stability between providers of goods and services and purchasers in need of those same services during the first two weeks immediately following the Event.  3.) Help implement humanitarian services.


Lightworkers, awakened brothers and sisters, please understand that we are about to enjoy both a non-violent liberation of the planet along with a bright and beautiful future for ALL of humanity.

It is known that you will be better prepared than most, and we will need YOUR help to provide stability and calmness by setting an example of strength, and then using your knowledge to offer comfort and assistance to others.

Since we do not know the exact day, month, or year of the event, it would be wise to follow a few simple rules of precaution:

  • Keep an extra 2 weeks of food on hand starting now.
  • Make sure you and your loved ones have an up to date supply of any medicines that might be required.
  • Keep extra cash hidden away at your home.
  • Gas up your vehicle when the tank is ½ empty.
  • Stay in touch with this website for updates.

If you are coming to this site without having prior knowledge of the EVENT, please read “the Event” button as we want to offer as much information as possible so that you can rejoice along with the rest of us as our entire planet along with its entire people move into the golden age together.

When the EVENT occurs all will be aware of the changes in the air, however you need to know that WE ARE NOT EXPECTING ANY NEGATIVE ISSUES WITH THE FOLLOWING INFRASTRUCTURE

  • Power outages,
  • Water shortages,
  • Cell phone disruption,
  • Civil disobedience,
  • Interruption of either medical care or normal emergency services.

What to expect Financially “AFTER The EVENT”

Vision for New Financial System – Transition from the Old Financial System to the New Financial System.

The current Financial System is malfunctioning and is being replaced with a new financial system. Do not panic. This is a good thing. Your needs will be provided for. As with any major change, the first few days are always the most confusing. Since all major TV networks, Internet, newspapers, and radio stations will be broadcasting quality information about The EVENT you can expect to become more and more comfortable as the day moves along. Below are instructions for the first 14 days

Day 1 – within minutes of THE EVENT happening
(The Divine Galactic energy pulse).

  1. All banks will temporarily close – no access to banks for 3-7 days (up to 14 days).
  • All credit cards and ATM machines will be temporarily disabled (up to 14 days).

The reason for this is to cut off access of funds to the illegal owners of the central banks around the world, known as The Cabal. Most businesses will be encouraged to stay open, and continue to accept cash and checks as they would in their normal course of doing business. Checks/cheques will clear as soon as the banks reopen.

(1-2 weeks after THE EVENT).

If you do not have access to cash, and are in need of basic necessities which cannot be accessed through friends, family, community or emergency services, a voucher system will be set up in order to pay for goods and services:


This is not free money. This is basically a loan to you for up to $1000. which may be used from the day of the event for food, medicines & necessities until such time that the banks re-open.

After that they become null and void, and you will be charged for the amount used. Businesses will be compensated for legitimate vouchers which they then can process through any bank. Those people who elect to use vouchers to purchase goods and services will be responsible for re-payment either through their bank, or as an offset against future earnings.

Additionally two additional and integrated plans were developed by the Prepare For Change team outlining step by step and easy to implement contingency measures for retailers and wholesalers to work around the expected temporary shutdown of banking systems and ATMs. They are for immediate distribution by the Event Support Groups at the time of Event within their local communities and at national level, with a special focus on retail and business managers throughout the supply chain. Those documents are in the following links and translated into multiple languages:


  • All currencies will still be alive
  • There will be a financial re-evaluation after the Event – gold, currencies, etc.
  • There will be transparency accounting with banks that reopen.
  • Interest charges will stop.
  • Fractional banking will cease.
  • The IRS will be dismantled immediately.
  • All Banks with strong ties to The Cabal will be bankrupt.
  • The Federal Reserve will be dismantled immediately.
  • All debts will not be forgiven, meaning if you used credit cards to buy goods thinking your debts were forgiven, that will not be acceptable.
  • Food, shelter, and technology will be available for everyone.
  • No gold will be traded on the open market.
  • There will be no more homeless people.
  • There will be no more stock market.
  • Money in bank accounts will be frozen from reset to the new bank system (3-14 days). If funds were acquired legally, then the money will be kept.
  • The Cabal’s money is illegal and will be seized.

More Future Details to The Changes for The New Society:

  • The only tax will be 14% on new items purchased.
  • Humanitarianism will reign.
  • New technology will be released but electricity grids will be kept going through the conversion.
  • Everyone will receive $100,000 from collateral accounts.
  • Debts up to $100,000 will be forgiven. If over that amount, it will be analyzed. Real outstanding debt will be taken from that amount or if not enough, you will be advised to go into bankruptcy.
  • All countries’ debts will be forgiven.
  • Mortgages will be cancelled out.
  • Retirement accounts will be preserved.
  • Social security/retirement/health care will be changed; free health insurance will be provided for a new, advanced medical system.
  • The average work week will be 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Production costs will decrease.
  • All legal contracts will be respected.
  • The police force will be restructured for protection, not money collectors.
  • Common law will be respected – not distorted.
  • Most credit card debt will be cancelled.
  • Speculation will not be tolerated, and you can not rack up your credit cards now, expecting them to be cancelled out later without being on the hook. There is financial tracking.
  • Most of Congress (U.S.) will be disbanded.
  • Congress will close at reset. (Goes for all countries)
  • There will be new elections for Congress (All governments worldwide) within 4 months of RESET.
  • Monsanto, the corrupt part of Microsoft, will be bankrupt immediately. Same for other corrupt companies.
  • Most prisoners will be released and receive psychological counseling and training because they were forced to do things due to life conditions. Many will be released because they are innocent.
  • CIA operated drug trade will cease, and drastic restructuring will be needed.
  • When we are all fully ‘healed,’ we will stop eating meat (animals will be appreciated for what they are).
  • There will still be bankruptcies.
  • We won’t be able to have factories in China any longer.
  • Most Companies will keep operating.
  • Companies will buy back shares and give investors back their money.
  • The Resistance will help and advise.
  • The electrical grid will be intact, however when The Cabal goes down, we may have darkness for short intervals.

See link: New Financial System

Financial life after the “EVENT” will be vastly improved now that the bonds of debt illegally imposed by The Cabal are removed. Every person on the planet will have funds available for improving their lives.

Victory to the Light Is Near!

by DaNell Glade, Rique Seraphico & Jeff White


  1. I get the feeling (intuition) that Trump was expecting a lot of this (event) to happen during his time in office – and that he didnt think there was enough time for the deepstate to upend the 2021 scenario.

  2. Hmm, sounds like a lot of controlling and some conflicting “perks”/changes. E.g. credit card debt will not be cancelled (so don’t run it up), then later most credit card debt will be cancelled. Mortgages cancelled? – but some people have bigger nicer homes – so is this the up to $100k? You will keep your retirement account but companies will buy back their stock?

    These seem like equalizing moves for one moment in time but then – those more capable, more intelligent, with better connections will do what they always do and the disparities will start again. That could be okay but where do you invest? How do you improve your lot? Kind of sound like communism or socialism too. Guess I’ll have to read more for clarification. No meat? That is another discussion.

    • Have you had a spiritual or kundalini awakening by chance? I have and for some reason I began getting clairvoyant visions on bitcoin and blockchain. I know absolutely nothing about the subject, and have no idea about stocks or investing, yet i was led to create a coinbase account and invest in xlm and xrp. I was completely drawn to those…and I feel very confident in them, and trusted my instincts and put a small nest egg into them. Please let me know your thoughts as well. I feel that the future will be transparent, hopeful, with blessings abound once we get through the hard part. I can’t see a future without blockchain technology or decentralized cryptos…I don’t see Bitcoin making it, and my husband refuses to believe what I see since my awakening. He is still invested in Bitcoin. Don’t get me wrong…it will go up but ultimately I see it falling due to lack of transparancy and ethics.

  3. Jeff: Our son follows this site and says he researches everything out. He is looking forward to the EVENT, but in the meantime says he does not have to pay his house payment, utilities or taxes because they are no longer legal entities. Could someone there please email me back on that as we don’t want him losing his home to foreclosure or the other bills stacking up on him. Thanks

  4. Hello, thanks for this post. I wonder why no-one ever talks about the people who do not (cannot) have mortgages but pay (sometimes extortionate) rents. What will happen to them whilst mortgages of others are cancelled? Will they be given the homes they live in? After all, many people will have paid the equivalent or more in rent over the years.
    I look forward to your ideas on the subject.
    Light & Love

  5. I don’t know who came up with the details of the aftereffects of The Event but I would like to make suggestion regarding the economy: In order to make the economy more egalitarian, we need to implement worker-owned co-operatives in which the workers are co-owners of the businesses they work for. Check out

  6. Hello everyone,
    My friend told me about the EVENT and although I believe anything is possible I was a bit sceptical about it first but when I read into it it seemed to make sense. I truly hope it’s real and not a set up to fool many of us for whatever reason like we have been fooled by the elite/banksters for so long. The whole system world wide is based on fraud.

    Everyday I see homeless people and have no idea how they survive the winter at -10 degrees in this city. I always think nobody should endure it and everybody on this planet should have a warm bed and food.

    Bless you all

    • I was thinking the same thing. I see homeless people out there and think to myself nobody should have to live like that.
      I also hope that the Event is real and not another set up by the bad guys to fool the “informed” people.
      Let’s hope for the best and that the enslavement of our planet by these few people will end very, very soon. The people and our mother earth have endured enough for too long because of them.

  7. OMG. It’s happening!
    Can’t believe this was written in 2013 and now the foundations of these changes are being implemented and drafted.

    “future proves past”

    Just found this site earlier today. Love it already. Got lots to look into 🙂

    • Ima renegade system buster for the family of light altering consciousness in the Free Will universe. I need some financial support or place to go for the seventh year I found myself homeless reason being the people around me do not understand my meditations they take up almost all my day. I’m doing well with my soul purpose but if I’m finding myself sleeping in places outside. Mostly trespassing cuz its own land. I’m calling on some help with some support can you call me or text me 3 2 16037626 my Facebook page Shannon sord tells my story I’m calling on support I’m an angel and service to others and I’m calling out for support for my team love to all

  8. Hello,
    I am wondering about Karen Hudes. I s she on our side or the cabal? I keep hearing conflicting things. In the last Cobra interview someone asked a question about her Cobar says she is not with the world bank. She said in one of her last videos that she is with the world bank and that she uses world bank letterhead. here si the Cobra interview question and answer.:

    Lynn – According to Karen Hudes, who works for the World bank, the world today is run by a coalition of the rule of law in the ‘board of governors’ of the IMF and the World bank. Is this correct?

    COBRA – First, she is not working for the world bank anymore. She used to work for the World bank, #1. #2 – The ones who run the world outwardly are the Jesuits, not the World bank and not the IMF.

    She claims to be rolling out a new currency for the US. Is this a good thing and we should embrace it or is she working with the cabal for more control.
    Thanks, Aubra

  9. 1. “Gold will not be traded on the open market”
    This is in reference to JUST the millions of tons of gold that will back our currency? What about people who purchase gold now to get away from the banking system?

    2. “We won’t be able to have factories in China any longer.”
    Why is this even on here? That’s actually a pretty racist thing to put on here. Currencies will be re-evaluated and will therefore determine where companies want to have their products made. It’s called “free market capitalism” because we all have a choice.

    Responses are appreciated and THANK YOU for creating this resource.

  10. Hello, I clicked the financial voucher link and when it opened up it was only 1/3 of the page. I tried a variety of ways to open it and every time only a portion of it could be seen.

  11. You say we all will know the event is happening? How will we feel when it is starting to take place. I meditate everyday I often stop in my work day and try to sense if anything is happening yet, but nothing changes. I noticed nothing different, I don’t listen to the radio. during the day so how will I know that something has or is happening. Event wise. ??

  12. Hello!
    I enjoyed reading this. Felt the stress leave my body when I did, but is there an updated time frame on this EVENT now? I’ve heard about it a lot lately and so many predicted it would happen yesterday, Oct. 20 or around this date.
    What is currently happening? Update?

  13. If the Stock Market is gone and all retirement monies are in the stock market, are you saying that all the retirement (IRA) monies are also gone once things re-establish??? Also, with reference to everyone receiving $100k from ‘collateral’ accounts, what is a collateral account?

  14. What about those who have suffered losses due to fraud by the banks, will they receive restitution for their losses?

    • I’d like to know that too. I lost two fully paid houses to their fraud. I still have my paperwork.. Will remedy be given for this?

  15. I have a few questions based on law enforcement and corrections. Will there be a need for law enforcement officers any more? What about our prisons that are full of people. Some convicted of horrible crimes. What happens to them and the corrections officers that supervisor those inmates. Last thing as you can guess fire arms are a large part of my life. Will people still be armed? What will every one do with the millions of guns we have?

    • We will have a transition time where there will be law enforcement officers, but we are also going to a different level of consciousness. The Scalar wave mind control technology will be down and no longer used. That alone will be monumental for how people are able to feel, work and function. That will apply to you and I, as well as the officers and the convicts. There will be a shift where some people will be released from the jails, others will be kept and all will be healed. There will be less and less need for law enforcements officers – and mostly because they are set up to protect the Cabal and the corporations and feed that corrupt for profit system. I do not know the exact time-frame this will happen in, but EVERYONE will know The EVENT happened and we will all be changed. I think guns will stay around for recreation – until they are no longer needed.

      • Thank you for the response. I actually found my answer a day or two after I posted this. It basically said after the event, most in prison will be released. Those that need healing will receive it prior to being released. Looks like I’ll be looking for new employment when this all happens. I’m a 100% OK with that. I have always joked what a world this would be if we no longer needed Corrections officers. I hope to see that.

      • I should have responded about guns. Guns are a huge part of my life. Personally as well as professionally. I grew up in a hunting family but no longer hunt and wont hunt again unless it’s needed for me to live. I get no joy out of killing an animal. None at all. But I do enjoy shooting, target practice wise. I wonder if people will still target shoot for recreation after the event? I also wonder what we will do with all of our firearms? Everyone I know has a butt load of them. It’ll take some used to not carrying one off duty. That may take me the longest to get used to before I’m OK doing it. I work on being a better person everyday. That doesn’t change the fact there are people in this world that would do harm to us. I’d rather be prepared to protect my family or myself if that situation ever comes up. I pray it doesn’t. I’ll keep a positive attitude about it. Carried for the last 15 years and thank god I have never even had to touch my side arm which is a very good thing.

  16. I want to let You know, that I AM so greatefull
    Knowing what is going to happen. Within such a short time. I already long for this from 1993 since I AM aware of who I Am and who we are.
    This week I lost a dear (she)friend, who was also so eager to experience the LOVE of GOD!!!
    Thanks dearest Jeff and Cobra for all Your information!!!
    From Trees Kersbergen from the Netherlands

  17. This is Nick from – Thanks for providing this useful information, I know it will be helpful to many people.

  18. I wonder how banks will be able to accept checks as the financial system is based on fractional reserve banking. And how can you really believe the wealthy will just give up their wealth. If this is even possible, how can it happen without violence and war? This is an interesting concept but what happens to our prison system? What about congress? Do they just go home? I can’t say I believe this to be true, but I carry cash, gold and 6 month worth of food, along with weapons to protect me and my family when the financial collapse happens. I wish everyone visiting this site the best for whatever happens in the future.

    • Do stay tuned and listen behind the scenes because things are happening. Banks are being changed over. We don’t always hear about it. Main stream media is controlled. Resistance doesn’t want their plan “out’. Keep in your consciousness – a peaceful solution. The event will transform everyone. Our eyes will be opened. Things will be different. . . .and be prepared like you have been.

  19. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the
    book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message
    home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful
    blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

  20. Thank you so much for all your efforts Jeff and Cobra. An amazing time!
    The information on the revaluation of currencies is very helpful for many people at this time. Many of us, even before awareness of the Event have been preparing for the collapse in some form of the cabal financial fraud and have been increasing our physical gold holdings. How will the value of gold be handled during and after the Event?

  21. Hi Jeff/Cobra…I have thanked Alexandra for all she does and now I want to thank you and everyone behind the scenes that are doing so much to make our world a beautiful place to be.
    May Your Life be filled with Love Light and Laughter
    from Me to You

    • After the Event major emphasis will be put on assisting our Japanese brothers and sisters to eradicate this horrible situation.

      Believe outside assistance will be considered acceptable interface as it relates to galactic codex. Please review codex material under the Resistance tab on our main menu.


    • Look for M. T. Keshe foundation.
      There is info there on how to clean up radio active waste tech. and can offer insight to much of this subject herein.
      ………..In the moment…………

  22. Thank you so much Jeff and Cobra…l await The Event which l gather is the arrest of the Cabal and all their cronies. Just one request, can you please make it so before Xmas as this would be the ultimate Xmas present the world has ever had…the global paedophile ring is being exposed by David Icke as l write this and hope this is the start to their (Cabal) demise…l am very anxious as to when the global announcement will be made! Also is Comet Ison a threat to the planet?

    • Although no date will be either given or projected for the Event, several windows of opportunity exist, one of which closes on 12/24/2013.

      We suggest that you join us in our weekly meditation, which can only help things move along. See the meditation countdown clock on the home page for more information.


  23. To Jeff White and the Financial Team: Suggest you pull in Catherine Austin Fitts. She has a website:
    She has written extensively about reengineering the American and global economy. She’s a brilliant woman and is bursting with great ideas and visions for the future. thanks. Megan


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