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strandoloveClick Here to See the Prepare for Change Communications Tools and Techniques Page where all the useful tools and techniques are gathered for PFC members. This page is dedicated to information related to the Financial Group

Website Information describes the pages and posts on related the Financial Group.

  • Important Financial Information Links to important background information, including David Wilcock’s famous and important articleFinancial Tyranny, a summary of Cobra’s statements from a recent Conference and a link to a three hour long documentary video titled Change is on the Horizon – Dawn of the Golden Age, and also a link to a fact filled website with extensive information about the financial issues.
  • An Open Letter to Corporate Executives This letter is intended to be read by corporate leaders in the immediate aftermath of the Event. The intention here is to make the adjustment to the new context more easier and smooth and simultaneously help corporate leaders in keeping the infrastructure and employees under their direct responsibility intact and safe. Continuity of business in the new context will prove to be a valuable contribution to make sure that interruptions in the supply chain are less disruptive and harmful for the general population.
  • How the Insurance Industry can help if the ATMs stop working This document outlines a specific plan with alternative procedures for retailers and wholesalers to bypass the use of electronic banking in the case they are offline. The writer uses its extensive experience in the insurance industry to propose several practical and easy to implement ideas using the framework and protocols the insurance industry has already in place. It’s a bridge plan that will make people easier to relate to the extraordinary “context” that may arise and provide a step by step plan that can work under those circumstances. In a sense is also a more in depth analysis of the weak spots of our current financial and banking systems and what we can do to lessen the impact of the expected disruptions in the electronic banking system in the context of the financial reset. This should be handed out along with the Business Continuity Plan for producers, distributors and retailers of essential goods which provides a draft of an alternative scrip currency that can be used.