Sound Healing

432 Hertz Sounds have a healing quality. They match the natural resonance of the cells to clear and energize the body.   The music  on the below player was created to provide the best healing qualities and you can now listen to this collection of sound healing tunes in 432hz and Pythagorean tuning while you browse the site and experience the healing energy.  In addition to the sacred geometry frequencies used, all these songs were created while connecting with beings of Light such as whales, dolphins, Sirians, etc. and therefore inserting codes and energy from them in the music :

Click here to get the whole CD

And here’s the research explaining the frequencies used, and how you can use them yourself :

 “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

What do these words mean ?

A vibration is a movement up and down :

A frequency is the number of movements up and down per second, called hertz.

Energy is the ability to move, it is what fuels the movement up and down.

Sound is created by this motion up and down, when our vocal strings vibrate or when the wings of an insect go up and down, it creates a sound.  For example, a guitar tuned to 432hz means that when one of its string is plucked it will go up and down 432 times per second. Since frequencies spread in their environment, the body of the guitar will start to vibrate along with this frequency, and so will the surroundings of the guitar, including people.

This is a powerful force, see how a voice can shatter glass.

Many studies have proven the effects of music on our physical, mental and emotional health.

There are several aspects in music : the emotional and mental energy in it, the intention behind it, and the physics of it : its frequency, geometry, etc.

Positive intentions, emotions and thoughts in music can provide healing regardless of its physics, but proper physics can take the healing to a whole other level.

The 432hz tuning means that the middle A note will have that frequency. Then all the other notes will tune accordingly on different frequencies along the scale. So 432hz is just a reference point.

If you watch any orchestra or band, they will always tune together to the exact same reference point frequency. If even just one instrument is out of tune with the others, the whole thing will sound off. The whole universe, everything in creation, is in a state of vibration, and therefore need to be in tune.

Jamie Burtuff explains that European music before the early 50s, ancient Egyptian music, traditionally made Tibetan bowls and digeridoos, sitar Indian music, and many others, have been tuned to 432hz. I have also measured sounds of Wolves, Whales and Dolphins singing and some Amazonian shamans and they were all using these frequencies.

Around the second world war, the cabal studied which tuning would be the most harmful for humans, and as a result imposed the 440hz tuning via Goebbels (who thought it was the best for war marches), and JC Deagan. Musicians at the time protested against it but it was pushed through anyway. Almost all music has been tuned to that since then.

Since the new age movement, there has also been another tuning circulating called solfeggio, based on a middle C note of 528hz. This corresponds to a middle A of 444hz. Although the numbers used for these frequencies do correspond to geometrical patterns found in nature, it appears they do not correspond to frequencies : as you can see in this video at the 6min6 mark, these frequencies are not harmonious between themselves, which means that it is not possible to play any music with them. So when you listen to music made with these frequencies, there can only be one note that will be part of this solfeggio frequency scale, and the rest of the music will not be part of it, which raises questions about its validity.

John Stuart Reid has shown the shape created by 432hz with cymatics (the science of making sound visible by vibrating water or other types of particles) :

It encompasses the shape in the center of a tri Vescia Pisces :

This is the basis of so much universal geometry, if not all. This is where the flower of life pattern is born, from which all platonic solids can be derived among other things :

This means that, as the cymatics show, 432hz will create this geometry in physical matter, which include our own bodies.

A very professional 28 pages scientific study has been published showing clear reducing of inflammation, stress levels and other symptoms by listening to 432hz music in Pythagorean tuning only three times, for 35min each time, in a period of 7 days. You can read the whole study here :

(Note : The Pythagorean tuning (also called just intonation), is a separate, independant and complementary aspect than the 432hz aspect. The 432hz is the reference point, and the Pythagorean aspect is the space between the different notes in the scale. Click here to learn about it)

Scott Onstott in Secrets in Plain Sight has shown how our measurement systems such as miles and meters are not random but correspond to natural distances found in nature. Therefore they resonate with sacred geometry.

In music, the same note on higher and lower octaves is found by dividing or multiplying the frequency by two.

Scott Onstott also showed that the number 432 and its octaves are found frequently in measurements of space and time throughout our galaxy, for example in the dimensions of our Sun (432 000 x 2 = 864 000 miles diameter) and Moon (4320 ÷ 2 = 2160 miles diameter), and in the 25920 years of the galactic cyle/procession of the equinox : 432 x 60, 60 being at the basis of how we measure time. This seems to me to be the basis for the music of the sphere. Additionally the speed of light is 432 x 432 miles per second, there is 43200 x 2 seconds in a day, and our solar system is travelling inside the galaxy 43200 miles per hour. (More info about this here)

432hz is in tune with the frequency of nature throughout the cosmos. If humans are out of tune with it, it creates discomfort. Listening to music in 432hz helps us realign with our environment and the natural geometric patterns of the universe, promoting well-being physically, mentally and emotionally.

Now, here is how to convert any music from 440hz to 432hz

(Note : This protocol is to convert music from 440hz to 432hz. If the music was originally made in 432hz then using this protocol will make it out of tune. Almost all music nowadays is in 440hz, except a lot (but not all) of Indian traditional music which is still made in 432hz, as well as some traditional Tibetan or didgeridoo music, and a few other isolated cases.)

Download the free software Audacity here

Then download this little plug-in here in order to be able to save files in mp3

First we need to create a protocol, and then you will be able to apply it quickly and easily to any file or group of files.

Open Audacity, click on the ‘File’ tab on the top left corner, then ‘Edit chains’, and then ‘Add’ on the bottom left corner.

Enter the name you want for the protocol, for example 432, then click on insert. Then double click on ‘TimeScale’, and then edit parameters.

Then type -1.818 in both (%) boxes and click Ok :

Then click ok again, then click on insert, and double click on ‘Exportmp3’, and click Ok.

That’s it ! Click ok to leave this box, and now anytime you want to convert a file, click on ‘File’, ‘Apply chain’, select the 432 protocol, and click on ‘Apply to files’, select the music files you want to convert and it will be done automatically. You can select as many files as you want and the converted files will be placed in a new folder named ‘cleaned’, inside the folder where the original file was.

And here’s a video tutorial if you need help


You can also use certain music players for computer and phones which will play your music in 432hz automatically without needing to convert the files. However the files will not be converted so if you play them anywhere outside of these players, for example if you upload them on a website or on another device or physical CD, they will be in 440 again. They are still good alternatives as they will automatically play any 440hz tune in 432hz without requiring any work from you.

Click here to get the application for Windows or for phones

Click here for other alternatives on all platforms


Et voila !


  1. Hello!

    For some reason, my previous comment was not published, so I am writing it again. The essence of my message is that there is a good opportunity to listen to music at 432 Hz for those who work on a PC in a Linux system. There is a program called EasyEffects that allows you to process all the audio streams of your system with a pitch decrease of -0.32 semitones. Starting from version 7.0.6, this possibility is present using the SoundTouch plugin for this, the use of which, instead of the RubberBand used earlier, provides very high quality real-time sound processing. The new version of the program may not yet be available in all repositories for various distributions, but you can always install a new version from Flatpack. Below is a link to the project website:

  2. A few thoughts came to mind this evening as i read that every known great composer had his own fav tuning frequence and we do live in earth that occupies a multiple variations verity not a total absolute only and that’s one of the university beauties it might also reflects on this idea .

    I have very basic knowledge in academic Physics .the only laws that still makes sense to me is relativity so I think there might not be an absolute tuneing way that is an absolute healing tuning frequenciy . for all I would concentrate more on the combinations of frequencies and how 2-3 or more combiended thogerher and have effect. each combination has a specific effect on the body / cells / muscles / neurons and there are so so many combinations ..
    such specific. combinations were found to destroy cancer cells for instance – a noninvasive non toxic method maybe you’re familiar with if but I cried when I first saw this ted talk . That’s super exciting

    And besides maybe earth frequencies are shifting through the years and history so a frequency thst was healing in ancient time and what was a total healing one in Mozart times or nowadays might not be the same even if there is an absolute tuning that resonance with all living brings as everything is shifting in any case

  3. I don’t now about this article although references. and I was thought while studying science to think for myself and doubt all ,even facts, even science it self otherwise Im not a good researcher
    and I don’t know .. as the 440 hz sounds good and healing enough for me as long as the music/ all frequencies is relatively turned and the music resonance to my being. as someone who is gifted to frequency accuracy I didn’t notice anything healing about the 432 tunes music actually the more I go down or up from 440 it all sound distorted therefore not very pleasant or healing
    my piano was tuned lately so Im basing it also on acoustic instrument.

    Im not sure how you can know in what frequency reference ancient music were tuned to ?

    I would not relay on any web/ digital tuning app accuracy nor youtube and please be careful. I did notice that a lot of the supposedly binary and other supposedly healing music on youtube get some kind of additional frequency after a while that is very disturbing and might be damaging/ hypnotising or something else that is not heathy . I relay this not on cold research or dry math but experiencing the senses and the outcome on my behaviour and feelings and at least to my sensitivity I would not relay on this healing method theory until someone will manage to convince me with practically on myself well being. and as since I heard about this theory and know how healing vs damaging frequencies and their combinations can be I have a huge interest in this idea but I was still not convinced . maybe there is someone with good/ gifted hearing who could convince me ?

    I know most people don’t hear the differences of the nuances at all in any case so if someone believes 432 is healing than go for it as belief is stronger than anything but personally and as pianos can be toned via my hearing I wouldn’t want to live in a 432 tuned world

  4. Gosto muito da música new age, tenho centenas em minha coleção, mestres da música de cura, vozes de anjos…Enya, Llewelyn, Deuter, Marc Enfroy, Kamal…e tantos outros. Pra mim é a melhor música do mundo!

  5. Greetings!
    You can also use the Music Speed ​​Changer (also lowers the pitch) on Android, on the desktop you can use the foobar2000 player with a DSP plug-in, additionally downloading it by installing it in the player and setting it to lower the pitch by 32 cents.

  6. Hi All…I’ve been using the many sound and vibrational frequency healing videos I’ve been finding up on YouTube.
    It truly does work..gently but surely.
    There are rife frequencies,Reiki frequencies…and mantras….it’s all there. I’m waiting for the stem cell accumulators but found natural micronutrients that release your own stem cells …so maybe I can wait.
    Live light and appropriate blessings to everyone.

    • Hello ladyhaw..
      Yes I’ve used the meditative mind freqs esp to dispel all negativity.
      My client started waking up and not crying in the morning. ?
      And which micronutrients might those be? S’il vous plâit
      Regarding stem cells.

  7. Namaste ?. Thank you guys so much… Just grateful for this, Eye am anticipating the next steps involved since volunteering via media link. As of yet, no contacts from group.

    Compassionately waiting…

  8. Hi I’m June from bonnie Scotland I heard robert talking on one show about a photon device for healing the aura can you send me more information please love and light keep up the good work awesome

  9. Hi.

    Sound healing is great but it has a limitation in that it is a physical medium and most of our ills are rooted in the mental or emotional.

    We have a device that is very close to production that uses scalar waves to deliver healing frequencies (mostly solfeggio) directly into the human energy field – allowing for full power to be received at every level of our energetic existence.

    One thing that it does really well in the short-term is completely de-stress the body in a very short time. This we have had tested with blood analysis.

    You can read some more about this device here:

    Right now we are preparing for the initial production run and a promotional roll- out in New Zealand and then worldwide.

    We have been very closely guided along the path to create this device and I have often wondered if this technology could play a very beneficial role in helping people deal with the changes ahead and whether, accordingly, there might be an alternative distribution possibility to get it out there and into service quicker.

    With this thought in mind I am “putting it out there” – starting with PFC (I am a member in Auckland).

    Any insights, suggestions, feedback welcome.

    Have a blessed day,



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