Our mission is to inform people of The Event and wake up as many as we can prior to it by using and sharing of social media assets – videos, interviews, articles.

The Media Group produces social media content to engage and inspire interested people worldwide to prepare and meditate on behalf of world peace and to help create a shift in consciousness. We as a community produce videos and interviews that inspire people to participate in the weekly liberation meditations, and interview insiders who are involved in geo-politics, the higher planes, occulted information, financial revelations as well as health and wellness, hidden technologies and many other issues related to the “Great Awakening.”

Prepare for Change maintains a YouTube channel to promote videos from regular people around the world about the Event and their perceptions of our time in history and the change that is coming.

Additionally, longer range projects will be developed to expose the real history of what has been happening here on Earth. Most of these projects will be completed after the Event itself.

Awakened creatives who can contribute to media projects are all encouraged to contact us. If you’d like to participate or send copyright free graphics, music, and stock footage for inclusion in the media library on please reach out to us at [email protected]

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Until then, as always, keep your eyes to the skies. . . the Media Group.


  1. Hi, I’m ishtaren, i’m The only here in all my region, in Italy, I think here will be a zombie scenario, where can I join, I was on a island but the locals didn’t understood my vibes.
    I’m really rising my consciousness, I’m here to ascend to 4 dimension, and let evaporate the matrix. Where I can join some other people? I feel really alone, I don’t want to look idiot during the event. I need to declare my partnership and my full enlightenment purpose. Namaste from a completely mind locked country.

  2. my name is Gregory Rand tippet, I was “hita’ 3 yrs ago feb 16, ….at the home of adam an Nicole gross…mi 81513/mi 51813.2 know about this, I am keeping a “friendly source” gui;lty or not….their addy is 224 acton ave north York..thye hit me and “amy Wilkinson sasyas hi”

    iam a dip[olmatic u wont do “shit for” 41627271854, and look into my name at U of T …

    all the best

    Gregory rand Tipppett

  3. Sol Collazo Ayala: Tengo en mi haber un yacimiento de energía de la mas elevada vibración. Este yacimiento fue creado durante todo el año 2012 por Seres del espacio exterior de muy elevada vibracion Ellos son 5 uno de Ellos es al que aquí en la tierra se le conoce como Jesus. Es una energía que se presenta también como mineral, tiene infinidad de aplicaciones una de las muy destacadas es que sana cualquier enfermedad del cuerpo y del alma. Yo me encuentro en San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato. Mexico mi teléfono de casa es 01 476 743 2931

  4. Thanx, Marian, for leading us to the Helical Model video. I’ve filed it in my Astronomy section as well worth watching, especially for the uninitiated.

  5. That Mc Super Kenn video is rather silly and childish, to my taste. Please don’t use those cool rap-style messages to suck youngsters into believing in such a thing as the Event. I don’t believe there’s strength in numbers, when it’s consciousness that is key. We don’t know what’s going to happen, nothing is fixed. I can’t see a mass Event happening, in one single moment. A flower never opens up in one single moment, nor does a leave unfold itself. I see a silent revolution coming.

    A scanting-hypnotizing style message isn’t in resonance with a shift happening as it does now, as I perceive it. We create The Event individually, by an inner growth and shift and while the number of people doing the same, grow, the larger part of humanity will follow at some point in time.

  6. I think this video snugly adds up to a sense of where we are, expanding our awareness of it, possibly.

    The helical model – our Galaxy is a vortex

  7. Hi, I came to this site to inform if is necessary help with midia group in Sao Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil, and 7 cities aroud, involving around 7 million people, I open to support.

    Light and Love.

  8. I have captured a “star” of unusual brightness and unknown origin on November 28th which I posted to YouTube that I am convinced is EVENT related. Here is the link:


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