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  1. Namaste 🙏🏻. Barely contentedly Observant while maintaining a non-judgemental disposition, when Eye went into the local establishment for, having a taste For chocolate. Speaking as Eye do whenever entering any establishment, when an oddity of Righteous indoctrination swooned through the store, “Where’s your maaassssk?” Was the questioner accessing my Demeanor, or someone else’s?
    Then, knowing who the questioner was, hidden so very deeply in all of the masking one could gather…
    My inquiry was framed in the light of another question. Knowing this would dampen the Anger in her tone. “ Oh thank you!” so very much for showing how ashamed Ewe must feel watching Me in my Sovereign Manners of no near angst of cowardice in the fog of ineptitude. !”
    While heading out of the domicile, in My heartmind, tears did elicit attention. But this godling outpaced such a petty reactionary event. Could still hear/here feel the {I’s}, of many who still chastise the freed Mind.
    While they. Themselves refuse to Accept their own freedoms.
    Then, the moment of ascensions Electrical jolt, reminding this frequency signature again, my Why for agreeing to be of service. Glancing the turmoil resonating deep within the elders already preconceived Notions of wrong/Right.
    Then, again… that tear tried once Again to remind Me of just how much further This Frequency Signature had traversed.
    My Star Family, goddesses, godlings and Light Warriors of Loftier imaginings…
    Do be kind_er towards the many Who have no knowledge of self consciousness or consciousness of the light. All one time or another also struggled with the qualities of questions.
    How can one know what one cannot know?
    That’s the most dangerous query. Seaing what is not even Imagined.
    So, remember to remain excellent in service for others. As once someone had remained in excellence for us.
    Because of love’s heart. Right?!
    Namaste 🙏🏻


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