Nature Restoration Group

Great Conversation, Honored Planetary Stewardship, Trusted Support and a lot of Fun are just some of the Experiences in the Nature Restoration Group.

Join Prepare for Change’s Nature Restoration Group for our bi-weekly meeting this Sunday, April 4th from 11:30 AM EST (New York) to 1 PM EST.

If you enjoy meeting new people who share a passion for the planet then you will love our group. We are currently working on our website Members enjoy sharing their vision, passions, ideas and knowledge on the site. We also offer a platform for members to create classes and webinars.

To attend the ZOOM meeting, email Shari at [email protected] to receive the invite for the call.

About Us:
The mission of our group is to collect, direct, organize and inspire information for the purpose of uniting all planetary consciousness and establishing an energetic balance for the Earth. With this information, we hope to empower the collective to create diverse environmental, spiritual and humanitarian-based initiatives.

Our Focus:
The goal is to bring people together and show the world is full of love, hope and happiness. There is always more than one way to look at anything. We are hoping to open minds to the many ways of viewing and healing yourself and our world.