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Planet Earth is the last planet in this universe under the occupation of the Dark Forces, the last relic of galactic wars that raged throughout the galaxy for millions of years.

As the Galaxy was being liberated form the grip of the Dark Forces, the Forces of Light have been evolving from a military force created in the urgent need to defend basic liberties of sentient beings towards a harmonious galactic and cosmic society. As beings within the Galactic Confederation have evolved spiritually and made their alignment and union with the Ascended Masters, they have discovered an inner codex that regulates all inter-relationships between beings of Light and their relation towards the Dark Forces and occupied planets. This codex is called the Galactic Codex and represents the legal basis for all actions of the Confederation in this and other galaxies. This Codex is not a rigid set of external laws but a systematized code of inner ethics of all souls of Light that all beings of Light accept with their free will because it reflects their inner truth.

We will now state the Galactic Codex in a form that is understandable to an average awakened being in a human society.

Section I: The Law of Divine Grace

Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to positive life experience.

To explain Section I we need to understand that suffering and pain have no value in enlightened Galactic society liberated from the influence of Dark Forces and other aspects of cosmic anomaly. To value pain, suffering and sacrifice as a part of the growth experience was a part of the programming from the Dark Forces in order to enslave the population of the occupied planets more easily.

Unconditional positive life experience of every sentient being in the liberated universe is guaranteed from the inner connection of every living being with the Source and strengthened by the power of Ascended Masters over matter which allows them to assist all living beings in their aspirations towards the Source and provide them with necessities of life. Life was never meant to be hard work and struggle but rather a journey of joy and creativity. Different subsections of Section I regulate all life in a liberated universe and all relationships between beings of Light so that conflicts never need to occur.

Let us explain the subsections:

Section I/1: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to physical and spiritual abundance.

This subsection guarantees a positive life experience for every being in the liberated universe. The Ascended Masters provide for all necessities of living and for physical and spiritual richness and beauty using the power they have over redeemed matter of the liberated universe.

Section I/2: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to Ascension.

This subsection explains how the Ascended Masters use their advanced understanding of spiritual technology of Ascension and by utilizing the Electric Fire of redemption assist all beings that free-willingly choose Ascension.

Section I/3: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to merge with other beings in proportion with his/her position in the Soul Family.

This subsection is an instrument of regulation of all relationships inside a Soul Family. It guarantees the merging of beings of opposite polarity (twin souls, soulmates) and alignment of all other beings regardless of their state of development and outer conditions.

Section I/4: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to all information.

This subsection is a guarantee that all beings receive all pieces of information they need to understand their role in the universe, greater perspective of evolution and all other pieces they need for their decisions, growth and well being. All this data is provided by Ascended Masters or other beings that supervise the evolutions of various races and civilizations.

Section I/5: Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to freedom.

This subsection provides that every being has an unlimited potential of growth and life experience. Since all beings in the liberated universe create only positivism, their freedom never opposes the freedom of other beings.

Section II: The Law of Dividing the Conflicting Parties

Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to be divided and protected from the negative actions of other sentient beings.

This section regulates the conditions in those sections of the universe that have just been liberated from the influence of the Dark Forces but that have not yet been accepted in the Confederation. It requires that the Forces of Light always divide the parties in conflict to protect them from producing mutual harm to each other. Then the Light Forces mediate the conflict until it is resolved. This section is often used to end wars and other armed conflicts.

Section III: The Law of Balance

Each sentient being that has chosen to live and act against the principles of Galactic Codex and refuses to, or is not able to, accept them now and balance the consequences of the past actions will be taken to the Central Sun, restructured into the basic elemental essence and begin a new cycle of evolution afresh.

This section regulates the relations between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. When defeated, beings that belong to the Forces of Darkness are given the opportunity to accept the Galactic Codex, do the best they can to correct the mistakes they made and to live positively afterwards. If they accept, they are forgiven and join the Confederation. If they are unable or unwilling to accept, they are taken to the Central Sun, their personalities and soul essences are restructured with the Electric Fire and their divine spark begin a new cycle of evolution.

Section IV: The Law of Intervention

The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the intervention in all situations where the Galactic Codex is violated, regardless of the local laws.

This section describes the policy of the Light Forces regarding occupied planets. The Confederation reserves the right to intervene in all areas, civilizations, planets or solar systems where the Galactic Codex is violated. It has the right to do so regardless of the position of the local civilizations about this intervention. It always has the right to use all peaceful means of education and regulation. If the critical mass of the Galactic Codex principles is violated, it has the right to use military force. Special cases are planets under direct occupation of the Dark Forces. The Dark Forces usually take the local population hostage to hinder the progress of the Forces of Light. On Earth they have threatened with nuclear war if the Light Forces would intervene. This is the main reason why the Light Forces have not yet liberated this planet (and not the so called we-will-not-intervene-because-we-respect-free-will, we-will-just-watch-as-the-suffering-goes-on nonsense). As in any hostage situation, this requires a lot of skillful negotiation and tactical approach. This situation is now being resolved and planet Earth will be liberated soon.

Section IV/1: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right of calling upon the Galactic Confederation in need and the Galactic Confederation has the right to assist, regardless of local laws.

This subsection gives a legal basis for intervention and assistance to all hostages of the Dark Forces. The Forces of Light always do the best they can to assist and improve the living conditions of all sentient beings, even on Earth. The situation on planet Earth just indicates how much more power darkness had over Light on this planet. Fortunately, this is changing now.

Section IV/2: The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the implementation of the Galactic Codex and of conquering the areas of Galactic Codex violation with military force if necessary.

This subsection gives a legal basis for the liberation of the occupied planets with military force. The military forces of the Confederation remove or give assistance in removal of the representatives of the Dark Forces and set the hostages free. Then other Confederation forces guide the process of acceptance of the planet into the Confederation by instructing the local population.

Perhaps some humans feel that the Confederation has no right to intervene and that humanity has the right to solve its problems by itself. This is simply not true. Many wars all over the planet and constant abuse of basic human rights have proven that humanity is not capable of handling its own situation. So it is much better that it receives wise guardians to guide it. The Confederation will give assistance in replacing current masters of the puppets (Dark Forces) that humanity has invited long ago in Atlantis. Then the Galactic Codex will finally become the universal code of ethics throughout the universe and darkness will be no more.

Source: Original article from Cobra’s blog: “Galactic Codex”, published on April 4, 2012.

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  1. I red the Galactic Laws slowly and carefully. And they all found the approval and response of my Higher – Self !! So I can agree with them fully and in love. Furthermore, it is also very important for me, as many other divine souls – or all – to wake up and walk with them together the way of libertation. Nobody should stay in this prison – matrix! Our love and our light shall be enough for those who are knowingly or unknowingly ready to enter into their birthright! But I also want to send my empathy to those who have chosen to follow the path of the dark forces and wish that their divine spark, which is common to all souls, eventually shows them the way into the light. I am – and so it is!

  2. So fundamental, logical, and love based. All other configurations of organized rules and regulations of Love, Light, and Consciousness are mere subsets of the Galactic Codex.

  3. Hi theгe! I could hаѵе sworn I’ѵe visited yⲟur blog Ƅefore Ьut ɑfter
    browsing throᥙgh mаny of the articles І realized it’ѕ
    new to me. Anyhoѡ, I’m ceгtainly delighted I discovered it and I’ll ƅе bookmarking
    it and checking Ƅack regularly!

  4. Hello all you wonderful Star Seeds, several years ago I signed the Galatic Codex twice I believe and then I think because of it’s implementation it became unnecessary for any more signatures. Is this correct or not? I am trying to understand why it’s not necessary to be left open for any more signatures? Thank You.

  5. As i wrote each law and wrote them in my journal to affirm every day my unalienable rights I cried real tears. So moving. My heart prays for each person that is a slave to the dark forces and for those who have no hope or even a thought that there is someone who cares for them, that they will be awakened to the Light. This makes you see the Big Picture and everyone, whether human, animal, mammal or plant has our Creator’s life inside of them.


    For millenia, humanity has been manipulated, controlled, abused, exploited and it’s own free will, consciousness, and re-incarnation cycle have been infiltrated/ by the dark. Same with our thoughtforms and emotional state, not to mention, our physical well-being and the well being of Gaia, her Kingdoms and Elementals. Our awakening and Ascension have been derailed countless times yet the suffering continues.

    The Galactic Codex have not been dutifully enforced here on Earth with most world leaders under the control of the dark or its minions. This is the most opportune time for the Galactic Codex to be executed. I, in Oneness with all of Humanity, all of Gaia, Her Kingdoms and Elementals, implore the Highest Orders of Light from the Galactic Confederation to PLEASE INTERVENE NOW IN FULL FORCE!

    And SO IT IS!

  7. The Galactic Codex is the perfect law for everyone to live in harmony and in happiness.

    Who are those dark forces exactly ? Are they human beings or are they extraterrestrials ? What do the dark forces want, control and power ?

    • agreed. they are negative ETs who can take on different forms; humanoid, reptilian, draco, gray, insectoid, etc. The top of the pyramid are refered to as archons and according to cobra they are humanoids from andromeda galaxy. They seem to want control, power, negative energy which they feed off. I personally think they really want peace of mind (like all beings) but their soo disconnected from source that they feel they need to create pain for peace (war is peace) aka insanity 🙂

  8. Hello, Namastey, The Galactic Codex is very very necessary now , as most of the population has failed to understand the eminent necessity of light despite everything dark is going on their face. Its, really painful.But I wish the event will be soon no matter how.
    Shweta anwar

    • Section IV/2 So just to clarify, humans are not capable of solving these problems on their own. This is true largely IMHO because we have been slaves from the start who were entrusted to deceitful, genocidal, bigots. Now I think we had a balanced system in Africa at one time with a spiritual awareness and balance with natural. I think they called this KRST. KRST did not last because the African people were conquered, I believe by the Machiavellian anti-KRST Prince who we were entrusted to and who used his greater advantage and tipped the scales in his favor. (We are not even sure of our own history at this point) And then the anti-KRST Prince created a Matrix of Horrors for our oppression. I’m not sure the darkness is only the fault of humans who were placed in a abusive relationship with a great power disparity. I guess we’ll never know who we could have been. But I think we could be much greater if we could ever be free of this stranglehold.

    • All life has the right, I agree with you. All life longs to be expressed in freedom too, veganstarseed. I understand that you love the right of animals to live and not be eaten. I agree with you and also, I think that each of us needs his or her own choice of food, for we’re unique and some do need meat and others are vegan. I’ve learned by the lifestyle of indigenous people, that by blessing the meat and be thankful for that offer, we honour animals. When done in a loving way, no living being is harmed.

  9. About 50 years ago I remember having a conversation with my father that went something like this.
    Dad we need help from people who live on other worlds to survive whats coming. Dad said we have to figure it out ourselves.I protested saying we need help from people who know more than we do.
    Like many others 20 years ago intuition guided me to investigating what is being covered up.
    This has helped me understand why we would perish with out help from other worlds and why support must come soon for all the people who know how to restore the earth.
    Many of us and others from other worlds have powerfull solutions that are dormant because we are caught in the web of control.
    When resources flow away from those who have been in power the change will restore the earth in a way that we can hardly imagine now.

  10. I cannot wait for the healing and clearing on all levels for everyone. And I would be happy to assist , if trained and needed. Especially looking forward to the effects of mind control being healed. And removal of any discomfort for my dogs ( ie arthritis). The mega blessings are here and we are the co-creators! YEA!

  11. Plz I need a mentor choosen one eau terre aire feu noirceur et lumiere eclair (lightning) you know what im talking about pleaidien s sent me info by a book they ve been sending codes et app to awaiken my self cuz I put my self at the end im not antichrist but anarchiste sorry im have french haft English I have also got gouv paper senf via internet to my by uncoding

  12. I was once a new age, light working hippie from manitou Springs, Colorado. A few years ago I became a Gnostic Christian and began to see the disinformation and trap that these teachings hold! I pray that all those who may see this as truth, open there hearts in prayer to the unexplainable source if Divinity. It is the individual who must connect to the highest source that these teachings prevent humanity from seeing. Please open up to see the truth.

    • JT,
      We also hope people will open their hearts to the unexplainable source of divinity. I personally will agree that the individual who must connect to source. however your statement that these teachings prevent that is not true.

      All negative nellies with nothing but close minded and wicked staements against this site will not be tolerated( Iam spamming them as they come) however your statement and expression of your view is welcome. WE are open to truth that is the purpose of this site. We can all have differing viewpoints and even disagree but just hatin with a nasty vive will get you removed from this site permanently folks.
      please disagree respectfully as JT here has done.
      thank you JT

  13. I hope this event happens pretty soon or there won’t be many if any people or animals left on earth due to the massive radiation from fukashima

  14. care to share to share about this galactic team light, u see in the past before knowing of these e.t’s i was familiar with the angels of the light. i have never seen an e.t yet but i have seen spirits. i take it they all exsist and work together? or are e.t’s and angels the same?

  15. Thank you so much for these laws.!! I am in appreciation, and love for all. The excitement is a wonderful feeling also, just to be here as these happen.

  16. Yes I have several problems with section4/2 at this juncture I believe semantics quite crucial. Such language raises red flags in my mind.

      • Oh I about the fact they are basically saying that people who don’t agree or go along with their new age 100%,will eventually be forced to by the galactic dictators?

        I like how they try to make it appear like it’s something positive we need.Thats just adorable.

  17. On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 wrote:
    Thanks for everything! 😉 at 4:04 PM, Sophie Meiner wrote:
    Thanks for everything! 😉

    It’s working now and all in all it’s going on quite well but I have a few questions to the following part of the “Galactic Codex” and I really hope you may be able to help.

    “Unconditional positive life experience of every sentient being in the liberated universe is guaranteed from the inner connection of every living being with the Source and strengthened by the power of Ascended Masters over matter which allows them to assist all living beings in their aspirations towards the Source and provide them with necessities of life.”

    Such endless sentences always make me confound which statement or adjective belongs to which object.
    I get it until the first “Source” but then:
    what is strengthened?
    and is Ascended Masters over matter one term? what does matter mean in this case, is it like the physical matter or like issue?

    .. “which allows them to assist” – what allows them to assist?

    the rest is clear to me.

    With lots of light and hope (that you can help 😉 )


    • Sophie

      You picked out a good one.

      “Unconditional positive life experience of every sentient being in the liberated universe is guaranteed from the inner connection of every living being with the Source…

      This should be clear enough and relates to the idea that the highest frequencies are from the source and those frequencies are accessible from the innermost regions of the being, in each cell and resonant structure of every being in the universe,


      “…strengthened by the power of Ascended Masters over matter which allows them to assist all living beings in their aspirations towards the Source and provide them with necessities of life.”

      This is a reference to the idea that Ascended Masters have extended their their consciousness into their physical bodies to the extent that hey have willful control of all living life and matter in the body. This is a much different and greater control than what the fifth dimension gives individuals, because the fifth dimension is not about an individuals control at all, but about the frequencies being so high that the frequencies of life have jumped a level and can then simulate the existence of matter. A situation that is not so different from the frequencies of the cloud computing environment being able to simulate the existence of all the circuits in the older generations of computers. The higher resonances of the fifth dimension are not the same as the higher frequencies of the Ascended Masters.

      The Ascended Masters have attained a state of harmony with creation in which their mind and body are one. They exist on Earth as a sphere of consciousness surrounding the planet and as a presence of awareness in any realm of nature, wherever their attention might be drawn. They fill the planets spheres of consciousness as you do your body. Each and every being can attract their attention by thinking of them and expressing a desire to know something about nature. These beings are able to connect with us as humans in ways that no other being in the universe can. They are aware of our thoughts and desires when we are seeking truth about nature.

      “Ask and you will be answered” this is what our Ascended Masters do for us. They are our resource of intuition, responding to our curiosity and wonder providing us with the knowledge to survive and find food and shelter in all situations. Thus the Galactic Codex refers to them as connecting our “aspirations towards the Source and provide them with necessities of life.”

      in light


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    • Marluce, vc já recebeu resposta?
      Se não, podes me enviar teu texto que usastes para o cadastro, que traduzo para ti, para que envies e possam lê-lo e contactá-la.

      Amor luz e paz
      Ruy Henrique

  20. I salut you dear one!

    I will use a comment on this wonderful text to let you know a little bit about me!

    I am working on the realisation of a Space cadet Self-sufficient city with The University of Light in the middle to reach to eventual upgrading the source of energy as a Tesla tower in the middle and other free energy sources starting with big Geothermal station and with Jhon Searl SEG for a more spread of usage with this incredible Free Energy device but Using crystal later on like you know where!

    With all the confusion between constitutions around the world and the ascension of Gaïa then let’s start it! With all the signal received all the sightings the last Disclosure Hearing, Sirius Movie, 2012, all the Historia TV shows and media having no choices to actually talk about all the sightseeing it’s just to much present in the consciousness of all the one connected to the Earth.

    And I enjoy seeing the no arms treaty around the Earth being actually brought to surface and talked about in between major groups to spread the peace all around and on Earth!

    Now when I read this I would like to have these kind of text saved, printed on wood, Paper, Metal, Hardrive, Crystal as if for the Universal Laws, Galactic Protocols there is so much to learn in the infinite it is incredible, as long you have acces to it and not being retain out of your own FREE WILL !!!

    I would like to broadcast or post many of these texts goals and messages and shares as much languages that we can so that we reaches to whole planet that wherever the project is being realize on the ball we should be able to mobilize as much people that we can on the planet to start the first station of Infinity for the good of all and for the ones who are more ready then others until it gets normal for the whole as part of the reality as it is.

    We will surely get in contact eventually somehow

    I send you Peace Love Light and Prosperity

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