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  1. A new currency has been developed by a small group of people who believe very strongly in liberty and freedom for all. It could be a great help during/after the financial reset and to help bring that about.

    * It mimics paper money,
    * is decentralised and not controlled by anyone
    * Entirely new kind of alternative currency based on a unique and patented technology.

    It’s called Cloudcoin and it is infinitely better than all other crypto/alt currencies that are currency based on the blockchain. It requires very little computer knowledge to use (compare to crypto) and has many more options for staoring, sharing and using.

    See below for more information. It is just abotu to be launched on a number of exchanges, firstly on

    Blessings to you

  2. Can a person do more than one humanitarian project?

    For example, my two projects are Helping the Wild Horses of America, and a Healing Center on the East coast of the US.

    • St.Josephs Center in W. L. A. assists in finding homes for homeless. They have helped me when I was homeless. They were there for me. I want to do what I can to help them to keep providing the same support for others.


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