Section One: Protocols for Advising Leadership

Section One: Protocols

For those of you who choose to participate and are called to action to aid this group’s mission, we have protocols for you to study and directives you should abide by in approaching your local governance at the time of THE EVENT. Above all remain peaceful and kind in your demeanor when trying to share your knowledge.

 The Protocols to Disseminate the “Community Leaders Brief”

We have chosen our protocols based on the eternal Principal of Truth. Throughout the universe, this is a primary virtue, recognized throughout all time and space by beings of Love in the Light of Truth. These are the lessons and qualities of soul that you take with you, after you leave the world of flesh and blood. As you abide in these truths, these truths will abide in you.

  1. Loyalty – Be loyal to the mission of peaceful non-violent change, the principals you know in your heart, and the purpose of our mission. Be loyal to your convictions – regardless of what others say!
  2. Patience – Be patient with those in positions of power with whom you are trying to connect. Understand they are busy. Realize they have no clue about what is really going on! They have filters to gain personal access to them, and this may take some time. Be patient with others who are serving along side of you in this mission.
  3. Honesty – Be honest in your dealings and impeccable in your word; and remember you are representing the positive and benevolent forces. Do not over promote your authority to appear more knowledgeable. Always speak the truth, as far as you know it and feel it in your heart.
  4. Perseverance – Do not give up! Hold fast to the wheel, and you will weather the storm. Do not engage in controversy. Do not let a disrespectful dismissal of your person dissuade you from your appointed task. Keep in mind the importance of your mission, seek strength from within.
  5. Compassion – Have compassion for those who are trying to deal with the spiraling sense of fear and chaos that may be looming on the horizon. Imagine if you had no idea what was transpiring, and how you might feel in the same situation. Realize their burden and help them carry the load.
  6. Restraint – Try to not indulge yourself in your personal desire or self-serving agendas. Keep to the straight and narrow path. Keep your personal battles and prejudices off the negotiating table. Treat leaders with respect – even if they do not return it to you. Be careful not to take responsibility you are not prepared for or not trained to handle.
  7. Equanimity – Remain calm. Remember the universe and all life must be balanced. Hold your center and project the calm in the eye of the storm that is within your heart. Do not presume to know everything about THE EVENT because you do not. You know this is about Love, and this about truth. Let this calm presence guide your words and actions as well as your demeanor.
  8. Courage – Have no fear. Do not let your mind wander into doubt or hesitate. This effort is important. Your efforts and actions may actually save lives! Do not throw caution to the wind or be reckless. Have the courage and know you are more prepared than those to whom you speak and do not be intimidated by their “Office.” However, be careful not to take responsibility you are not prepared for, or are not trained to handle.
  9. Humility – We must respect the views and experiences of others and we cannot exude arrogance or a know it all attitude with the public servants we hope to influence. Nor can we presume that those in power will not receive us well. Our perspective must be presented with humility and this is of vital to our efforts. However real or right we may think we are there are always other viewpoints to be considered. We must remain humble when facing the leaders or those in positions of control. We are not to be meek or allow the importance of our task to be mitigated by but we will achieve better results by being firm in our convictions and respectful of others.
  10. Temperance – Be non-threatening. Temper your message with prudence, and be tactful and not overbearing. Do not ask too much of your contact at once. Let this person digest your information; and try to read and watch for signals of whether the person is actually listening and absorbing what you say, or are just trying to mollify you. Re-phrase when necessary.
  11. Charity – Give of freely of your yourself and your time to the cause. Give your knowledge and your Love unflinchingly. Give of your time to these leaders and to the actual mission itself. Who is more responsible than you? Devote yourself to the Cause of Peace.
  12. Faith – If you do not have this, it may be difficult for you to be effective in this group. Many of us just know! We do not need proof. We do not need a TV to tell us what to do. We do not need to listen to others. We have faith in the power of good! We have faith in the power of creation/god/the Light within, Love. We walk into the fire of doubt and fear knowing we are eternal beings of Light. We know –because we have already been tested in the crucible of time and space; and we know Love is the answer. It opens all doors; and it is our salvation.
  13. Peaceful – Above all else, be non-violent and non-threatening. We cannot overcome the world’s grave situation by perpetuating that which we want to end. In most situations, reason will rule the day. If your situation is threatening to you or others – retreat. If you are forced from an area, do not resist, remain peaceful. If the leader is inappropriate, that person will be removed sooner than you think. There will be those who are trained and ready for these people; and they will effect their removal in due time. this is the most important goal of our mission. We must respectfully state: if you life is in imminent danger, you have a right to protect yourself. Be careful and invoke the Light!

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  1. Very beautifully put! I have lived by your information rules just about all my life. No! “I’m not perfect” but I make instant corrections as I go along. I have helped many thousands of people worldwide when my websites were up. I’m 64 years old and have learnt and written a wealth of very helpful information to help others. Many people thought I was going mad but I knew otherwise. When the event happens, “wow” …..”wow”…”wow”! They will all get a sudden memory jolt of the information I once tried to share with them. Truly! “That will also be a brilliant event in my life”.
    Written 9.07am Monday 11-1-2100

  2. 08/03/2019 Giving a presentation today at the Oak Park Public Library Regarding The Event.
    Topic, Time permitted
    Protocols and preceding steps involved. Keeping this simple. Will make an effort to live-stream/ video tape…
    contact: 708.262.3920 cell


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