New Society Community Formation Form


New Society Intentional Communities are the tool for humanity to lift our culture to a higher level and help one another toward ascension. Integrity, knowledge and love provide the basis for social advance at every level, leading us all toward unity in a galactic society.

If you are interested in participating with others to form a New Society Intentional Community the form below is provided for this purpose. By completing this form you will join an ongoing effort to establish advanced spiritual New Society Communities throughout the world.

New Society Community Formation Form

Use this form to announce your intention to establish a New Society Community using the Guidelines created at the Online Community Guidelines Conference which will be announced on the discussion list and via the newsletter.. Everyone submitting a New Society Community Formation Form will be invited to participate and those who complete this conference will eligible for funding and will be assigned a Funding Adminstrator to assist them to complete the Humanitarian Project Funding application.
  • Grant Funding requires your legal name. If you expect to be a foundational member of the community and want use this form to begin your involvement, please provide your complete legal name.
  • Prior to submission of your application your email will be our primary contact method. Please use an email address that you check everyday.
  • Please provide the intended location of the New Society Community that you are forming.
  • The expected number of residential families when the community is mature (3 to 5 years) Please consider that long term stability requires enough members to allow a rotation of leadership. Intention communities have found that two hundred member households has been a stable number, but initial size can be smaller if there is capacity to grow. Urban communities may need several close locations to attain sufficient scale.
  • The New Society will be composed of all the varieties of humanity and reflect their differences and preferences. A community theme provides direction for the community and allows greater focus among the members. The choices on the list will be expanded based on need.
  • Use this field to share any thoughts or concerns you may have about this program. If you want a reply, please say that.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

The New Society Intentional Communities Program  This high level design program addresses the integration of new technologies and philosophies into the daily lifestyles of everyone living on Earth. New paradigms of science and human consciousness will give rise to new lifestyles emphasizing association with like-minded others to enable greater personal growth. The release of our societies on Earth from the control matrix of banking, energy, petrochemicals and pharmaceutical health care will create a need for ways of living allowing people to remain in their neighborhoods and use their time and effort to have fulfilling lives within walking distance of their homes.