Prepare for Change Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in the Prepare for Change Volunteer Program! Below is an essay explaining the purpose of the Program along with a list of the pages in the Volunteer Section:

Why We Volunteer

We are at the end of one era and in transition to a new one. For most people this is imperceptible and seems to be the simple movement from one situation to the next. But if you are aware of history, it is much more than a daily routine being repeated with the changes from the past added to the mix. We are processing information differently, realizing that what cannot be seen is as important as what can be seen, not only that, we are becoming aware of alternate worlds hidden from view by a wall of lies and manipulation. It is not news to say this, but we must say it as introduction to the need we serve on this website.

The complex structures of control that have been erected using money and the instruments designed to serve it, like stocks, bonds and the uniform commercial code, have been used by a small elite to consolidate control throughout our civilization.

Today, one group, (Vanguard) using their (Federal Reserve) ability create money out of thin air, has purchased control of all major industries around the globe using majority control of the Boards of Directors of those corporations, and although they may offer shares to the public, no control , no proxies are allowed. What this means to us all is that they have the ability to direct all capital produced by those industries toward their objectives, depriving those who actually produce this wealth of any benefit of their productivity. Control by elitist groups at every level, no corporate leader dares to offer a plan to solve humanities problems, instead they demand more profit and all of it to support an agenda that increases poverty and division among the world’s people. Finance, pharmaceuticals, energy, media and armaments are their favorite investments and all of them reinforce the power and control they have so greedily pursued.

Understanding this, an opposing group from throughout the world’s positive forces put out a call for a website and organization to assist the surface population to prepare for the Event, and so the New Society Conference was held?in May of 2013 to?fulfill this request. This was the formation of Prepare for Change.

Our deep research has shown that this is an ancient system, brought to this planet for exactly this purpose by advanced beings from distant worlds who regard our planet as galactic real estate and themselves as its owners and managers. Our planet’s ruling elites serve them, doing as they say in exchange for their support in everything they attempt tp accomplish. The state of ignorance we live in is what they desire, and has been since they took control of the Roman Empire and began to burn all books and murder anyone who would not conform to their limitations. The decent into the dark ages was their desired result and our emergence into an educated society has been carefully guided to exclude knowledge of anything and everything that does not serve their agenda.

Money is their tool, and anyone who uses it and creates a need to have it becomes subservient to the system that controls it. It should not be so, but it is. Recently we have seen our movement being crushed by this power as those who depended upon the income derived from Facebook communications, ?Youtube videos or access via search engines, have been denied what they have come to depend upon. Many are losing their ability to support their truth-telling activities. This is by design, a byproduct of ownership and the consolidation of industries over the last forty years. This affects all institutional forms, for profit corporations, non-profit organizations, schools and universities and every governmental form in place today that depends on financial support of other institutions. The ruling elite have made every effort to eliminate the people’s ability to resist by using money to establish and consolidate their power.

Volunteers and Voluntary Donations are the Solution

We all need the ability to do things that require money, but it is the use of money in commerce that most serves the elite. Working without renumeration and giving money freely bypasses the structures so carefully created to control the populations.? The original conference where we formed the website depended upon our voluntary work and it was supported by those who attended for the first year, and then by others who became members of the website. For the first three years PFC depended upon the original team and a few others to energize all our efforts.

In the summer of 2015 we recognized the need for more people to assist as Volunteers. Time had changed many of us and given us more responsibilities that conflicted with our PFC roles, so the Volunteer Form was created to enable new people to do more than join the website, it was meant to enable new core people to emerge and drive the effort to new levels of influence and facilitate it becoming a true MOVEMENT able to energize the entire planet and greatly assist the rising of planetary frequencies, ultimately enabling the Event to occur as a natural progression of our planet’s growth and movement through space and time.

When the Volunteer Form was created, it was intended to recruit new leaders for the New Society Groups and talent for the occasional special situation we encountered regularly. Response has changed that expectation and now we have so many volunteers that a new ability has emerged, the ability to gather talent and resources for much larger projects than our several websites.

To fully engage and enable our Volunteers, we have organized the Prepare for Change Volunteer Assembly, an entry point for all who seek to help, one that allows those who have just awakened to the situation to become involved and find their place in the global effort to become a New Society, one that facilitates all people to be who they were born to be.

This is a pivotal concept, one that makes us different from organizations whose mission is accomplishment in the three dimensional sphere. Our first mission is to provide an environment that recognizes your Spiritual Sovereignty. This means that you must choose and commit to your mission, that you take responsibility for the role you choose and the task that you volunteer to do. You will not have a boss, but instead a Project leader who will work with you to make the difference you have chosen to make.

Essay by Dane Arr, July 1, 2017