A Business Continuity Plan for producers, distributors and retailers of essential goods

plans-quote-eisenhower-bigThis document is meant to provide a business continuity plan for Food and Basic life support items producers, distributors and retailers. All in all we intend to give corporate employees a comprehensive decision making matrix, that allows them to keep on operating, as normally as possible, within a contingency scenario – the transition period we call The Event – which includes a Reset of the banking and financial systems worldwide.

For the ones who proactively take action to inform everybody impacted, one way or another, in the food and basic items retail and distribution chains – from the producers to the end customers – this can be done in several ways: either through e-mail by sending the link to this page, or printed and handed out. The printed document can be put in an envelope and left anonymously in the inbox of any store or slipped under the door of any local retail store manager’s office. Also, it can be personally handed out, using the suggested Protocols for advising leadership.

It is of the utmost importance to carefully read the full document and once you are sure everything was correctly assimilated, the information can be forwarded to other colleagues and corporate hierarchies. For decision makers in corporate organizations, this document should be handed out along with the open letter for corporate executives.

A Business Continuity Plan for producers, distributors and retailers of essential goods

If you received this document it means the whole planetary banking system – will be or it’s already – in a state of forced Reset in order to purge all type of corruption and criminal operatives and to replace it with a fair system for all human beings. It is a moment that was prepared for years around the planet. When this ends, everybody will be much happier than today.

More details can be found in the document “Community Leaders Brief” and below is a short excerpt from it:

“There will be no [cash] available other than what is already in circulation for a maximum time of possibly 2 weeks. The intent and plans of these lawful agencies in charge are hoping for is a best-case scenario of 3-5 days for the banking system to be offline. However with so many variables at play, the exact time it will take to […] this changeover, in reality is unknown at this time. This lack of [cash] amongst the world’s populace clearly may create some hardships in various locations as some may panic for not being able to access their money via the normal channels.”

It is supposed to happen overnight so within the first hours of the day some things need to be taken care of and preferably have them sorted out or planned already.
When all worldwide banking systems are unreachable, all cash dispenser and money wire transactions will be blocked for a certain period of time. In the best case scenario it should last for just a few days at most. Still there is a chance for it to last for an extended period of up to 2 weeks. If everything goes well with the Reset, not more than that.

In this context it is better for all of us to use mental flexibility and cooperation in order to adjust rapidly to this “unexpected” contingency situation and maintain social order, giving priority to the people in the first place, making sure everyone is taken care of, followed by the urgency of maintaining the infrastructure we use today and will be needing tomorrow. Destroying something today means tomorrow it will be inexistent.

Therefore it is of crucial importance to go along with your duties and day to day routine and keep it as normal as possible until this transitory situation stabilizes.

The ideal situation would be to ensure that the commercial and business activities that fall under your supervision or responsibility remain operational. For that to happen is of the highest importance that the information flow among your colleagues and customers shall be as honest, transparent and assertive as possible.

Having this in consideration we designed specifically for this scenario a layout of a possible Business Continuity Plan for your consideration:

1. Persons with cash will be able to do shopping as usual.
2. For the rest of the people NOT having cash you need to be prepared with at least one photocopier machine for at least one cash register or terminal. If possible, it would be better to have more functional terminals.

The photocopy machine will provide the copy of: 1) personal ID document of the buyer 2) debit or credit card copy of the same buyer and 3) receipt. This process is applied to all customers not having cash for their daily shopping. The documents 1 to 3 will be copied on the back of a personal free will declaration (see section C) that allows the seller to cash in the amount from the personal account of the buyer at any time in the future after the banking system is back online.

You will need to inform people, at the entrance, through a visibly displayed sign or flyers about the unusual procedures during this transition period so that everybody is reassured they can get their goods. You will need to mention also: 1) the Reason for why this is different than other days, 2) the Options that each buyer has and all the required documents before entering the shop (to avoid chaos at the payment terminals or cash registers), 3) the Estimated Period of time for these protocols to last and 4) An internet address (URL) which can be this site http://www.communityleadersbrief.org/ for people to get additional clarifications about this transition period.

The personal free will declaration can be based on the following template, which will get official recognition in most countries:

1. Seller identification data, date of document emission, physical address of the document emission.
2. Statement of sovereign free will acceptance from the Buyer part of the Shopper transitory conditions:
[Name, First Name] under the title of Buyer declare under my free sovereign will that the attached documents (1. Buyer´s ID, 2. debit or credit card, 3. cash register ticket of the purchase) are valid and represent myself in relation with the banking institution and the Seller that provided the goods listed in the copied receipt.

I declare under my free sovereign will that I allow [Seller Business Name] under the title of Seller in this document, to withdraw the value of this shopping from my account as soon as the banking system is operational.

Therefore I accept for this Seller to keep the original copy of these 3 documents that are representing my direct relation with this banking institution and with the Seller and undersign.

Signed by the Buyer

Signed by the Cash Register Operator from the Seller part.

Signed by the Manager or Supervisor from the Seller part.

Original (for Seller) signed by three persons Buyer, Register operator and Manager or Supervisor.
Copy (for Buyer) signed by Manager or Supervisor and best if it has an official seal of the Seller.

1. Copy of the Buyer´s ID
2. Copy of the Buyer´s Debit or Credit Card of the same owner
3. Copy of the Cash Register Receipt.

Additional information

Some officials might show up themselves to either really support or just apparently support this transition momentum.
It is recommended to ask them for a clear identification and keep a copy of their ID document in a safe place. If possible, perform a validity check of the document with the available resources at hand, telephone, Internet, Manager or Supervisor.
It is recommended to ask the official who is he working for and have him or her give a clear explanation. If possible perform a corroboration and validity check of the information provided.

The most relevant hint to look for in the answer of this person is if it is on duty for the government or if it is on duty for the people.

In the first case it is best to silently avoid any conflict or debate. He might even try to close the business for supposed “security reasons” or cause disruption. If this is the case it’s not clearly with the highest regard for we the people neither for the business. In this situation accept its way until further clearance but MAKE SURE the document outside at the entrance remains in place at all cost and try to provide a date for reopening. See if there are others retailers in the vicinity. If there aren’t any and your shop provides basic items for the area around, the best option is to maintain it open and functional or else the most foreseeable scenario is that you have it vandalized and pillaged in a very short period of time.

If the second answer is given as he/she really works for the people ask what is his or hers plan to support this situation. The main idea is to keep the infrastructure working as normal as possible during this transition. If so, than you have a real ally that you can rely on, and will help you in your efforts for the benefit of making this transition as smooth as possible.

This article was translated into multiple languages in the Community Leaders Brief. Please look for the translation into your language there: http://communityleadersbrief.org/2015/09/06/a-business-continuity-plan-for-producers-distributors-and-retailers-of-essential-goods/

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