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To inspire and ultimately lift the lives of humanity through advanced technological systems to solve the everyday problems of living. We are facilitating the release of over 6000 suppressed patents, which will effect how everyone lives their lives. When they are released there needs to be a central resource based on Open Source concepts to enable unrestrained access by all the creative people on our planet.  The patents are related to health, life extension, transportation, energy production, food “printing”, construction and material sciences, as well as more esoteric topics requiring a advanced degree to fully understand.

Prepare for Change will create an online resource center for advanced technologies and released patents with links to individuals and organizations who can and will assist development of technologies for our New Society.  An online database will need to be loaded with all the patents will be

The most anticipated systems are free energy systems which we can support with information universally understandable, accessible and usable.

Those with contributions for the Technology Group can participate by contacting us.


About one hundred years ago Nikola Tesla proposed clean, limitless free energy delivered without wires as a gift to humanity. At the time of the Event such a dream will begin for real. New Energy devices now exist that generate clean, virtually free energy from the so-called ‘Zero Point Field’ through magnetics, resonance, through cold fusion, plasma fusion, and from water. Some clean devices now exist which can continuously charge electric motors for automobiles and other applications.

Such free energy can, and will be delivered wirelessly to the exact location where it is needed the most. Energy means freedom; energy means life. Visualize lush green farms in the desert; food, water and medical care to the sick and starving in Africa and other rural areas. Clean, healthy water can be generated or purified from polluted water where it is needed; no chemicals or additives are required.

WaterTreatmentTechnologies also now exist that can remove various contaminants and pollutants from the environment, including biological, petrochemical, and nuclear.

We can unplug our homes and factories from the power grid, disconnect harmful smart meters, and enjoy more free time to be creative, without the need to work so hard just to pay our energy bills. Creative self-contained communities will flourish with this kind of energy; In the air, on the ground and in the water there will be travel and transportation without environmental – and sound-pollution. Travel will become safer, as proactive collision detectors will prevent accidents. The travel radius of most vehicles will increase greatly, as the need to charge or re-fuel will diminish, or completely disappear.

First Phase

It is completely misunderstood just how much New Technology exists and how quickly it can be brought into our lives at the Event. Speeding relief to the sick and starving as well as maintaining existing grids and life systems will be most important at that time. Parts of Africa, island nations such as Haiti and other impoverished areas at home and abroad will get immediate application of new technology. Food, clean water and medical help will be delivered and administered in mobile clinics and permanent hospital-energy centers in towns and villages. Pollution and toxicity in the environment will be eliminated.

Suffering and starvation will be eradicated. In developed countries, power plants of toxic and inferior sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear will have the source itself replaced by New Energy devices, while remaining connected to the grid (power wires). Many of us will feel no change at all, but energy costs will be vastly reduced. All life support systems will remain in place. Trucks, buses and automobiles will be upgraded to free energy technology if they burn fossil fuels, or if they run on electricity they will be equipped with clean technology that recharges them constantly. The range of most vehicles will vastly increase, while the cost to operate will fall. Anything that pollutes will be replaced at this time to facilitate the healing and detoxification of the planet. In addition, mobile detoxification and clean water generators will be dispatched.

Spiral of Progress

More  organic, clean, efficient and sustainable technologies will be manufactured in the weeks and months following the Event, as basic needs are met, and energy sources no longer pollute.  Free energy devices for our homes and businesses will be offered at reasonable costs to allow us to unplug completely from the power grid.  Self-contained, green and independent new creative communities, such as
SuzyStarCommunities Suzy Star Creative Communities,  New Earth Project or The Venus Project  will spring up, utilizing New Technology for their manufacture and energy needs. 
Eventually, the power grid (wires), which waste energy and are an eyesore can be completely removed.  Automobiles, trucks and buses will eventually be replaced by safe, collision-preventing vehicles that hover or fly, so that roads become unnecessary.  In this way, our ‘asphalt jungles’ can be replaced with oxygenating vegetation, trees and farms to nurture and feed us and beautify our lives.

Communication Hub

This page will serve as a communication hub for New Technology. It will help to educate, inform, network and provide links as new technology becomes available for use in the upcoming weeks and months. Free Energy devices both domestic and industrial, travel, transportation, communication, detoxification and other topics will be listed.  Questions about technology will be answered, and inventors can share methods, needs and breakthroughs here.

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  1. My reason for not being involved in exploring ET existence and contacting ET beings by “Encounters of the 3rd kind” so to speak, is my view on the role of consciousness as fully capable of manifesting.
    The last line in the quote below reflects my opinion on the use of technology, related to that
    role. Not to say that free energy is useless, for that’s a whole different subject and it has it’s value within the present circumstances on planet Earth, due to having been witheld from us and “forgotten”.

    “Much of individual development in 4D revolves around training the mind, body, and spirit to achieve greater metaphysical abilities to be applied in all areas; for instance, being able to project oneself into 3D requires a higher level of consciousness mastery, and so organized training exists in 4D to teach and develop that skill among others. Shortcomings in mental abilities can be compensated by technology, thus it is the less evolved 4D groups who rely more heavily on technology”.

    Highly recommended article here:

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  3. 你们好!我自然国成员都欢迎自由能源科技来共同解决环境污染、恢复森林和睦植动物、冲突战争、饥饿危机和能源危机。我自然国成员也寻找解决问题的自由能源科技,也支持自由能源的发明者唯一解决。



  4. 不知道该写些什么。这些天看了这么多。觉得这个阴谋时候破灭了。以前就在想。我们不该这样子生活的。为什么?这些下水道的害虫。污染我们。毒害我们。麻痹我们。想要大规模的杀死我们。让他们滚出我们的星球。人类要自己当家做主。过我们想要的生活。不是给他们做奴隶。一切都在上帝手中。这些蛇虫鼠蚁将无处躲藏。为你们加油。


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