Depopulation as Public Policy: A Rationale for Vaccines, GMO, Poisoned Food and Cancer Misinformation

depop685x300Many years have passed while alert men and women have watched the insane and destructive policies of the western governments reek havoc on the world.  Writers and reporters have spent countless hours cataloging the damage and ruined lives created by the crazed decisions of elected and appointed leaders, and through all of it seeking to make sense and convince them to change their policy. Now we understand why they behave like demon possessed brutes and perverts. That is exactly what they are!

High level policy has required that only those with such fallibilities can be trusted to execute the agenda decided upon almost seventy years ago. The article quoted below gives a quite reasoned explanation for these policies as “hard choices” gone wrong.  The author of the article is an advocate of population control, but not in the dishonest and deceitful way it has been approached since WW2.  Read it and understand that the poisoning of the land water and air is no accident, but the intended route to global population control.

….the international security prerogative of population control, pursued since its inception in 1945 by adulterating the basic elements of life with chemical and biological toxins to subvert fertility and longevity and by undermining the family structure through psychosocial and economic means to delay the formation of families and keep them small…

From: The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security Prerogatives

Far from protecting the population, the leadership has assumed that it is disposable, and treated us all with a disdain incomprehensible, except when we understand their depopulation agenda.

This page is intended as a guide to help our members discover the truth and act on it. For this reason we are focused on the health issues personal choices can affect. Within the context of the above quote are so many deliberate policies that damage the innocent we can scarcely begin to list them here. In fact most of them are beyond the ability of individuals to change or deal with, being the result of a sequence of high level decisions directed by the depopulation agenda.

Health issues can be acted upon, so here we have provided five pages of links relating to things you can avoid or do to live more securely.

  • Quantum Leap MMS Documentary and Movement  this is a simple discovery by a man who wanted to help a friend deal with malaria while on an expedition in the Amazon. Instead slowing the infection it totally cured it within a few days. From that experience he went on to test it on many other problems with incredible results. Now the FDA and big Pharma are working to crush this information…too late! It’s out of the bag and running wild all over the world. Read the article and discover that it attacks all of diseases as well as malaria. One thing you may notice is that the reason it is being subverted is not identified by the MMS proponents, but the reason is the depopulation agenda.  It’s global policy from the UN down the local vaccination clinic. Shorten their lives and make them infertile.

As part of this agenda they have suppressed policies and technology that would have solved all of the problems they have claimed to justify their intentions, and this will be discussed in other posts and articles. When it is all seen and discussed, I believe we will discover that they are guilty of criminal intent, based on a Satanic belief system and elitist perception of themselves and our world.

All of this is well covered on this site.