Section Three: Contacting Leadership to Advise

Section Three: Whom Do You Contact?

leadershipbigTalk to people, make lists and practice!

Realistically speaking, your mission for contacting world leaders has already begun. Practice for THE EVENT everyday; and contact anyone and every one who has ears to hear and eyes to see. Let your heart be invested in this practice and learn what words, what information, you share does shut people down. Try to bring the information through clearly and concisely as possible. Do not get discouraged that you are not up to the task.

  1. Anyone in a position of power and responsibility who will listen to you. You do not have to “shoot the moon.” Sometimes, the right person can pass your message along; and you may receive an invitation at a later date.
  2. The local town leader, a mayor, or even a city council member may be just the person you need. Use your local knowledge of choosing whom you will reach out to first.
  3. County boards (such as water districts) may be quite accessible and easily reached. Your influence may make the difference.
  4. School boards, teachers and principals may be helpful in providing safe havens  –in case of chaos in certain populations: do not be afraid to educate the educators.
  5. Utility companies –gas, electricity, and water must be kept running. If these fail, do not be afraid to contact the responsible parties in your area.
  6. City Hall. This will include all the city’s infrastructure (such as city works). Please let them know what is going on. You may find a knowing and helpful ear.
  7. Food– Talk to the managers of the local stores. Remind them that the people will need to eat –even though this is a short time period during the immediate transition. Their help is needed to maintain, as far as possible, the reasonable and fair distribution of food. Being present in the parking lots with leaflets will dissuade people from panicking and stealing.
  8. Communication centers; this may be hard to do but perhaps local experts can be contacted and radio hams and and other forms of communication can be prepared for use in the event of power losses. Research and preparedness are the keys here.
  9. Law Enforcement – Last, but certainly not least, is the importance of communicating to law enforcement this situation. This will be one of your most important efforts, as the membership takes its lead from the leader. This group often chooses this profession not out of a desire to serve but out of a desire to control. You will need all of your tools and contacts to be effective here. Remember to whom you are talking. When choosing your representatives for this task, choose a messenger who is free of a criminal past, or known as a troublemaker. Have compassion; and remember to exercise caution and encourage them to do the same. Let them know you are actually working with “Special Forces of law enforcement” and you are acting as their liaisons to local governance to prevent lawlessness. Encourage preventative police action that is respectful of people’s rights to assemble peacefully. Show them the Community Leaders Briefs as proof that you knew that this was coming. It may help!

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