Letters to the Resistance Movement

All readers of the Prepare for Change website are invited to communicate with the Resistance Movement. After discussing this with Cobra we have discovered that members of the RM desire more information from us, the surface?population of Earth.

Cobra has passed this information to us:

(PFC0517) ?Lynn? – Cobra, is the RM the ones that give you feed-back on our meditations, you know the strength of it and the numbers.

COBRA –?Yes, yes.? (OK)

Lynn? – Are we as surface humans? able to communicate with them telepathically.

COBRA –?It is possible.? It has happened in a few instances but its not very common and very few people from the surface have enough awareness of the RM to hear that telepathic contact.

Lynn? – Would it be useful to show them certain situations we are experiencing.?

COBRA –?Yes. It is sometimes not simple for them to understand their reactions of the surface population because they are simply, I would say psychologically quite different and if you explain to them a little bit more, even telepathically or in writing you can even post an article on your blog and address it to them, that would be a great idea. (wow, thats a great idea.? Thank you Cobra.) (PFC0517)

In order to facilitate this for all people and make it easy for both us and the RM, we are using this page with its comment section for this purpose. The idea is simple, go to the bottom of the page and use the comment box to share your feelings about the situation on Earth.

So please ask your?questions or make your comment with your Letter to the Resistance in the comments below.

Published July 5, 2017

[NOTE: Please do not criticize or comment on other’s letters in reply, this page is meant to enable a free exchange from our readers with the Resistance Movement, so please do not respond as though the letters are to YOU.]

890 thoughts on “Letters to the Resistance Movement

  1. Dear LF/RM
    Thank you for a safe journey to VA and back again. All went well. I was told by the doctor that I should get a cinimanti stone for my mom to keep the tachyons from dissipating. The problem is my brother is under the control of the Archons mind control concerning religious dogma. He believe this to be witchcraft, and pagan rituals. If it is possible could you please help to keep the tachyons from dissipating? 12/27/1927 38° 37′ 27″ N / 76° 56′ 21″ W … I would be very grateful.

    Victory of the Light!
    Deborah Dickson
    22Aug55 03:38 Cleveland Ohio
    41*55’35.2″N 80*37’11.4″W Stop by and say hello 🙂

  2. At the same time, this is why I am in opposition to evil… the conscious force that is in opposition to life. This is the very reason that I fight. I know that it must be opposed, even if it seems to be greater than myself at the time. My singular expression amounts to less than the overall balance of life itself. I am nothing but one of life’s expressions, that is to say that I am a very small part of what life’s entirety is, and I know it, and that is the only reason I exist in the first place. That is why I fight, even when it kills me. I consider that instance to be a sacrifice to life itself, a faithful and right one at that, returning the strength that is inherent in my creation and being to the whole along with the experience and knowledge that I gained during the life that I experienced. My understanding is not perfect, to be sure, but that is my belief.

  3. From time to time I have what alcoholics refer to as moments of clarity. I think of them more along the lines of, instances in which I am unattached to the illusion of self. In these instances, I find that I am immediately aware of life itself, in its entirety as a singular being. In a flash, it reveals to me the fact that what is actually important is the balance of life itself. I believe that life is meant to express, and grow more and more fully in its expression. I believe that the overall balance of life, and its overall and continual expression, really needs to be positive in nature. The course of my life is , and has always been, determined by these instances and my reaction to them and/or my cooperation with them. I don’t know if this communication is helpful, but I hope it is.

  4. Feedback on Command PB Stardust positive. With clear focus to pain’s location positive result approximately three fold. Thank you.

  5. 親愛的抵抗運動您們好:












    google t – Dear resistance you are good:

    Thanks to the resistance movement for the liberation of the earth to do everything,
    If not for you, the situation of the Earth and its sentient beings may be abominable and unimaginable.
    (The situation on earth is so bad that we can not even believe that we are living on the earth.)

    I am a light worker from Taiwan.

    With the collapse of the plasma octopus and the removal of the Chimera,
    More and more people around the world are awakening and joining the ranks of Light because of the silver heart’s call.

    But on the other hand,
    The Archons and conspiracies still use many ways to violate their free will and control some awakened light workers and people,
    Weaken their level of consciousness and link with the Light.

    Some grid workers who worked with me were attacked by the dark forces,
    They were sent to psychiatry to exert psychotropic drugs one after another as a result of their mental breakdown and were even forced to sign more contracts of negative souls.

    The number of workers who have been forced to take psychotropic medications is far greater than I thought.

    Psychotropic drugs block the link between spirituality and light, and many light grid workers and light workers,
    Because mental attacks and psychotropic drugs lose intrinsic guidance as well as links to high-dimensional awareness.

    These partners used to have a high or very high level of awareness,
    However, because of negative interference, the free will no longer awakened and devoted to light work.

    May I ask what are the resistance movements or measures,
    Prevent and heal the mental disturbances in these lightworkers, elevate these once-awakened partners to a higher level of consciousness and resonate with the Light?

    We are in a wake-up call tug-of-war between the negative factions trying to reduce the awakening of the means,
    Surface people need relevant countermeasures to get back their advantage.

    May all the awakening people once again be able to return to the ranks of the Holy Light, accelerating the speed of earth’s liberation in an all-round way.

  6. The removal schedule is too slow gradually.

    Recent 1% removal spend 1 month. I urge the real organizations “The Resistance Movement”, “Agartha network”, “Civilization of the inner Earth” …..whole Light force…..to join this activity~~~New Toplet and Plasma Parasite Meditation at 2PM UTC


    The aim is to speed up the removal schedule.

    Does anyone help me to tell them this urge?

  7. My fellow brothers and sisters of the RM/LF … this is a request for assistance if you can give it. I am taking my mother who has dementia to VA for Tachyon treatments on the 8th of Nov. I ask that if you are allow to do so please send us any energies of protection and healing these next few days. My mother Willa M Dickson 27 Dec.27 Palmetto GA needs this treatment badly, so it you can protect us these next few days so we can get to our appointment the 8th of Nov. at 16:00 EST, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Victory of the Light!
    Deborah Dickson
    22Aug55 03:38 Cleveland Ohio
    41*55’35.2″N 80*37’11.4″W Stop by and say hello 🙂

  8. First I would like to thank you all for your work and disclosure.

    My dream is to have a public spaceship industry based on antigrav technology – since I was 15. Pictured in my mind as orbital restaurant with shuttle-UFOs, this one is mine. 🙂 Now I am over 30 and there are….possibilities. Does anyone of you know the (starting) story of Perry Rhodan (german SciFi)? In short: Flies to moon, finds alien spaceship, LENDS it, builds industry by copying it. That is what I want to do. (Then uses fresh built fleet to steal another, better ship from some enemy, copies it, steals the next one, takes the best stuff out of it..etc..) So, how do we get some SSP-ships into our hands? I would like to visit mars in lifetime – in a max 2day trip. 🙂 But the question is serious: Besides all the spiritual stuff and plasma dimensional meditation orders and whatever – (why) can’t “we” just steal some of their ships and use them for ourselves?…

    Greetings from the middle of Europe,

    • HI, Oki. I was following until you talked about stealing. I don’t recommend that. I think you can accomplish some of this without the karma of stealing to get there. It might require some additional innovation on your part [how about partnerships / barter / you name it]. Good luck to you on the higher road. Pat

  9. Thank you for asking for feed-back and the opportunity to write this letter. In addition, thank you for your generosity and efforts for working toward planetary liberation.

    My view is that this is a mission, particularly this lifetime considering the era of events. It has taken some 40 years to realize this. We are very complex beings and there is a lot of programing to overcome. Thanks to the diligence of my divine entourage, I have made it this far, as it is no small feat.

    Yes, attacks do come, and when they do I stand in my I AM center and brighten my light. I realize that when attacks happen, I am on the verge of a breakthrough and it drives me even more onward. It is like an affirmation that I am on an effective path. I set firm, self-respectful boundaries as I have come to realize I am a being of sovereignty, as well as a part of the Whole. I do what I can to maintain inner balance and walk the middle way, as in avoiding extremes. When I clean myself within, I am cleaning the self on the outside, the matrix, as in all that is on the outside of me. I study meditative practices that I am drawn to. I keep a discerning heart. I laugh as often as possible. I am mindful of where my attention is focused and repeatedly come back to that. When I sit in a mass meditation, I know that my efforts are exponential with the collective of the other participants, and it is inspiring. I do my best to avoid limitation and belief in order to allow the consideration of new information for my expansion. All of these things take practice.

    Having said this, it breaks my heart to see other lightworkers (or anyone really) not step into their sovereign, personal power, not knowing who they are and subconsciously choosing to hang around the lower vibrational feelings and mental states. Because everything is a choice, including maintaining a victim-state mentality. Yes, it can get extremely challenging in the 3D embodiment, no doubt, wandering around this energetic muck. The situation kind of reminds me of the whole movie scene where Leia, Solo, Chewy and Skywalker jumped into the garbage smasher. For all of you floating around up there, that is kind of what it is like down here, on a mission, stuck in the garbage muck, looking for a way out, calling out for help, all while feeling the pressure of a possible, pending, very painful smush. Yet we all know there is a way out that requires team work and communication from both ends, the ones in the garbage and the ones helping that are not and has access to the technology that can shut down the smushing garbage walls and open the door. Both parties are essential to the success of the mission.

    These suggestions I make here are all growth potential scenarios for reaching critical mass. Loves, if it is necessary to gain momentum in reaching a critical mass in our meditation, then we are going to have to join together by creating some mass meditation that will meet people where they are. There are lightworker leaders out there with great numbers of followings. According to Cobra’s report, we experienced this potential during the August 21st 2017 mass meditation when we joined our forces. I know this site through that link, as I have been following gaia.com and Corey Goode for a while now. Because these followings joined each other for this meditation, I am now connected and available to participate.

    This is a good part of my letter to say that I relate this to you with all the humility, kindness and compassion in my heart: there needs to be a meditation designed and created for the inclusion of all people. Not all light-workers are this far down the rabbit hole, so to speak. We need something that is effective without the specific vocabulary terms we use for clearing the plasma plane. I don’t mean to dum-down and dilute the mediation, but some people need a starting place, and we can give them that foot hold. I suggest making something that more of a mass audience is comfortable with, yet is very straight forward about expanding Love, light and raising vibration, to the benefit of Earth and all her inhabitants, all focusing on what we are wanting the end result to be, liberty, freedom, peace, harmony, all the components of Optimal Temporal Reality without saying ‘Optimal Temporal Reality.’ That light expanding method Sandra utilizes in the meditation that IHeartMassMeditation recently posted is very useful. We can utilize different, beautiful visualizations as well. For this particular meditation, we don’t have to mention strongholds and weaponry, secret societies, The Event, etc. As real as these may be, not all are going to participate if they are not resonating with the vocabulary. It is very hard to post to my FB page most of what you would like. I intuitively know that the information would be met resistance, and these are mostly people who are wanting the same result of Optimal Temporal Reality, but are just not ready to relate to any galactic cousins yet. In no way am I saying to stop the other meditations, just create this one that is all inclusive of people who are on the path to awakening and post it as a regular occurrence. Make beautiful trailer videos about this movement to create critical mass that do not include spaceships. As I see it, if this really strikes their fancy then they are more open and ready to participate. After they participate it is likely that they could be lead to examine the rest of the sites containing this information that could be new to them. These sites you all make could act as a seed for growth whether they take to the information right away or not. I would bet that many are privy to the info who just don’t know about this information you are presenting on this portal site and the other sites related to it, as I was.

    After this mass meditation is created, then other lightworker leaders can be asked to review the proposal and participate with their following. This would increase numbers dramatically and quickly. This is totally doable!

    I really want to say that I love that this RM exists and it is exciting to find out that there is a large community involved in this movement. It is very inspiring to be able to participate and be a part of making difference concerning real change for the highest good of all. I feel very passionately about it all. Thank you all for your determination and perseverance. Let’s see this success through! All my love to you 🙂

  10. I am already many years under attackts from ghosts. Now are around me some big parasite dark entities. They attackt me all the day and night – especially now, when on the Earth are coming energies of high vibrations. They strongly hinder me, almost paralyze me. They speak to me day and night. I hear them as well as people around me I mean that Anchors sent them here. They attached me one bait entity when I slept. Possibly it is coded. This bait entity attach to me other dark entities. I am directly throuh the eyes related to the Archons or maybe the Chimera group. Every time I look at each light (for example, a street lamp), they through the light they show me various pictures, symbols. I don,t see it only if I am looking over bifocal glasses. If I accidentally mention my eyes when I’m sleeping, then it’s often heard as a kind of click and they start sending me various heartbreaking dark videos. I am under their control all the time. Anchors have been coming here and imagine themselves as angels and ascended masters until I recognized their lies and stopped talking to them. Then they sent me even bigger entities. The Light forces have been intervened and helped me very clearly at least three times when I was in extremely serious troubles and my life was really compromised.
    Dear Cobra! Can you tell me with whom I am connected through my eyes, how this connection will be eliminated, how and when will be eliminated this bait entity and other parasitic entities? Will it be transmuted only with light energies, that are here and are coming? The problem is also that I can not meditate because these entities completely disable this.
    I apologize you for my bad English language.
    Blessings! Victory of Light!

    • Never forget that you are a sovereign being and claim that often. PFC has related many articles to help you clear yourself. The first 2 articles listed has over 20 links for clearing yourself:

      https://prepareforchange.net/2016/01/31/how-to-become-an-advanced-human-soul/ part 1 – Advanced Human

      https://prepareforchange.net/2016/10/03/banishing-or-how-to-become-an-advanced-human-soul-part-2/ Advanced Human part 2

      https://prepareforchange.net/2017/10/01/above-the-line-thinking-above-the-line-action-too/ Above the Line thinking & a blessing.

      https://prepareforchange.net/2017/05/24/event-picture-review/ The Event picture in Review

      https://prepareforchange.net/2017/05/26/dark-forces-hierarchy-control-tactics/ Dark forces hierarchy and control tactics

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      https://prepareforchange.net/2017/05/23/who-are-the-light-forces/ Light forces who’s who.

      https://prepareforchange.net/2013/07/24/the-event-original-post/ The Event

      https://prepareforchange.net/2017/09/18/vision-board-for-the-event/ Vision board for The Event and for you

      https://prepareforchange.net/2017/10/01/power-vs-force/ Where do you calibrate? Power vs. Force

  11. Oh my god, do something, you guys are worthless. Pay for a good Keshe reactor and I’ll do it all myself while you chill on your ships.

  12. Recently Amos Yee, a Singaporean activist who for speaking his mind was jailed in the criminal section of the local Mental Institution and subject to 22 hours of exposure to light for over a month and subject to constant harassment won his political asylum in the United States.

    This was another indictment of the draconian policies with the government use of the Internal Security Act, a leftover from the days of the British Colonial era being used by the ruling party to silence dissent and opposition views in this country of Singapore which has been ongoing since its independence. It ranks as one of the lowest of freedom of press.

    The ruling party is getting more drunk on its power as it fails to stem the rising costs of living, the infrastructure and local job prospects strain under the party’s liberal immigration policy and easing of rules for offshore wealth storage for multi-billionaires while the locals strain to keep up with competition for jobs and the cabinet ministers earn over a million dollars in income each from taxpayer money.

    All of this has been enabled by a population cowed and intimidated into silence by the treatment of people like Amos Yee and other activists seeking to voice out civil issues. The population is told that in exchange for giving up their rights to freedom of speech, working long hours, in exchange for efficiency and high standard of living.

    Locals are losing their jobs to foreigners offering their positions at lower wages, city train systems are breaking down almost every day, and the ruling party earning millions a year of taxpayer dollars work to continue having their grip on power and costs of living rise.

    The latest generation of activists are being silenced. This country and its population will be judged in harsh terms. Time is running out. Life is getting unbearable here behind the facade of propaganda and fake smiles. Everyday I see more and more people unable to hide their descent into insanity from the stress of their 70 hour work week.

    The arrest and fair trial of these false leaders needs to be carried out immediately.

    More information:


  13. Hello. Dear friends.

    I have spent the last 20 years on the chaos on the earth, “What can I do for society?”, I think that I was frustrated.

    I feel like I got the hint of “how to live in this reality” based on your contacts.

    I am thinking about what I can do to “dissolve” rather than “fight”. Thank you!



    私は、「争い」ではなく「解消」して行くために自分が出来る事を考えて過ごしますね。 ありがとう!

  14. Dear Brothers and Sisters in RM,

    thank you for your wonderful effort and constant success! Last week was very hard for all of you, I am sure, I felt it clearly and I am now happy to hear from Cobra about all your fantastic new achievements! Stay strong, I feel so good to know that you all proceed from both directions successfully and our dear planet will be soon free… It IS beautiful. A miracle, in fact. Of course, we are tired, but that is nothing. The moment is coming, we will all say – good job everyone, thanks, dinner waiting, enjoy your first free meal :-)))). Love and Light and Gratitude. This story will be told and sung and danced and celebrated around all galactic camp fires :-).

  15. Cobra bekommt, seine Infos von der Widerstandsbewegung. Zuerst brauchen die restlichen Plasma Topletbomben aufgelöst zu werden, wo schon seit fast einem Jahr berichtet wird. Der schwarze Stein von Long Island ist aufgelöst, die kritische Masse für das neue Atlantis Gitternetz erreicht. Wenn eine gewisse kritische Masse der Oberflächenbevölkerung, über den Schleier reist, dann kann die Chimera Gruppe den Offenlegungsprozess und den Erstkontakt nicht mehr kontrollieren. Ab jetzt kann, es noch mehrere Jahre dauern, wo mehr als die Hälfte das Plasma Yaldabaoth Kopfes aufgelöst ist…? Überall auf der Erde brauchen solche Weltallflugkörper gebaut zu werden, Start und Lande Rampen gebaut werden. Leute ausgebildet werden wo solche Maschinen fliegen können. Bis dass alles in die physische Ebene umgesetzt wird, kann das noch mehrere Jahre dauern. Kommt der Offenlegungsprozess nicht mit dem Event? Wie können sich die Oberflächenmenschen sich das leisten, wenn das Event noch nicht begonnen hat und das neue Finanzsystem noch nicht umgesetzt wurde…? Die Chimera Gruppe soll doch vor dem Event, von der Erde entfernt werden. Jezt wo es nur noch so wenige gibt, kann das noch so lange dauern. Verschweigt, die Widerstandsbewegung uns etwas…..

    Kommt es wirklich darauf an, ob eine gewisse kritische Masse von der Oberflächenbevölkerung über den Schleier reist? Jeden Tag sterben Menschen, weil sie verhungern oder kein sauberes Wasser haben oder in den künstlich geschaffenen Kriegen leben wo von den Kabalen gemacht wurde.
    Es gibt sehr viele Obdachlose Menschen, sehr viele kämpfen ums überleben und tun Dinge, wo wenn sie genug Geld hätten, nicht tun würden.
    Verschweigt uns die Widerstandsbewegung etwas Wichtiges…?

    google t – Cobra gets his info from the resistance movement. First, the remaining plasma toplet bombs need to be dissolved, where it has been reported for almost a year. The black stone of Long Island has disappeared, reaching critical mass for the new Atlantis grid. If a certain critical mass of the surface population travels over the veil, the chimera group can no longer control the disclosure process and the initial contact. From now on, it can still take several years, where more than half the plasma Yaldabaoth head is dissolved …? Everywhere on the earth, such spacecraft are needed to be built, takeoff and landing ramps to be built. People trained where such machines can fly. It can take several years until everything is translated into the physical plane. Does the disclosure process not coincide with the event? How can the surface people do this when the event has not yet begun and the new financial system has not yet been implemented? The Chimera group should be removed from the earth before the event. Now that there are only so few, it can take so long. Hidden, the resistance movement something …

    Does it really matter whether a certain critical mass travels over the veil from the surface population? Every day, people die because they are starved or have no clean water or live in the artificially created wars where cabal was made.
    There are a lot of homeless people, many are struggling to survive and do things where they would not have enough money.
    Does the resistance movement hide something important …?

  16. AN OPEN LETTER TO COBRA, RM, and Pleiadian Fleet:

    A mass meditation must be open with a meditation for an initiative of RM and Plejadean Fleet for subscription.

    For many of us, our place is here! (alongside with Cobra, RM, and Plejadean Fleet) and Cobra should understand it.
    At this stage of development, nor is it on Asgardia, neither is it in https://www.nasa.gov/feature/jpl/another-chance-to-put-your-name-on-mars

    We have already a too much amount of energy put here (alongside with Cobra, RM, and Plejadean Fleet), and there is already a too much energetic ling to RM and Plejadeans, so that it looks unpropper to try to move us from here towards another initiative.

    This energetic link passes already through the veil.

    Letters of call to RM must be given on PFC webpage!

    They have to repurpose a bit and develop their own initiative, at least for us, and… later for many other newcomers.

    Labels with “Cobra space program” were found in Cobra’s previous posts.

    A page of letters to plejadean fleet must be also be opened beside of the page for letters to RM.

    With kindest regards.AN OPEN LETTER TO COBRA, RM, and Pleiadian Fleet:

    A mass meditation must be open with a meditation for an initiative of RM and Plejadean Fleet for subscription.

    For many of us, our place is here! (alongside with Cobra, RM, and Plejadean Fleet) and Cobra should understand it.
    At this stage of development, nor is it on Asgardia, neither is it in https://www.nasa.gov/feature/jpl/another-chance-to-put-your-name-on-mars

    We have already a too much amount of energy put here (alongside with Cobra, RM, and Plejadean Fleet), and there is already a too much energetic ling to RM and Plejadeans, so that it looks unpropper to try to move us from here towards another initiative.

    This energetic link passes already through the veil.

    Letters of call to RM must be given on PFC webpage!

    They have to repurpose a bit and develop their own initiative, at least for us, and… later for many other newcomers.

    Labels with “Cobra space program” were found in Cobra’s previous posts.

    A page of letters to plejadean fleet must be also be opened beside of the page for letters to RM.

    With kindest regards.

  17. I am under heavy manipulation by Chimera group. they are creating problems and pointing the finger at me and influencing public opinion on every level, turning my Allies against me. I have a very important phone call today or tomorrow. I need the RM and Light forces support.

  18. I ask for a sufficient number of tachyonized Chintamani stones on Earth and beyond Earth for myself,

    girlfriend and Norway Spruce – Picea abies

    Contact : carmael@seznam.cz

    This email is intented for Resistance Movement only.

    • Omlouvám se, pokud mi bylo odepsáno v angličtině, tak to skončilo ve spamu a je to smazáno, proto prosím o odpověd v českém jazyce. Děkuji. Angličtinu neovládám.

      Sorry, if it was written in English, it ended in spam and it is deleted, so please reply in Czech. Thank you. I do not speak English.

  19. It feels weird, to know so many truths that are accessable for everyone (in theory). And to be honest i still dont understand everything what’s going on here on earth, but i feel very glad to be awake and recognize all the wrong and cruel things in our world, that has become normal to other People.

    I wish i could say everyone of my friends and my family about the matrix and the event, but i know if i tell them all the stuffs at once they would look at me like im crazy and ignore it.

    It feels horrible to know that all your energy is taken away and not always be able to do something against it.

    I watch out more little details, now where i know what is all wrong with the world, and it is just a cruel thing to recognize that EVERYTHING is wrong, but for every other people it seems normal and they wouldn’t understand what exactly is wrong with that.

    But i know it is changing and i know that soon everyone will understand it and i know that it will all end good and i’m glad and happy to know that i can help changing. I love my life, but i’m really looking forward to life it for the right purpose.

    Lots of love,


  20. Evil in High Places
    by Anna von Reitz

    It began circa 1700 when the Dutch East India Trading Company operated by the Kings of Belgium and the Netherlands decided to bilk their stockholding investors and customers and leave their insurers on the hook to pay for it.

    At the time the Dutch East India Company owned and operated by far the largest fleet of merchant vessels in the world, utterly dwarfing the corresponding British Trading Companies at the time in terms of tonnage and reach.

    A deal was struck between the colluding Monarchs by which the Dutch East India “assets” were allowed to find safe harbor in New York, various ports in South America, the Philippines, India, and elsewhere under the protection of the British Navy.

    And so the Dutch scoundrels came to our shores and names like Vanderbilt and Rockefeller and Roosevelt along with them.

    This also led to the circumstance eighty years later in which the victorious Colonists had a vast merchant fleet and no navy to spit on.
    That left the Monarchs and the former Colonists in a mutual bind. The Europeans needed the raw materials from America, and the Americans needed the European markets to buy their commodities.
    What to do?

    There was no choice but to strike a deal with King George III by which he agreed to act as the Trustee for the American Merchant Fleet on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waters – and assign the British Navy to protect the American (Dutch) Commercial Fleet.

    This was not something either side relished, but if King George hadn’t agreed the other European Monarchies would have been at war with him (and things were already bad enough) for depriving them of the income from their commercial fleets and access to American raw materials, and as for the Americans, their comparatively tiny population could not possibly consume all the commodities they produced as a means of livelihood in their own domestic markets, which would have meant waste and oversupply and loss of value in the marketplace for the fisheries, mines, farms, and plantations- – riots for the fledgling government and starvation for Americans who had already endured eight years of war.

    So there you have it, the “foundational” quid pro quo that drove the set up of our government.

    Now that you can understand why it was set up this way, with King George still left in charge of nineteen very fundamental and important duties and control of our federal government in those areas, you can also understand how we wound up with both The United States of America and The United States and two separate populations on our shores – as The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783 put it – we had “the free, sovereign, and independent people” living side by side with the British citizen “inhabitants” who were “residing” here on a temporary basis to provide “essential government services” (See Article IV of the actual Constitution – what the Holy See calls the “Original Equity Contract”.)

    The British were here to protect commercial shipping, to direct the conduct of war if necessary, were – as Trustees and under the obligations of trusteeship– obligated to conduct our foreign trade negotiations for our benefit, and be responsible for all the other “delegated powers” allowed by the actual Constitution creating The United States as a subset of The United States of America.

    Quite quickly, the Dutch grasped the importance of The United States of America (unincorporated, of course) and sought supremacy over the English members of that superior (with respect to The United States) government, while those like Alexander Hamilton who distrusted the Dutch and favored the English resisted by enforcing the constitutional agreements to the letter.
    Here we are, more than two hundred years later. The British-Dutch, Dutch-British struggle has continued more or less unabated throughout the entire time, and the hapless Americans have been in the middle, confused by it all. Most recently, (1946) the French and the United Nations have gotten in the thick of it and had their paws in our pockets, too.

    To say that things have run amok would be a gross understatement.
    We are left with a situation which is not political in nature, but rather requires prosecution as crime, if any “Rule of Law” is to survive. We are hampered in that effort in that the members of the American and British Bar Associations entrusted with the orderly prosecution and enforcement of the Public Law are in fact misdirected to commit more crime against us (both personage and barratry) and to enforce private corporate administrative codes and to act as glorified bill collectors of non-existent debts (racketeers and privateers) instead.

    Both the British and opposing interests concluded toward the beginning of last century that it was more profitable and convenient for them to feed on us together as colluding parasites, than to fight with each other over the spoils. The result has been an acceleration of the corruption, violence, and insanity which leaves everything 180 degrees out of whack and upside down.

    We, the actual Americans, have meanwhile developed our resources and become a Super Power. We have no actual need for any antiquated quid pro quo to enable our goods to get to market, and no reason to embrace any joint sovereignty position at all.
    We do so only to enforce the provisions of our actual Equity Contract as it stands and reserve the right to renegotiate it as we please in days to come.
    We are often asked why we are not in the vanguard of some political movement, why we do not join a political party, why we are not gathering followers and choosing emblems and hoisting banners.

    We reply – there is no need. We already have our flag(s) for both war and peacetime, and we are hoisting the peacetime flag. The actual American people haven’t gone anywhere and we still maintain and have our Body Politic, fully in possession of the land jurisdiction of this country. The United States of America is still very much alive, contrary to the self-interested rumors of our demise.

    No, this isn’t about politics. It certainly isn’t about Americans committing these crimes, because they have all been committed by the Territorial “United States Citizens” and Municipal “citizens of the United States” – dishonest foreign-controlled servants who have harmed us and then used the wealth and power they obtained from us to harm others – and in the process made it look like we were the ones to blame.

    Essentially, the same thing happened here as happened in England when Queen Victoria betrayed the people and sold them as chattel by first enfranchising them and then offering their labor and interest in their assets in exchange for investor shares in the UNITED KINGDOM – and then used the money she raised to support the Raj and colonial conquest of India. Anyone who doubts it needs only to read the papers of Benjamin D’Israeli with a modern understanding of what “enfranchisement” means in the corporate sense.

    The same nasty business has been carried out on our shores and also against the Canadians and Australians, and over time, against everyone else as well. It’s a form of Commercial Feudalism based on economic algorithms and Bad Faith dealings at the highest levels of government.

    This is about evil in High Places, which impacts us and everyone else on a worldwide basis, and which has gotten utterly out of control.

    By all accounts dribbling in, the representatives of the member nations of the United Nations have had a nasty shock. They have realized, finally, that the central banks are not content to be rich unaccountable idol-makers. The so-called Central Banks want it all, including the political power.

    In making threats and flaunting their power, the banks have over-played their hand, underestimating the more venal instincts of those who crave both political and financial power, and who have the actual means to exercise both. The politicians may be stupid, they may be lazy, they may have the morals of pigs, but when they finally realize that their power and position has been totally undermined by their marriage to the banks, they will waste no time in securing a divorce.

    As for the American states and people, we say – enough. Our money has always been and still is the actual United States Silver Dollar and our strength is still in honest international trade. Now that everyone knows that the Cesspool in DC is not our responsibility and that we are the Priority Creditors of the both the Territorial and Municipal United States, we are prepared to bring closure to these issues and an end to debt-based economics worldwide.

  21. May I make a suggestion. The recent solar eclipse meditation was, I believe a great success. Lets organise another mass meditation for the 21st of December (winter equinox) This gives us plenty of time to arrange this and to spread the word.

    • Hello
      I completely agree !
      One more momentum for the biggest Light and accelerate the coming of the Event!
      Peace, harmony et love,
      Victory of the Light !

  22. I am from Barcelona Catalonia. My country is trying to leave Spain due its franquist / cabala governement. Millions of people in the streets asking for democracy. EU has said that is ok police beats people that was trying to vote. Now it seems that Cabala Governement in Madrid is trying to create terror in Catalunya, have done yet during the terrible violence spanish military use againts democrat use of a referemdum. I am very alarmed this people is very dangerous. We have yet 10,000 police that have come from Spain, and yesterday military trucks arriving as well. European citizens can clearly see that something is not going on in Europe. or better in the EU. Cobra, let us know please what is really going on..thanks

  23. This is what it is like to live in Puerto Rico. The Cabal are preventing food and water from getting to the Puerto Rican people. They are desperate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Uc1pPsKt_s

  24. Dear RM, FIRST HAND REPORT OF WHAT IT’S LIKE TO LIVE ON PLANET EARTH. Please watch this video, OR have someone who can, & then report to you. THIS is what is happening NOW in Texas from a Militia Commander who was there. We are being death trapped by the thousands under the pretense of being ‘saved from disasters’. The narrator can hardly keep his tears back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zwf8JtZ67E&feature=youtu.be
    Hope you can help us now that you KNOW the situation, or we’ll all be ANNIHAILATED, EXCEPT the DARK FORCES of course.

  25. Dear LF/RM

    Why are you not organizing a mass meditation to get rid of the rest of the toplet bombs? Isn’t that the only thing standing in the way of The Event? We tried during the equinox, but I don’t think we were able to reach critical mass.

    We need another big meditation geared to get rid of the rest of the toplet bombs. Why aren’t you calling for it? We really need to put an end to the dark forces … so many of us on the surface are suffering tremendously because of them. It’s not fair that the people who lost everything during the storms, should be denied basics needs. I wish you could walk in their shoes for a day … I doubt you would be able to survive. We need compression breakthrough THIS YEAR! Thank you for your time.

    Victory of the Light!
    Deborah Dickson
    22Aug55 03:38 Cleveland Ohio
    41*55’35.2″N 80*37’11.4″W Stop by and say hello 😀

  26. Hallo Ihr Lieben von der Widerstandsbewegung,
    ich finde es toll, dass es euch gibt. Hier möchte ich euch mitteilen, was meiner Meinung nach viel zu wenig Beachtung findet bzw. weitgehend unbekannt ist: Viele Leiden der Menschen, körperlich wie psychisch, werden meiner Meinung nach dadurch verursacht, dass sich die Seelen von Verstorbenen, die nicht ins Licht gegangen sind, an die Lebenden hängen und sie schwächen und beeinflussen bis hin zur völligen Übernahme. Aber auch andere, dunkle Wesenheiten hängen sich an die Menschen und beeinflussen sie.
    Ich selbst kann diese Wesen nicht sehen, habe aber einschlägige Erfahrungen gemacht:
    Seit meiner Kindheit litt ich an schweren Depressionen und Panikattacken, seit 12 Jahren auch ab und zu an epileptischen Krampfanfällen. Ich habe alles Mögliche versucht und ausprobiert. Die Depressionen wurden seltener und nicht mehr so schwer, doch dann traten die Panikattacken in den Vordergrund. Und es ging nicht ohne Medikamente gegen die Epilepsie …
    Vor einem Jahr habe ich die Bücher von einem Schweizer, Anton Styger, entdeckt, der die Verstorbenen sehen und mit ihnen kommunizieren kann. Er hat Gebete entwickelt, durch die man die Verstorbenen ins Licht schicken kann (s. YouTube) Das habe ich sofort ausprobiert, und seitdem geht es mir wesentlich besser! Die Depressionen sind weg! Panikattacken bekomme ich seit dieser Zeit immer nur dann, wenn sich ein solches Wesen an mich hängt.

    Vor einigen Wochen sah ich Interviews mit Geistheiler Sananda. (www.geistheiler-sananda.net) Er erklärte einige Zusammenhänge mit Besetzungen und Umsetzungen von Wesen aus der 4. Dimension, so dass ich mir seine Bücher bestellte – und ihm im Anschluss einen Auftrag gab, mich zu heilen. Auch er arbeitet mit Gebeten.
    Ich spüre seit dieser Zeit, wie sich meine geistige Entwicklung beschleunigt, die Medikamente kann ich jetzt auch endlich weglassen. Anscheinend hat er auch das Wesen, das ich selbst nicht ablösen konnte und das für die Krampfanfälle verantwortlich war, endlich ins Licht (?) schicken können.
    Am Sonntag sind bei uns in Deutschland „Wahlen“, d. h. die Kabale will bestätigt werden und wird es auch so drehen, dass es so aussieht. Die Propaganda ist ganz schlimm, ich versuche sie weitgehend zu ignorieren, weil es mich so herunter zieht. Und die Leute glauben es!
    Ich wünsche Euch (und damit uns) ganz viel Erfolg, damit der Event so bald wie möglich stattfinden kann. Damit wir auch endlich unsere korrupte, verbrecherische Kabale-Regierung, die uns zerstören will, los sind und ein Leben in Freiheit kennen lernen!
    Ganz liebe Grüße sendet Euch

    googel t – Hello your loved ones from the resistance movement,
    I think it’s great that you are there. Here I would like to tell you what I regard as far too little attention or is largely unknown: many people’s suffering, both physical and mental, are caused by the fact that the souls of the deceased who have not gone into the light , to the living ones and weaken and influence them up to the complete takeover. But also other, dark entities are attached to the people and influence them.
    I myself can not see these beings, but I have had relevant experiences:
    Since childhood I have suffered from severe depression and panic attacks, and for 12 years also occasionally from epileptic spasm attacks. I have tried and tried everything. The depression became less frequent and not so severe, but then the panic attacks came to the fore. And it was not without drugs against epilepsy …
    One year ago, I discovered the books of a Swiss, Anton Styger, who can see the deceased and communicate with them. He has developed prayers to send the deceased into the light (see YouTube). I tried it right away, and since then I have been much better! Depression is gone! Panic Attacks I get since this time always only when such a being depends on me.

    A few weeks ago I saw interviews with Sanhea. (www.geistheiler-sananda.net) He explained a few connections with occupations and transformations of beings from the fourth dimension, so I ordered his books – and afterwards gave him an order to heal me. He also works with prayers.
    I feel since this time, as my mental development accelerates, the medication I can now finally omit. Apparently, he has also been able to send the creature, which I myself could not replace and which was responsible for the seizures, into the light (?).
    On Sunday we have “elections” with us in Germany, H. the cabal wants to be confirmed and will turn it so it looks like this. Propaganda is very bad, I try to ignore it largely because it pulls me down like this. And people believe it!
    I wish you all the best for the event to take place as soon as possible. So that we can finally get rid of our corrupt, criminal cabal government, which wants to destroy us, and get to know a life in freedom!
    All the best greetings send to you

    • Ja, wir können nicht nur auf das Event oder die große Umwälzung warten, weil wir zu große Verluste haben und dieses Warten schon zu lange gedauert hat ! Deshalb fordere ich, das die Kabale täglich gleich hohe Verluste hat ! Wenn die RM dies nicht tun will, dann soll sie bereite Menschen oder einen bereiten Menschen dazu ausrüsten mit Unsichtbarkeitstechnik, Teleportationstechnik und Kabalen- Entfernungstechnik ! Also auf was wartet Ihr noch ?

      google t – Yes, we can not only wait for the event or the big upheaval, because we have too big losses and this waiting has lasted too long! That is why I demand that the Kabale has the same high losses every day! If the RM does not want to do this, then she is to equip ready people or a ready man with invisibility technology, teleportation technology and cabal removal technology! So what are you waiting for?

  27. Dear RM,
    So you want to know what life on earth does to us? It is devastating.Utterly deconstructive.It is something I never want to experience again.
    A tree knows about its being out of itself , I guess animals do, too. And humans? As blessed as we are with our brains, what good does it do? Cut off from this natural knowing what I am, left alone with what?
    Ambition? To find a way out of all of this? And put to the quest?
    I claim my right to know about my nature so I can function according to that.No more , no less.
    I am sick of sign posts.I did not come here to solve a riddle.I came here to….?

  28. Dear LF/RM

    Remember this report and statement?

    If all this sabre rattling worldwide does not stop soon, the following options are on the table, depending on the level of urgency: exposure, disclosure and removal.

    Exposure means Russian media exposing detailed intel about a) worldwide Illuminati network and their operations, and/or b) secret pacts between US government and negative extraterrestrials.

    Disclosure means full release of intel about extraterrestrial presence, financial Reset and the Event through Russian and Chinese media …

    What happened? Is this another case of your “soon” being different from our “soon” … this was given way back in April … well pass the “soon” point for us … why haven’t these options been used more fully? It’s pretty obvious to the surface that the sabre ratting continues. Why has nothing big been done?

    Victory of the Light!
    Deborah Dickson
    22Aug55 03:38 Cleveland Ohio
    41*55’35.2″N 80*37’11.4″W Stop by and say hello 🙂

    • Deborah, why has nothing big been done ? I can’t unterstand it, too ! We must put away the Cabal daily, because more than 200.000 thausands of us are dying without nutrition daily ! This is very horrible and not OK ! We need high technology to put quickly away a part of the Cabal, from the RM, but I don’t get it !!! I got no training from the RM and they have a super training, only for under the earth ?!? Only for a part of the Cabal, the human traitors, the Chimera will not activing the Toplet Bombs ! And now we are meditating to put away the Toplet Bombs !


    For millenia, humanity has been manipulated, controlled, abused, exploited and it’s own free will, consciousness, and re-incarnation cycle have been infiltrated/ by the dark. Same with our thoughtforms and emotional state, not to mention, our physical well-being and the well being of Gaia, her Kingdoms and Elementals. Our awakening and Ascension have been derailed countless times yet the suffering continues.

    The Galactic Codex have not been dutifully enforced here on Earth with most world leaders under the control of the dark or its minions. This is the most opportune time for the Galactic Codex to be executed. I, in Oneness with all of Humanity, all of Gaia, Her Kingdoms and Elementals, implore the Highest Orders of Light from the Galactic Confederation to PLEASE INTERVENE NOW IN FULL FORCE AND LIBERATE OUR WORLD AND ALL ITS INHABITANTS!

    And SO IT IS!

  30. We consider there is need to be put in place a meditation in order to awake all the 144000 members of ORDER OF THE STAR to their particular mission!

    If all the 144000 members of the Order of the Star awake to their particular mission, if so, we (they) might be here (more than 144000) to each of WAM, each Sunday.

    In this way we might have weekly breakthroughs, which will cut the time to the Event.

    As from Cobra’s blog post:
    we know
    “Order of the Star is a community, a mandala of 144,000 star beings of the first, second and third Initiation that have incarnated on this planet with the purpose of occult triangulation of light and darkness.”

  31. Dear Light Forces, and Resistance movement …

    Enough is enough … not your enough that takes months or maybe years … our enough which means right frigging now! Cobra stated things would look really bad right before The Event … well things are looking really bad right now with all the suffering that is going on. Do we have to wait for things to get even worse before The Event takes place? Are you aware of the people that are homeless with out the basic needs because of the dark forces? We must put a stop to this! Why can’t you have Cobra organize a mass meditation to dissolve the remaining toplet bombs? Find the best time when the energies are strong and have us do it. Is that not the only thing standing in the way of The Event? We want to put an end to this BS THIS YEAR! Start organizing!

    Thank you for your time.

    Victory of the Light.
    Deborah Dickson
    22Aug55 03:38 Cleveland Ohio
    41*55’35.2″N 80*37’11.4″W Stop by and say hello

    • I ask for a sufficient number of tachyonized Chintamani stones on Earth and beyond Earth for myself,

      girlfriend and Norway Spruce – Picea abies

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