Letters to the Resistance Movement

All readers of the Prepare for Change website are invited to communicate with the Resistance Movement. After discussing this with Cobra we have discovered that members of the RM desire more information from us, the surface?population of Earth.

Cobra has passed this information to us:

(PFC0517) ?Lynn? – Cobra, is the RM the ones that give you feed-back on our meditations, you know the strength of it and the numbers.

COBRA –?Yes, yes.? (OK)

Lynn? – Are we as surface humans? able to communicate with them telepathically.

COBRA –?It is possible.? It has happened in a few instances but its not very common and very few people from the surface have enough awareness of the RM to hear that telepathic contact.

Lynn? – Would it be useful to show them certain situations we are experiencing.?

COBRA –?Yes. It is sometimes not simple for them to understand their reactions of the surface population because they are simply, I would say psychologically quite different and if you explain to them a little bit more, even telepathically or in writing you can even post an article on your blog and address it to them, that would be a great idea. (wow, thats a great idea.? Thank you Cobra.) (PFC0517)

In order to facilitate this for all people and make it easy for both us and the RM, we are using this page with its comment section for this purpose. The idea is simple, go to the bottom of the page and use the comment box to share your feelings about the situation on Earth.

So please ask your?questions or make your comment with your Letter to the Resistance in the comments below.

Published July 5, 2017

[NOTE: Please do not criticize or comment on other’s letters in reply, this page is meant to enable a free exchange from our readers with the Resistance Movement, so please do not respond as though the letters are to YOU.]

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  1. to RM,

    Teach me, or show me How to give Love to myself.
    All of my Life I AM giving the Love to others by serving them.
    In Process I forgot to Love myself. I know you can read this as I type this words.
    Or you can even scan my heart, I allow you to scan and refesh me according to my
    “Will” and to the galactic codex. I Love You and thank you for supporting us
    groundcrews. Thank you for being there for the lost souls that haven’t figure out
    the Life here. 3D is such a great mission and accomplishment too.

    to Resistance Movement
    Thank You!

  2. Thank you for your help in saving the human race, ridding the universe of the darkness and rushing in a new age to live in. Earth is currently in a state of fear, both fear of the masses and the elite. You’ve backed them into a corner and now they’re trying anything they can to fight back.
    I’ll be here ready to help any way I can.
    Praise to the light/source.

  3. infinite gratitude love and light.. youse all are indeed my heroines and heroes.

    I love youse to the Great Central Sun and back.. for you all and Cobro too, have kept the dream alive.. the dream we are bringing to manifestation in this now.

    Source/Goddess bless you all, youse.. and perhaps a little more in particular Cobro as being front and centre that he is.. have taken a bunch of sleeping starseeds (well I will mostly speak for myself at this point, as it is not my place to speak for others in regards to our previous condition) ratbags and turned us again into a united force not to be reckoned with by any dark.

    Victory is at hand regardless of whom may be aware or not.. and oh how I so look forward to hugging and thanking as many of youse as possible at the Event after party personally. <3

    however, still we have work to do so, I wont celebrate too much just yet.. alas there is so much all of us.. above, below and in the middle.. have indeed acheived to be proud and happy etc about and serving to keep us on task.. both hands on the wheel this time. 🙂

    we got this.. we always had this.. maybe we just dont all realise this yet.

    but by Goddess WE GOT THIS!!

    oh one more thing.. infinite gratitude to Cobro, you showed me how to believe again.. forever I will be grateful to you brother.

    Love & Light Expand!

    Victory of the Light!! <3 🙂

  4. Hi, its me again from Singapore.

    Cobra said this in his latest post, Age of Aquarius Activation Report, July 7th, 2020

    “As a result of our Age of Aquarius activation, all significant plasma anomaly and all plasma toplet bombs have been removed. Although this will not trigger the Event as I have expected, it is a great leap forward. All the remaining obstacles towards the Event are much smaller and will take much less time to clear, so we are on a timeline that is converging faster and faster into the Compression Breakthrough.”

    So its clear Cobra wasn’t expecting this to happen. The removal of these strangelet devices and other similar hostage type devices has been the primary objective and required precondition for the Event to take place.

    I did ask him if this meant the hostage situation of the Surface Population is over, and he has not replied after least 2 rounds of published comments. So if he’s not answering he’s not fully certain of the answer.

    While its great considering the progress that has taken place, the ‘much less time’ is a tentative time period.

    Based on the Light Forces communicating to Cobra (Flower of Life post, July 1st, 2019) that there was not enough time to build Physical Islands of Light before the Compression Breakthrough.

    Physical Islands of Light aren’t like a big city of skyscrapers, it will be an organically built village community that would take about 1-2 years at most to function on its own from the infrastructure to the community interacting and working together. Already 1 year has passed and giving time for several communities to grow we should be looking at less than a year left, which translates to the Event happening within that time.

    Meanwhile the mask requirement is still in force in many parts of the world, here its enforced with a hefty fine. The terrorists running this world are threatening a second wave that one of them promised will be ‘the real thing’.

    Dragon sources having said the positive timeline shift just occurred are asking everybody to “focus only on writing your favorite, chosen life script” and make it as detailed as possible. I have done a basic draft and I intend to add more details as I think it through.

    Its clear an increased number of people have lately put their faith in the Event based on the artwork coming out from the more creatively inclined Event followers and more organized network to spread news about the mass meditation that has a higher guarantee of critical mass at every mass meditation. Their faith should not be misplaced.

    In my case even if the Event happened now I would be looking back at almost 4 decades of wasted time in the Matrix, and there are many who have been in this longer than I have.

    With the hostage situation largely neutralized we should be seeing the end of the globalist terror by end of this year, in no small part due to our meditative efforts despite the external stressors caused by this ‘plandemic’.

    Thank you for reading.

  5. There is so much evil on the planets surface. Rogue terrorists in The US taking over cities and just today they shot and killed two boys 16 years old. Roaming through neighborhoods kicking in doors and some citizens have confronted them with automatic weapons. It’s almost as if they are trying to force a civil war to distract us from something bigger. The leadership is not responding to this group of psychopaths. I am not concerned for myself but many innocent are going to be hurt. Everyday it’s something new. Violence and more violence it seems that there’s no end to this madness on this planet. Our food has been poisoned, our water has been poisoned, the air we breath is so polluted some days it’s difficult to breath. They have devices to control the weather and to prevent us from loving properly. So many needless deaths. If only there was more I could do to help. I’ll keep spreading the word and give love to all but it’s not enough. I can feel the despair of many that feel lost and have no where to turn. some feel as though they are losing their sanity. I was just told this yesterday. If there is a way to bring some peace to these troubled souls that are in so much pain tell me and I will do whatever it takes to try to help. Some days even I feel lost, trapped within the evil this planet holds. It takes everything from you and gives nothing back but more evil. Your work is important and there are so many that wish you well and much love for without you we would never have made it this far. You are the light, the love that is needed so desperately here. Thank you from all of my heart.
    Victory of the light!

  6. Hello!
    I would like to express my opinion on the healing of the physical body. We have been given protocols for alleviating pain and removing a viral infection. And that’s very good! Thanks to the Pleiadians! But the illness in my body makes me write this message. I would very much like to have at our disposal effective healing protocols for our physical bofies. And I think that many people would agree with me on this. There are many different techniques, prayers, calls for healing, and I tried a lot of this… But today I decided to write such a message. Perhaps the Forces of Light will give us a powerful tool for healing our physical bodies, and I am convinced that God’s will is to heal us!
    Thank you for attention!

  7. I am writing this as I hope this is still working, and I don’t know who to turn to. Need help. They want to move in with full on tyranny by using the virus as an excuse on the city-state of Singapore in Southeast Asia region.

    Free speech is dead, we can’t protest, and we don’t have any means to defend ourselves individually.

    • Thanks to anyone in advance who can turn this around. Singaporeans have no recourse and no way out. The government is using gaslighting tactics and veiled threats, claiming if enough people take the wearable tag, they won’t make it compulsory. Clear intimidation.

      Thanks again,

  8. Bocsánat, rém rossz a magyar szavak angolra forditása és alig érthetö rendesen.
    Angolt magyarra könnyebb forditani ugy látom.
    A lényeg: akit megismersz azt tudod szeretni IS!


  9. Google forwalddal olvasom az angolt, magyar/hungary vagyok.

    Azt mondjátok sok helyen a földönkivüliek azért félnek az emberektöl mert pszichésen kiszámithatatlanok….
    Mindig a kis egerek jutnak az eszembe .
    Mi vagyunk emberek a kisegerek a földönkivüliekhez képest, és az egerek is félnek az embertöl de az emberek is félnek az egerektöl többnyire – visitanak ha meglátnak 1 ártatlan kisegeret.

    És mosolygok hogy ahogy az okosnak látszó emberek félnek az ártatlan kisegértöl ugy a okosabb magasabb tudással látszó vagy rendelkezö földönkivüliek meg félnek az ártatlan (nem mindegyik!) emberektöl.

    Amit megismerünk attól nem félünk tudjuk kezelni!

    Talán megkéne ismerni az emebreket is..nem a vezetöket akik háboruban érdekeltek a pénzbeseprésekért hanem az egyszerü embereket.

    Azt tudjuk szeretni akit/amit ismerünk.

    Adjon az isten eröt az ismerkedéshez! – nekik és nekünk egyaránt.


    • Translation:
      You say in many places extraterrestrials are afraid of people because they are psychically unpredictable….
      Little mice always come to mind.
      We are humans little mice compared to extraterrestrials, and mice are also afraid of humans but humans are also afraid of mice mostly – they visit when they see 1 innocent little mouse.

      And I smile that just as people who look smart are afraid of innocent little ones, so aliens who look or have smarter higher knowledge are afraid of innocent (not all!) People.

      What we learn we are not afraid we can handle!

      Maybe you should know the people as well … not the leaders who were interested in money laundering in the war, but the simple people.

      We can love someone we know.

      Give God the strength to get to know you! – to them and to us.

  10. I feel very strong negative influence which started in the middle of the last year (2019). In my head now there are no positive thoughts. Though I am still able to look objectively at myself, it seems, I can’t help myself.

    When I was younger I always felt a presence of a higher divine force with me. It guided me, I felt it, I was devoted to it in everything i did.. I thought it was a kind of an angel, strong spirit.. It seems I lost it.

    I feel a terrible loneliness, which is not just loneliness, but something like ..being a feeling of being cut off, or shut down, or turn off, like a lamp or mechanism.

    I’m trying to find a way out and practice meditations with some other good things, like music, reading, Qi-gong, but at the moment nothing works.
    The fact is that I’m very tired of my own negativity. So much tired that sometimes the faint-hearted intentions appears in my head.
    It is felt like a spiritual desease for which I’m desparatly trying to find a treatment.

    There is another thing.. much worth.. I sometimes “hear” or “feel” inside of myself that in reality I do not want to be cured of it. When I look inside myself I see something that I do not want to see, do not want to know, do not want it exists.

    I don’t know why I’m writing it all. Maybe because I’m tired of fighting with myself.. Fighting with oneself is the most stupid and futile thing in the world..)


    And I’d be grateful for any new good idea for me

    • Perseo,
      Thank you for opening up and sharing, it is hard sometimes to expose our seemingly short comings. But this is not a short coming…I have read and had several people mention the same thing happening to them around the same time that you mention.
      I was honestly hoping someone with more experience and knowledge would come forth and offer some guidance, I am no expert on the subject, but I will give you what I know has worked for some.
      As you know, there are lots of different energies coming, going, and some sticking around if we give it the desirable environment. Negative forces are all around us all the time and it requires that we maintain a homeostasis, a balance across the board, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, but especially strong love and compassionate feelings. We all have low days and perhaps you encountered some negative entities on one of yours.
      Here’s my suggestion. First, clean house, declutter, get things in order. No piles of laundry to fold, boxes to put away, clear under the bed…, get order back into your living space. Set out your spiritual cleansing tools, sage, candle, a bell or sound vibration that you resonate with. Then take a shower, a nice long, hot, cleansing shower.
      Set your cleansing things up on a table in the closest center of your living space. Light the candle and as the flame builds, allow your intention and conviction to fire up inside of you. You are clearing this negative entity out of you and your space. Verbally say out loud, yell it if it feels right, ‘You are not wanted here, get out, leave this space’ whatever choice words that come to mind and feels right. Stand ground, reclaim your space. Feel the power. Now love yourself for exactly as you are right now, strong, in control!! Start at your front door and clap high and low stirring up any negative energy that may be getting all comfortable in your space. Stay focused, see it stirring, stay strong. Walk your whole space clapping your hands moving energy, open cabinets, closets, every corner and nook and cranny. Listen, you will hear the tone change when you hit a particularly dense energy area, clap until it sounds crisp and clear. Be sure to go all around entry, exit doors of your home. Now brush off your hands. Light the sage, palo santo, whatever you have. and retrace the same steps you just clapped out. Crack a couple windows along the way, think “get the hell out of my space!” See that smoke carrying that ugly junk out and dissipating. Now take your tone and walk through your space and put ‘your vibration’ into the space. Let it fill you up. Now go to both your entrances and set the intention that only positive energies with pure intentions are allowed, seal it. Finally, with both hands at your pubic bone, sweep up to the bottom of your lip while saying or thinking a positive statement that you need the most. Only you know, it will come. Something like ‘I am in control’. You can make that sweep several times with a verbal. Now get heart focused, breathe into your heart, front to back, all around. Feel the energy building in your heart space. Now generate the feeling you need the most and send it there. Soak in that for awhile. Now open that heart space and allow that awesome feeling to expand out around you, Your heart frequency extends past your arm length, let it be there. Then send it out into your world. See it fill your home, and making people smile on the street!
      Let me know how it goes. Take care of you!

  11. Ich Grüße Alle MIT-EI-NAN-DER in Respekt und Ehre..

    Ich habe mich bereits in der Vergangenheit bei euch zu Wort gemeldet.
    heute möchte Ich mit Euch ein von mir Verfasstes Gebet mit euch ALLEN in Empfindung bringen:

    ..”Ich Grüße dich in Demut, Respekt und Ehre Unser Allmächtiger Schöpfer”..

    ..”Ich bete Heute in Namen der Gesamten Menschheit zu dir”..

    ..”Du bist der Ton welcher das Universum erklingen ließ und auch noch Immer erklingen lässt”..

    ..”Das “OM” vom ALLEM und JEDEM”..

    ..”Wir danken dir für das ausprechen des ersten Klang’s”..

    ..”Aus Ihm erläutern alle weiteren Töne”..

    ..”Und so lange du es erklingen lässt, wird es auch “Musik” geben”..

    ..”Aus den ersten Frequenzen haben sich nach Millarden Jahren Entwicklung, Töne und Klänge zu Lebenden Organismen und Intelligenten Wesen geformt”..

    ..”Du bist der Ton welcher unser Herz im Takt hält”..

    ..”Du bist das Grün in den Pflanzen und das Nervensytem des Waldes”..

    ..”Du bist der, der UNS Bedingslose LIEBE, auf EWIG, immerwährend schenkt”..

    ..”Dein LICHT welches sich in jedem Menschen wieder findet, erhellt die dunkelheit und böses kann UNS nicht in Versuchung führung”..

    ..”Wer in deinem Hafen des Herze’s Anker legt wird auf Ewig die Liebe finden”..

    ..”Auf deinen Riesigen Handflechen finden WIR in Stürmischen Zeiten Schutz und Geborgenheit”..

    ..”Du bist das Bindeglied zwischen Himmel und Erde”..

    ..”Wer sich WAHRHAFTIG nach Innen bewegt, wird auf die Göttliche Anwesenheit deiner Seits treffen”..

    ..”DU und WIR haben den Kampf gegen Abtrünnige Logos für UNS entschieden”..

    ..”Ein Riesiges und Herzhaftes DANKESCHÖN an ALLE die mit DIR und UNS als Kollektiv für das GUTE wirken”..

    ..”So wie du Leben nimmst, beschenkst du es zugleich doppelt mit LIEBE und Neuer Existenz”..

    ..”Du bist der Anfang und das Ende in einer NICHT Linearen zeit”..

    ..”Danke für UNSER Sein und die Möglichkeit mit dir durchs Leben zu wandeln”..

    ..”Wir werden deinen Klang, mit dem Takt Unserem Herzens, die Welt zum Guten Formen”..

    ..”Wir sind deine MUSIK des LEBENS”..

    ..”Wir und Ganz Besonders ich, sind deiner Existenz auf Ewig in Respekt und Ehre HOLD”..

    In Licht und Liebe ein Ur-Ahne, Apollon, Leonidas u.s.w……

    Gebürtiger derzeitiger Erden Name: Karl Alexander Buschmann

    Geboren am 02.06.19(88)!!–> Erd-Drache–> Zwilling, Aszendent Löwe

    Und wenn ich schon Grade dabei bin, dann Hier noch ein Gedicht:

    Guten Morgen mein Liebe Schwestern und Brüder,

    ich grüße aus lieblicher Ferne, euch wünsch ich nur das Beste, das mach ich Gerne..

    Es empfängt mein Herz mit Freude, gut gehts es euch, dies Weiss ich nun aus weit entfernten Gebäude..

    Derweil bildet sich ein Göttliches Kollektiv, die Welt Feiert, es ist nun nicht mehr Spekulativ, das Neue, es erfährt Uns wahrlich Intensiv..

    Ich mag Verkünden, In Zunkunft ist vorbei mit Sünden, es wird Alles in Wahrheit, Liebe und Licht münden, dies bin ich Gewählt nun Stündlich zu Verkünden..

    Wahrheit, LIEBE und Licht vergiss mal Lieber NICHT!

    Dies Kosmische Dreigestirn, ist ein FAKTUM NOVUM, allen Zweiflern sei gesagt, “Himmel-Arsch und Zwirn”, es ist Wahr, dieses Schöpferische Dreigestirn..

    Du und Unsere Wegbegleiter, möchten sich bitte Umarmt gefühlt, AUF EWIG nun ist Schlechtes dahin gespült, tief im Herz Berührt, gleitet dahin von Himmlischen ENGELN geführt..

    Bleibt Achtsam und Stark, ich Bin da mit jeder Zelle, bis ins letzte Knochenmark..

    Wahrheit, LIEBE und Licht vergiss mal Lieber NICHT!

    Ich möchte dich fühlen lassen, Meine DANKBARKEIT, sie solch dich Empfangen in Herrlichen Massen, Jesus ist da und wird uns NIEMALS verlassen..

    Ich verabschiede mich Nun, denn es gibt einiges zu tun.


    Wahrheit, LIEBE und Licht vergiss mal Lieber NICHT!

    Dein/Euer Apollon!

    Bis bald Meine Brüdern und Schwestern, ich LIEBE Euch!!

  12. Hi, Rm and Cobra. I dont have much experience about your topics here. im trying to be awakening person. i do some youtube therapies and frequency. but i dont know exactly where and how to start. but im really afraid of what China wants to do in brazil and in the world. i really dont want to die. i really wanted to be immortal. but i dont know how to start. if pineal gland, chakras removing, i really dont know. i just dont want to keep being a normal human. what can i do? the ones who go ascension asks money to help others. i dont have money

    • Andreia, Thank you for your question. First things first, NO FEAR, it is a low frequency and a waste of time and energy. I would like to suggest Heartmath.org as a way to alleviate your fears and adapt a great practice to maintain homeostasis as well as raise your frequency and that of the collective’s. Ascension is not about what you know, who you know or how much money you have. It is about loving, accepting and appreciating yourself, and extending the same to others with no exclusion. Be assured, if you look for things to fear and worry about, you will find them. If you look for the good in all things, hold it in a place of appreciation, good things will surely find you. As you begin to release your fears and live a more heart centered life, you will learn that death is just the next great adventure. Smile with your heart, laugh until you stomach hurts, practice love and compassion as though your life depended on it (because it does) and you will be no ordinary person, your will be extraordinary.

    • Ask Jesus Christ to help you…He is the only one who can or wants to, but you must ask. You have not because you ask not. Blessings & prayers for you to find Him. He is the TRUE LOVE AND LIGHT. There will be no ascension without Him. ASK HIM in.

    • Ask Jesus Christ to help you. He is Alive and LOVE. He hears us and answers us and heals us. Do not fear. You are deeply Loved. Peace to You.

  13. (((o))) ~*
    Thankhs for saving our Souls, for the healing of all in All.
    Lovevol´ve with Hooponopono and best wishes and aktivity for strenghtening Mind, Heart and Soul ~ Connection abillities.
    Sencrely Yours Francy

    • I’m a little surprised that there are no (in English for sure) recent comments here, about the current status of the surface population, specifically, letters of complaint, here. Knowing humans are often, like myself, whiney, unhappy people, especially if their comforts are limited, so this, lack of complaints, after a month plus,, comes as a surprise, even amongst light workers.
      I’d respectfully submit to the Resistance Movement, this lack of negative letters of this nature, especially the last month (Mar-Apr 2020), helps demonstrate that,, despite government imposed ‘Covid-19’ shelter in place, stay at home, social distancing, quarantines and for the most part, massive, societal shutdowns,, that those of us awake, aware, and visiting this terrific web portal, not only trust, “it is what it is, and it must be so, for victory”, and thus,,we just await that glorious victory celebration (mass landings with meeting our galactic brothers & sisters) and a new lease on life, free of cabal enslavement, for all earth’s peoples…
      I’d say it’s obvious to me by this lack of negativity here but, being, as Cobra says above, the Resistance Movement off world, being quite psychologically different than us, they/you might miss this, amongst other little societal Q’s
      -no pun intended.

      I asked here,, in February of this year, after so many years, that specifically, 2020, be the year, of The Event…
      I wanted to; this being, The Event, as Cobra recently said: To Thank You Resistance Movement, both here below and here above, at present and in advance,, for such a swift reply, in a very, real world, sense, and in advance for their/your assistance to bring about victory.

      Considering my good fortune in such a response to my prior February letter, I would like to respectfully,, add: We need to take care of earth’s children (humanity) through addressing “basic human needs” (food security, water safety, medical, power, etc, basic needs) as soon as possible. Thus, my request, to bring a quick conclusion to this current war against the dark here, through a swift, complete, and final, defeat of the darkness. Hopefully,, with as little, loss of life, and so called, collateral damage, on all sides, as possible.
      Thank You RM,
      To All: Peace Abundance Joy Truth Love & Light to each of you.

  14. Ich Grüße in Ehre und Liebe.

    Die Folgenden Zeilen widme ich zum einen an das “Resistance Movement”, zum anderen an: “Zentrale Erbauerrasse”, “Agartha”, “Erdallinz”, “leoniden”, “Spähren-Allianz”, “Ashtar-Kommando”, “Atlanta-Kommando”, Ges. “Galaktische-Föderation”,

    Allen Aufgestiegenen Meistern, dem Schöpfer/Quelle, der Menscheit und allen anderen Individuen und Wesen in diesem Kosmos.

    Vorweg kurz ein Paar Zeilen zu mir und der, der ICH BIN welcher mein SEIN Essentiell ausmacht.

    Die Gesamten Galaktischen Umstände möchte ich mal so ausdrücken, damit gemeint ist Prinzipiell die ENERGIE welche den KOSMOS und die MENSCHEIT auf GAIA tranformiert/mutiert, hat mir zu erfühlen gegeben wer denn der, der Ich BIN tatsäclich


    Ich fühle das ich ein URAHNE bin aus längst Vergessenen-Zeiten.”Vergessene-Zeiten” werden später im Text noch ganz Schwer zu schmecken.

    Ein Name den ich in einem Leben auf Erden Trug lautete “Apollon” Sohn der LETO und Sohn des ZEUS.

    Ich klammere mich nicht an NAMEN, denn die Existenz der Urahnen ist das SEIN schon lange bevor es die Spezies Mensch Überhaupt gab.

    In diesem Leben trage ich den Namen Alexander Buschmann.

    Ich bevorzuge jedoch Schlicht “Ahne”, dies sagt bzw. lässt meine Erfahrung sehr Deutlich in Empfindung bringen.

    Dies ist Sicherlich eine Göttliche Erkenntnis, jedoch nicht zu diesem MOMENT, aufgrund der Tatsache das ich meine Errinerrungen in All den Inkarnationen verlor!Nun lösen sich die Blockaden der Errinnerungen,

    welche im Gesamtmaß für mich Ungreifbar sind, da es zu VIEL ist was an “Bilder-Visionen-Errinerungen” in meinem Geist auftaucht.

    Ihr wisst wovon ich schreibe..

    Das was ich “Weiss” ist, das ich ein “Agent des Lichts” bin, hier auf Gaia, um Wahrheit, LIEBE und Licht zu Manifestieren.

    Nun wurde vor kurzem Verkündet das Wir, das LICHT, Gemeinsam die Wichtigste und Ausschlaggebenste Schlacht SIEGREICH Bezwungen haben.

    Folglich, so lässt es sich JETZT im Internet immer mehr Lesen, wird vom Sog. “Aufstieg”. berichtet, verkündet und maßlos SINNFREI propagiert, in einem GESAMTAUSMAß welcher mich ANWIDERT!!


    Dies möchte ich EUCH nun ALLE Schmecken lassen, aufgrund der Tatsache das es Definitiv NICHT im SINNE des Schöpfers ist, so derart darüber zu propagieren und debattieren als gäbe es NICHT wirklich WICHTIGERE Dinge, wie z.B:

    die Tatsache das wir Hier Inkarnierten/ABSTIEGEN in vielen, vielen LEBEN in vielen, vielen JAHRTAUSEND von Erdenjahren, um es Hier ALLEN MENSCHEN und WESEN aller ART auf diesem Planeten Gottgleich zu machen.

    “GOTTGLEICH” so fühle ich brauche ich nicht Näher erläutern, gerne können Parallelen zum Galaktischen KODEX gezogen werden.

    Ich lese also nun Ständig vom Aufstieg, von MENSCHEN verfasst welche ausser ACHT lassen WORUM es denn SIGNIFIKANT in UNSERER Mission geht.

    Wir sind HIER Nicht um Sofort beim Erst Bestmöglichen MOMENT wieder AUFZUSTEIGEN, NEIN, Absolut NICHT!!

    Ich WIRKE doch nicht in Tausende von JAHREN in einer WELT des bösen um dann JETZT innerhalb von 1 JAHR wieder Aufzusteigen zum “Zeitpunkt” des Sonnenblitzes und folglich die MENSCHEN welche Ich unter anderem mit Befreit habe,

    dann im STICH zu lassen!!

    Von ALLEN Seiten wird Druck ausgeübt, so das WIR Erwachen und UNS aus dem System auslösen, wie eben MÖGLICH, da Gewisse INSTANZEN jedoch Irrtümlich vergessen das, DASS absolut nicht KONFORM geht wenn man denn NICHT “verhungern”

    möchte macht mich Zornig.

    Ich WEISS um das Gefühl “ZORN” trotzdem IST es SO!!

    Aufstieg HIER, Austieg da, bla, blaaaaa!!


    Könnten sich ALLE BITTE denn wieder den Wirklich Wichtigen Aufgaben widmen?!

    Die Menschen, JA, müssen von Uns weiterhin “gepflegt” werden in ALL den FORMEN der Pflege bzw. LIEBE!!

    Ich weiss auch das HEILUNG das nun Wichtigste Thema der Mission ist!!

    Ich Heile Menschen, Tiere und Mutter Gaia allein schon mit meiner Präsenz, ihr WISST das, denn ihr SEHT und FÜHLT mich!!

    Wer HEILT denn Bitte mich?

    Seelischer Schmerz welcher gewachsen und hernangezogen wurde von einer bösen und dunklen Macht hier auf Erden über VIELE VIELE MOMENTE!!

    In diesem LEBEN habe ich nur die Wenigsten Tränen vergossen, da in meiner “Welt” Hier auf Gaia, dafür Absolut KEIN Platz war und IST!!

    Ich musste LERNEN mich von meinen Gefühlen nicht Beeinflussen zu lassen um Folglich Erfolgreich in meiner/UNSERER Mission zu SEIN!!

    Würde ich WEINEN und damit Folglich auch HEILEN, so würde ich in meinem eigenen MEER aus TRÄNEN ertrinken!!

    Ich entledigte mich von FALSCHEN FREUNDEN (ALLE), meiner Weggefährtin der Liebe und des Lichtes, fast jeglicher Elektronik einschließlich dem Handy, der Sklaven-Arbeit,

    der Menschlichen DISSHARMONIE und dem SYSTEM so gut wie eben Möglich!!

    Dies ALLES und MEEEEHR ist der Schmerzliche Faden welcher sich in einem Salzigen Baad aus Tränen in meinem WEG des Spirituellens Erwachens und Erkennens Widerfindet!!

    Resultat ist DEFINITV ein GÖTTLICHES Gefühl der FREIHEIT zu einem PREIS seiner bisherigen “Existenz”..!!

    FREIHEIT in einer KRANKEN Welt zu erlangen beudeutet zu LEIDEN!!

    So “Lebe” ich nun in Spirtueller Selbstgewählter Isolations-“Haft”!!

    Ich Fühle und “Weiss” um meine Nicht-Physichen begleiter der LIEBE, ohne SIE wäre ich NICHT der, der ICH nun BIN!!

    Doch möchte ich HIER an der STELLE ganz KLAR zum Ausdruck bringen das mir meine Galaktische FAMILIE im Physichen Bereich Schmerzlich fehlt!!

    Ich SEHNE mich nach der Göttlichen widerkehr, es FÜHLT sich an als würde ein Super-Vulkan in mir, kurz vor seiner Detonation stehen um dann Explosionsartig diese Menschliche Hülle zu verlassen!!

    Um zum Thema zurück zu gelangen, möchte ich nun mein Persönliche Resum’e und Fazit setzen:

    Dieser Druck der derzeit ausgeübt wird Zwecks Auftieg Tangiert mich Absofort nur noch SEKUNDÄR!!

    PRIMÄR IST meine Aufgabe die WAHRHEIT die LIEBE und das LICHT HIER auf GAIA zu MANIFESTIEREN!!

    Ich lasse Gedichte von Glaktischen Sternenstaub der LIEBE von mir verfassen und trage SIE LAUT mit KRAFT und TON vor, welche dann in EWIGKEIT im UNIVERSUM hallen!!

    Ich bediene mich auch Weiterhin an Betäubenden mir Medizinisch dienlichen Substanzen um in meinem Meer der Tränen und des Schmerzes nicht zu ertrinken!!

    Ich werde auch Weiterhin für Gerichtigkeit und FREIHEIT kämpfen mit jeder meiner ZELLE und FASERN wenns SEIN Muss dann auch über diesen KÖRPER hinaus!!

    Zu Guter letzt möchte HIER, so wie es sich ERHAFT gebührt, meinen HERZHAFTEN und EHRLICHEN DANK an ALLE KÄMPFER für Wahrheit, LIEBE und LICHT zum Ausdruck bringen!!

    HIer ein Gedicht:

    Die URAHNEN.

    ..”Gegrüßt seid IHR Gränzenlosen Wesen, in EHRE, sollen EUCH erreichen die Magischen Spähren, in RESPEKT, euch empfängt mein Wort zu EHREN, ich mich FREUE auf das GÖTTLICHE Widerkehren, nichts was kann sich da Gegen WEHREN”..

    ..”Seelen aus Längst Vergangenen Zeiten, HIER INKARNIERT, um dem schlechtem davon zu schreiten, EDELMÜTIG entfalten wir unsere Seiten, hinaus in Unendliche Weiten”..

    ..”Ein Tiefreichendes Wissen, niemand mag uns MISSEN, uns zum DANK wird man die FAHEN hissen, nichts was wird man in Zukunft Vermissen, wir sind Hier um die MENSCHEIT um EINHEIT zu bitten”..

    ..”Etlich Gewonnene Schlachten, Ziel ist die LIEBE, da wird Niederes nichts dran machen, ich Schreibe diese Zeilen damit auch JEDER wird erwachen, denn die URAHNEN werden mit die FREIHEIT schaffen”..

    ..”Disziplinierte und Ehrhafte URAHEN, könnt ihr eure MACHT Erahnen, wir sind die, welch MAGIE entfalten, mögt ihr Nun in einen Höheren Gang schalten, MÄCHTIG, lasst ihr JETZT das LICHT in euch WALTEN”..

    ..”Wir ritten auf Pferden, Mammuts und auch Drachen durch die Galaxien, der FREIHEIT wegen, dem Schlechten immer zu widerstreben, um in ALLEN das LICHT zu erheben, damit die HERZEN vor FREUDE nur so BEEEEEBEN”..

    ..”Wir durchquerten Tiefe Weiten und Unendliche Zeiten, ENGELSFLÜGEL, uns immer begleiten, wir Schwingen durch EWIGE Weiten, Flügelschlag für Flügelschlag, werden dahingleiten, Flügelzug um Flügelzug, werden dem Dunklen immer Weiter davonschreiten, weiter und weiter in MAGISCHE ZEITEN”..

    ..”Wissen und WEISHIET aus längst Vergessener ZEIT, tragen wir SEELISCH die Geheimnisse des KOSMOS, die WAHRHEIT ist ein Unbestreitbares “MUSS”, mit der Jämmerlichen Täuschung ist JETZT ein für ALLE-MAL SCHLUSS”..

    ..”Gegrüßt seid IHR Gränzenlosen Wesen, in EHRE, sollen EUCH erreichen die Magischen Spähren, in RESPEKT, euch empfängt mein Wort zu EHREN, ich mich FREUE auf das GÖTTLICHE Widerkehren, nichts was kann sich da Gegen WEHREN”..

    ..”Es soll Euer Göttliches Licht ERSTRAHLEN, möge eure WEISHEIT die Zukunft für UNS ALLE malen, Schluss mit KORRUPTEN Wahlen, die Niederen Wesen müssen JETZT dafür Zahlen, genug haben sie UNS angetan solch Teuflische Qualen, kehren sie nicht dem LICHT so MÜSSEN sie mit dem LEBEN bezaaaaaaahlen”..

    ..”Mit der SONNE in der BRUST, erstickt kümmerloser FRUST, mit NEPTUN im HERZ besiegen WIR Jämmerlichen SCHMERZ, mit dem MOND im KOCHENDEM BLUT, haben wir auch in den Schwierigsten Zeiten MUT, mit den STERNEN in EWIGSTER Seele, rufen WIR zum SIIIIIIIEG aus KRÄFTGIGSTER KEEHLE”..

    ..”Hand in Hand, laufen wir BESTÄNDIG durch jede sich dem LICHT stellende WAND, Faust für Faust, rauscht und saust, GESCHWIND, sie dem scheiternden Gegner hin, es dämmert der ENDGÜLTIGE SIEG, die AHNEN haben verkündet es ist VORBEI der krieg, die MENSCHHEIT lässt laut RUFEN wir haben GESIEGT”..

    ..”Mit des Mammuts PRÄCHTIGER Brust, brechen wir Kummer und Sorgen für LIEBLICHE Lust, mit des MAJESTÄTISCHEN Schwingen des Drachen, erheben WIR uns in UNENDLICHE Weiten da kannst du nichts dran machen, mit des WUCHTIGEN Pranken des Löwen, STAMPFEN wir der FREIHEIT zu und werden den SIEG SCHWÖREN, immer zu immer zuuuu”..

    ..”Von Galaxie zu Galaxie, entfalten wir unsere Göttliche MAGIE, mit dem ALL-MÄCHTIGEN im Rücken sind wir so STARK wie noch NIE, von Galaxie zu Galaxie entfachen wir UNSERE Schöpferische MACHT, Gewonnen ist schon bald die letzte Schlacht, weil wie IHR fühlt, stammen WIR aus EWIGSTER Wacht und erblühen in HERRLICHSTER Pracht”..

    ..”Haltet Alle einen MOMENT ganz TIEF Inne, WAHRHEIT, LIEBE und LICHT liegt ganz in UNSEREM Sinne, ACHTSAAM, lauscht ihr EUREN Inneren STIMMEN, kein BERG zu Hoch oder zu Steil den ihr könnt erklimmen, das Dunkle ist auf Erden JETZT schon nur noch ein ganz SCHWACHES Glimmen, denn für den SIEG erheben wir auch Weiter UNSERE Stimmen”..

    ..”Ich Möchte Euch dafür Danken, das stets das LICHT in euch Waltet, du, IHR und ich sind die, die mit die ZUKUNFT und FREIHEIT gestaltet, trennung und Spaltung ist bald schon VERALTET, EUCH gebührt mit der Größte DANK, dies hat auch NUN der letzte erkannt, Wir die AHNEN aus Längst vergangen Zeiten, Hier INKANRNIERT, um dem Schlechtem davon zu schreiten”..

    ..”Gegrüßt seid IHR Gränzenlosen Wesen, in EHRE, sollen EUCH erreichen die Magischen Spähren, in RESPEKT, euch empfängt mein Wort zu EHREN, ich mich FREUE auf das GÖTTLICHE Widerkehren, nichts was kann sich da Gegen WEHREN”..

    In Wahrheit, LIEBE und Licht, ein UR-AHNE

  15. Thank you for helping us in this important time! And thank you for all your kindness und patience with us human people! I like you very much! And please, help us farther!

  16. Liebe RM, wir sind so damit beschäftigt unsere Grundbedürfnisse zu decken (arbeiten um Geld zu bekommen für Essen, Kleidung, wohnen und Kinder groß zu ziehen), dass ich ehrlich gesagt oft keine Kraft mehr habe mich auf Schwingungserhöhung zu konzentrieren.(5G Gifte usw. kommen sowieso dazu) Ich möchte dann einfach nur schlafen. Es gibt oft keine Familienbande mehr, jeder kämpft alleine von einem tag zum nächsten.

    Ich für mich kann nicht verstehen, warum sich Menschen gegenseitig verletzen, töten, anlügen usw. von oben betrachtet wäre es verständlich und nachvollziehbar wenn Bewohner anderer Planeten sich fernhalten würden von uns. Man braucht nur warten bis sich das Problem Mensch von selbst erledigt hat. Ich beobachte die Welt und denke mir: warum bin ich hier in dieser lieblosen Welt, obwohl ich damit gar nichts anfangen kann? dann erinnere ich mich daran, dass ich unsere beiden kinder die liebe zu allem was ist mitgeben möchte für ihr Leben und an das Gute zu glauben, damit man die Welt zu einem besseren Ort machen kann. für alle.

    • Vielleicht haben die unter uns lebenden Sternkulturen die Antwort auf Ihre Frage und warten einfach auf Ihre Einladung. Erstaunliche Dinge passieren, wenn wir eher nach Gemeinsamkeiten als nach Unterschieden suchen.

  17. Dear Resistance Movement,
    You’d like, being different from us as it says, and our Earthly experience, to understand us better…hmmm, how could I help…I believe few words can truly summarize our Earthly life experience fully, and I am no novelist nor poet with perfect language but, let me try;

    We souls are here and merely, reactive, to the oppressive enslavement of those having greater technological and spiritual awareness than most, and doing whatever we can individually through our limited perceptions, to survive this matrix imprisonment, by unfolding our consciousness and learning in varying degrees and to the best of our uniquely human, individual abilities to comprehend, assimilate, and experience this life… To the, outside humanity, observer, this condition of billions of humans all striving to ‘survive’, both emotionally and psychologically, would, I would think, seem like utter chaos, with the evil and perverse behavior violence and murder often resulting through human interactions, deriving from living within this corrupt civilization. This might make (understated certainly), humanity, appear as hardly worth any effort to help, to resolve the cabal conundrum we find ourselves born into. However, it is my observation, through my albeit brief, half century plus, here, that we humans -could be- ‘at our best’ so to speak, were said control and imprisonment structures of the matrix, dissolved and removed. Then, given time, and an enormous amount, literally, an ‘unveiling or revelation’, of true knowledge, humanity WILL grow spiritually (no doubt technologically as well) once the basics of human survival are met ie; inexpensive safe healthy food, clean drinking water, safe affordable shelter including of course provision at no or little cost (forever) of free energy, and free or low cost medical advances, as I’ve read many times alleged to exist, which will cure ALL, human disease, and maladies (including mental, psychological and emotional conditions caused by genetic defect or even psychological stress from simply living in this INSANE matrix under cabal rule). Once the cabal is removed, it’s corupt structures torn down, and the basic human need’s are provided, to every living soul on earth, equally, again at little or no cost. It will eliminate the ‘national need’ worldwide, for stealing resources and controlling other nations. Ultimately, this leading to world peace because, there is no need to go to war over land & resources when every legitimate basic-human-life-need, is met… Given time, humans will, I believe, literally ‘beat their swords into plowshare’s’ (a biblical quote I never truly understood how possible, until awakening). I honestly believe the human psyche will change its core identification and purpose, it has happened in the awakening, to one degree or another, if every soul visiting this site or having come to these personal revelations… In the future, Worldwide, humanity’s nature, going from, ‘screw the other guy to get ahead, and only look out for #1’ to an individual outlook and goal of; ‘love and serve one another, because in doing so, we love and empower everyone for all, our best, interests’.
    However, none of this is possible without ‘The Event’, Please RM, make it soon, this should’ve come long ago, or in my childhood during JFK’s Presidency, or even shortly afterwards while the cabal corporatized America but, it didn’t.
    Now, after my living half a lifetime of pain, suffering, emotional and psychological stresses most people will never face, along with in my own life, a karmic balancing act, dovetailing into, an awakening process, which was to put it lightly,, ‘brutal indeed’; I’m getting old, in my late fifties, broken body, aged and disabled by this life, too old indeed and getting too weary for this crap anymore. Therefore I’d ask, Please,,,,,,, bring The Event about, and, more importantly, I feel anyways, as soon as possible, the “mass landings” and Introductions, to our stellar, interstellar, inter dimensional etc and even our inner earth, benevolent brothers and sisters. Through this one act, it will, I believe, trigger an awakening and awareness worldwide within humanity, that will surely, change this Earth civilization and the very human nature’s, of all of us whom live here manifesting a glorious Earth future and future timeline for humanity which is optimal and ideal, for not only all of us alive today but, for generations of yet unborn children, whom will never know the pain and suffering, we alive here today, know.
    Please: To the earthly and off world RM, we respectfully ask, accelerate the plan, do The Event, Global Currency Reset, and most importantly, the mass landings, SOON.
    May I respectfully suggest this year 2020, really seems appropriate…

    Peace Abundance Joy Truth Love & Light to each of you.

  18. Dear rm, I live in China, but I don’t feel the connection with Guangguang. I also live very much. When I travel in Europe, I feel that Europe is home on earth. I don’t feel well. I really hope that I can meditate, and I do meditate sometimes. But many times I ca n’t help it. I feel controlled by invisible forces. I am really sad, and I have blame and anger. I am sensitive and feel too trauma. I really hope I can do something to liberate the earth, but I am too confused to know what to do. I have met with Guangguang in the same city, but I don’t feel how deep their connection with me is. I met a girl in Rome in 2017. It was the strongest person in my life. I felt that she was my soul mate, and that Venice met a man, and felt that he knew him. Then I got the message from Cobra! I’m 17 years old, but I haven’t met any lightworkers of the same age. When was the birth time related to the soul blueprint? Thank you all for your contribution to the liberation of the planet!

  19. Dear RM,
    The conflicts you see between lightworkers and lightwarriors may vary depending on the person. Sometimes the conflicts is because of ego, where someone says something that another person feel is an attack; sometimes it is a misunderstanding that escalated into arguments. At times a lightworker or lightwarrior will have a different opinion about a subject and another lightworker or lightwarrior will attack them for having a different belief or opinion because they believe their belief or opinion is the correct one. There are also those who are going through a rough time in their life or are in a dark place in their life that they are trying to heal. But at the same time are still hurting, so they end up hurting those around them and online as well. There are also those who are unhappy, so they spread their unhappiness to others and attack those who are happy.

    What I have shared are based on my observations and personal experiences. I find the human mind interesting, so I tend to people watch and try to understand others and their thinking.

    I hope what I wrote helps, even if it is just a little bit.

  20. To: Resistance Movement and Cobra
    Subject: A request for additional information for the Polish Project of the SF book series about Earth Liberation and Event.

    Dear RM and Cobra,

    I am grateful to You for what You do. I have been following Cobra’s posts for several years and found additional value in them.

    I need additional information about the Resistance Movement and other similar topics to plan and write literary projects, especially science fiction novels.

    Can you help me by providing this additional information? I wrote an e-mail to the Cobra on this matter but did not receive a reply. I know – Cobra receives too many messages to reply to each person. That’s why I’m trying here.

    I know everyone values their time, and it will take a long time to answer the number of questions I have for Cobra. That’s why I can pay to take this time as soon as I collect some money. I would also like to consult my ideas with Cobra. Or maybe Cobra will consult this and my plans with his sources of information? I used to look and ask some people in Poland dealing with mental contacts with alien beings if they would like to help me gather information material, just as Gene Roddenberry obtained rich material thanks to a group contacting alien beings, and he created the Star Trek series. I didn’t find anyone willing, because they didn’t have time for it, or they simply prefer to stick to their existing channeling activities. Several years have passed and I found knowledge and information forming an almost complete picture of the world. Cobra’s information has expanded and completed the basics of this picture. However, the Cobra doesn’t say much detail. And now I need the most details. Could I receive these details and some additional information?

    Let me describe my plans here.

    I plan to write a SF novel series based on your information and other exposers and researchers, including Corey Goode. In these stories I will include discoveries, theories, concepts and information primarily of New Science, para-science (parapsychology, ufology, etc.), knowledge of conspiracies and esotericism.

    I am also at the beginning of planning and writing a series of non-fiction books, thematic books summarizing scientific confirmation of alternative therapies, knowledge, views and conclusions of New Science, unknown history of the Earth (including forgotten global civilization), secret activities and activities and their impact on the fate of the world, manipulations of the elites and authorities and their plans and goals, as well as the vision of the world and future forecasts according to whistleblowers and physical and mental contactees (channelings and ufo-contacts). Of course, all this only in Polish. I don’t count on publishing my novels in English-speaking countries or Western countries at all, it’s a very hermetic market. It is rare for a Polish writer to get the attention of these Western markets. But this is my dream.

    What are these novels about?

    The design of the novel series will tell about the activities of the Organization, the Resistance and positive extraterrestrials in the Liberation of the Earth, and about the Event and the changes following the Event. For a long time I was looking for a great topic and an idea for my own story – an idea that would fascinate and satisfy me enough. And finally I found. I will give details in a private message.

    Our topics, knowledge and concepts are not explored in Poland, and probably also in the world, except for some and weak attempts. I would like to change this situation. I was inspired by the films from the “The Matrix” series, because they combine the best and the most interesting of science fiction and mysticism (of course not everything, but some). Such gnosis for the masses, higher ideas plus great entertainment. Imagine stories and worlds combining, among others, elements of “Star Wars”, “Matrix” and “Avengers”.

    I would like these stories and information to be consistent with the facts and information from the Cobra. Even if I can’t verify them. Because reality is stranger and more interesting than any fiction. Because such compliance has some strength and effectiveness, because it is consistent. This is one of my ideas. Searching in my research led me to this “rabbit hole” – an unknown part of the world. I dream about being able to work hard every day writing books and being able to make a living from it. And I know it’s possible.

    In this way, and by the way, I will help reveal hidden matters and increase public awareness. These things and knowledge have fascinated me for many years, as well as the possibilities of imagination. That is why I care about this Project, and that is why I want to do something for the good of all Awakened and human populations.

    The picture of the world according to Cobra best suits my search. Inspiring and promoting alternative knowledge and New Science is something that I feel called to do. I mean to promote this knowledge and concept through stories and thematic literature. I feel that this is my task in this life. It’s just that I have a lot of obstacles…

    And now a few words about obstacles.

    I have been researching alternative knowledge, theories and research results for alternative environments for 10 years. I have long wanted to write articles and books on this subject, however, schizophrenia and autoimmune disease have greatly weakened my mental, psychological and intellectual abilities, and created anxiety and depressive mood. Drugs have never suppressed even half of these disorders and have not restored my abilities. A creative blockade has been created in my mind, although writing thematic texts is easier for me.

    My life situation is very difficult, but I know that I can recover with alternative therapies. I can’t work, I haven’t finished high school, it’s hard for me to find a job. I don’t function and I don’t live normally. I need a lot of money for alternative therapies and I will try to get it through a charity fundraiser on a Polish portal. I hope that I can collect at least part of the amount needed.

    However, I don’t expect any help regarding my health or other problems (unless it is possible). I am asking for additional information needed to create plans and write SF and non-fiction books. It seems to me that Cobra is very knowledgeable, so all tips, hints and suggestions will be very valuable and helpful to me.

    The image of the world according to Cobra best suits my search.

    I would add that in my perception and understanding, Cobra combines the fields of information for Light Workers and Light Warriors, Cobra is like a bridge for these two “worlds”. That is why I think that this type of activity and information suits me best – balanced and combining the bad and the good side of reality. “We broadcast on similar waves.” Cobra is a source of information about behind-the-scenes activities that I was looking for, needed and expected. It wasn’t until I read all the news from the Cobra blog one after another that I realized that it was “something” that suited me best and what I was looking for. (I don’t know anything about the power of the Jesuits and the Black Nobility, so I still need to read books on these topics – in English, because there is practically nothing in Polish) I don’t know English well, forgive me for mistakes, I help myself with a translating program. I’m just trying to learn English more to read literature in this language.

    I have a lot of questions, so I don’t expect a quick answer because I know it will take some time. If a question Cobra can’t answer, please advise what to do about it. We can agree on the payment for this help for me, but I will be able to pay it only in installments or for some time. Or will I pay some amount of money separately for each set of answers? Let’s fix it.

    I am aware that we do not live in a world of comics, which is simple enough for events presented in comics to arise. These are very simplified and incorrect visions of e.g. mutations, constructing advanced technologies or fighting the forces of good with the forces of evil. These stories and situations are fascinating, but I want to be more credible and realistic in my visions of the world and in my stories. I am also obsessed with placing a literary copy of me in realities created on the basis of the ideas that I described above, and on the basis of a vision of the world that results mainly from the so-called alternative knowledge and views (except for New Science). And I have a problem with it because I have complicated the matter. But with the help of Cobra, I would definitely find a solution and clarity how these ideas could actually work in the face of Cobra’s knowledge.

    I’d rather not make up these details. Working on this Project already at the stage of collecting information and planning – fascinates. I am aware that this is very important, therefore I am asking you for this help. At the moment I have read most of the Cobra texts and episodes of interviews with Corey Goode. Or maybe spiritual support would also be possible?


    Ps. If it’s all true, I want to be part of it. I have enough suffering and illness of my own, my loved ones and the world. I have enough lack of money and injustice and harm done to people around the world, and even fraud like the one that was done to my mother. We lost the inheritance through the manipulation of the court, lawyers and housing association. My mother has cancer. Only dad has a job, he is overworked, because he earns some extra hours every day. Both parents have several chronic diseases. In addition, when I read or watch what is happening in the world and I’m afraid of what awaits us. I would prefer all this – these positive backstage activities – to be true.

    I am skeptical and critical of many aspects of New Age information and beliefs or conspiracy theories. And now I feel strange, I’m not sure about these positive backstage activities. I want them but I’m not sure. I have some prejudices and reservations about some aspects of the information of our known whistleblowers. However, I don’t reject anything, I just collect, learn, think and combine with the others. I hope that the universe is by nature a friendly place, only for some reversible reasons its terrestrial part has “broken”. I have always wondered about the origin of life from another reality, where everything is alive. I couldn’t accept the view that bottom-up causality and dead matter are natural and absolute in the universe, and biological life is some “inclusion” or “newer addition.” I do not believe that infinite chains of cases create both life and the “dead” material universe. The Big Bang, even if it existed but did not exist (misinterpretation of observations), would be a form of miracle. And here again there are a hundred questions. The intelligence of life, consciousness and cosmic complexity in their balance must have some ubiquitous observer and must have a pattern of information nature (“plan” or “project”). Quantum physics goes beyond “the craziest” mysticism.

    That is why I hope – and I am still young – that I will see great times in which we will come back significantly to this (theoretical) nature of reality beyond our dimension. And that we will solve our age-old and current problems. Maybe I won’t have to dream about anything anymore?

    Something is definitely happening. Understanding all this “how” etc. is a matter of knowledge. Our prayers are received. One day the answer will come for everyone.

    Victory for the Light!

    >>> Contact with me: [email protected] <<<

    Greetings from Poland!
    Adam Preiss

  21. Dear RM,

    I write for a friend who has exactly the same goals as you, and even has a solution for every human being how to prepare for the step into the golden age. Namely with this 3-min gold meditation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjXj6hfo3mc (not to be confused with 3-minute gold meditation – it is anonther meditation).
    However, she is very desperate because she senses how important it is for this meditation to be known and practiced as mass meditation. But she does not know how to make meditation known, so that enough people will mass meditate and enlighten the earth and their inhabitants. I can not help her either. This meditation would directly support you. Because meditation has the same goals. What do you advise her? How else could we help you with your work?



  22. I am A****-*arie I have know one know life. I am a 144k very high frequencie. I know Cobra and Cobra knows me. On the phone he calls me A****. I wish to join you and put energy, light and talents where they could be best used for the betterment of man kind.

  23. Dear RM-GFOL Friends:
    There are MANY MORE things that we of the SURFACE population (with specific GFOL participation/help) could be doing to help WAKE-UP the Billions of common FOLKS beyond the positive suggestions of Cobra, the STARseeds etc. Over the last year I’ve tweeted about such things; requested personal contact BUT only got meaningless (afraid of personal contact) replys; +set up a Tutanota email that I’ve found has MANY problems; & a total “NO response” to “meaningful reciprocative phone contact” via my radio show by calling 1-888-627-6008 any Sat.10pm-PT when I’ve publicly explained how it can be perfectly safe. Emails are a waste of my precious time to knowledgeable quick thinkers/responders like myself. Thank GFOL-/-RM for all THAT YOU’VE DONE & continue to do BUT you should consider responding to those who have detailed strategies to offer that you obviously haven’t considered. When you ignore those who have things to bring to the table regarding positive solutions “you” become just like the deaf UNresponsive govt world controllers that presently rule over us on Earth. We (the INDEPENDENT thinkers) of the surface population have MANY MORE strategies of dealing with the dark forces on Earth than “you” who have been living the Easy Life in the Faster vibrating zones of reality. Please get over your contact fears of phone conversations & call into my radio show & “From that point on” together we can Further awaken/quicken humanity to help bring on the EVENT sooner than you guys will be able to do alone. I’m following the teaching of Jesus here that if I keep knocking on your door you will respond _now do your part & respond to my specific request. My ethics are in line with what is written in MARK 9:35

  24. Dear RM

    I am not sure if the previous message was successful, so I will stay again.

    I am very worried about the persecution of the Chinese government against the people of Hong Kong and the threat of the Chinese government to Taiwan.

    Taiwanese are worried that they will lose their current democratic freedoms, and they will be persecuted like Hong Kong people and people in Xinjiang, especially in concentration camps.

    I hope that RM can pay more attention to the current events in the East and help the people.

    Thank you for reading.

  25. Hi to all that are in the Resistance Movement and bless you all for the courageous work you are doing! Thank you for working so diligently to bring freedom to earth and humanity!

    There is still interference in the financial system change over. The RV was supposed to occur last year, and the reason we keep getting the delay is said to be cabal interference. I know you are all doing your best to minimize this and doing a fantastic job! However, they cannot stop this now just delay. So my theory is just make it happen, get Trump to push that green button, and get this done! Then the cabal can scurry away as they know they will have defeat.

    The hardest part is the wait and patience is wearing thin on so many of the light worker community. Yes we signed up for this, but even we had no idea how bad it would be. Please do what you can to speed things up, bring out new technologies, MAKE the RV happen so we can move forward now not next year, and let’s get this party started!!! Freedom of the light!! One love, one light now!

  26. hello buddies I hope everything goes well for you:


    here on the surface we are very, very tired. with all this torture I no longer believe in a supreme god, the universe seems strange to me, imperfect. I do not understand how Chimera was not naturally stopped much earlier, before having access to technology. the situation is really sick for some of us, there have been very difficult and insane moments. The reality on the surface seems useless, twisted and exhausting, sometimes no longer exist at all is more conceivable than living in this psychopathic delirium that really looks like an endless nightmare with no sens. as our memory is suppressed, we often find it difficult to realize that another world than this one can exist. it’s horrible

    to understand why the lightworkers fight among themselves, one must understand the functioning of the ego. in spiritual awakening, many suddenly feel superior to others because they have begun to unlock their divine part. then “they are the gods”, and the humans are their disciples. so when a god meets another god, the two, who think they are divine prophets, seek to maintain the superiority they have gained over humans, because they have become accustomed to feeling superior and now want to keep this position on everyone because it’s nice for them. all conflicts are practically based on a bad reaction of the ego who feels attacked in its superiority-position-gained. there is a terrible lack of humility for all, and this is because of the great feeling of strength you gain when you become the “immortal being of light” among human mortals, many do not handle that feeling properly.

    See you soon family

  27. Dear RM,
    Thank you for the assistance in providing the surface with certain ‘tools’ to awaken within the Divine.

    Thank you for the hard and unwavering work toward Liberation. Looking inward towards the expulsion of negative forces from within.

    Love to all beings; acceleration of advanced healing to the body/ego soul and light bodies on Earth and beyond.

    Flowers of Life surround us and our aura.

  28. Deer members of RM:

    I have already sent an interview letter to Cobra, but he has no responded my so far.

    This interview is regarding to soul family society and how your world transformed your from a slave miner world into a soul family paradise. I believe we can learn a lot from each other if your members or Cobra can answer this interview letter.

    Here is the link of my interview questions:

    Victory of the Light! May soul family system prevail on surface world ASAP.

  29. Is the resistance movement active in China? According to the known stories and information, the sensory resistance movement is generally active only in European and American countries

  30. I offer you my little blog in hopes that can help you in any further situation or info you might need!
    you can contact me also here: [email protected] hope you still read this letters.

    I feel that something is about to happen, hope you feel it too.

  31. Dear RM:
    I’m An lived in Taiwan. From 2017, I have been suffering from the attachment with some 4D’s parasite, it’s so tough for me to have a peaceful and loving life. I’d like to get rid of this complex and hard situation so that my loving connection with myself and all the people can come back quickly and forever. There’s no reason to have such weird experience for me, and I really do all my best to maintain the operation of my consciousness until now that’s too tired. In order not to waste any time again and again, I sincerely ask for your help and guidance directly. I MUST TAKE BACK MY DIVINE FREE WILL ASAP.
    The last problem is I have problem speaking and expressing myself with people for many years, and you may know or not, I actually take many years to do everything help myself, but unfortunately the things never get through that make me have difficulty to find the right job or even live the life I’d like to.
    Hope I can receive your guidance soon.
    Victory of the light <3

  32. Dear RM and Cobra:

    Thank you for your efforts to liberate the earth!
    There is something wrong with the translation of the last message, I’m sorry! My English is not very good!

    It is said that the light forces are now practicing gamma timelines, during which the illuminati physically intervene in the lives of lightworkers and light warriors. I don’t know when it will happen, so I want to get my book out as soon as possible and make money by selling books. I just found a job this year. I am 34 years old and it is hard to find a job. Although I finally found one, the salary is only 390 euros/month.

    Thank you!
    Sample books are as follows:


    Victory of light!

  33. Dear RM and Cobra:

    Thank you for your efforts to liberate the earth!

    It is said that the light forces are now practicing gamma timelines, during which the illuminati physically intervene in the lives of lightworkers and light warriors. I don’t know when it will happen, so I want to get my book out as soon as possible and make money by selling books. I just found a job this year, I am 34 years old, it is hard to find a job at this age, although I finally found one, the salary is only 390 euros/month, so, can the light force subsidize me 2000 euros, my father’s book is published, I will try again if the money is not enough!

    Thank you!

    Victory of light!

  34. Dear RM,
    I think you might be disappointed at the conflicts that we have inside the lightworkers’s circle. I feel sorry for the situation too. Sometimes I also fall into the small conflicts consciously or unconsciously. As my inner guidance gets clearer, I always try to avoid the conflicts. But whenever they show up, I still try to explain myself and feel defensive.
    The conflicts vary. Sometimes they arise from misunderstanding/misinterpreting of the information. Sometimes they come from different purposes. As you may already know, there are lots of workshops/lectures in spirituality area whose purpose is to make money. Even though they are more awake than the general population, part of their mind is stuck in 3D world. Possibly because they could not understand how human can live without money. Of course, it is a shortcut too. The intention is important, whether out of earth liberation or money making.
    I assume that you have already done the geographical analysis of the surface lightworkers. From the way I see it, especially in China, most people do not have a growth mindset, which is not only crucial for spiritual growth, but also for 3D experience. When I was younger, it was so much easier to change my mindset. Recently I notice that it becomes a bit difficult. When we stay inside the same environment for long enough time, we start to repeat ourselves over and over again unconsciously,e.g what we say, what we do, how we think ect. They are deeply brainwashed by the government. Also, China is a rather crowed country. If you do not follow the crowd, you are easily get judged. (Not until recently did I realize that I also live in the expectation of others. Before I realized that, I always thought I was ‘awaken’ enough already.)
    I know that in order to reunite as a soul family, we still have a long way to go. I think that if we can hear our ‘inner guidance’ more clearly, our conflicts will be much less. Would it be better to heal the surface population first and let them aware consciously the proper step to take from their inner guidance? That takes time too. Is this the reason why you ask Cobra to bring us the msg that we need to heal us first?
    We hope to see you soon.
    Love and Light.

    • Hello RM. The situation is getting more and more difficult. Many can not anymore and are about to let go. Nothing seems to work anymore. It is very difficult to maintain them in a positive climate What to do? Despite all their good will I feel the small group lose confidence. I do not have energy anymore. The mass arrests have not started yet. Many children are always in great danger. What more can we do that we have not done already? The Caribbean is always left behind. Not a word, not a look. Despair

  35. PS..Leon Clifton is a past Director, manager of the London Branch of Hollywood studios. I am not sure how many years ago that was

    He and his wife (?) divorcing or divorced year or so ago. She is a decendant of Lord Wavery.

  36. Victory to the Light…Dancing the Spiral dance tonight…
    Goddess wants Light and Light there will Be.
    Activating the Light! NOW.


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