Letters to the Resistance Movement

All readers of the Prepare for Change website are invited to communicate with the Resistance Movement. After discussing this with Cobra we have discovered that members of the RM desire more information from us, the surface?population of Earth.

Cobra has passed this information to us:

(PFC0517) ?Lynn? – Cobra, is the RM the ones that give you feed-back on our meditations, you know the strength of it and the numbers.

COBRA –?Yes, yes.? (OK)

Lynn? – Are we as surface humans? able to communicate with them telepathically.

COBRA –?It is possible.? It has happened in a few instances but its not very common and very few people from the surface have enough awareness of the RM to hear that telepathic contact.

Lynn? – Would it be useful to show them certain situations we are experiencing.?

COBRA –?Yes. It is sometimes not simple for them to understand their reactions of the surface population because they are simply, I would say psychologically quite different and if you explain to them a little bit more, even telepathically or in writing you can even post an article on your blog and address it to them, that would be a great idea. (wow, thats a great idea.? Thank you Cobra.) (PFC0517)

In order to facilitate this for all people and make it easy for both us and the RM, we are using this page with its comment section for this purpose. The idea is simple, go to the bottom of the page and use the comment box to share your feelings about the situation on Earth.

So please ask your?questions or make your comment with your Letter to the Resistance in the comments below.

Published July 5, 2017

[NOTE: Please do not criticize or comment on other’s letters in reply, this page is meant to enable a free exchange from our readers with the Resistance Movement, so please do not respond as though the letters are to YOU.]

967 thoughts on “Letters to the Resistance Movement”

  1. Dear RM,
    I think you might be disappointed at the conflicts that we have inside the lightworkers’s circle. I feel sorry for the situation too. Sometimes I also fall into the small conflicts consciously or unconsciously. As my inner guidance gets clearer, I always try to avoid the conflicts. But whenever they show up, I still try to explain myself and feel defensive.
    The conflicts vary. Sometimes they arise from misunderstanding/misinterpreting of the information. Sometimes they come from different purposes. As you may already know, there are lots of workshops/lectures in spirituality area whose purpose is to make money. Even though they are more awake than the general population, part of their mind is stuck in 3D world. Possibly because they could not understand how human can live without money. Of course, it is a shortcut too. The intention is important, whether out of earth liberation or money making.
    I assume that you have already done the geographical analysis of the surface lightworkers. From the way I see it, especially in China, most people do not have a growth mindset, which is not only crucial for spiritual growth, but also for 3D experience. When I was younger, it was so much easier to change my mindset. Recently I notice that it becomes a bit difficult. When we stay inside the same environment for long enough time, we start to repeat ourselves over and over again unconsciously,e.g what we say, what we do, how we think ect. They are deeply brainwashed by the government. Also, China is a rather crowed country. If you do not follow the crowd, you are easily get judged. (Not until recently did I realize that I also live in the expectation of others. Before I realized that, I always thought I was ‘awaken’ enough already.)
    I know that in order to reunite as a soul family, we still have a long way to go. I think that if we can hear our ‘inner guidance’ more clearly, our conflicts will be much less. Would it be better to heal the surface population first and let them aware consciously the proper step to take from their inner guidance? That takes time too. Is this the reason why you ask Cobra to bring us the msg that we need to heal us first?
    We hope to see you soon.
    Love and Light.

  2. PS..Leon Clifton is a past Director, manager of the London Branch of Hollywood studios. I am not sure how many years ago that was

    He and his wife (?) divorcing or divorced year or so ago. She is a decendant of Lord Wavery.

  3. Victory to the Light…Dancing the Spiral dance tonight…
    Goddess wants Light and Light there will Be.
    Activating the Light! NOW.

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