Most Organizations formed to Combat Child Sex Trafficking are Actually Facilitating and Funding It

By Brian Shilhavy, One of the tragic realities of child sex trafficking is the fact that groups who allegedly advocate for the end of child sex trafficking and the “protection” of children, are actually the very groups behind trafficking children. The most obvious example is the one we have been reporting on for years now … Read more


Vaccination: What’s Trust Got to Do With It? STORY AT-A-GLANCE The orchestrated actions by governments around the world to restrict or eliminate civil liberties in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented, and has had profound effects on the global economy and on the physical, mental and emotional health of billions of people By … Read more

AstraZeneca vaccine volunteer developed spinal inflammation & ‘rare neurological condition’ after two doses – report

By Dado Ruvic, A British participant in AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine trial was diagnosed with a serious neurological disorder weeks after her second dose of the inoculation, an internal company document shows. A previously healthy 37-year-old woman was hospitalized this month after receiving two injections of the pharmaceutical giant’s new vaccine, where it was determined she … Read more

Sexy as hell! PVC-clad models clutch demonic dolls and sprout devil’s horns in bizarre Chinese catwalk show that is the stuff of nightmares

By Siofra Brennan, Spectators in the front row could have been forgiven for thinking they had wandered into a screening of a horror film rather than a catwalk presentation at China Fashion Week today. Designer Hu Sheguang’s show was a riot of red with unsettling touches such as a model holding two dolls that looked … Read more

San Francisco’s Scott Wiener Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Men With Boys Sex

By Bradlee Dean, Pedophile In New Jersey Says He Wants His Right To Sexual Contact With Children, Appeal Granted!   “Sex before eight or else it’s too late.” —North American Man Boy Love Association Slogan   Just this last week, I had taken the time to reveal to the American people that those they call … Read more

God has Spoken

Our world is changing. Can you feel it? By Merrilee of Solana, While some are still caught in their slumber thinking they’re awake, others are dressed and ready to party. The old paradigm of corruption, lies, deception, demonic plans, pain, and suffering plays in the background as some continue to give it energy keeping the … Read more

Satanic Temple is Giving Away a Free Abortion, Turning Child-Killing Into a Contest

By Brad Mattes, The Satanic Temple (TST) is holding a fundraiser to advance their pro-abortion agenda. The organization believes any protective laws for the unborn baby or her mother “unlawfully hinder access to the Satanic abortion ritual.” They hope to raise $100,000 toward this cause. And you’ll never guess what the Grand Prize winner receives—or … Read more

The rule of law is dead: There will be no legal recourse for anyone injured by new covid-19 vaccines

By Lance D Johnson, AstraZeneca is one of twenty-five pharmaceutical companies that are entering into liability-free vaccine contracts with governments around the world. These corrupt contracts give the vaccine maker legal immunity when their vaccines harm people, giving pharmaceutical companies power over the courts. The rule of law is officially dead, as millions of victims line … Read more

The Satanic Temple: “Satanic Abortions” Are Protected by Religious Liberty Laws

BY HEMANT MEHTA, Several years ago, The Satanic Temple argued in court that one of their members in Missouri didn’t need to abide by the state’s 72-hour waiting period for abortions because it violated her belief that “one’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.” (That lawsuit was ultimately unsuccessful in part because she was no longer … Read more