Sisterhood of the Rose Community

Physical Sisterhood of the Rose Meetings

Please visit the Sisterhood of the Rose Network website to see a list of physical meetings globally. There are currently over 250 established groups worldwide sorted by region. An established group meets physically at least once a week with a minimum of three participants.

Sisterhood of the Rose Facebook Page

The main Sisterhood of the Rose Facebook Page is Here if you would like to join for various notifications and articles of interest.

The Sisterhood of the Rose is re-emerging all around the world, activating once again an ancient circle of Atlantean priestesses later known in Egypt by this very name, the rose being the sacred symbol of Goddess Isis. These priestesses gathered to invoke and anchor the Goddess energies of Love, Compassion and Harmony through their hearts. These energies are foundational to all of Creation, without which there can be no life. These Divine Feminine energies are returning today with the Goddess herself in her many aspects, in order to heal Gaia and the human collective.  A new unprecedented era and radiant, blissful Golden Age is now coming into being through divine plan and loving co-creation, restoring the sacred connection uniting all life on our planet.

The energies of the Divine Feminine embody love, balance, beauty, passion and nurturance. This power will be required up to and at the Event for a peaceful transition, and will also be the basis of the creation our new societies.