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Physical Sisterhood of the Rose Meetings

Please visit the Sisterhood of the Rose Network website to see a list of physical meetings globally. There are currently over 250 established groups worldwide sorted by region. An established group meets physically at least once a week with a minimum of three participants.

Sisterhood of the Rose Facebook Page

The main Sisterhood of the Rose Facebook Page is Here if you would like to join for various notifications and articles of interest.

The Sisterhood of the Rose is re-emerging all around the world, activating once again an ancient circle of Atlantean priestesses later known in Egypt by this very name, the rose being the sacred symbol of Goddess Isis. These priestesses gathered to invoke and anchor the Goddess energies of Love, Compassion and Harmony through their hearts. These energies are foundational to all of Creation, without which there can be no life. These Divine Feminine energies are returning today with the Goddess herself in her many aspects, in order to heal Gaia and the human collective.  A new unprecedented era and radiant, blissful Golden Age is now coming into being through divine plan and loving co-creation, restoring the sacred connection uniting all life on our planet.

The energies of the Divine Feminine embody love, balance, beauty, passion and nurturance. This power will be required up to and at the Event for a peaceful transition, and will also be the basis of the creation our new societies.


  1. Dear Sisters of Sacredness,

    The time is of essence, auspicious, free flowing, divine. Together we blossom, we shine and we rise creating new bridges for the loving and kind. Nova Terra, a New Social Order of virtuous, righteous, enlightened and wise. Your time is now Warriors of The Most Beautiful Rainbows for Miracles Aligned.

    Sending you all from my heart to yours Peace, Love and Bliss,

  2. How do I join
    It says there are grouos in my area but nothing comes up when I click the number
    Can you help
    I live in high Wycombe
    Wouid appreciate an answer as no one ever answers my enquiry

  3. I hope this doesn’t offend any of you yet I need a better room to rent asap. I’ve striven to live close to Spirit ways and need a better rental – plz help by asking others you may know in the Olympia, Lacey or Tumwater area of Washington (or SW Wash?). I enjoy life. I eat very healthy food, very little gluten (admit I’m a cookie monster), make a lot of salads and soups; research latest healing tech; I love the outdoors, organic living and gardens. I work hard on my own community creative research projects mostly in my room or out and about. Music keeps me sane altho I’m usually quiet; don’t mind roommate noise during day and eve hours (I plug in my “ears”); I give roommates plenty of space; enjoy sharing interesting ideas once and awhile. I was born with “a crayon in my hand,” an artist. Very creative; used to teach and do animation/spx. I like both having my own place; and I like group living situations/ roommates when folks are fun and have integrity-respect. Been told I’m one of the best roommates one can have; kind discussions seem to work out issues. Ideally (not necessary tho) I prefer rmmts who also research truth to stay socially responsible with today’s challenges. I like sharing positive input with rmmts; learning between us is also a plus. No negative habits. No pets. I’m using crutches so need ground floor and as few stairs elsewhere as possible. Call to share, 503-501-8208 or email [email protected].
    Many thanks. (I’m Ana on Inet)

  4. Please see this weeks Vedic forecast for feminine love vibrations, very interesting!

  5. Please could someone make a correction on this page by clarifying that “Click here to participate” refers to the PFC Community and NOT SoTR? Which is the title aka subject in this article? Thank you!

    Second suggestion: Could someone create a map with SoTR members and groups only? So far I haven’t found a connection with SoTR that I resonate with, while in touch with SoTR Creatrix group, a separate Google group of SoTR, infiltrated by trolls and what-nuts. That info, offered to me by an insider, was confirming my gut-feelings about this Creatrix group. The person who informed me was also not in the know, of Creatrix being a separate SoTR initiative, unreliable due to the fact that this detail wasn’t revealed to her. The Creatrix Google group, for a large part, seems to be floating in mid-air in need of oxygen. Much waving with new ageing love-and-light flags, no muscle, no fire.

    Please correct me and inform me, when I misinterpretate things or need better understanding, thank you!

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

    • Marian, I have just now seen your comment and would like to address your concerns. The link that says ‘Click Here to Participate’ which takes you to the coeo site – IS where Sisterhood of The Rose Groups are organised. Sisterhood of the Rose Community is at the coeo website as on the map link.

      There was discussion that coeo would put circles on the map where all Sisterhood of The Rose and Event Support Groups are, but this has not yet occurred. To see which SOTR groups are existing, please log into the website (linked to on map above) and select ‘Sisterhood of the Rose’ from the top menu to see all groups in List View. I don’t think there is a way to see who is a Sisterhood of the Rose Member individually.

      Creatryx is not a Sisterhood of the Rose group, it was created to support ‘creative leadership’, in support of facilitating both event support and SOTR groups (which coeo also links to for added support.) A guide book to assist in organising your own meeting group was distributed there and translated into a few different languages. Volunteers supporting this initiative have dropped off and the group is now quiet – but there have never been ‘trolls and nuts’ there that I have seen.

  6. Thank you for you all! If you could just see what I have seen and what is happening in the now!!! Wow! You guys are amazing! Love and Light! Mommy says Hi! xxx


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