Post Event Possibilities

By Rob Potter

The following information is presented as a POSSIBLE series of events based on inside information & is not being declared as the actual plans or results of the “Event”. Humanity collectively will determine our future & the possibilities are limitless!

The sudden drastic changes of the Event will bring turmoil to some and relief to others .The weeping and gnashing of teeth by many is to be expected but we are strong and we must pick up the pieces of our shattered beliefs and realities. We can reassemble them into the righteous pure expressions of love and beauty that will be a cause for joy. It is expected that many of the old programs of fear of change will persist in many people reactions. Have no fear or apathy in this regard as the victory of light is assured and our planets liberation from tyranny is a cause for celebration! We as a whole planet will bring in a bright new era unseen on this world since its creation!

Military Presence

It is hoped that shortly after the arrests the military will be able to stand down and the temporary state of confusion will end. The military and police may have a increased presence initially but there will be orders to remain non violent. Transgressions will be dealt with. It is hoped that the populace will be less prone to over reaction and panic after the electronic fence, Cabal and the media fear machine is rendered inoperative. Your help in this process is vital!

Work and Leadership

The worlds populace will be encouraged to back to work as the plans to restore the governance of the people for the people and by the people proceeds apace. There will most likely be new elections within a short period of time. However the choices of leadership will not be paid for and the election process will be just, transparent in its fairness and honesty. It may be required that you actually attend meetings to learn who and what and who you are voting for! Imagine no more voting by what slogan you hear on TV. It may be possible If you choose not to learn and attend the meetings and learn who and what you are voting for that you do not get to vote. Why have someone just push a button because they like the sound of a name?


After the banks reopen everyone will still have their money. Criminals and banksters and the big boy stock manipulators will find they have no money! These trillions of dollars will be used for good. It is planned that there will be world trusts established to insure the clothing, sheltering and feeding of the worlds homeless. The aged, sick and infirmed will be considered first. The misplaced children and unwanted of the world will find loving families and places will be provided for healing and nurturing of those who have suffered under the old false regimes of the world.


Science will blow the lid off of the repressed ideas and false understanding of physics and we will learn the truth of what has been happening in outer space. Science boards will establish what technologies are harmful and toxic and these will be banned. Alternative solutions will be sought out and chosen by those best suited to the task. Many careers will end and vast changes in the work forces of the world are anticipated.

New Technologies

New technologies will be released that will to create not only free energy but create advanced communication resources world wide. Satellites will be repositioned and space debris will be cleared. Wondrous secrets of nature will be revealed to heal many diseases. The truth of why we get ill and how our thoughts create our reality will be taught openly and the causes of many diseases and ills in our societies will be eradicated immediately and many will find an end to pain and suffering rapidly.


We will purify the earth’s elements and the water and the air will be cleansed and healed in time. Huge water projects will commence. Dams will be removed and the water will flow as nature intended it. Vast desalination plants will be built and the desserts will be irragated and mankind will never go thirsty or hungry again.


Old outdated and useless technologies will be recycled as we create sustainable and viable living environments that are in harmony with nature and our fellow life streams. Over time people will realize it is time to get busy and be part of the solution. Many individuals will literally explode with creativity and progress is expected to be very rapid.

Food Production

Toxic food facilities will be retooled to provide healthy local fare their community’s populace. Genetically altered foods will be destroyed. Monsanto and other companies will be closed and those responsible will be dealt with. No more insecticides or pesticides will be allowed. The horrible treatment of animals in slaughterhouses will be outlawed and man will learn the error of his ways and the planet will eventually become vegetarian. The lion will lay down with the lamb.

Trade Unions

Vocational boards and unions in the various technological crafts probably will be established world wide to tackle the issue of retooling our society in the light of the immense freedom of information that will come forward. As the suppressed forms of communication and energy technologies are freely revealed there will be a need for major systems analyses and subsequent plans of action. Civil engineering will be paramount to return the earth to its pristine state. Massive transportation alternatives will be begun and the result will be clean air and less stress for the entire planet. Collectively it will be realized we are stewards of the earth, and the culture will shift dramatically to enact this birthright and responsibility.

New Jobs

The tremendous changes that are needed to make our world sustainable non-toxic and viable will require a complete retooling of our society as we know it. Many companies and jobs will be lost and some of them will end almost overnight. Financial assistance will be given to those who are misplaced. Job placement will be a top priority to insure people have a chance to serve their fellow man in a safe and productive way. The volume of new projects and humanitarian projects will be so vast and far reaching that none will be left without something to do.


The world’s religions will face harsh repercussions as the truth of the teachers whom they claim to represent is revealed. The spiritual core of these messages will remain intact as the revelations of love, truth, harmony and peace that they truly are. The true essence of the spiritual revelations will be magnified. The dogma, dead rituals and control aspects of the Religions will be exposed for the abomination that they are. This will be the cause of much despair amongst the masses of the faithful who have not established a true relationship with the light within. This cannot be avoided, as the creator never intended for any one man, priest or book to act as an interpreter of the living word of god that exists in each of us.

Those who have sought to exploit their self appointed positions of authority as “Religious Leaders” for profit power and even fame will see their dominions end rapidly. The real and true essence of the ancient teachings will be reinvigorated as the deceptions and falsehoods of the priesthoods are exposed for what they have done. They repression of ancient scrolls and the true meaning of the great teachers will be explained in their true form. The great messages of wisdom from the ancient and recent past will be bought to the fore. The lineages of light and love that have remained intact and hidden will now continue to flourish in the light of the new day of freedom.

There will be new temples built to foster the advanced science of spiritual growth. Glorious places of beauty may manifest where beings will rejoice together and worship God. These will not be religions or secular cults that seek to divide and destroy other peoples by negating other viewpoints. The game of manipulation will be exposed and no one will be able to place themselves above others for control. True spiritual leadership will be evidenced by those who live exemplary lives in balance with themselves, nature and the world around them.

Those innocent and sincere seekers and followers of the various faiths will have to learn and grow to take responsibility for their own spiritual growth and not rely on others to tell them what to believe. Most of the innocent faithful followers have sincere intent and a pure desire to do good and these actions have been the power that has kept the priesthoods viable for so long. The entirety of humanity has learned much in the way of truth through the secular Religions despite the malicious perversions instigated by priesthoods. Even the priesthoods themselves are filled with innocent victims of false information and concepts. There will be great strides in the process of spiritual development and these will be taught openly and freely to the world at large.


This may be hard for some people completely programmed by fear and a lack of understanding that we are all one people, but there will be no borders. Immediately after the Event borders and checkpoints will come down. There will be no restriction on anybody in the world going anywhere. After all no one owns the earth and there are no lines drawn except on maps and in peoples limited thinking. No more TSA molestations and you can keep your shoes on! If this is too radical for you sorry you will have to get used to it. It is one of the major lies and programs to keep people separated and in fear and this will end.


The lawmakers created the lawbreakers and most laws created under the false political system will be repealed. The common law dictates will be reintroduced into society and taught in a fresh new form and will be a cause for joy. The prison systems will be ended as they exist now and most people will be released immediately. Some prisoners will need counseling and they will be rehabilitated. Programs to reinstate them into society after they are healed of their destructive tendencies will be welcomed by all.

Money System

The financial world will see changes so dramatic that it will bring a sigh of relief from everyone everywhere. Except perhaps for those who have made their way unfairly at the expense of others. Stock markets will close forever and companies will be forced to buy back their stock. Many companies and most banks will cease to exist in their current form. There will be no more credit cards.

An open honest and transparent financial system backed by real gold is the first step. Then as the madness of money itself is exposed and the success of the universal economic system is implemented people will heal. As we learn the proper relationship to the finacial life the actual use of money will eventually be replaced by a credit system. This means you will not have to carry money around. This is not the NWO version of control as this will be an open system monitored and violators will be expunged from positions of responsibility immediately. The new system will not be allowed to be tampered with. It is hoped that by the time of its implementation most of humanity will be healed from the old ways that created the sickness of desire for material wealth. The fear of lack and insecurity, which bred the illnesses of theft and greed, will have been healed.


The worlds taxation systems, which are another form of repression and control to oppress the peoples of the earth will be eradicated very soon after the event. They have been used to finance our destruction and the funds will be put to better use after the Event.There are plans to have a sales tax on all newly purchased items. It has been suggested this will be around 15% but this will be worked on and agreed upon as we move forward with these changes.

Humanity will realize that the real goal of life in not accumulation of physical gold but in realizing the alchemical process of transmuting themselves into instruments of divine will and love. By helping others and serving toward the community’s happiness and success it will be seen we all achieve as one.

New Wages

There is a strong possibility there will be no longer vast differences in financial remunerations. In other words there may be a limit on how much a person may earn in relation to another. It does not serve the laws of balance to have someone in one part of the world earning 2000 times what another earns for their time. Right now the discrepancy between earners is in some cases in the millions!

Unlimited Abundance

Innovation and prosperity and abundance will be encouraged and celebrated. There will be no limit to luxury and the quality. Art and Music, Science and education itself will see entire paradigm shifts and this will create a sense of purpose and hope for the worlds populace.

These are only some possible scenarios that may develop after the event. Many of these possibilities and proposed changes may take many years! The statements here and are not intended to be declarations of plans for the New Society. The ideas presented here may seem like a fantasy to some, paradise to others and even hell on earth to a few. Our intent is not to dictate what will happen but to Prepare you for some the POSSIBLE changes that may occur. Certain aspects of the above article will transpire eventually. The exact details and timelines for these expected changes is unknown and this is article is based on years of study and preparation for the victory of The Light!

The central theme is that there will be the opportunity for a total changeover and remodeling of the entire worlds social, political financial, educational infrastructure. The possibilities will be limitless and expansive and the only caveat will be that we do no harm to the earth, life, others or ourselves in the process. We will be truly free from tyranny and be able to express ourselves openly without fear. The world will truly flourish as we step into our magnificence and potential as infinite beings of love and light. May this humble vision act as an inspiration and a catalyst for change and may you be called from within to share YOUR VISION of THE NEW SOCIETY!


  1. Ce récit me fait surtout pensé a un nouvelle ordre mondial qui sera certainement contrôlé par l humain donc nous resterons toujours esclave de ceux qui vont contrôler tous ça

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  4. To all

    In my opinion this is an utopian vision and it sounds great and let’s all work to that beautiful goal but it is utopian and we can not predict what will happen after ‘The Event’.
    It won’t be beautiful, it will be chaos and who benefits the most of chaos, the people who think like the ones you want to change or get rid of. I’m not pessimistic about the earth or the creatures that live on it and i feel it will ever be like you would like it to be.


    • Keep in mind that there are other beings that will assist us in this times of change.
      Mankind, all by itself would not be able to handle the change.

  5. This is about old posting here on the vegetarian life style, I have been one for 15 yrs due to the fact that after my spiritual awaking I became allergic to most foods and had no choice.

  6. You don’t have to post this. I would just like to give a closing comment. This past Tuesday I was having morning coffee on my patio. The sun comes up on that side of my home. The sun was coming up through a haze and literally caused a burning sensation on my skin. My understanding is that CERN had been operating and not only stretched but opened the magnetic field around the earth, letting in radioactivity which caused this to happen. I don’t know what to believe anymore, so I have chosen to believe nothing and see what happens. My reason is that people I put my trust in, more than 1, said CERN would not be working again after the last shut down. They lied.
    Refugees are moving around the world. Many possibly being set in place to do harm. The west coast of the U.S. is dying and the government and people as a whole don’t give a damn. People are running for the highest office in our country and known to be criminal … nothing happens. People are in office, known to be criminal … nothing happens. Police openly killing and beating people, blacks kill blacks, blacks kill whites, whites kill blacks … people protest, people riot, people kill more. People in high places are murderers, pedophiles, frauds, money launderers, human traffickers and not even federal authority or congress will lift hand, foot, nor finger. Isn’t that the message we are being told? Isn’t this why “THE EVENT” is planned?
    Yet, it is scheduled … then postponed … on and on. This is what I do believe. Not enough people are going to wake up in time. No wave will enlighten them and make them sweet like Jesus. No beings from another planet are going to swoop in and save us. If so, why the hell are they waiting until the last hour while more people die, more earth is destroyed, 25,000 starve to death each day, animals in the air, water and on land are dying off in droves and swarms. It is a weight on me and I mourn over it.
    We are having our life and livelihood sucked out of us daily. You cannot speak out until you look up. People are too consumed with the latest cell phone, their hair weave, what someone else can do for them, the newest songs, the newest trends, who is wearing what. The endless stream of bullshit is passing by all of us and no one is looking up. And the few that are looking up are waiting … on someone else to give the word to act.
    No one is going to do anything. And when all the destruction hits, it will be because we deserve every bit of it for not speaking out.
    I have no reason to doubt that you are good people. I have no reason to doubt that you believe the message you are spreading. I just no longer choose to believe it.

  7. I am a 59 year old man. I am on disability with mental health issues and an injured lower back. I was born into and raised in a Pentecostal environment in the deep south with two parents who were heavy into discipline. I got a lot of beatings when they needed one instead. I live alone and stay in my home 99% of the time, only going out to purchase groceries next door, water my plants on the patio or take out the trash. I have developed a fear of anything “out there”. I began reading about all this new event information earlier this year. I began to have hope and feel lighter in my spirit. The thing that troubles me is that there are so many sources talking about it, I don’t know who to believe and who is actually involved and in the know. Recently one source stated there were rumors of August 8th arrests. Then their story changed to China objecting to it. I did not realize China was in charge of our fate. Now another source which I thought was ready to move in at any time is now stating that more people need to get involved. My hope has suddenly shifted into deep depression. Life has broken every aspect of me including my spirit. I just want to live long enough to see if this new technology can help me. I want to have a healthy body, peace of mind and for the first time ever have a desire to begin experiencing a full life and enjoying creation. Thank you for your time.

    • Alone1,
      One man stands alone all by himself and he says what can I do all by myself?
      one man stands alone.
      I look all around me and I see all these people who care and I know I am not alone.
      I believe in the people of the earth , I believe in the people of the earth.

      We look for truth for a million years yet still must lead ourselves past our fears and everyone feels the wheel turning . I shed my sheild on the trail of tears and it real and it is burning. But love is always near and even good friends dissappear change has surely come to be clear.
      For the end is always near for everything we hold so dear …… is fredom of choice choose love over fear.

      Look brother it is best if you turn within to find solace as the answers lie deep inside of you. No body gonna do it for you. So go deep inside of you. The outer world is in constant change and the things spoken of here will continue to impose their reality on our failing system.Tthe light of truth will dissolve the darkness and superstition and fear will dry up with the noonday sun.

      Those who predict dates do not have the inner vision as god is the author of these changes and it will be accomplished in his/her own good time.

      It my get worse before it gets better in some sense as the things we have the material itmes of our daily lives will become obsolete and unimportant and that will be very hard for some to accept. `

      Have no fear great spirit is here. Fear is the mond killer but if you seek refuge in the truth and abide in that direct knowing the truth will abide in you.

      Time and space and matter are temporal and as you realize yourself as an infinite being of soul and light you willl transcend the illusiory attachment to this body in this time and this space. The bigger picture will lend its perspective in the grand scheme of an eternal soul evolving constantly renewing itself in ever grander experiences of god expanding and living word.

      So what if you “DIE” that is the big fear right? Nothing matters outside of deaths touch, but if you realize your soul is immortal fear does not exist. You will one day lie down this perishable toga this robe of flesh and it will be returned to dust. It is a long way in the flesh and the summer is returning unto us all as memories that have been purposefully hidden are revealed in the light of our new awakening. Focus on the good the beautiful the true.
      Do not listen to those without faith and their wailing tongues and prognostications of pain and suffering, doom and gloom. Energy follows thought and the gross materialists who wallow in a shallow pool of or their own pain and their own cause and effect. Imagination enthusiasm and zeal are the watchwords of the true devotee so be of good cheer the father has planted the seeds of redemption and the harvest is yours but you must pluck the ripe fruit from the vine. Be aware of your thoughts and use your guidance to forge new patyhwatys of realization.
      All good things in all good time in a good way.
      Warm regards
      Rob Potter

  8. God created the heavens and the earth.

    In the Bible, you can read about the end times and the disasters that mankind will go through if they are not saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

    In CERN Switzerland, those scientist have created a gate to another dimension and in doing so, they will be opening the gates of hell and whatever comes through, cannot be put back.

    Chaos,death and war will follow but order out of chaos will be the end result with the arrival of a false prophet claiming to bring peace and harmony to mankind.

    This is not hate mail and I am not here to judge you. Just read the Bible and discover the truth. John 3:16. For God so loved the World, that he gave His only son, Jesus, that who so ever believed in Him, shall not perish but have ever lasting life.

    May God open your eyes to what is really taking place and what is to come.

    • MY eyes are open to the whole truth. The revelation of christ and the bible must be understood through a deep inner reflection to discern the truth as much of the message has been distorted. the chaos is here right now if it is not enough for you I will be surprised. The return is the spirit of truth for all of the earth.

      All are children of a living loving god we are all ready eternal souls and perfect and thus immortal because the soul is a fragment of the father.
      this may interest you ?
      wam regards

  9. Hi Rob,

    I’m submitting my latest POST EVENT project proposal


    Much Gratitude and Love
    May ALL BEings be FREED and HEALED for EVER!

  10. Thank you for this informative website “Prepare For Change” it’s really really helpful. I’ve shared this site with my bishop and a few church people and others. Hopefully they have an open mind to do their own research and pray about it. It is best if everyone had an open mind to research into this further FIRST before/ rather then just jumping into assuming right away that this is off! or it is of the dark side etc etc. Study, research, and pray for guidance and not be judgemental quickly or closing the mind without doing our homework FIRST. And IF NOT, then at least you did what you could to share about this information and leave it as that! Respect other people’s FREE AGENCY even though they don’t AGREE with you or with this site or with whatever it is. Let them be and we go on to keep sharing with others…because all we can do is all we can do and NO FORCING, since forcing and controlling is “not of God” or not of the LIGHT to do such things. Good luck everyone and take care I wish EVERYONE the best to be happy, to choose (with your own free will) on how we can learn to be and live HAPPY.

    • Denise,
      Thank you for your kind remarks. Tolerance and a loving heart and good intentions are the most important thing here. So many people in the world are damaged by religion and mind control and the entire satanic system which exisits today. The demonic elemental holds sway in so many or how could so much violence , murder , war and suppression of truth and liberty exist. Clearly we re all are responsible as a collective to right our own ship, to grab the tiller and set ourselves back on course. Ever more and constantly listening to the whisperings of spirit to forgive and release our guilt that separates us from our divine self.

      Christ is forever in everyone and everything, paradoxically immanent and tanscendent and can never be taken from you or anyone ever. We should all remove the log from our eyes. The logs of superstion, ignorance, fear, judgement, attachment, selfshness, lust, vanity, greed, FEAR, jealously, hate,narrow mindeness and all the rest all the virtue killers. Thinking is so limited and narrow on earth that the truth of christ and his message will continue to be clariefied as time moves forward.

      Jehoshuas writings and teaching are being hidden and suppressed by those who do not want you to know we are not alone and that christ worked within a greater reality of knowing there are trillions of loving beings of various orders exisiting within gods expanding and infinite mind. Someday soon or eventually these and deeper truths will be revealed to the public as the truth of the multiverse is thrust upon the blind masses who wil suddenly see this majesty and power of love presented for all to enjoy.

      Many will give thanks and praises for this revelation as it will touch their soul and they will welcome reunion and remembering. There is so much censorship and lies in all of the priest hoods of education, medicine, politics religion science technology. All are tainted so christ taught us all that WE DO NOT NEEED A PRIESTHOOD or leaders save the author of all things. Jeshua, his message waas that through faith in the living word of god within you aka the “Christ” if you see all as family and part and parcel of the holy spirit you realize we are part of the same being. This communion with holy spirit IS the one reality all else is false. Everything outside of god is a metaphor. God is!

      with unconditional love

    • Kevin,
      I would say Oh my god you figured us out. Maybe I should say oh my Lucifer? Yes we talk about love god freedom from tyranny, honesty, justice. compassion and an end to corruption.

      This site is filled with hope and the support and love of many thousands of people who seeking the truth. As you abide in the truth the truth will abide in you.

      Your comment is humorous and quite obviously not very deep although it is intended as a slur I will alow it to remain so people can see the type of knee jerk resistance the intent of liberation and freedom evokes from those who do not bother to look a little deeper nto this sight or our intentions.

      Good luck on your search for love brother. You may reply but if you get too negative or offensive your comment will not last very long!
      Victory to the Light

    • The discernment of truth and untruth… that is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. There is a paradigm shift happening that the social engineers have been orchestrating for several decades now. Many who love not the truth will fall victim to the lies from the “angel of light”- satan. Those who love the truth and are not of this dark, blind and fallen world, will escape the great delusion weeding the sheep from the goats. Much love in Christ to you… We await the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last, to return in glory, (but not until much hardship and tribulation)… besides Him there is no god!


        Tammy, thank you for the inspiration which allowed me to write the above post on the PFC website. It is something I’ve been thinking about for a long, long time.

        I have been hurt many times in my life by well-meaning Evangelicals; this was effectively my ‘shout-out’ to all of them.

        Nova Biscotti

  11. Hello Rob:

    For meat eaters in the new world:
    Just order up a steak from the old ‘replicator’
    and enjoy!

    May the blessings be…

  12. Il existe bcp d’options possibles après l’Evénément, c’est sûr ! D’autant que c’est à l’humanité tout entière de décider des orientations générales, qu’elles soient spirituelles, sociales, technologiques, écologiques, médicales, alimentaires, sportives etc… Je mets en avant qu’il faille surtout nettoyer avant de reconstruire notre paradis sur Terre :o) Je répète: passer le karsher avant d’élaborer de belles choses :o) C’est évident . En ce sens, notre famille céleste dispose de moyens pour nous aider très, très rapidement. Mais c’est à l’humanité de décider comment. Nous maitrisons notre destin et ce n’est pas à quiconque d’imposer ses choix. L’humanité est sereine et possède un potentiel honorable pour se laisser guider par son coeur. Nous devons réfléchir intelligemment ensemble (les japonais, les congolais, les malgaches et le reste des nationalités…) pour prendre des décisions justes. Que la paix, la simplicité et l’harmonie soient appliquées par tout le monde et à tout instant.
    Fiat lux !

  13. I agree with a lot of what you guys are saying about the needed direction of our civilization. This seems to be a message of other-worldly hope. I have hoped for this type of change for a very long time, and continue to do so. We do need a drastic change. It’s not hard to imagine massive fear by those with limited perceptions, but ignorance can be cured. So, come forth, and bring the event. It’s time.

    I do have a question though. You mention arresting people; what will happen to those whom are arrested? What is this punishment you describe for them?

    • Eve,
      We are hoping people will not ‘WAIT” for an event we must all be the change and be active by actually doing something and creating our new society by our loving actions.

      The arrests are about stopping these criminals NOW. I am not qualified to Judge others. However it will be up to the international tribunals which will be established to expose the truth and all of the crimes and conspiricies against humanity which many of the ‘Major Players” have been involved with for many years.

      These trial will shock many and be a process of healing and revelation nessesary for us to move forward as a planet and a people. For many of th eminor players I will assume segrgation form society and long term healing of their very misguided souls.
      For others directly involved in murder wars rape sex slave trafficking depopulation programs, monsanto drugs that kill vaccinations etc etc ///who knows time will tell.

      • Rob,

        I agree that in order to change the world we must first change our own minds and hearts. Personally I have been on this healing path for the last couple of years. I’ve made great progress, and look forward to making more. Growth come from within in order to effect the world outside ourselves. Outer peace come from inner peace.

        I watched a video about approaching space ships, and the closure of NASA’s live feeds. This is very very interesting. Could these ships have something to do with an Event?

  14. I as bit worry… the change seem so sharp..
    We out of unsecure and selfish, here would a big chaos
    Wish the power of light and love is obvious enough that we not douth to believe~

  15. Thee event of all events is coming soon!!! The rescue or rapture of the True Church of Jesus Christ! Then Gods wrath also called The Day of the Lord! It will be like the Days of Noah where everyone on earth drowned/died except those who were Saved – all 8 of them in Noahs family! I know my family will be Saved by Jesus! Make Jesus your entire life or Perish!!! The Lord is not willing that any should Perish but all should come to Repentance!!! Dont forget 3/11/11 when a city in Japan drowned!!! It will happen worldwide Soon!!! Prophet Jill

    • Jill,
      You seem very sick in your views that people need to die to be punished for your weirdo selfish and incorrect views on the teachings of christ.
      The 3-11 attack in Japan was orchestrated by some very evil people within the NSA. I will leave your henious remarks so that others can see the error of a self righteous Prophet who is niether righteous nor a prophet.
      Go to your chamber and PRAY for the healing of your soul.
      I feel like the soup Nazi on Seinfeld…No V for you

      • Rob,
        I love your response to that comment. I am so ready for this change to happen but I worry that there will be many who resist this change because of dogmatic beliefs. I want to do whatever I can in order to help with this process but I am unsure what I can currently do in order to help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Joseph

        • Joseph,
          You are thinking and applyig yourself so your inner prediliction will lead the way. Follow your voice within how do you feel in your heart is the best way you can help? do you have lots of money? if so you could donate to worthy groups or organizations. Do you have insight and writing skills? you could write articles and post them about your thoughts and feelings to help people process the tremendous changes as the religious intsitutions crumble and false beleifs are shattered! Do you have gardening skills why not creat community gardens ? Do you work at a supermarket? start a campaign to stop throwing out food every day and arrange for ti to be distributed to the homeless through a reputable charity group already feeding the homeless. So many ways maybe you are a good speaker and you can create an event support group and help talk to people about dialogueing about positive changes?

    • If you’re heart is very open then you should’ve realized the true church of Jesus Christ is in fact the Eastern Orthodox Church! Christianity have an absurd blood doctrine anyway. Just follow the “you shall not murder” path and you’ll be on your way. Learn the 7 laws of Noah from an Orthodox rabbi.

      Fukushima nuclear accident was probably the work of a dark cabal. No drowning there.

  16. Heath,
    Do you have a better solution?
    This world, and the people are facing serious issues.

    I find it refreshing that people are discovering ways to survive it, and rise above it.

    We can sink, or we can swim.
    We can stand united….or fall.
    We all have the choice, and the power.
    But, none of us can make that choice for another..

    Love to you and yours,

  17. Manuela,

    Will it be illegal for animal predators to hunt for their food. Will there be “UFO type crafts” to hunt down a lion that kills a zebra for consumption/ survival. Freaking wack job!

    • Manuela,
      The lion will lie down with the Lamb eventually. As the demonic elementals of the minor arcana are purified from the field of the earth you may actually be surprised to find predators become vegetarians. This is defintely instore for the earths future but it may be a long wy off. I do not know but i am told this will someday come to pass as the very laws of nature and physics are altered as we transpose our vibration slowly and gradually into a more balanced attunement to source.

      • Thank you Rob, yes, hopefully soon enough we’ll get to live and cocreate a cruelty free world, as we are being accepted as a new member of the Galactic Confederation of star nations <3

    • i wouldn’t know Blazil, you might wanna ask our Space families how they have managed to cocreate a cruelty free world…we r talking here about human animals for now..the rest is out of our power for now and eventually all carnovorous animals will return to their original non carnivorous state (before being genetically manipulated) and live alongside a veg humanus race, just like everyone else in the evolved hyperdimensional multiverse gets to do…so, prepare for change indeed:)

  18. Hi Rob,

    Below I’m submitting the info/article we’ve briefly talked about as a proposal for planetary healing. Heartful gratitude and much love <3

    Planetary healing offered services

    Beloved Cobra, Rob, RM and all magnificent and brave souls liberating our planet,

    With regards to healing the ecosystems of our beloved home world, Mother Earth from her many devastated areas due to all types of animal food production
    With regards to liberating our longest suffering sentient Earthlings family in non human animal bodies
    to assist humanity to heal their mental, emotional and physical bodies through real food

    I have gathered through my blogs a vast source of materials which can be used as educational materials to be passed onto the world's population after the Event

    My AGN Veg blog has become the largest in content in the world when it comes to everything vegan

    I've been one form of activist or another my entire life, since I was 5 years old.

    My latest form of activism has been fueled by the astounding discovery of how most New Earth type forming organizations, continue to offer as permanent solutions, as part of their programs, HUNTING as a "hobby/outdoor recreational activity" and animal based permaculture

    as well as upon the astounding discovery how 9 out of 10 alternative media sources continue to promote "happy meat and exploitation"

    SPECIEsm, the root cause of ALL our other ISMs (SUPREMACism, RACism, SEXism, ELITism) runs deep in our core, even among those who believe to be awaken and expecting they will enter a new galactic civilization society, without the need to change

    I am most certain that our benevolent galactic family and RM have already panned out a Master plan in this very direction but I've sensed that I could forward you some of my vision and offer my services for our planet after the Event, in this direction.

    There are millions of committed, passionate vegans and countless vegan activists who would consider this a dream job, in helping our planet and animals to heal

    Below are some of my input, ideas and potentially useful methods in how we can help transform and heal our world, through the most overlooked, elephant in the room aspect.

    Please feel free to contact me here whenever my assistance is needed.

    With deepest gratitude for everything that you're doing and eternal love,

    A New Earth plan to put an end to planetary ecocide and exploitation of other sentient beings known as non human animals

    Through the text and links in this page, one can instantly discover that veganizing our world is not only the greatest solution to MOST of our world problems but is already taking place at an exponential pace.

    500,000 years of human history in a 3 minutes brilliantly created animated clip
    from a much needed perspective for human kind at large or
    The short animated movie that deserves 10 Oscars

    if we could convince humanity to move on and beyond a monetary based society to a cashless global nation right from the start

    if we have the means to convince humanity to unplug from govern mental control at all levels right from the start

    if we are able to show people that we don't need to drill the sentient body of Mother Earth for survival energetic needs
    by releasing and implementing countless free energy, antigravitational, healing of all dis-eases technologies and apparatuses right from the start

    we most certain, already have the means to help them move beyond the "killing for living and fun" as well as exploiting other sentient beings for agricultural purposes

    without holding back
    without reticence

    showing them myriad of possibilities when it comes to exploring and adopting new hobbies and pastimes, other than "hunting"

    because we now have endless means of support in this direction

    we now have many tens of millions who thrive on animal free foods, clothes and cruelty free lifestyles, even if they are still using money and everything else OLD

    humanus can be helped to leave behind the "killing as hobby" (hunting), if s/he can be helped to imagine, accept and practice a money free lifestyle, using highly advanced technologies, living in sacred geometry sacred spaces

    if we will help humanity to lay down their guns for wars against people, we are able to help them lay down their guns for wars against our other earthlings cohabitants

    advance, cutting edge change should be introduced and implemented at all main levels at once

    new technologies are able to replace not only the need for money, housing, govern ment, drilling the earth for resources, devastating the ecosystems in order to mass produce animal based foods for 7 billion and fastly growing populace
    but also
    new technologies have the means to reproduce and create nutrient dense real foods which can end overnight any and all forms of animal exploitation and killing as well as putting and end to ecocide

    we need a Renaissance at all main aspects of our existence

    if anything, of all needs and priorities, working together towards a truly peaceful, in all her aspects, killing free planet is our collective aim

    Why the VEGANISM urgency and pressure

    Gaia goes VEGAN

    my vision of our world, a few short years from now, hopefully sooner
    Message from 2022

    1) All animal farms, including “sustainable”, “humane”, bio dynamic, organic, free range, family owned and operated, large or small, industry based (very large scale) to be replaced by vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and herbs farming through geo domes and other advanced, healthy, efficient food growing methods, with zero animal “husbandry” and use

    2) Educating the 7 + billion people in our world through main stream media that any and all forms of animal farming are rapidly destroying the many ecosystems of our planet, therefore we need immediate change with no baby steps and instead taking adult steps. To also educate the people of this world that any and all forms of animal exploitation, cruelty and use will need to immediately cease and spiritually be healed, for helping our aching world to heal her many traumas and devastated ecosystems.

    3) All around the world, we need to create food replicators and Beyond Meat and/or 3D printing type locations as well as dairy, eggs, fish (already available at small scale) cruelty free alternative versions, which can temporarily provide the meat, dairy, eggs and fish needs for humanity’s withdrawal from this age old physical, mental and traditional/cultural addiction and attachment to the “old style eating” and until enough education and healing can take place, gradually replacing our food cravings with healthier and healthier versions such as high vibrational raw living real foods that only grow from the ground and trees and which we were designed to eat.

    4) All slaughterhouses in our world to be demolished through higher dimensional, advanced technologies which can instantly dematerialize and energetically clean the area from its hugely dense low vibrational frequencies energies from decades of holocaust type practices. All old slaughterhouses to be replaced with lushes gardens which can further help the planet to heal her old hellgates and transmute them into portals of light love beauty. In time, as sufficient energetic healing takes place, new animals’ sanctuaries and human learning centers could be built and created.

    5) All farmed animals and fish farms for food, clothes, shoes, furniture leather and all other uses to be gently rescued by thousands of animal rights activists and relocated in wide opened sanctuaries where they can receive much needed spiritual and physical healing and where they’ll spend the rest of their lives healing in peace, loving care and freedom. Without artificial insemination and holocaust type practices, the number of enslaved animals will exponentially decrease once they are helped to readjust to their original, natural habitat from where they’ve been kidnapped and forced into slavery (domestication) long ago.

    6) All animal based foods from fast food restaurants, regular restaurants, eateries, supermarkets to be legally replaced by vegan alternative versions of meat, dairy, eggs and fish

    7) All types and forms of animal exploitation and use to immediately cease and be passed illegal, all around the world at once: working animals, “entertainment” (bull fighting and other animals type fighting, aquariums, circuses, zoos), horse racing, dolphin slaughter for “tradition” such as in Denmark, dolphins and whales fishing, killing African animals for “safari type tourism” and for ivory and multiple other “uses” and reasons such as poaching, all wool and fur farms, pet shops, dogs and cats breeders (for profit or food such as mainly in Asia)

    8) All forms of hunting to become instantly illegal, regardless of reason: food, “sport”, “pleasure”, earning a living. In the US alone there are an estimated 15 million hunters. Highly advanced ET technologies to be introduced and used in order to track down by intent/thought frequency pattern and resonance, anyone who will oppose the new legislation and will attempt to use weapons for hunting, through hunting monitoring centers where animal loving and animal rights devoted humans can work. An animal protection task force police “type” global organization to be created, as there are millions of animal rights passionate people who’d absolutely love to be part of it. All “hunters” who have developed a lust for blood, meat, killing, trapping, stalking animals, will not “go down” easy without at least attempting to put out a good “fight” when their hunting licenses will be revoked and guns taken away. Thus we’d need a serious and well equipped animal protection task force police “type” global organization before stripping the “rights” to kill other sentient beings from those who have used “tradition” and “food needs” for too long to satisfy their appetite for killing. We’d need special UFO type flying “animal protection task force police” vehicles to instantly reach any area where a “hunter’s mind” ha s put the intent out there to illegally hunt, captured by frequency on the monitors at the center of our animal protection task force. Once ANYone’s mind sends out by thought, the intent to kill, an audio signal to go off and the officers to be instantly notified and reach the particular source of the “intent to kill” and remove its originator. Any other method of cleaning our world of killers of any being, such as being beamed up and taken to a galactic rehabilitation center would speed things up for our planet but most certainly, anything else to more efficiently make this work is more than needed and welcomed.

    9) All street dogs, cats and all other homeless, abandoned, neglected animals to be rescued, along with all the humane societies, animal shelters, pounds and relocated to large newly created healing sanctuaries all around the world, where they can receive much needed healing, assistance and love, being helped by countless animal lovers in our world and through new programs, adopted into loving human families.
    10) We need multiple assistance and guidance in all of the above matters from our benevolent Galactic families and friends who most certainly have a vast array of experience and expertise in dealing with worlds such as ours throughout the millions of years it took for this galaxy to get to this peace point we are entering and cocreating.

    11) These are only brief highlights of the most major areas of deep concern for our world which will need to be developed in far greater detail and implemented at global, planetary scale.

    Through 2 of my blogs, there are a large # of related info sources to help us make a smoother transition and usher in our New Earth society.
    May all Beings be free and happy!

    With deepest gratitude,
    Manuela Arhire
    [email protected]

    • Good luck with that police state of yours bro.
      Making animal hunting,entertainment,eating, and by extension guns illegal eh?
      I don’t think a lot of us are going to take the crap you describe lying down.

      Whether it is enforced by technologically advanced entities or not.They can just kill me I guess,if that’s what it takes.

      • B,
        Who said anything about making it illegal. Go ahead continue your hunting and killing of animals as entertainment. eventually you may change your mind as you learn about the consequences of these actions.

        • Well I was referring to what Manuela said above actually

          His idea of ‘utopia’ sounds like a semi police state to me.And that wouldn’t be tolerated whether attempted to be enforced by humans or aliens.

          So let me clarify something with you Rob that I’ve been meaning to ask.Does this mean that our 2nd amendment right to bear arms,and other amendments will not be infringed?

          Because in all honesty these Galactics can talk about a one world society with set rules all they want.

          If it infringes on our constitutional or religious rights,It will not be followed by many Americans including myself.Many of us will not allow galactic tyrants,any more then we will the human variety.

          • Benjamin, this is a world in fast transition and in order to be accepted into a galactic civilisation, ANY and ALL forms of killing will need to cease…with food replicators coming up soon, as well as brand new advanced food production methods, why would you still need to kill other beings?

            even without food replicators the “killing for living” draco reptilian agenda will be erased from our matrix implants…

            so, if you resist your own evolution, you will gravitate to another plane of existence where killing will continue to be allowed…if you’ll continue to crave 3D existence…

            why else would you be here, asking and expecting your own liberation from the cabal grips if u r so against extending it to the OTHER BEings to whom we have become the cabal?

            double standard, paradox, whatever the name, something does not add up…here is to your awakening:

            “We need never look for universal peace on this earth until men stop killing animals for food. The lust for blood has permeated the race thought and the destruction of life will continue to repeat its psychology, the world round, until men willingly observe the law in all phases of life, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’” – Charles Fillmore, “The Vegetarian,” May 1920

            “Animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than blacks were made for whites or women for men.”
            ~ Alice Walker


            We universally condemn supremacism, elitism, and exclusivism for destroying peace and social justice, yet we unquestioningly and even proudly adopt precisely these attitudes when it comes to animals. Dr. Will Tuttle (World Peace Diet)

            FOOD, the most dangerous weapon of mass control

            Why the VEGANISM urgency and pressure

            real tyrany in this world has started and will end with animal holocaust which converted in human holocaust…killing in the name of peace, eating and religion will cease soon enough…we won’t have any more reasons to kill under the disguise as “religious or civil rights”…

      • no, nobody will kill you Benjamin but if you still crave killing, you and anyone like you will go ahead and move and live on another planet where the OLD way of doing things continue for learning and growing purpose…this is becoming a KILLING FREEE world and it is up to you to adapt and evolve IN IT or move backwards to where you try to escape from now…

  19. Pisces,

    You make some good points but this website being a NWO is not one of them. In fact it is so wrong it is a crack up really. All of us who work for free have real lives and no affiliations with the NWO. In fact we are all dedicated to taking down all criminals in this NWO infrastructure. You are sadly misinformed and your knee jerk reactions to the very real problems you describe do not show much maturity or thinking out of the solutions to our worlds problems.
    Ths is understandable as your experience is void of the understanding of the spiritual side of the Sapce famlies interactions with humanity.
    More space family is of a positive influence than hostile. However the hostile forces are certainly doing the most damage and are therefore more easily discussed.
    You are not a lab rat despite how some might treat you. You are a divine and powerful part of creation. HOW do we get out of this? With your help …so please look in the mirror and tell us what do you suggest? Ignore positive suggestions and pompously declare this is a disinformation site period?
    tsk tsk I almost deleted your comment as we do not need or want people who are so close minded and arrogant to declare us a a misinformation site. If we are why are you here to try and save people from ????? We ARE NOT NWO disinfo people.

    Get real why not post on FOX news that is the real disinfo. Anyway your statements show you have not really read this site notr taken the time to reflect or to postulate to yourself idf this were real…….? Like what if….then think and try to intelligently decipher the complex situation we as a planet are in and what Interplanetary cultural Exchange might look like.

    I will hope for an answer with more than negativity from you or your post will be removed until you can follow protocols of not just bashing this sites integrity or anyone personally. Many of the answers to your questions/views and statements are on this site. have an open mind look around and if you like what you see stay and comment nicely. If it all is rubbish to you fine please just leave we dont need any snide parting remarks as you go.
    I respect your right to feel differently but please do so intelligently with respect.

    • Pisces master,
      I am not responsible for your education, understanding or feelings. You will have to go through this site on your own or not it is your choice! You are right the public mostly has no idea what is going on. This is the purpose of this website. I do have personal experiences. will give you some idea. My contact is there! Good luck on your journey and you may stand by your statements on all space family. I hope you realize it is a big universe and you have made a very broad sweeping indictment of the entire universe.
      time will revrealthe truth it always does.
      peacefully Rob Potter

  20. Sounds like this plan is simply a delusion of reality… This website is full of fictional stories that are based on no facts..You talk about an EVENT but have no proof to back any of it up… Sounds like a waist of time and energy…

    • @Shane It is sometimes hard to realize what is really going on in the world. I know one thing: we must change our ways because if we don’t, humanity as we know it today will cease to exist. The awakening cannot be stopped, the light cannot be stopped, intelligence (the real one) cannot be stopped. The greatest challenge humans will face in the near future will be the letting go of the old memory of the human race.

      In light


    Shortly after the “Event”, when the new financial system will be in full swing, a new science will be “offered” to the entire world. This new science will be called:
    This science will enable everybody to enjoy their own source of energy without having to pay big corporations (owned by the “powers that were”). All electrical needs will be met (for free of course!), and this technology will be applied to all aspect of transportation as well.

    We will enjoy the same kind of technology that the people of Atlantis had. These technologies have been hidden from the masses in order to maintain total domination through energy requirements, in all of its forms.

    In light

  22. Just wanted to thank you, Rob, for all the great work that you and many other devoted light workers do in setting the planet free. I will greet The Event with unbridled joy and eager anticipation for a life unspoilt by chemical toxins, mass-media distortions, and the savage inequalities of wealth and life-quality we currently endure. In a fair world, the psychopaths would receive treatment or chastisement, not the opportunity to control governments and world economies.
    As Leonard Cohen said, “The rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor…(but) there’s a mighty Judgement coming”.
    Pray God it will be soon – to reward the efforts of people like yourself, and return the earth to her rightful state of peace, love and freedom.

    • Carl,
      Thank you for your kind words of support! The entire PFC team is working hard to serve the light with joy and love.

  23. Hi Rob,

    Could you please post this if links are not permitted? Thanks a lot <3

    To learn why veganism is our only way out, Google:

    -Why the VEGANISM urgency and pressure

    -“HUMANE” MEAT, dairy, eggs and fish FOOD myth debunked


    world's largest NONcommercial, educational only blog on the topic

  24. @ tobeys and als of our world…

    when you demand that your free will is to be respected when it comes to the food you eat, this should and will also include the free will to live of those WHOM you eat…WHAT FOOD you eat it is entirely your choice but in the new paradigm world we co create as we speak, WHO you choose to eat will not remain your free will anymore, simply because killing and exploiting of any form will be transmuted, eliminated…

    animals do not GIVE their lives to us…WE TAKE IT from them…they’ve been created with YEARS LONG lifespans for a spiritual purpose, not as FOODS (growing through soil and trees) have been created SEASONAL for a purpose…there is no such thing as “humane, compassionate” killing, no matter how “loving” your chickens or other animals have been raised…

    forcing a soul to abruptly exit from its physical vessel so you can enjoy its flesh has no room in the new world we are cocreating already

    nutritional wise, each and every single nutrient a human body needs to thrive is plentiful found in plant based foods

    many millions of people of all ages and now animals are living proof of this

    freedom from exploitation and tyranny includes ALL EARTH INHABITANTS, as the original plan was…animal agriculture, as “bio dynamic, free range, humane” as it may attempt to be seen is by far the world’s largest ECOCIDE source…there are now multiple ALTERNATIVE, CRUELTY FREE versions of MEAT, DAIRY, EGGS and FISH, more healthy than any dead matter you may ingest from a tormented being, as food, for you living body…

    and we haven’t even gotten into NEW TECHNOLOGIES of food production such as FOOD REPLICATORS…warm up to the VEGANISM word and concept because this is already happening at an exponential rate…and if for those who aren’t able to see themselves living in a ZERO EXPLOITATION for ALL LIVING BEINGS, for those who are not able to envision themselves into a CRUELTY FREE WORLD, then you will be invited to LEAVE this world and relocated to another 3D world where the same drama and disasters we are now transmuting will still be available for those who still crave them simply because this world is ASCENDING and because the GALACTIC CODEX will become the only law and rule of our world…through it, ALL sentient beings have the right to live free and happy…ANIMALS ARE SENTIENT BEINGS by definition…SPECIEsm is the root cause of ALL of our current problems: ELITism, SUPREMACism, RACism, CABALism, SEXism

    remember that it all started with the crack in the dam before we’ve manifested an astronomical proportions galactic mess which we now learn to transmute, heal and change…

    Why the VEGANISM urgency and pressure

    “HUMANE” MEAT, dairy, eggs and fish FOOD myth debunked


  25. I like and agree with all the things you wrote about, except the vegetarian thing. You say these are post event possibilities. Does this mean the Pleiadians say these will happen or is the vegetarian thing your agenda?
    It fascinates me that someone who wants there to be freedom for human beings is so closed minded about how people eat. Eating only vegetables or only grains, beans, vegetables,and fruits or eating meat and vegetables or whatever people want to eat is a choice, not a dictate. I personally tried to be a vegetarian. I studied how to do it and was very conscious of doing it right for a year and a half. It only made me feel yukky.
    When I eat the way I do, which includes meat at basically every meal, plus organic, locally grown, farm fresh foods, especially from my garden- vegetables; and eggs from my chickens I feel so much better. I am a meat person. My ancestors ate meat. I am tired of vegetarians being so militant about their choices(some of them, of course, not all) and trying to make others go only their way. Besides, there was a message from the Pleiadians that said that animals were put here to be our companions, friends and food. And that if we treated our animals with love while feeding them, the animals understood that they gave their lives for us.
    I don’t care what you or anyone else eats. Just leave me to my meat, peace-ably. Everybody is different as to what they are allergic to and what sustains them the best. Thank you.

    • Tobey,
      This is not my agenda. This is part of the universes laws that though shall not kill! This is difficult to comprehend on on our planet which really has no culture or releative understanding of true universal principals.
      I myself am mostly vegetarian but do eat meat on occasion. Mostly fish in my case. This will be understood and explained. The current state of animal treatment is not only unethical in spiritual terms but is extremely unhealthy especially when combined with hormones vaccinations and genetically altered food fed to the animals.
      This will end. Food replicators and other advanced technologies like growing meat in a labs are used on other physical worlds of the confederation. The earth will make a natural and gradual transititon to this more healthy lifestyle. do not obsess or worry about this. In the scheme of planetary liberation from self imposed tyranny meat eating and diet though not at the top of the list are still important aspects to our growth and evolution. Chemicals GMO’s and radiation and toxic chemicals are more damaging than eaating meat itself.
      The natural growth and understanding that will come as we vbrationally align with higher wisdom will make the transition natural and we will choose the higher path or our own freewill.

      • meat grown in a lab… sounds delicious, nutritious and not at all prone to dangerous genetic tweaking!! what a load of horse shiitake!!

    • Hi Tobey,
      Thank you for your comment. I would like to add that I have seen many people like you who are my readers, who unfortunately have attempted vegetarian life and found they did not ‘feel right’ about it. Even the family who ate ‘Raw’ in who inspired me now makes ‘broth’ with whole fish, or meat and bones, and finds it helps them.
      What I think is going on here is that our DNA has been tampered in some way for some of us who are on earth right now to require meat. I won’t go into this, but there are some beings that absolutely THRIVE on meat out in the galaxies, and undoubtedly some of them intermixed with us.
      It is our duty as citizens of Gaia to stay healthy and strive for our lives to be as cruelty-free in the interim.
      Once the advanced technologies arrive, I suspect that the Light Boxes will ‘correct’ any DNA ‘normal variants’ to make it easier to comply with what Robert Potter describes.
      Why not ‘go within’ in your Meditation, and discuss heart-to-heart with Source the situation you are experiencing with the meat? Then you will experience what ‘resonates’ as your personal Truth, with Spirit, and live your life as close to your optimum as you can.
      As for myself, I went Raw Vegan in January 2013. I had all the supplements for RAW protein meal and probiotics but I forgot the Vitamin D. I started to crave mushrooms, which I normally do not enjoy. Mushrooms are a strong source of Vitamin D2. My levels were so low I would have had Rickets if I was a child with growing bones! So I am on replacement, and although I enjoy vegan, Vitamin D milk and salmon are my ‘medicine’ to help the Vitamin D levels go up along with the supplement Vitamin D drops.
      There is some grey zone in the area of diet, and I wanted to open this discussion to add another perspective for the group. Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste.

    • Hi Tobey, although there’s beein going a lot of water under the bridge, the date being Febr. 26 2015 now, I like to share that I so agree with you and specially with this part in your comment: “And that if we treated our animals with love while feeding them, the animals understood that they gave their lives for us”. I myself have found a need for a small amount of meat in my diet and with that, being a health-foodconsultant and very conscious in where I buy and how I prepare my food, I tend to see it like this, that it’s not what we eat, but how we treat life turning it into our food and our bodies. If that’s done with respect, for plants and the animal which offers his meat, I think that this is a way of living that allows every “body and soul” to be free. Including those of animals. I have a bit of a pure wilderness fondness and a bit of a N. American Indian past. In the honesty of that lifestyle, which includes honoring nature, with animals in it, I think we can make and treat all things sacred. Which, in a sense, is already the case. For all things made are loved by God, even the most evil creations. I don’t talk about a sentimental heart kind of love, this is a kind of love that is essentially present in all things created. Unconditionally.

    • Bonsoir,
      Je pense que le monde deviendra végétarien en ce sens que ce sera une réponse à une nouvelle façon de vivre et qui ne sera pas imposée. Si des personnes ne sont pas satisfaites de ce mode de consommation alimentaire, je pense que l’adaptation sera difficile; enfin bcp plus difficile même car ce sera un renversement total des valeurs. Ce qui est minoritaire aujourd’hui, sera majoritaire bientôt; enfin pour cet exemple ce sera comme cela : bcp de végétariens ( pour ne pas dire totalement végétaliens/vegan) et très, très peu d’omnivores.

  26. Hi Everyone,

    About the “Borders” (which I LOVE by the way)… does that mean:

    • no more visas (the requirements to get one is outrageous)
    • no more waiting in vain to get or not get to be citizens.
    • no more immigration paperwork (to get a work/student/permanent residency/etc)
    • no more terrorism tactics on ANYBODY stereotyped as one
    • no more expensive tickets just to travel from point A to point B (overseas and within the province/state)
    • no more immigration laws against the “immigrants”
    • and no more punishment against the Indigenous Natives.

    I know for certain there are people out there who’d see this as a terrifying thing to not have any of such immigration laws/rules/regulations to keep “them” the local citizens safe and sound from “potential terrorists” or “potential job competitors” or “potential new criminals”. I know there are such folks out there who feel threatened that there are “aliens” doing harm in “their” land. But I for one have been very frustrated with this entire immigration system. My siblings are very frustrated that they do not have enough money or rights to bring me up there with them. I for one cannot speak for everybody, but I’m sure I’m not the only one in this awkward position.

    To have to show that I have thousands of dollars in my bank account (which I closed it down some time ago) just to have even a visitor’s visa… a law that was just implemented just recently… is utter nonsense for me as someone who is just trying to visit a country I’m not 100% sure I’d resonate anyway. I just want to pay a visit.

    To have to prove that my skills are worthy for a certain country to “get in legally” is also frustrating. I’m in transition by the Universe and finding a job could be really daunting. I get it that I need to be productive but I’d rather be in a non-hiearchal type of one… and in the Old World that we’re still running in that’s not going to happen. I just want to live.

    I could go on. The point is we are the Citizens of the Earth and we all deserve to be treated fairly, with respect and equally. No more racial stereotyping. Yes the “locals” do deserve to allow only those who do no harm… BUT there HAS to be another way. A sane, healthy and fair one for all. Can it be done swiftly and sacredly…. like a Wise Elder who psychically scans the intentions of the individual just like the Pleadians would do… or something of that sort?

    I just want to live freely.

    Lou Ann


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