Nature Restoration Program Sign-up Page

NOTICE:  The Nature Restoration Program continues to generate interest and we appreciate those who have submitted their contact information!  We are seeking volunteers to take leadership roles in their communities/regions/countries such that these programs can develop into whatever your mission is.  Active volunteers are the key to success!  Transmute your passion for nature into helping Mother Earth accelerate her own ascension towards  The Event!  Prepare For Change is ready to assist you with taking the necessary steps to create these programs.   Please contact us at [email protected] and let us know you are willing to be a leader in this great effort.  Thanks for your continued interest.  Victory of the Light!



Welcome to the Nature Restoration Sign-up Page. Below this brief text there is a form intended to start your personal involvement in Nature Restoration. Although we are focused on creating alignments of interest groups to heal the environment in specified parts of nature, it is the individuals who want to see it happen that are the first priority.  We are an organization of people and if that does not work there will be no benefit to nature at all.

The Nature Restoration form is designed to enable you to say which part of the process you would like to be involved with restoring.

Nature Restoration Sign-up Form

Use this form to join the Nature Restoration Program. Whether you are student, Volunteer group leader, land holder or employed by a supervising agency, you can use this form to begin the process or Nature Restoration somewhere right here and right now.This form is evolving and will be adapted as feedback demands. Please send email to [email protected] with any comments.
  • Please put your name in the fields above and contact information below. In order for us to contact you, please give your complete name and title.
  • Use your personal email if you want to be contacted about this personally.
  • optional- this will only be seen by administrators
  • Please say what you envision your role in the nature Restoration process will be. A Restoration Organizer identifies sites and serves as the process coordinator. A field Volunteer goes to the site and works to move invasive plants and feral animals, build fences guided structures, plants restorative vegetation and performs data collection. A Field Volunteer Supervisor leads the field volunteers and is usually a teacher or instructor at the group's organization, such as a school, church or club. A Volunteer Group Contact is usually an executive or principle in an organization which is adopting the Nature Restoration Program for an educational and field activity. A land holder may be a private owner of property, an administrator of trust land, or official delegated to maintain public land. A supervising agency is mandated by law to oversee compliance of statutes covering any of the areas involved with nature restoration.
  • Please define the area or region with which you can participate. Please use City, County, State and Nation so others can identify your project's location or the area your group can serve or in which your authority applies.
  • Use this field to share thoughts or ask questions.