Mission Statement:

We are committed to healing ourselves, our society and our planet, using our personal as well as the combined healing energy of our group. Integrating knowledge and skill to feel the energy and having the ability to direct it in a beneficial way is not limited to one venue, but toward whatever interests the Healer. Whether using herbs or other modalities. our efforts to work together are diverse and address the whole of our experiences. We are committed to using our abilities to focus our worldwide group on healing the planet and society, our bodies, minds and spirits. Healing is the gift that gives, and we open the doors to the entire planet, its flora, fauna, human societies and individuals to receive and be healed. We are healers to all in need of healing.


Distance healing is the nature of our gift, we are resonant beings and our thoughts and feelings radiate worldwide as well as to those we touch. We know that the planet is surrounded by a living communication of which we are a part, and that our intention and focus direct the power of our combined loving energy to heal all we hold dear. The role of focus requires we actively choose venues for our efforts and these are intended to provide the broad yet specialized care needed to make a difference in our global healing program.

  • The healing of our planet, its animals, plants and life giving waters and atmosphere must be regard a a primary mission for us all, for nothing else we do will have a more far reaching effect than this.
  • Our minds and spirits extend beyond our bodies into the world around us, transferring our happiness and joy as well our hurt, pain and sorrows, making this care a truly social concern for us all.
  • The body is our vehicle to do the work entrusted to us by the creation and we must treat it as the true temple of light radiating the gift of consciousness and creation to all. Its vitality is the foundation of all see we seek to do, so here we focus the most intense healing vision of convictions and belief possible, for it enables the healing of the world around us.

Healing is a way of being, and that mission is in our every step in the world, All our vibrations are healing vibrations, everything we do can heal those around us. Regardless of our training and profession we express these values in our every action, this is what we do, we are Healers, it is our life’s mission.

If these words resonate with you, please join us to heal our world.


The Healing Group will provide knowledge and direction for those in need of healing the Body, Mind and Spirit at the time of  THE EVENT, and assist those who seek viable therapies unavailable before the EVENT, bridging between existing medical infrastructure and the alternative facilities to expand people’s view of their physical, mental, and emotional health.

To do this we are organizing information for an inclusive system for healing using advanced spiritual and technological systems that will be available after THE EVENT. Information and details are being gathered from all sources, so please contribute to this effort if you can. Existing medical communities will need to know about spiritual-energy-based technologies that can be applied immediately. Please understand that spiritual healing will be much more powerful after the Event. If this is your focus please tell us what your specialty is with as much detail as possible so those with need can be directed to you.  Click to Participate.

Healing White Light

The Healing Group is here to support those in need during the transition into The New Society.Our primary focus will be education, empowerment, and training. Healing will be provided through multiple approaches and modalities.

Practical Steps to get there:

  • Develop an independent infrastructure and network for those who can assist at the time of The Event.
  • Create a calming energy through energy work and healing.
  • Create a hotline for panicked phone calls.
  • Create appropriate verbiage for everyone to use at this time.
  • Supply conflict management.
  • Dissipate fear through outreach programs.
  • Have a list of resources for emergencies.
  • Create an online downloadable booklet for preparation for The Event.

Key Action Items:

  • Assure that no one is alone.
  • Teach and explain current conditions.
  • Create a common message.
  • Rally neighborhood support.


  • Create an online manual on ‘Helping Yourself at The Time of The Event’.
  • Create a Media Kit for Healing.
  • Create an RSS feed.
  • Social media pages for the healers group such as Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Recruit artists to provide poster art for a Healing Campaign.
  • Publicize phone hotlines with existing networks.
  • Liaison healers to the existing medical and societal institutions.
  • Get the message out on TV.
  • Create a YouTube channel.
  • Create a FAQ sheet for this time/


  • Pharmacies.
  • Alternative Healthcare Centers.
  • Department of Integrative Medicine.
  • Veterinarians.
  • Social Services.
  • Hospital Administrators.
  • Nurse House Supervisors.
  • Hospice.
  • Senior Centers.
  • Food Banks.
  • Metaphysical Stores.
  • Free Clinics.
  • Churches.
  • Outreach Groups.
  • Homeless Centers.

Be Well and Rejoice!


  1. The true power to heal comes from the Lord Jesus Christ. Every other way you try to get the gifts of God besides Jesus Christ is only a read end.

    Jesus is King

    Some things that disturbs people are demons. Meditation, aura, and all those are open doorways to demons. Come to Jesus. Let Him be your light

    • Where does it say in the Bible that meditation opens doors to demons? Meditation is nothing more than sitting in quietness so we can hear God 's message. If the devil is inside of you speaking then you have done some evil stuff. Jesus says we are like gods and that we can do everything he can do. Our body is our temple and we must go inside to maintain this temple. Jesus studied in India with the mystics who believe in meditation and in fact, true Christianity, the gnostics, not this junk it had become today, used meditation. The Christ is the chrysto or Christ oil inside your brain, the sacred oil which travels up your spine, up the 33 vertebrae. The letter "J" was not in any alphabet until the 1700s. I suggest you open your mind as you do your own research.

  2. MORGELLONS DISEASE: Currently a medical mystery, but to those who understand how GMOs are created, it is NOT a mystery. GMOs are made with Agrobacterium.

    “Agrobacterium has the unusual characteristic of being able to transfer foreign DNA or genetic material into the DNA of its host and can also transfer foreign DNA into the human genetic sequence inside human cells. One hundred percent of the people infected with the new, terrifying contagious Morgellons disease tested positive for the presence of Agrobacterium in their skin, while none of the people without Morgellons disease tested positive for Agrobacterium.”

    “Any genetically modified (GM) food could contain Agrobacterium because Agrobacterium is used in the making of all GM Organisms. . . .. Entire families in America contracted Morgellons disease at the same time. It may be that they contracted it from the dinner they ate together.” (Peter Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, NEXUS Magazine
    (www. I-sis.org.uk/agrobacteriumandmorgellons.php)

    GMO foods are: corn, soy, peanuts and some non-organic vegetables.

    How can you remove the parasites, worms, etc. that the GMOs have transferred to the human? Fresh water diatomaceous earth (www.perma-guard.com) and Kyolic (in health food stores.)

    • The same group that you are quoting also found 43 out of 44 people with Agrobacterium in them also had evidence of Lyme disease…… That when they were treated for Lyme disease it reduced the affliction

    • There's s lady, Dr Clark, Judy Clark i believe who has written dinner books and she has made a very low voltage shocker that you hold for 3 seven second intervals. The first kills the parasite, worms, etc, the 2nd shock kills the toxins released from the dead parasites and any eggs released. The 3rd is for good measure and them she suggests taking black walnut tincture, cloves and something else i believe. She has a specific regiment but this kills those inside the stomach. She states that there are no diseases but only different reactions caused by these parasite going into different areas of the body (organs). I wish i could reference the name of the book but if you look up Dr Judy Clark I'm sure you will find it there. You can buy her machine or make one for $20 so it's definitely worth it to try out

  3. Imagine an ocean of dazzling white light filled with love and peace above your head. Ask God to allow this light to enter your body, starting from the head….till every single cell in your body is filled with this dazzling white light of love and peace. For a few moments, experience the love and peace that this light fills you with. Now imagine the white light filling the room you are in, the building you are in, the city or town you are in, till the whole entire earth is filled with this beautiful, dazzling, healing white light from God. Do this for 7 minutes twice daily. Lightchannels.com

  4. Anyone out there, know how to heal Morgellons for myself, my 3 year old grand daughter and my 11 year old son. My dog and cats also have it. I’m in Farmington Mo. I would also like to give some advice for those suffering from it. I had lesions starting from my hands and going gradually up to my elbows on both arms. My face and ears and scalp were also affected. The way I’ve removed them from my skin, was to use duct tape, every time I felt the crawling, biting sensation, I would tape myself. In nine months, I used 9 rolls of duct tape and no longer have any sores, except around my mouth area. I don’t get bit anymore and don’t have that creepy crawling sensations anymore. Thank God. I still have Morgellons because I ordered an Eyeclops MiniCam, from Amazon and it works great. You can hook it up to your T.V. or it has its own screen and is hand held. I recommend this to everyone whether you think you have it or not, because I’ve tested my sister in law, and two of my baby nieces and they have it also, even though they had no signs of sores or itching nor rashes. It records onto a flash drive and records videos also of right under the layer of your skin. I got the idea from Ginger Savely, world renown expert on Morgellons. I do believe, Harold is right and that it is 100% infectious rate. Thank You [email protected]

  5. I would like to learn how to heal with Light. I have always just known how to heal with energy but feel it’s time to evolve into precise light healing… although I don’t really know what that is yet. lol. So I am asking for guidance. I am “awake” and want to continue to raise the vibration on earth. Sending Blessings to all.

    • Johanna, in the meantime you may have found your way to healing with Light. But if you don’t, I can imagine that one could see energy as equal to being Light, as in the colors of the aura and those in the chakras showing how a person manages his or her energetic playground and grounding, boundaries too.

      The light of the sun is energy as well. I know of healers who use a light pen, almost as needles are used on points of meridians, the energy-lines present in our bodies as a network or pattern of energy, to nurture and balance the organs and functions in our body.

      It depends on if you feel drawn to work with different vibrations of light, such as the colors of the rainbow show different vibrations, or if you’ve got another idea about healing with Light. We can all heal in the light of day, in broad daylight. It’s in essence very simple.

  6. For those of you who are interested in the research and work of Harald Kautz Vella,
    please listen to the 1:36:00 minute please, about healing. I’ve often warned against
    healing at random, on distance or in close up. The spirit being of a person needs to
    give permission for a healing treatment or remedy, for it’s possible that the person
    who’s suffering from dis-ease, has a motive to continue that behavior. We’re mature
    human beings when we allow an Other to experience his or her process, including
    suffering. We can support such a person with acts of kindness, of which one is the
    acknowledgment of that suffering without trying to change or do anything to “make
    it go away” That’s taking away that person’s power and abusing one’s own.


  7. I have been doing Urine therapy and sungazing for the last year . .I have healed my body and amazing beauty oil is my saliva and Urine
    I’m a Grandmother teaching my granddaughter how to do cart wheels I feel like I’m in my 20’s no pain

  8. I am an RN hypnotherapist healer looking to start a group for like-minded people focusing on ascension and related issues. I live in northern N.J near Upstate NY.

  9. Hi, I joined the Equinox Meditation under the link http://meditate.coeo.cc/m/829 at 22:02 h in Germany and the german audio appeared to be the meditation for Talim and Dosuri Tayfuns.
    Was ist highjacked?????
    Nobody of the other ca. 300 people obviously noticed. Strange!
    When I listened to the single link for german video on Youtube it was completely different and the Equinox Med was ok.

    Any idea?
    Best regards and

    • How can I heal this Morgellons? I’m from Farmington, Mo. and in need of a holistic/homeopathic Dr. close to me, if anyone can help, I can be reached at [email protected]. My Dr. will not help in anyway. Tells me, he doesn’t know anything about it and won’t even keep running test to find out what co-infection I have. I’ve been suffering over a year now and totally drained with this CHRONIC FATIGUE. My 3 year old Granddaughter and my 11 year old, also have it, without the lesions. They had the rashes but I’ve kept it toned down with many kinds of concoctions. I just need to know how to clear them from inside out. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Look up Tony Pantallereso he can help a really amazing man trys to help with all things in natural effective ways and teaches you step by step how to make healing items as well.

      • Darleen Hood, I seem to remember that you mentioned Harald Kautz Vella in a former post here. He’s one of the people I know of, who has assisted people with healing from Morgellons disease. His website offers a good amount of knowledge, and explanations and his presentations as well, on YouTube.

        Speaking as a holistic nutritionist and health coach, an acidic condition is prone to develop disturbances in the body, by means of that acidic blood quality. The opposite is alkalic. Often, an acidic condition is caused by processed food, such as ready-made meals containing much salt and sugar, refined food products, such as white flour, white sugar, cakes and biscuits made of white flour, GMO grown products, artificial sweeteners, and coffee. To name a few examples. An overdose of white sugar and white flour in one’s diet is the main cause of such a condition.

        Harald Kautz Vella has an excellent view on the nature and cause of Morgellons, after studying the subject thoroughly. He could be the person helping you.

  10. The posts are great! I loved reading the song /poem.

    I have been in health field for about 8 years. I left my job as a telemetry nurse because I did not like the direction health field is going. I decided I am more useful elsewhere . I am 26 and can not wait for my vocation to start. I am ready to assist with my gifts of the light !


    Caterina D’Amore

  11. I am into orgone energy and want to develop effienct healing and cleansing tools. I hope more people will get interested and join me. Soon I will start my workshop.

  12. A manmade cave-temple in Mexico, a place of healing and quietude. Look at the eyes of the sculptor.


  13. How Angelic Beings and nature spirits can speak to us:

    “If I could but speak to you
    the ancient language of light
    you would weep with remembrance…
    But I have remained mute
    for oh so long
    that even I forgot my song.
    Lonely I have been upon this plane
    deep has been my longing to go home,
    and silent my voice from earthly sound,
    for once sung I a song
    not yet here found.

    It was a simple language of being,
    light impulses conveyed through feelings,
    a subtle resonance of spirit
    vibrating through cell and heart and soul,
    merging and re-emerging into the ALL…

    Essence to essence we touched
    And spoke the silent language of the stars,
    mirroring through our eyes and hearts
    the light of who we are;
    for we were one
    and knew not what it was to be alone.

    Ours was a realm of purest love,
    innocent and infinitely sweet,
    we breathed the fragrant breath of God,
    hearts pulsing as one
    within the one Heartbeat…

    If I sing you the star name of Sirius,
    does your soul begin to hear an ancient song?
    Of dimensions beyond
    the stars and the suns,
    angelic spheres of radiance
    within the body
    of the Infinite One.

    There are brothers in the seas of our world
    who sing this song,
    calling man to remembrances
    of his celestial Homeland
    and his origins of the light filled
    Heart of God.

    It is that One alone
    who speaks through all that is:
    “Rise up my children come Home,
    return to blessedness…”

    Now the light of the stars and the sea
    awakens also in me
    the starry patterns etched within my cells.
    And the song of the Eternal One
    is truth I have always sung,
    for it is the very essence
    of who I am.
    Only now I am remembering
    And singing it again…”

    By “Grace”, an Angelic being living in Mount Shasta.

    Source: http://www.soundsofsirius.com/the-sidhe/

  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLr9RRIrH4A

    Manly Hall lecture on the Magnetic Fields of the Human body.
    According the view that we ourselves contain the wayshowers,
    the abilities and tools we need, within ourselves.

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIHUhhKpCio

    Toltec vision on health, healing, wellbeing and the way we view the world

  16. Thanks for the good writeup. It if truth be told used to be a leisure account it. Glance complex to more added agreeable from you! However, how can we keep up a correspondence?

  17. I’m a RN in a medical center in Arizona with a great group of colleagues, stable job with great paycheck & pension. I AM blessed & appreciate my gifts. And yet I feel lost and feel like a prisoner in a organization that is only focused the physical care of the illness. Execs do care, but most of the talk is about the “bottom line” & capacity etc. It makes me feel so sad to be a part of the “problems” of “healthcare” – chemo, drugs, radiation, clinical trials, etc.
    Part of me feels that I’d love to quit & do what I love full time —teaching HeartMath resilience & stress mgmt workshops & 1:1 coaching, Reiki, aromatherapy etcetera—instead those things I fit in when I can on my days off from my “job”.
    I feel better by sending Love & Light to myself, patients, staff etc & I know that I am a Lightworker shining Light in a shadow system. But I’m feeling a bit exhausted & torn. Any guidance or wisdom from other PFC brothers & sisters on how you handle & transmute this 3D matrix?
    Blessings & Namaste ~ Victory of the Light,

    • Barb, I suggest to have a look at your energysystem, the way you own it and hold your stance during your working days. I may be that you pick up energies from others around you and energies attached to the way medical treatment is done, even the suffering of patients around you. Before asking how you can transmute the 3D matrix, I advise you to go within and see what the work is that lies in waiting for you. Not meaning to approach the work in a way as if you should get rid of something. But rather find and acknowledge what’s true for you within and release all that is untrue to you. Love, as well as truth, are in the eye of the beholder. You’re free to choose your love, truth and interpretation of your reality. Make it so, that you feel good about yourself in the first place, all the rest follows and evolves from that stance. See how your judgments cause your body to feel tired or worn, it’s the energy flowing from that attention, in judgment, that’s at the root of that condition, see what I mean? You’ve got a choice, each moment of your life, to start anew, fresh and unspoiled, in your vision of a good life.

  18. I’m newly awakened and I had a reading from Laura M. E. I have natural healing abilities I’ve been trying to tap into with some successes. I just ordered some stones to help. I’m soo new to this would love some insight and help to maybe strengthen this ability which I plan to help heal the earth and anyone who made need assistance.

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  20. Hi all,

    The ‘contact us’ link above doesn’t work so thought I’d post here.

    I would also like to offer my services as a healer. I am currently being pushed by my guides to remove people’s etheric/archon/matrix implants and to offer more of this abroad via distance healing.

    Please visit www.grantpodesta.com if you’re interested.

    Otherwise thank you everyone for helping this awakening move along more quickly 🙂

  21. Hello everyone! For anyone who has expressed interest in the past, I have created a Facebook group! You can join at


    See you there!


  22. Let us co-create Heaven on Earth!

    Like our facebook for inspiration and lots of Wisdom:


    1 LOVE/People get ready!

  23. I’m an Intuitive healer. Reiki Master/ Teacher, also certified in Akashic records and Tibetan palm healing modalities
    I want to be part of this.
    Helping is who I am
    Please include me
    facebook.com/loniduek ( it was a symbol, not a picture)
    Thanks from Florida USA

  24. Hello to All! I am excited to find you here and to be a part of the change we wish to see on Beloved Earth <3

    I am not sure where to post this question: I have been thrilled to discover healing modalities I never knew before, such as shungite stone and now tachyons, which I found through this website.

    My question is Has anyone tried the tachyon water or any of their products and what has your experience been?

    thank you so much

    Love Light and Blessings to All,


    • The tachyon water was strong to start with and using my inner guidance I went from 3 drops 3 times a day to large sips in a months time. It felt like lots of light soldiers marching into the cells of my body and I felt reinforced. It also caused a bit of symptoms similar to going on a deep detox for the first time.

      The pendant despite being just glass is impressive. I could only wear it for quarter of an hour at a time to start with as I am very sensitive and I could feel a strong ache around my heart as the light coming through the pendant to my chest was strongly pushing out the low vibrational energy there. After I could wear it for longer and I could feel light feeding into my blood stream via my heart and heading to all parts of my body. These pendants are very strong and in terms of shifting low vibrational energy, they beat all other pendants I’ve tried hands down – including orgone, orgonium, quartz/other natural crystals etc etc. Very impressed.

      The chakra set are exactly the same in property wise just different in colour. I use them in healing often when I need to clear out the chakras quickly whilst performing other healing techniques. Healing guides seem to really like them as it appears they can work via these stones more easily.

      The healing cream has been impressive so far too though I haven’t needed it much being a healer myself.

      The vibration of tachyonised products in general is very high and you can feel the energy coming off them much easier than other products out there hence why they are so effective for healing and raising ones vibration. They also never need cleansing and cleanse other crystals etc nearby.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  25. Bonjour,

    I started manifesting a healing center since 2006-08 not being aware of all this. I new in my heart that this project was futuristic.

    My healing center still to be built is an aquatic center to nurture and balance our energy with light & sound.

    I am in Magog Quebec and would like to invite people in my area to join me to prepare for change.

    NOTE on my website:
    please note that my website will be updated soon. It is now addressing to an old business paradigm 😉



  26. Ik zoek mensen die zich aangetrokken voelen om samen te werken voor mens en dier.
    Graag zou ik een wakkere huisarts en dierenarts bij deze groep willen.
    Wie voelt zich geroepen?

    • This gentleman is asking for someone to work with animals (veterinarian) and humans (physician). Is anyone called?–I thought it might help to translate. Namaste.

  27. Ik zou graag een groep willen starten rondom wijdemeren ‘s-Graveland NH.
    Wie voelt zich geroepen en wakker om mee te doen. Ik heb een praktijk in ayurvedische massages, voedingsadvies en acupuntuur.
    Graag zou ik een wakkere huisarts (of gewezen huisarts) en dierenarts bij dit groepje wensen. Verder ieder die zich met gezondheid van mens en/of dier bezighoudt.
    Van harte welkom!!

    • I would like to start around Wijdemeren ‘s-Graveland NH a group. Anyone who feels called and woke to join. I have a practice in ayurvedic massages, acupuncture and nutrition. G –thank you so much for inviting others to start a group! Aloha, mahalos, and Victory To The Light!


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