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Website Guidelines

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Contributing Author’s Guidelines

  1. No articles that personally attack or defame this site, our members or Cobra will be posted.
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  3. Only three categories per article. Using more makes the point of categories useless as the same articles appear in each category.

 Members Please Note:

As you have seen with the new theme and graphics, is growing dramatically during the summer of 2015, adding multiple languages  and a social media capability to enable our members to easily connect based on their locations and quickly update one another about local events and changes. The new language websites will need volunteers to help them stay current with updated news and changes in each language.

Event Support Group Meeting Guidelines

For the Community Leaders Protocols see the Protocols fo Advising Leadership


  1. Can anyone explain, for a woman, what “realeases the sacred fluid” of the christ oil after the ascension? I think it’s obvious to most, what that entails for men but I’ve yet to hear/read it explained from a women’s perspective.

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  3. Unbelievable – I have searched just about every link and don’t find even one support group location. There’s plenty of information ABOUT them, but no way to find them, or if there is, it is very well hidden. Can you please let me know where I can find a list of groups in the Sedona, Cottonwood Camp Verde area of Arizona please. Thank you.

    • I apologize for the confusion Jane. This site is undergoing many changes right now.
      The site of all known PFC groups will now be on Facebook and
      To locate them on Facebook go to:
      The volunteer coordinating the posting of all the groups is Doron Kutash. If you have questions he could possibly help you.
      On – go here:
      The other way to get here is to use the “Participate” tab at the top of the page, in the drop down menu see/click on “Worldwide Facebook Network”.
      Currently I did click on the PFC –AZ site and it reported that “This content is currently unavailable”.
      I don’t know why this is but I will attempt to get an answer for you. If this group is not in your area I would suggest that you start a group. Help will be given as to how the current meetings are done elsewhere. Thank you for your interest and perseverance.

      Angel Eyes ~**~

  4. Gostaria de encontrar algum grupo aqui em Brasília, Brasil. Na hipótese de não haver nenhum formado, e eu não conseguir encontrar pessoas com esclarecimento suficiente para iniciar uma preparação mais adequada, gostaria de receber orientação quanto ao que poderia ir fazendo de forma individualizada.

  5. Jesus Christ said I have not come to bring Peace but a Sword.
    His Word The Holy Bible Scriptures is the Sword of Truth.

    • Tracy,
      We agree with you that there is sword of truth. But this sword will rend asunder all false lies and separate truth from falsehood and bring peace.
      I hope you do not mean a sword of violence as Christ was NOT promoting any thing other than love and certainly violence of any kind. I sincerely hope you do not think that violence or a “Holy War” is a good thing?
      Warm Regards
      Rob Potter

      • Jesus said a lot. But the author of the Bible has the power to decide what should be written in and what false information should be added. I'm not attacking anyone – I'm saying that this is separation, this is slavery, and we must overcome it.

  6. I just checked out the TShirts. All they say on them is Cobra….Seriously? Lets remember not to make Cobra into something more than he is. I hope theres not IPS – “Important Person Syndrome” going around here….

    • The Dave,
      Cobra stands for Compression Breakthrough which is an expression for the Events timing. Be aware that this site is not selling those T shirts they are on Cobras site only. This is his right on his blog.

      Here at PFC we have a donation button and so far we have our expenses covered for now. If we have financial issue due to lack of support we the goup leaders have have left the option of advertising open. However there has been no decision yet.

      You make a valid point and I see where you are coming from. However do believe me when I tell you Cobra in person is not at all ever trying to be “Something Special” . Anyone who knows him can attest to this as he is quite un assuming some have termed even “shy”.

      I consider him equnaminously accepting his position with integrity and responsibly discharging his duties. Believe me no one is getting rich off these sites least of all Cobra. As most dedicated lightworkers can attest that if anything a a whole we barely get by in the world of money.this will take dedication of time and energy by all of us.

      We are hoping this will change and abundance for all will be easily attained if we work together to realize this worthy goal.

      Tremendous energy and time is expended to share the understandings and to create what you see on cobras site and here.

      NO ONE FROM PFC TEAM or website has taken a dime for the information on this website. The one exception is the professional website developer who has also tirelessly and selflessly donated a tremendous amount of time and love to our mission. His name is Ryan Marchand and we are grateful for his continued service and help when we need him.
      Warm regards
      Rob Potter

    • Dear People,
      Looking for a Group in your area or want to form one of your own ??? Please read all of the instructions under the the participate button. Find or start a group by going there first.
      good Luck
      Rob Potter

  7. Looking to connect with those in Portland, Oregon. Please contact me via email. Subject line “Prepare for Change” . Victory of the Light.


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