Sisterhood of the Rose Meditations

Intentions and thoughts manifest our reality. And meditations are key for consciously calling into being our desired reality, especially group meditations.

Time is given in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), please convert this to your local time in your part of the world. UTC time conversion may be done Here.

For further Instructions and the 4 Hour Global Time schedule for the Ascension Timeline/End of Corona virus Meditation, click Here. Ascension Timeline/End of Corona virus Meditation guided video is Here.

 Artwork by Josephine Wall


  1. Global et contact meditation starts July 5

  2. Thank you, Gwyneth, visiting this page for the 2nd time I now see where I found that beautiful picture of the star-light-seeding lady in that picture with the meditation instructions.

    The falling in disarray of old energies of stagnation and control, described in your article and copied here:

    “As this Venus expression is forced into the spotlight and intensified, all the new energies of love and healing emerge, and the old energies of stagnation and control fall into disarray”.

    that’s what I’ve felt happening since a week or so. The anxiety of transition, looking for a new place to live and adjusting to the British way of life, pushed me with my nose on old energies of stagnation and control. Relentlessly and fortunately in company of the observer in me that is factual and objective.

    I’ve laughed much and felt desperate in turns, about my attempt to control what’s out of my control, not pushing aside emotions but include them in the process, sort of fermenting, like brewing a good ale.
    Cheers, health and prosperity to you!


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