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Prepare for Change Volunteer Form

PFC is growing and numerous new functions and programs need an hour a week or more from talented and skilled members to move forward. If you can help, please volunteer! Currently we need volunteers to help our website Content Team to choose and post articles that support our member's work in their communities.This form is submitted to the Membership Desk, Volunteer Section.
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  • Where you live is needed so we can be sure to contact you at the appropriate time of the day. It is also important for us connect you with nearby Local Groups if you choose to assist them.
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Prepare for Change Volunteers are people from all over the planet who realize that we must take responsibility for ourselves, that the “leadership” of society has been highjacked by a small elite who have directed everything that money can buy toward the accomplishment of their very self-serving goals.

This is why we are a volunteer network using open source technology, for it is only through the dedication of honorable men and women that the ambitions of the self-serving can be deterred. We take pride in building upon one another’s work to create functional solutions for all the people of the planet, and that it is important that all of these efforts will evolve from the foundation of committed PFC members. Take a look at the Programs listed in the form and see if you would like to become involved.

Please visit the Volunteer Projects page to learn more.