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At the moment you read this, whether the Event hasn’t happened yet, or has just happened, many people may be a little stunned with everything that’s going on on the planet.

So here we’ll present a list showing how we clearly already have all the solutions to heal this world, humans, animals, plants, ecosystems, and it’s up to us that they are implemented. This can inspire good ideas for PFC groups to work on locally. This list is non-exhaustive and to be updated regularly.


  1. Question!

    COBRA; please respond to my question.

    In one of your recent interviews, you had mentioned that if the Cabal crosses a certain line they will be exterminated by being sent to the Central Sun.

    You and I know who was and is behind two world wars, mass genocides through HAARP hurricanes, tsunamis , droughts, vaccines, chemtrails, ocean, land, air, food poisoning, world-wide economic hell, continued fueling of present wars and chaos, famine and sickness, unrelenting attempts to cause nuclear WW3, and the their best yet, Cabal’s insane promise to die first before they give up their intervention in our Ascension process.

    Every day, our brothers and sisters are dieing all around the world.

    Every day of delay to remove these earthly excrements off of this planet is painful to watch.

    If we wait for humanity to wake up from a century of calculated and effective spell and brainwashing, then lets give it a few more decades of this hell, since the media and the system is under the Cabal’s control and the masses bewitched in a trance.

    Can you please explain why the Resistance, both “downstairs” and “upstairs” do not think that the line you are talking about has loooooooong been crossed ?????? That the above stated reasons are not enough to be considered as line already crossed ?????

    For love of humanity, this is becoming extremely unbearable and unacceptable from our dear Positive Resistance. Please make me happy and give a good reason, or better yet, tell me they are being “exterminated” NOW.

    I appreciate and await answer directly from Cobra HIMSELF.(please).

    With brotherly love to you and the entire Positive Resistance.


  2. I’m a certified energy therapist, having received my certificate from Dr. Bradley Nelson’s program called THE EMOTION CODE. Dr. Nelson explains how negative energy is the cause of health problems and his modality is effective over a distance in removing the negative energies, thus allowing the body’s natural energies to restore health.
    I’m willing to offer energy sessions at no cost to those registered at this site.


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