PFC Leadership Document September 2013 (8726 downloads )


Mission Statement

The Prepare for Change Leadership Group’s mission is to advise and support the existing leadership of the world’s various governments to understand what is happening globally at the time of THE EVENT. We will provide information showing them that this is not a local event, but rather one that encompasses our entire planet, with numerous steps in the process of positive change. The Leadership Group’s volunteers will contact the different levels of leadership and act as advisors to them and provide support for maintaining peace and order within their states, counties, cities and neighborhoods, during and directly after THE EVENT.

Mission Goals

The primary goal is for the people to be calm and to maintain the status quo of societal infrastructure during THE EVENT. The most important aspect will be to ensure there is no fearful, drastic reaction by the political leaders to the mass arrests.

We will present the leaders with a series all-inclusive “Community Leaders Briefs” to explain that THE EVENT is a peaceful and necessary action, not a military coup or reason for fear. We can explain that this is simply a sweep of the world’s police forces to round up criminals involved in racketeering on a global scale. No martial law will be declared, and no restriction of movement upon the people will be required.

We will encourage those in positions of power to be of real help by using their authority to maintain the life – supporting infrastructure to the community that they represent. Of primary importance is the uninterrupted supply of water to the community. We will ask that all such systems continue to run smoothly, that gasoline, propane, transportation, electrical power grid and communication companies remain open and online, that hospitals and emergency responders are fully functional for those in need of such assistance. We also will encourage the orderly distribution of food to all that seek it.

We will help the populace to remain calm with good and informed help, and by providing inside intelligence about the current plans for change using this website, which will be updated with the most current material available. For obvious reasons, inside information and details will not be revealed until the related actions occur. Throughout the changes this website will continue to focus on the peaceful, harmonious change into a happier, healthier world.

During THE EVENT, we, the self-appointed advisors, will be able to offer our local, state, and national political infrastructure the patient, compassionate, and responsible answers they will need to understand exactly what is transpiring! To be effective, we must walk our talk to those in positions of power during THE EVENT itself. We must be calm, non-threatening, and helpful. To ensure this process is successful and peaceful, this website will provide packages of information (“Community Leaders Briefs”) to be disseminated to those in positions of power, by those self-appointed volunteers who are called to do so. This material can be studied or actually given as hard copies.

We want peace and harmony, not violence or over-reaction by any police forces. We will ask that law enforcement show restraint and not resort to violence. We will have plans to assure them that their calm reaction and leadership will ensure that no rioting or over-reaction to the situation by their constituents will occur. We will buttress their staff and support teams with knowledge and sympathy. We will not challenge their positions of authority. We will wait patiently to be invited to the table to share our information in simple and plain language with no agenda or fear. We will be transparent and honest. We will not proclaim to know the whole plan or to be experts. We will only steadfastly present ourselves as concerned citizens, committed to a peaceful transition, who have been apprised of this action before hand; and we are offering our support for education and advice.

To do this, we have decided on Four Sections to our Mission.

Introduction to the Four Sections

No one knows the hour of liberation, we suggest that you meditate, study, and prepare, as soon as your life permits. Allow the curve of spiritual development to guide you in this process. This EVENT will happen not on our time, or your time, but the right time. If you do not have a copy of these pages with you, please study and remember the “training” part of this page and let Love and compassion be your guide.

If you are not sure what we are presenting here, do not be afraid to ask, to learn, and to study. Do not act, unless your spirit is strong and you feel confident – even if you feel good about this but still have doubts. At the time of THE EVENT, print a copy of the “Community Leaders Brief” and leave it anonymously, or give it to someone better suited, whom you feel may do a good job presenting it.

Protocols for disseminating “The Community Leaders Brief”.

The Background to THE EVENT, and the Event itself.

Lists of those in positions of influence whom we feel are pertinent to a peaceful transition and who will benefit by receiving this information from you –the informed Light-working people.

Training to Advise Leadership suggestions for those who feel called upon to take up this work and distribute this information to the leadership of the world’s life-supporting infrastructure.

Justice will arrive in flash
Justice will arrive in flash!

Study the four Sections and prepare for the Event. Again, if you are not sure what we are presenting here, do not be afraid to ask, to learn, and to study. Do not act, unless your spirit is strong and you feel confident – even if you feel good about this but still have doubts. At the time of THE EVENT, print a copy of the “Community Leaders Brief” and leave it anonymously, or give it to someone better suited, whom you feel may do a good job presenting it.Some have seen and believe. There are others are who are blessed who have not seen and still believe. Judge this tree of knowledge by the fruit. We call for Peace, and for Love, and for Honesty on our world. By the Light of Truth, we will have it.

Some have seen and believe. There are others are who are blessed who have not seen and still believe. Judge this tree of knowledge by the fruit. We call for Peace, and for Love, and for Honesty on our world. By the Light of Truth, we will have it.

Rise up now for no one but we, ourselves, can break these shackles that hold our minds in fear. Do not be paralyzed! You must act for truth now, today, this very minute! Hold in your heart the source of all that is good, and beautiful, and true. Your intent, your willful action to do good, will resonate and the universe will respond. God speed to you all!

Go to the First Section: Protocols

Download all Sections of the Leadership Document as a PDF -25 Pages
PFC Leadership Document September 2013 (8726 downloads )


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    Spot on with this write-up, I actually believe that this site needs far more
    attention. I’ll probably be back again to read more, thanks for the information!

  2. Wow. Im impressed by the comments above. It makes me very excited to see all of these wonderful messages of understanding over knowledge. Hearing Our spiritual guide is key to holding the universe in the palm of our hands to help do our part in a peacefull transition toward and into “The Event”. May i be of service to all of our multiversal family when the time has come. Let us prepare. Let us join hands in the powers of Light and love manifested through our literal hearts. Our literal white hole engines. We choose to manifest dark or light, negative or positive energies into OUR reality. The more light manifested, the more True natural and spiritual solutions we can achieve. We must be unified. One must try before one can succeed. If we only made solutions we do not make mistakes. But in reality we all must make mistakes to find solutions. Its simply a matter of learning from those mistakes. Then one can develope a Truly deeper understanding of the reality we inhabit at this current time.
    I believe I’ve a highly important task in these matters. I believe i hold the Key that unlocks the Ancient knowledge. It reveals the timelines of deceit from the dark entity, which retroactively reveals one the truths hidden in plain sight through out all of recorded civilization. The truths of many ancient adepts, gnostics, alchemists, mayan, incan, Egyptians, Atlantians, and modern day quantum, particle, astronomical and theoretical physics. Astrology as well as all of the arts come into play in this Greater understanding. Philosophy is at the Heart of all True thought. Pray day and night. Meditate daily. Absorb in only positive energy to become Enlightened. The path of light is dark without the torch.

  3. Jesus Christ is the only way the way to eternal life and salvation from the spiritual wickedness that comes against us on this plane through him we shall not fear through the valley of shadows for he walks with us his staff and his rod will bring us comfort. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY DO NOT BE deceived!!!

    • https://prepareforchange.net/2014/11/22/an-open-letter-to-evangelists-who-come-to-prepare-for-change-in-order-to-save-us/” title=”https://prepareforchange.net/2014/11/22/an-open-letter-to-evangelists-who-come-to-prepare-for-change-in-order-to-save-us/

      I’d recommend checking out that post. We try to honor all creeds here.

      I also posted a follow-up a few days ago to a devout Christian who was much more ‘positive’ in his views toward PFC.

  4. Thank you for this it is a great resource to share with ‘current’ like minded people. At the time of the Event I see our greatest asset being Compassion.
    Compassion is walking up to the front lines of adversity and saying ‘take me’.
    Deepak Chopra

    This is why I am here. To offer compassion in what will be our greatest hour of need.
    Victory to the light and love to ALL.

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  6. I’ve got only one question which could remove some confusion and add some truth to all this.
    If you are claiming to represent some really intelligent species then ask them this:

    “How is universe created from nothing, or how is it created ?”

    • Dear Kermelli.
      This is a good question and I will do my best to break it down as there are many different aspects which must be reflected upon to gather insight to try and glean a glimpse of the possible answer. The infinite creator is ultimately unknowable or provable in an empirical sense when viewed from a purely materialistic dualistic earthly point of view. It is really a matter of faith, and here is why.

      The fact is the absolute reality and infinite divine mind and source of all that is the omniversal omnipotent creative first cause is unknowable and cannot be contained by a material human consciousness. The empirical “Logical” breakdown of must be viewed by axiom and postulations. The simple short of it goes something like this as you so aptly noted.

      Frist of all it is all a paradox no matter how you slice it because: Something cannot be created from nothing! We exist therefore we are. We are something! Our awareness our consciousness just is.The universe or that which we percieve, breath, live move and have our being in is an existence of which to us is a mighty mystery but we must all acquiesce to fact that we exist.

      The equal and opposite argument which “Logically ” is equally valid is that “Nothing cannot create Something” So this leads us down a complicated paradox from which there is no escape. Because even the first cause or the source of all that is sometimes called the Alpha and the Omega which is touted as “God” must itself have been created! So if this is true who what or how was this first cause created? It becomes an untenable circle of argument that cannot be grasped or proven by the limited human mind when viewed from an intellectual standpoint!

      So here we must give up our arrogance and need to know it all and to claim an understanding of that which is unknowable. Here is where true humility comes in and to a certain extent faith. The gross materialist or atheist claims there is no “God”. While the term god is in itself a term a limited definition and cannot possibly contain the all that is we must admit it is just a word or name. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet as Shakspere so eloquently noted in Romeo and Juliet.

      Still “God” is but a name and the source of all that is by it nature as creator must be in all names and yet transcendent to that name. So god is in all forms and yet cannot be truly said to be in this form or that form exclusively. This also must be true when we speak of Avatars or beings who are more evolved in the connection to the universal mind including even a cretors Son like Christ.

      Christ while relatavisitically speaking could be agued to be the highest or closest representation to perfect the attunement and realization and actualization of the divine creator. He still must also be recognized as limited in that he was a man a finite aspect of all that is and not possibly containing the entire infinite mind of all that is. His elevated state of being when exemplified and reflecting perfectly the right relation to all that is was mistaken as a personal claim to divinity. This was actually true but is also true for you and me if we were to attain this level of perfect realization and awareness. “Greater things Ye shall do”

      The Space Family chooses by faith to acknowledge that there is a creator. They do not ascribe “The creator any definition per se or certainly a limited finite life or anthropomorphological human form to this divine essence. I do not speak for all races of the cosmos obviously even I am not that arrogant but from what i an gather it is understood and related to in a personal sense as being part of all that is and is as close as life itself.

      God is in you as you! They know we are all connected through the divine thread of being or isness. So they live with this awareness and live this practically in their daily lives. They know to hurt another is to hurt themselves so the Golden rule is not a theory to be followed for them it is a reality to serve and a joy to express in ever greater measure. Intristically we all linked in associations of love to the living word of an ever expanding all knowing reality that is indwelling in each soul as what we call the Christ principle.

      The space family may call it by another name but they recognize that whatever name is given it is just as sweet. Any who try to define or limit the infinite mind by an intellectual concept fall short of the truth. It is understood that all souls can link their mind and spirit to the almighty mind of The IAM by their intent and attunement to the divine will of “GOD” or the source of all that is or the Absolutum!

      The space family has faith and and acknowledges a creator which is unknowable and has created a universe of love. This is accepted as the state of the art and is known as the way of the eternal in some circles. So to realize they choose to have faith that we are created from something and that is is good and true. They calls the glass half full so to speak. If we limit it and say there is no “God” the glass is half empty. The universe becomes a cold and lonely place a mechanistic dualistic machine void of life love and feelings. There is no purpose there is no goal there is only emptyness and the void of eternity.

      This distant unknowable infinity can be related to personally through faith. It is recommended that all talk to god as a child would with trust and an innocent and sincere heart. This is called prayer or talking to God. We must all also be good at listening to God or Meditation as it is sometimes called. The answers to our inner longings are contained in the wind the trees the water the earth itself and each others smiles.

      There is more I could say but I hope this will help

      • Dear Rob,

        This event will be a transformation of the Earth and Earth living beings. A few puzzling questions:

        1. Why do we need the army, police, and other law enforcement units? Can this be controlled by some supernatural forces? Will it be the same earthly corrupted army? The same CIA, MI5, MOSSAD, KGB, etc etc?

        2. Where would be leaders/new rulers will come from? Will they be from the same corrupted Earth leadership? And if we are closer to the event why this leadership doesn’t show up and guide the mass?

        3. Which or what world currencies will this event adopt? Will it be using the same banks?

        Just a few questions from a long list of questions.

        Kind regards,

        In God We Trust!


    • K,
      There is no intelligence that can unravel this mystery it is beyond words certainly and beyond the limited dualistic material earhly physical vehicle and mind. However the infinite mind can be experirnced and be realized and harmonized with. the universal omnipotent power of creation can be harnessed for inspiration and a desire to srve and to do good.

      Trying to dissect the power of god is possible. infinitely ascending awareness realizations are ever part of the way of the eternal.
      Victory to the Light
      Rob Potter

  7. Como faço para me cadastrar como ajudante/voluntária?

    Quero ajudar no momento do evento.

    Moro em Brusque SC Brasil.

    Aguardo sua resposta.


    • This lady wants to join as a volunteer or helper at the time of the event. She lives in Southern Brazil, Santa Catarina (SC) States. Is there anyone in the area or in Brazil willing to liaise with her?

      In God We Trust!


      • M,
        Brazil has one of the largest groups go to the Meet up website under participte button and look there for the nearest group to her! if she does not find one she can start her own!
        Rob Potter

  8. I hear you Mark, but don’t think the letter was at all disrespectful compared to the comments that Tim stated on the site. It was in fact an open invitation for more dialogue.


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