The “Event” is the moment of the “Compression Breakthrough” on earth

It is a cosmic EVENT HORIZON created by big solar waves reaching the Earth from the Galactic Central causing the activation of  “The Compression Breakthrough”, this is when the light forces from above the surface of the planet and from below the surface of the planet meet in the middle, that is on the surface of the planet.

The date of this Event can not be predicted. There are many groups involved worldwide, and many pieces of information have to remain secret for now to guarantee the safety of the operations. All we can say is that we are getting close. This is why this information and support networks are being put in place so that the population can be prepared.

It is the End of a Long Era of Captivity:                                                                                                                                               

Earth and the inhabitants have been in 25,000 years of imprisonment and quarantine (black hole). We have been controlled and manipulated by the dark side – or as we call them, The Cabal. We are now to exit the black hole after 25,000 years of prison. Our planet is the last one in the galaxy to be liberated. This exit is the EVENT HORIZON or THE EVENT.  THE EVENT will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet which will be physical and non-physical.

On the non-physical plane:  there will be a “big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet”. (The galactic central sun is an object in the Sagittarius constellation.) The energy from the Central Sun will stimulate a flash or special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity, raising the frequencies of all living entities on the planet.

It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s magnificent energy not seen or felt before on earth. Everyone on earth will feel and know something has happened. It will be a surprise as to when it will happen, even for us. It’s never happened before. It will not be a major shock event, it will be a positive event.

On the physical plane there will be:

  • The arrest of the Cabal (already started).
  • The re-set of the Financial Systems.
  • Disclosure – the release of ET information.
  • The beginning of a new, fair financial system with prosperity funds for all humanity.
  • NEW Government/Political system, Education system, Health care system, etc.
  • Awakening of humanity slowly and gradually to the existence of positive non-terrestrial races and our galactic connections.
  • Introduction of new advanced technologies.
  • The release of spiritual growth and healing for every human being on the planet.
  • There is much, much more to look forward to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I hope that we all agree that there are certain factions that support the light and support the liberation that exists inside of the solar system.  There are some factions that support the light and the liberation of the planet that are existing below the surface.  They’re progressing towards the surface of the planet because the surface of the planet is the main battleground is the main focus of all this situation that is not just limited to the planet Earth.  When this breakthrough happens, this is what we term the Event.

The Event is actually many things at the same moment.  It is when the light forces take over the mass media and release intel about ET involvement, about the crimes of the Cabal, about the advanced technologies, so FULL disclosure.  This is part of it.

The other part of it is the mass arrest of the Cabal. 

The other part of it is the Financial re-set that the Eastern alliance has been preparing for quite a long time.

And of course, we have been gradually going towards the first contact which is actual official contact between the earth civilization and other positive ET races that exist throughout the galaxy.  And the Event is a trigger point that begins that process.

That’s the short overview of what the Event is.  And of course, we have the pulse from the galactic central sun.  The galactic central sun is a living entity and it times the pulse of energy according to our global awareness and the level of that awareness and the level of the awakening.  And when we have this compression breakthrough the level of awakening is high enough for humanity to receive that pulse of increased energy from the galactic center. (Source)

What Can You Do “Before the EVENT”:

We are about to enjoy both a non-violent liberation of the planet along with a bright and beautiful future for ALL of Since we do not know the exact day, month, or year of the event (it will be soon), it would be wise to follow a few simple rules of precaution:

  • liberationKeep an extra 2 weeks of food and water on hand starting now.
  • Make sure you and your loved ones have an up-to-date supply of any medicines that might be required.
  • Keep extra cash hidden away at your home.
  • Gas up your vehicle when the tank is 1⁄2 empty.
  • Stay in touch with this website for updates.
  • Educate yourself, friends, and family members.
  • Join one of the 6 task force areas – on this website and assist in the liberation of our beautiful planet.
  • Join the Weekly Event Meditation.
    See Link: Weekly Event Meditation for details.

It’s time to say no. It’s time to say stop, no more.

What to expect Financially “AFTER The EVENT”:

Humanity will be entering a golden age, ecosystems will be healed, everybody will have their basic needs covered and the freedom to truly create and travel freely. This will open the way for many more steps in our evolution, beyond our present understanding.

We have put a structure in place for people to meet each other locally and create local groups who can share information, start community solidarity initiatives such as local gardens, providing the people in need with basic necessities by connecting all the various groups and networks of our society to work together to make sure everybody is taken care of.

Click here to find our local groups network

Click here to read about basic practical steps to prepare for the Event

The liberation is near!

For additional information see Advising Leadership about the Background of the Event




    • Maybe educate yourself in a few other potential possible truths/events/theories instead of limiting yourself to a narrow minded type of thinking bc no one truly knows the correct belief or outcome. You learn and grow from opening your mind to many plausible and enlightening ideas. Neville Goddard would be a great place to start. Js.

  1. Sound like a page right if the WEF Website.
    What’s coming is not freedom. It’s more quarantine and lockdown due to climate change, the end of gasoline engines and cars in general, destruction of suburban areas, collection of population into urban controlled areas, andidgital currency and social credit program, the freedom to identify as anything you wish and to make others support your illusions. We are moving into a guilded cage. Guilded with mind control technology. The aliens are the Cabal fruit loops! The Alien threat will unite humanity under one flag. Most likely the Chinese one. This is the kind of nonesense that was created by the Cabal to lure you in.

    • Uh nope… the FERMI TELESCOPE reported the pulse being seen and released in 2010, and galacies pulse at a cycle. Its science and I witnessed the FERMI LAB press release myself. The PULSE is forcing all truths to be known. The ONLY reason you even know about the formerly hidden shit is because of the galactic wave which forces all truth to be visible… it includes x-rays and gamma btw.

      • If the pulse was seen in 2010 it means, that light from the pulse entered the telescope in 2010. At about the same time it was everywhere else on the same half of earth lit by the flash. So it is gone and past now for 13 years. It was to weak to do anything but say Hello to you..
        Or can you tell any thing different on the lit side of the telescope than before or than on on the opposite side?

  2. Unfortunately I don’t believe this is going to happen during my lifetime…The disclosure…..the financial thing…the end of Duality…. I personally don’t believe that Humanity is mature enough for that…I hope I’m wrong…🙏

  3. This was disclosed in 1976. But for those strongly espoused to duality/ perceiving-perceiver (vijñāna) they will not benefit from it. This pure singular force transcends all the six senses including duality. Most people however will be in its embrace and delightfully so. Normally human beings, if they've done good, experience it after death, commonly, called near death experience (this is because the senses and duality are much less after death of the conditioned physical body). In the present Christian faith, Spirit is this non-dual force which transcends the senses or flesh. God is Spirit in nature; Christ is Spirit in the flesh, while the Holy Spirit is absolute Spirit.

    • You’re talking about a whole different Jesus Christ than I’ve had a personal relationship with for the past 51 years. I’ve always wondered how the antichrist would fool the world to follow him and this site has made it very clear. I knew he’d utilize UFOs to explain away the Rapture event which Biblically is about to occur, and I knew he had to create an intricate plan to deceive mankind. This is very interesting, because he’s doing a pretty good job of it. You’ve got to give him his due. Well, Jesus Christ the Son of God sent me here (this isn’t by accident) just like He sent His Apostles to give you a message and it’s found in Romans 10:9 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.“ The Earth is in for a horrible time in 3.5 years (right about the time the nano-technology in the covid jab matures, aka the rebuilding of the temple), which is the last 3.5 years of the 7 year Tribulation which will be the most horrific time to ever occur on Earth. After which Jesus Christ will return with His Saints to rescue His people Israel. In order to avoid this horrendous period Jesus said “Ye must be born again”, which is what occurs when you follow the instructions in Romans 10:9. I won’t be here soon when the Rapture takes place, and it will take place, but I will be with my Friend and Savior Jesus in heaven. The One that died on Calvary (with uncorrupted DNA) and shed His blood for all of corrupted mankind. Don’t be deceived by Satan. And yes, religion is manmade, however, Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God has nothing to do with religion. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one “ascends” without Jesus Christ. And the Earth is not “healed” until Jesus physically rules and reigns on Earth. Peace.

      • I've wondered if Emannuel/Jesus would present differently this time; not as an individual savior but as the Christ Consciousness arising in all who have the open heart and mind to receive it.

      • AMEN!!! I agree completely!
        36No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,g but only the Father. 37As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark. 39And they were oblivious, until the flood came and swept them all away. So will it be at the coming of the Son of Man. 40Two men will be in the field: one will be taken and the other left. 41Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left.

        42Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day on which your Lord will come. 43But understand this: If the homeowner had known in which watch of the night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. 44For this reason, you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour you do not expect.

        45Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of his household, to give the others their food at the proper time? 46Blessed is that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns. 47Truly I tell you, he will put him in charge of all his possessions.

        48But suppose that servant is wicked and says in his heart, ‘My master will be away a long time.’ 49And he begins to beat his fellow servants and to eat and drink with drunkards. 50The master of that servant will come on a day he does not expect and at an hour he does not anticipate. 51Then he will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


        15 a See Daniel 9:27, Daniel 11:31, and Daniel 12:11.
        29 b Or and the celestial bodies will be shaken ; see Isaiah 13:10, Isaiah 34:4, and Joel 2:10.
        30 c Or the sky ; twice in this verse
        30 d See Daniel 7:13–14.
        32 e Or this parable 

        Matthew 23

      • “J” wasn’t even a letter of the alphabet when the King James was written. HE was hung from a tree. The deception has already happened my friend.

        -Preachers daughter

      • Excuse me sir,
        I have a message from Mr. Christ. (Jesus). He wanted me to tell you to teach from the heart and come for a place of love. Being kind! Have compassion. Is this how you would speak to your parents in the same situation. Remember the most high came to show us the way. We should use his example not spread fear to gain compliance.

        your brother Joshua

      • This is what happens when you read (not study) the "Holy" Bible and think you know it all. Read at least one translation of the Sumerian Tablets. Find out who these lascivious, couldn't care less gods, including JC/Enki, you are talking about. The Sumerian Tablets are thousands of years older than the Bible and contain the recycled stories from the Bible. While you are at it, read the Talmud and the Torah, and see their commonalities. On the other hand, death is just losing your physical vessel. We are energy beings. Too many grifters, pretending to be "holy" and all knowing, running websites as facades for making money off everyone's fear and ignorance.

  4. Where to start? There will be an event. But 99.9% will not survive. The survivors will be the ones that have survived all of these events the last 200,000 years. The ones with the mark on their wrist or forehead. It’s not the Mark of the Beast that was told to frighten you from them and to expose them if you see them. The mark upon the wrist or forehead is their birth mark. It’s the symbol of light or eternity. They are the witnesses of mankind. A recorder of the history of the world per say. So enjoy the time you have left and be not afraid when the end comes. Be grateful. Thankful. And find your peace.

    • I'm with you.
      And here's how it will happen…again…like it does every 12K or so years.

      Preparing for Disaster (20 mins well worth you time, IMHO)

  5. The only problem I have with this article is that there is no central sun in our galaxy, there is a black hole at it’s center. This was proved when scientists observed a handful of stars at the center orbiting what appeared to be nothing.

      • There are no black holes, per Douglas Vogt, The Theory of Multidimensional Reality (amazon Kindle or paperback), also yt channel The Diehold Foundation, series 4.

      • Suns apparently are Gateways The sunny side is what we see the opposite side of the sun is a blackhole entry and expoints. Ingress and egress ,, Suns of the nature of our Sun No 13 in this locality of space are not Hot but Energy Fields that interact or communicate with Mother Earth. When the light energy stricks the earth or the Prana and interacts heat is created. Suns are beings of a highly superiour intelligence way in advance of humans . The earth scientists do not know what a Sun is.

    • Earth has ended its obligatory time out within the black hole. The central sun lies within the torus field and at the center of Agatha, Earth is not a floating ball but rather a dimension and flat plane of existence contained within a torus field. This is best of my knowledge as always dyor.

    • RELIGION IS MAN MADE PERIOD .. /To Understand There Are Light Forces, You Also Understand There Are Beings Of Darkness. In This Density, You Are Shielded From Seeing Those That Walk Among You, As It Would Not Allow You To Carry On Life As You Know It To Be!

      Against The Rulers Of The Darkness – Neioh – Pleiadian Collective
      We Will Expose And Reveal The Name Of The Entity That Is Ruling Over The Deception That Is Covering The Planet With Darkness And Lies. The Focus Has Been On POTUS And The Destruction Of The Country He Serves! This Entity Calls Himself BAS. He Has A Demonic Group Of 35!

      Against The Rulers Of The Darkness – Neioh – Pleiadian Collective
      These 35 Entities Want To Take Your Freedom, Your Liberties, Your Newborns, Your Businesses, Your News. They Desire To Cover You To Prevent The Global Shift! These Are Non-Physical Entities, Which Are The Rulers Of The Darkness Of This World!

    • Not ANOTHER RELIGION. How many additions of the Bible does one need? You’ll learn as will I exactly what has happened to us the past 25,000 years in hell. Yeah, I call it hell. Orion? We are celestial, terrestrial, and extraterrestrial beings … all from the same creator, CHRIST. The Bible was politically used and LORD was actually BAAL aka satan. My research and understanding. The best is yet to come. 🙏🌟🔮🙏🎺

      • Yes, the god of the bible is the Demiurge ruling with his Archons, think arch-angels.
        The ancient Gnostics warned us of this and then Judo-Christianity, hijacked their own version of Gnosticism.
        One of the best books I've ever read is by John Lamb Lash 'Not in His Image' the 2nd edition has recently been published, and you can find a free pdf version of the 1st edition free online … this is one of the most profound books I've read on the Gnostic movement and their destruction by Christians.

  6. Seems as though its is on the cusp.Either I’m excpiericing a huge kundalini awakening or both.I have been feeling what feels like huge currents of electricity through my body and been feeling floaty.Remmebering my childhood and other lives and feeling powerfull,happy and more alive.

  7. Another article on this site explains how the Zionists have “all the elements necessary to collapse the Global Economic & Financial System” in place and set, in order for the illuminati to be in control. (STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions
    February 16, 2020 by Edward Morgan). The article clearly explains Trump’s role in this too. Yet, here you are writing about how the reset to the financial systems is a good thing and how human trafficking is being exposed (also part of q anon aka Trump supporters) so I’m confused. Can anyone clarify?

    • This will explain that no reset (that benefits humanity) will happen, but one that continues to benefit the few (remaining after they destroy the ones they are infighting with)

    • I think Trump maybe doing what he can. I hope that’s the case. I’ve looked at Q. Hard to tell whether it’s true or another psyop.
      This article sounds like Project Blue Beam to me – yet another psyop
      We just keep getting played. Is there ANYONE out there with power actually on the side of humanity or is it just down to us?
      I think it’s down to humanity. United we will conquer, divided we will fall.

      • Q is a military intelligence operation to get non-classified information to the public in a way that bypasses MSM which is just a propaganda arm for the Dem party. Q drops info both true & false b/c the Deep State also reads the drops. After the fact/event he cues the anons what was false. Ex: in a drop he talked about A Huma & J Podesta arrests on 11-4-17. But it wasn’t them it was the arrest of the SA princes that was one of the monetary legs of the NWO. Then later 113 other subordinates were arrested. 3000+ Children + young women were recovered from their trafficking pipeline. Q also drops info to be researched b/c what MSM has reported is false. This is why social media has been dumping q anon accounts & MSM targeting as a conspiracy cult. We’ve been dropping truth bombs that counters the narrative & has become a threat to them maintaining the narrative. This is a good site to learn more if you’re interested. PrayingMedic does a really good job explaining & decoding.
        Q for Beginners
        Pt 1:
        Pt 2:

        • Another great source of info is the youtube channel, In Pursuit of Truth. (There are 2 by that name. One has just a few followers, and was created later by someone else. The other one is the one you want). It’s run by a guy named sir Patrick mack, who is a brilliant researcher, and incredibly funny guy. He has backed off on the frequency of his vids, but if you go back through his content, there’s an amazing wealth of info!

        • Yes, Q is a psyop which has been used several times in history … just take a look at “Operation Trust” which was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover.

      • Check out the book series by Vladimir Megre, the Ringing Cedars of Russia. I have personal info/evidence that Anastasia is quite powerful. I get nothing from you looking at the books, it isn’t religion, there isn’t any “group” in charge of anything. For more evidence look at the Family Domains (kin) that have begun flourishing all through Russia and other European countries. Many thousands of people have started taking those books to heart and creating mini-paradises all over.

      • Read the Bible. The one and only triune God is humanity’s only salvation. Jesus Christ came to this earth once, became the perfect sacrifice to pay for the consequence of our sin (our eternal separation from God), and defeated death by his resurrection. Anyone who acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will be saved and given eternal life when He returns to finalize Satan’s defeat and establish His righteous reign on earth and in heaven. These supposed “ETs” are fallen angels if they are indeed physically revealed to us humans before the end. I don’t doubt that some, maybe a lot, of these things may happen, but they will be distractions from the truth. The deception of a “golden age” brought to us by ETs is just the ultimate lie to counter the Salvation Gospel. Anyone or anything that points us away from the fact that we as humans are fallen and need Jesus Christ’s mediation for us in order to receive eternal life in heaven, is actively encouraging our condemnation. The Devil doesn’t want you to believe in Jesus Christ because he wants us all to perish in hell forever. He also doesn’t care if you don’t believe in him either. And I doubt he’d quibble about putting on a show to take out his own Cabal, only to establish an ET based globalization in order to get humanity to worship and praise someone other than Jesus Christ. Our lives are short on this earth and when we are dead it’s too late to choose the right side. Pray to Jesus Christ for salvation and for his gift of the Holy Spirit to bless you with discernment during this time and the times to come!!

          • Gullible Christian.
            Eternal life was already given before the question of “Good master, how do I gain…”
            It’s samsara, and it’s up to you to raise yourself to be as Christ-like as done in the ancient scriptures.

        • “They say the Christ is the God, this is but slander from their mouths… they are the worst of creatures.”
          Where was the salvation before Jesus came on Earth? The Confucian principles were the salvation at the time of Kongzi, and Kublai Khan was the salvation of an enlightened China.
          The Bible is a product of council after council of bishops for a new world order that is doomed to fail.

        • Absolutely perfectly said! We claim our divine sovereignty in the example set by Christ! And His ever present helper, the Holy Spirit! All praise to our infinite creator! We are of one thought! And that thought is Love. Claim peace and discernment indeed!


      • No, dear friend, you think wrong. Trump is not the person you think. Do not forget that we are in the age of the Antichrist.
        Whether Trump or not, not everyone is in the hands of puppet devils
        We are approaching the awakening of human beings and pray to God for the appearance of a greater savior of Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ to save us from the oppressors
        Sun fromiran

      • Rely on God alone! The enemy Satan roams the earth seeking whom he might devour. Anything than Christ preached as Savior of mankind is false teaching and sent to deceive .

      • YES Joe I think we are on our own. I moved to a mormon community cause they understand they must provide for themselves, by God's grace of course. I am not Mormon. If you ask them how much does the GoV rule their life they would shrug their shoulders. NOT MUCH. It is the Communist areas of Sharia Law where mass jab deaths will occur that hardly be survivable. Go to where other with Self governance live and SAVE YOURSELVES.

    • I’m in agreement with you here, how do we know that this is not just another so called “butter us up” for easy deception. My goal is to spread love and friendship, bring people together who are split between fragility caused by this so called pandemic, and the strong minded. There is crazy weird stuff out there right now, be ready to protect your family and yourself.

    • Id say your confused bc your not following the truth! I mean only the truth. No TV most of social media and do your own research, that is the only way you will know the truth for sure! All the proof you need is absolutely out there if you just do your own research. Good luck.

    • I know it’s confusing. It seems there are two different timelines running parallel. On one we see the shit show, plandemic, lockdowns, medical tyranny, vaccine passports and totalitarianism taking over the entire planet as we get more and more in debt and our money is becoming worthless. This is being controlled by the rothchilds and rockafeller families which is the shadow government running the show and all controlled by the Reptilians! They want depopulation. This is the 3D timeline.

      The other timeline is of love and light, run by the white hats who are trying to implement free energy, the Tesla med beds that cure every disease, food replicators, the greates wealth transfer of all times, prosperity and abundance for all, end of poverty and freedoms and sovereignty for all and where we the people are the government! This is the 5D timeline.

      Apparently both timelines can be seen and there is evidence of both coexisting at the same time! Events still have to happen to ensure the 5D one becomes our reality but from what I have seen by many we have in face secured the most positive ascension timeline. Supposedly the revaluation of currencies has begun, the med beds are being produced at 1000/week, the digital currencies are now gold backed…the quantum financial system is already running behind the scenes. Seems like at just the right time there will be a solar event that will usher in more light to end the darkness. At that point we will see the 5D timeline manifest.

      I feel like I can see both now. If everyone were to focus on raising consciousness and vibration and disregard the 3D shit show drama and turn off the news and just be in meditation state perhaps the shift will happen faster!
      I don’t know.
      Don’t think anyone really knows.
      So many different opinions.
      At the end of the day all we can do is BE THE CHANGE!

      We got this! It’s as if the Earth is splitting and in just the right time we will leave the old Earth behind and be in the new Earth that we are creating with our thoughts and intentions right now! Only focus on what you want to manifest!
      This is my take…
      Hope it helps shed some light!
      I love you all!! ❤️💜🌈🌟🙏🏻

    • Exactly! I’ve gotten so much info that contradicts each other it’s so hard to dig through the sludge! But one thing is constant, God so I’m just following Him 😊

  8. It would be nice if your peaceful ideas come to pass.

    However, you should consider the other alternatives so that you are not caught unprepared

    Do NOT Go On The Ships
    “No Escape – Once they agree to go on a ship – God will not save them”

    “I saw people thinking it was our Savior. It reminded me of what a rapture would look like; Thinking it was God calling us (maybe project blue beam), but in fact, it is the big harvest.. people realize this too late. and there will be no escape once they agree to go on a ship. Even when they are waiting in line.. the moment they agree, God cannot save them”

      • Exactly. I just read a whole small book on how you should get on the ships if your vibration is high enough.

        Wth? I just don’t know.

        • That sounds like it comes from beings who consider us of a lower vibrational frequency than they are. Elitists … looking for a slice of the human pie In the harvest? I would not trust the words of anyone who suggested that. You have everything within you … the kingdom, the keys to that kingdom; everything. Externalising will only make you prey to predators, who dress themselves up as good. There will be so much deception. Be guided from within. If you are fearful or confused, calm yourself down … we can’t think straight in a state of stress. Go within.

    • Indeed.but is this description of TheEvent re central sun mega wave of energy accurate,can living things on earth now survive exposure or should we be building underground safe places for humans,animals,plants?? Will it cause an equator shift? Will climate stabilize and be favorable to garden foidcrop growth or do we need to build hydroponics underground? Will an extended ice age follow the sunflare?? Is 2weeks enough?? Will power outage occur for 2weeks then suddenly, powr-restore? Really wish we had a better idea of what so we know how to plan. I am extremely reluctant to commit to “community organize” when I have no real idea of what to organize for. I have heard so many different ideas but all seem to be a chosen guess then subsequent ideas to fill in around it…but all fluff based on a guess. We have ppl trying to understand reality as it is now and so despaired they commit suicide, far too many and hundreds per day-week; there is no good reason why a more definitive description of what to prep for cannot be provided. Tonite I rec’d repeated downloads on my mobile which it could not read; name on file suggested something else to me and finally I was able to connect to a page reference I.e. cobra which was an entirely different emergency readiness than the name on file implied to me. I mean really, how can group organizers succeed with absolutely no info to work upon…. But I agree … I am as distrustful of hordes of different species of et’s as I am of corrupted govt(s). Why should they want to help us survive on earth when they would like to relo to earth themselves?!? But they might get a huge shock if one bunch of researchers anticipations come true,that earth surface will be uninhabitable for any one of many different possible outcomes from imminent forces upon earth. Meanwhile our Military is busy blowing up underground bases,cities,transport tunnels,etc to purge human/child traffickers using them for their horrid activities. Anyway, it is like running in circles and then running into a wall…never get anywhere and feel exhausted.

    • Obviously this is bunk. God can do anything. You’ve declared God is a weak and limited being. Stirring up fear,….. Oh, my! God cant save me. You may be trying to say- God WONT save them because that is their choice, free will and all.

  9. This is so conflicting.. You have this website saying that we are going into a peaceful world after the cabel has been taken out and removed. Then on the other hand you have Cobra saying that a massive tsunami is going to destroy the world on this interview below… What is going on??? What’s the point having a global reset etc etc if the world is going to be wiped out and destroyed anyway ???

    • It’s Satan’s plan to destroy the earth and everything God made…..starting with us! This pretty music and telling people all is going to be glorious is pure garbage. It is New Age fantasy at best. We are going into the end times of history that the Bible speaks about. We are going to go through great tribulation. God is going to separate who loves Him and who doesn’t. The Bible has much to say about all this. The book of Revelation(the 4 horses of the apocalypse) what’s coming, Daniel, Isaiah, Matthew 24, Luke, Jude and others. This is a final run for Satan, a spiritual war, in which Jesus will return and destroy Satan with the breath of His mouth. Satan has lied to his followers and told them Satan will win, but it’s a lie from hell. Don’t be cast into hell with him… the book of John in the Bible and be saved from sin by Jesus Christ. Seek Him who can save you from eternal damnation and hell. Receive His forgiveness and He will save you. He cares for you.

        • Amen to all you have written, Lisa! See my own website here for additional truth in this regard:

          The Antichrist, UFO Commander Ashtar, is about to land on Earth to begin his 7-year reign of deceptive, demonic terror, ending in the War Of Armageddon, resulting in the 2nd-coming of our Lord-Jesus-Christ, the only Name in the Universe by which your soul can be saved from Hell. So call upon the Name of Jesus Christ today and get saved by the One and Only Begotten Son of the Most High God!

          • You’re subscribing to an obsolete concept. 2000 years later, nothing.

            The ancients believe that the Khristos would come back in their generation, but only the Pater knows the hour. And then there’s the “breaking of the cross and returning to the true monotheism”.

            Mind you, where did Jesus say, “I will save you from Hades” or “I died for your sins”?

      • Your comment is the only one I’ve seen that’s actually helpful. I’m sure other believers have read it as well. I’m
        Praying that your witness is fruitful on this web site.

      • The Gospel of John was never meant to the read to the uninitiated, do you know that?

        You’re living in Hades right now, do you know that?

        You have absolutely no idea what your preaching. “Tribulation” my foot. Second coming is an ambiguous statement; either it’s the consciousness descending upon man or some past event 500 years after Christ. Where did Jesus say, “I will save you from Hades”, or even, “I died for your sins”?

      • I hear you and share many of your thoughts and concerns.

        What if …Jesus is among us and trying to save us…now THAT is wishful thinking…anyway I keep all possibilities in back of mind awaiting anything which might be a clue which is mire likely the case. God Bless ???

    • The chaos is needed for the old systems that no longer serve humanity to fall and the new systems that work for us will begin to come to light, but first we just need to get through this tough part, help your vibrations high be kind ,loving and forgiving,
      Hope this helps

    • No es terrible! Es de lo más hermoso! si llegaste hasta aquí es porque estás preparada! lee más aquí mismo, solo necesitas más información! en Twitter me encuentras como Rosy Y Cortés. Ahí envíame un msj y te oriento un poco más con gusto. Si quieres. Lo ás importante es que NO TENGAS MIEDO!! Todo está y estará bien! Somos Luz y Amor! Ora , Medita, Dios (como lo entiendas o creas) está contigo, está en ti. Si crees en Jesucristo, háblale o a tu ángel de la guarda, o al Universo o Madre Naturaleza. En el Ser superior a quien le tengas más FE o confianza, ten confianza en ti también! Empodérate! Eres mucho más de lo que crees que sabes! Con Amor y desde el Amor Rosyy.

    • This is the truth…but don’t worry too much you don’t need to be intellectual …just actually be loving and nice at least 51% there will be opportunities for you to take advantage of this Galactic event…..Please don’t be afraid (unless you are 51% nasty)
      This is no Joke Ashely

    • The truth is Jesus Christ and UFO Commander Ashtar is the Antichrist in the Book Of Revelation! Ashtar is the Beastman of the Apocalypse and he will deceive and reign for 7 horrible years called The Tribulation Period! See this informative website here for a better understanding of what’s happening:

      Worship Jesus Christ, not the Antichrist, UFO Commander Ashtar!!

      • Jesus was never worshipped in his days on Earth, that comes from a misreading of the word “proskuneo” (bow down, prostrate). Where did Jesus say, “Ego eimi Theos” or “Latreue mou”?

        “Only the Pater (Father) knows [the hour].” Else, Jesus, in that verse alone, is a false messiah and prophet.

        • Exactly. Trinity was injected by the enemy to negate Christ's redemption and re-connection mission. And to draw worship away from his GOD and our GOD, his Father in Heaven…

  10. Since there’s no article here that is in sync with the videos of YouTube Channel Newearth, I’m leaving this comment here. Just to share valuable information about “what on Earth?” is found as evidence of civilisations and technology that leaves us with questions and curiosity. This video is meant to be a pleasant distraction of all the turmoil that is happening right now and to offer some of Earth’s beauty, for you, to enjoy this weekend.

    Sylvia, a Russian investigator of ancient places all over planet Earth, visits these places in person, with a team, showing us most intricate and remote locations. She describes the scenery and offers her knowledge and views. (her work is diligent and her Newearth Channel exists quite a number of years, offering an outstanding array of videos.

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s much to learn from what planet Earth shows us on her body, and even, allows us to discover and enter. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Planet Earth, lady Gaia, is a teacher to us, when we’re interested in archaeology and exploring ancient sites, be it a temple, a palace or villages of old.

    This video is about amazing stone carvings in Sardinia Italy, don’t stop before you see the end of this video, with a magnificent structure with a well, near an ancient site. Enjoy!

  11. You can mark financial systems reset in progress. There are groups forming around the world to initiate a calculated and highly coordinated bottom up strike against the banking systems. Strength in numbers. Contact me… I am the US Leader… to learn more

    • I like to know more. I talked to Mark about a month ago on my work Hanomy Manifesto (system) at Mark asked if there anything I need help with since he believes that Hanomy is something he can support. There is a conversation (messages) between he and I under Hanomynow on FB. In short, I believe I have a solution for us now and the future. The conditions to implement Hanomy is just about perfect. Hanomy is a WORLDWIDE paradigm shift in the social, financial, and political system to harmonize living or all. Please review Hanomy at You can contact me at [email protected] I can walk you through the details of Hanomy, if you have 1 hour to 1.5 hours free. Here are the highlights what will be like under Hanomy system:
      • Fundamental human needs met throughout life’s existence
      • Basic human rights observed everywhere
      • Sovereign debts worldwide are settled and eliminated
      • Upheld liberty and freedom
      • Financial contributions drawn from a portion of idle/unutilized money
      • No taxes on income, profit or spending
      • Interest charges and usury practices abolished
      • Power of money creation where it belongs – the people
      • An end to the fractional reserve system
      • Upheld free market principles (true capitalism but with social responsibility)
      • Decreased or dissolved inflation and hyperinflation
      • Reduced income inequality
      • An end to corporate welfare
      • Advanced technology benefiting humanity
      • Freedom of time for quality of life and caregiving
      • Prohibited conditions for authoritarianism
      • Preserved sovereignty and respected borders
      • An end to “modern day slavery” (this includes you)
      • Improved care of the environment and world resources
      • A world we’re proud to claim and pass along

    • Hello Christine,
      I am new to this all and would like to learn more. My intention would be to help as many people in my community as I can.

    • I understand all stuff about financial systems changes.
      I am uncertain who or if you plan to act in coordination with re “strike on….” You may know stuff I do not…or maybe you are simply hoping for the best out of a bottom- up action…? Not to discredit you/effort, bit right now the NWO Illuminatti 4thReich Sabbattean frankists&black nobility are all collaborating to regain control of world international finance system.but willing and open to discuss …just Dont want to see good ppl harmed by trying to fight the financial control systems demon- slavers …got to make sure any effort will work or they will take precautions or hit back even.

    • Hi Christine,
      I would definitely like more information on the reset to see if I am able in some capacity to help. 406-461-4578
      I am unable to receive email at this time. However I can receive texts and I am able to reply to texts as well.

    • Just reading through the comments here and… I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many confused lunatics with all of your weird theirs about magic, aliens, gods, etc. This comments section is truly mind blowing.

      • Entonces te equivocaste de página ve y busca tu tribu, y no trates de tomar viandas cuando aún tomas leche.

      • TO ECONOMIC!!!~WOW!!!~starve the ego~feed the soul!!!~narcissist~and the law of oneness!!!~your truly mind blowing!!!~karma~when you don’t get away with judging people~or fucking with someones beliefs and happiness~and the fate fucks you back!!!~karma is an action~not a result~the future is not set in stone~you can change your course of your life right now by changing your volitional acts(intentional)~and self destructive opprobrium~vituperation~&~aspersions!!!~paz~namaste~rudeboy

  12. wow, the number of brainwashed sheep is higher than I thought. Yes the wealthy jews belonging to the synagogue of satan are the ones building a Pax Judaica [they created both capiralism and communism to create this illusion of opposites]….What is the synagogue of satan nemesis? The Catholics Church, so you have been brainwashed to go against this church. Adam Weishaupt, an apostate, planned the infiltration of the jewsuits because at the time they were having success with the counter-reformation [with time all catholic orders were infiltrated by ecclesiastical freemasons and jewish communists]. When you read such stories about the ‘jesuits’, replace the term ‘jesuit’ with ‘jew’ and you will get it right!! [google; the jewish peril 1936 + youtube: the other israel]
    How are they really brainwashing you? The jews want to destroy the world created by God and build a new one according to their luciferian beliefs [from the cabala] – Order Out of Chaos is the main masoni motto – but the cabala’s main motto is “Creation – Destruction – Generation [the masonic ‘G’]!!! But you are being fooled with their NEW AGE PAGANISM, I have been following these deceptions for years, for ages!
    Your announce ‘the event’ coincides with what cabalists have been writing in their books for ages, cabalists which are the ‘spiritual references’ of the United Nations – characters like Madame Blavatsly, Alice bailey, David Spangler, Benjamin Creme, etc…you are being fooled. You better research on the “seven laws of noah” for gentiles, the faith system the antichrist will impose on humanity under punishment of decapitation. It’s occult symbol is the ‘rainbow’, the same one they managed to fool LGBT..

    • Um… what? All it takes is a little common sense to see that Jewish people aren’t the enemies, in fact the Black Sun aliens (Vril) who created the Nazis are, you guessed it, some of the ones who want to mess up this planet! In general, aliens have been seeding conflicts and superiority complexes in people on earth to divide them and prevent them from all working together and rising up. Jewish people, or whatever other group you’d like to other next are, believe it or not, PEOPLE, subject to the same fucked conditions as the rest of us.
      The cabal does exist, but I don’t think it’s even mostly Jewish people, though citation needed there. But even if it was, it wouldn’t mean anything. All religions on this planet seem to be corrupted in some way, and they were also mainly created by aliens who wanted to be worshipped. Those religions typically feed egregores that the cabal are using to harvest energy from people.
      Finally, as for the occult symbolism of rainbows, I’ve really only seen positive things, like it representing bridges or being a sign of peace. And nope, nothing wrong with LGBT either.

      • Whoa… Never, ever, have I seen somebody so easily correct somebody with peace and just simple truth. Thank you for setting an example for me and a new tone for my own aggression towards all.

    • Yes, God’s hand is guiding now because this planet entered POSITIVE Dominant around Sept 2018, the latch that followed was the January 2020 planetary lineup. They’re going to be fooled when not many folks will run to see the gigantic spaceship they constructed. Ha! Ha! Nothing happens that God through Jesus Christ says NO to! We are at “thou Kingdom come, Thou will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven “! ❤???

    • OMG, Im trying hard to understand comments.. but it is hard. even translaing. im brazilian. can you please tell me how can i start the ascension ? im a very fearness person, scared.. dont know the right word to express. im afraid to start doing it alone. because i dont want to be hearing voices calling me all day. i already had experience with satanism or spirits… that was terrible. i thought i was getting crazy. since 2007 im normal again with no voices terrifying me. but im really worried with what comunism and china is doing. of course i believe there is something more behind of them. please teach me. i dont know where and how to study it.

      • hi you are not alone but you have to stop being scared you angels have been trying to tell you the truth, this is the year 20 20 the truth will be unveiled stay calm and meditation will help you see the truth and it has all ready started stay away from 5g crystals can help with this you are not going crazy

      • Em primeiro lugar, não tenham medo, isso reduz a vossa energia vibracional e expõe-vos como uma oportunidade mais fácil para as entidades maliciosas interferirem.
        Em segundo lugar, não guarde rancor ou amargura contra alguém ou qualquer coisa – é destrutivo, não para eles, mas para si mesmo, você danifica, portanto, perdoar a todos absolutamente tudo – mas permanecer assertivo. Não cedam a nada que não queiram fazer. Não deixem que ninguém vos faça mal. Não odeiem aqueles que se opõem ou vos enganam. Perdoe-os, mas mantenha-se forte.
        Não se preocupe em ouvir vozes, isso acontece com todo mundo. Às vezes é útil, por exemplo, com informações médicas sobre ervas ou frutas para uma condição que pode estar afetando você. Às vezes é inútil interromper sua comunicação com o divino ou fazer más sugestões, caso em que apenas ignorá-los. Alternativamente, você pode exigir que eles cessem invocando o seu direito inalienável sob os termos da lei universal de viver de acordo com o seu livre arbítrio, sem interferência de outros.
        Acima de tudo, não se preocupe. Eu pessoalmente ajudei uma pessoa afetada por uma entidade indesejada e tenho realizado um auto-xorcismo bem sucedido de uma entidade da pior espécie, então eu tenho experiência em primeira mão, não apenas teoria. Se desejar, pode enviar-me um email para orientação específica. [email protected].

      • One must understand the power of blood. Once you understand that blood is currency which paid your debt in full you’ll know nothing can put you back in chains. The blood of a sinless man is Lord of all things and none other than Yeshua. Love is what you’ve been created for.

        • Erroneous teaching from the Phoenicians. “Sinless” is a state of consciousness, like samadhi.

          Now where did Y’shu’ ha-Moschiach say “I will die/My blood is for your sins?”

          Pater imón, Khristos anesti.

      • Hi there Andrea Bastista, I can understand how that feels as I use to be very scared of the negative spirits as I was bothered by them. I called on Archangel Michael to vacuum away all my fears, and he worked with me for 2 years, then I started working with everyone! When you go to sleep, ask him to take away all fears and problems and also to clear all Chakras and allow to see through all the illusions, (if you’re sensitive, you should feel some tingling at the top of your head.) Meditate and see a ball of love coming from above your head from the great the central sun going through your head down your body and out through your feet and into the heart of mother earth. See this light cleansing all your body and Chakras. Then see a pink light (love) fill your whole being so you’re filled with love. Then see a gold light come down and then silver and then rose gold and see these 3 colour twirl around each other and fill your whole being. Those 3 colours will activate the Holy trinity within you and will also keep you protected from 5G and emf pollution.
        Then fill your aura with this light and make it strong and healed. When finished, see roots growing from your feet into the grounded, so you’re grounded and when there’s all this fear from the fake news and media, you won’t feel overwhelmed, because you’re strong and grounded. I could go on and on, but I I hope that helped for now, because once you start feeling better, and notice you can do this and there’s nothing to be afraid of, you will blossom and you will step into your power. You have the divine spark of God, The One and only Infinite Creator of all that is, inside you. You can enter that sacred space in your heart and that is a place where no one can enter unless you invite them in. So you can call on your higher self, or God and talk to them if your confused and get any answers you need. You won’t have to worry about those negative spirits.

        If you need anymore assistance, just send me an email and we can go from there. It’s [email protected] . Much love and light dear one.

    • Bless their souls (them theosophists)! That kind of antisemitism are you posting…
      Where is the proof of punishment by decapitation?
      The new age is the only way forward. True, Weishaupt concocted Jesuit teachings with Freemasonry to bad ends, but it doesn’t mean both organizations are that bad. Read the Meditations by St. Ignatius of Loyola for an experience from a militaristic Catholic. Cabala is a great mystical exercise, it helps with raising your consciousness.

      • Carl is a jew who hates christ he believes all non-believers are goyim to be slaughtered. I am trying to get his posts and him removed permanently for tacking a shit on anything about christ. Not all jews are evil There government is fucked up and they have some of the most close minded and sick fanatics on the planet but these type of people are everywhere. Stan likes the jews because they crucified christ historically and arrogantly proclaim themselves as the chosen one, But not all jews are bad not all christians are brainwashed or bad not all freemasons are bad. It’s in the judgment of others and arrogance in the leaders and the individuals that make and organization unhealthy. Do not belong to any group but believe in your self. Carl never says anything of substance every post is always a fanatical denial of the Master Jesus the Christ or a defence of a zionist antichrist state! disregard all of his posts as inflammatory argumentative and negative that is simply the way carl rolls.

        • Methinks my last two posts didn’t pass through.
          Asking in utmost sincerity: Prove every ad hominem statement(s) you have said in that reply. It can be any posts throughout any PFC articles that I come across. Let me correct you in places that gave you confusion.

  13. Then it will be reported that the Japanese had plane and communication troubles that they couldn’t form their attack. Also do so in a way that the US will be able to figure it out that there was going to be an attack that failed so they will secretly beef up security ahead of time where it’s needed.

    Then the USA won’t have to go thru ridiculous blackouts that didn’t do any good nor other WW2 stupid stuff.

  14. I have an idea! To prove whatever you are in a non discript way how about go back in time and prevent America from being involved in Pearl Harbor NOT by giving early warnings. (They’ll be ignored or held by Rosevelt for ‘further investigation’ that never leaves the secret vault).

    Instead make it so their aeroplanes start having trouble and they can’t unit to form their attack. Perhaps ‘spiritual’ sabotage at a critical moment so they can’t get their butts together to attack like an hour before the plans. Remember Japan time is different I think they are behind ours several hours. You do the math!!!

    Once you figure out a good base plan then figure out the little details needed to stop the Japanese from attacking. The US would and will not believe you if you were to give an early warning.

  15. I hope the states can get their power back and not control our lights,not be allowed rain barrels,tree nanny states.etc The power the left have is VERY VERY ridiculous. If people that has money stopped being afraid of political correctness I can guarantee these cowards would be out of power in a year!!! Nancy Paloski and others have had the pot lid blown clean off recently but the MSM press of course have their backs.

  16. This better be accurate. Because at the moment laws are being put together including Climate Change Plan that will restrict fuel and water and houses will need new smart meters and gadgets. The disasters we currently see around the world is Agenda 21 in action ..already.

    • This is but one example of what “Disclosure” is all about on a number of levels. Dr. Michael Sala is one source, another, David Wilcock, Dr. Steven Greer and many others. Amazon is a great source, as many important personalities have published books that all have a common theme……”change” is coming! RM.

      • I believe in alternate/parallel universes, 4th and 5th etc. dimensions. I believe we are not alone in this universe. I believe in aliens. I believe in time travel. I believe our collective governments know a lot more than they tell to the average citizen. I believe our news media are brain washed into regurgitating prepared “news” that is put in front of them like animated robots. Has anyone ever asked themselves if this “Event” is nothing but the Cabal who have realized that the majority of people will not go along with their “plan” quietly so they have been seeding the clouds with stuff, that when we inhale/ingest in out food (as it falls from the sky onto our vegetation) and then they can bombard us with frequencies from HAARP and other devices that we know nothing about, to make us all believe that fairies are flying and God is wonderful and all is about to be right with the world? All we need to do is follow and agree to their NWO and all will be well and taken care of for us? (Sounds a little like communism) How do we know they don’t have the ability to perform mind control (actually this has been done for decades already…. old news) and make us all “feel good” with frequencies to make us believe what they want us to and that everything will be alright if we just relenquish all of our control? I don’t know if some of this or none of this or all of this is true but when these aliens come they better be pretty convincing is all I can say.

        • You are correct in many things the space family do not consider themselves as aliens but as brothers and sisters and they will not be presenting themselves publically in any way due to the mainstream media and their protocols restrict open public communication as it would be considered interference. they will bring love openly for those who are ready and continue to be seen in increasing numbers

        • Right on Doris! You have discovered much more than most people. I agree with your weariness to believe what you hear from other sources. You need to study all info available and come to your own conclusions.

        • So a few years back I was working for a telemarking firm and I called this line and it sounded like what was an African American man describing the Event is coming soon just like the website. It explained everything about all the dimensions and the aliens were trying to rid this canbal guy or whatever from our planet and we i’ve been in this black hole for 25,000 years literally what this website describes. He even told me to look up this website. So I asked whatever this thing was if I could call him back after work to talk more and it said yes. I called back the same exact number and it was someone totally different and thought I was crazy. If only I could go back to my old job and ask for that recorded call I would know more answers. Kinda freaked myself out when saw this page and would really like some legit answers on what the hell happened on that phone call.

  17. And what of the healing of the natural world? The Event seems to only benefit humans? Humans continue to ravage and abuse the Earth …. we are not worthy of enlightenment until we treat the natural world with respect.

      • Yes. Just as I thought.
        This IS Agenda 21/30 in it’s full implementation.
        It is just the other side of the same Luciferian coin.
        We will now face Satan’s final deception before the return of our savior Jesus Christ.

          • “As we await the blessed hope and the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”.
            If you mean 5D (fifth dimension), this is certainly the Christ consciousness coming down to worthy humans with ample training and other spiritual practice(s). “Only the Father knows [the hour].”

          • He has risen like untold millions Before and after him Carl it’s called ascension! Ascension is part and parcel of the souls evolution! I know he will present himself Publically at some point In the future. However probably not in Our lifetime but know man knows. He has appeared continually to those individuals who have benefited by his grace. He appears and served Continually even prior to his incarnation as Jesus the Christ . He was and is the theophanic angel Archangel Michael the one like unto god. I know some individuals who know him personally and are working diligently to heal this earth and the misguided souls on earth at this time. He has personally asked them to watch over earth to guide and protect her from the people she gives life to. This divine decree by God through his administration will not fail the Avatars will avert the crisis that has come upon humanity. This sacred effort will not be stopped no matter who may ever cast some opinion. The heavenly host are real physical and tangible beings whose gnosis and experience as long lived beings in harmony with god have far exceed you or I. This not only because they live for thousands of years, but more importantly through their adherence to the laws of the universe and the teachings of Christ which he taught and lived simply are truth of universal law in action. Christ humbly with great elegance and power , just like many other Avatars lived exemplary an extraordinary livfe of service. He did this with great compassion used his abilities to end others suffering He showed his love for humanity by choosing to die on the cross and his divinity by his Ascension. Would join all good souls who seek to do good into others to help heal this world. To claim knowledge with an air of superiority to marginalized this divine beings effort is to actually to marginalize ourself, To find solace in decrying others and extolling one knowledge without love is like a clanging bell. Always intend to heal to encourage love Carl wether you understand father or not it is important for humanity until the veil is lifted and mankind can join his family in the universe . There are beings above and below all of us until we realize we are all beings being one. We are one bring all. Let’s all work together for the important changes rather than yot and tittle over silly little things that we know nothing about .

          • Remember the gospels were based on eyewitness accounts. If Jesus did “die” on the cross according to X number of people, that is objective understanding. Jesus himself has to take his own account. “Swooned” is still open to speculation.

            If you mean Jesus returned, does it mean he was reincarnated from a previous spiritual master, or he was preexistent and part of Father God?

          • Carl, you are such a rabid Jew denying Christ always. Every post you make is your puny limited mind denying the power of the infinite mind of God. You jump up from your closed-minded interpretation of your skewed bible to take a shit on christ. Go away you are not wanted here you have nothing to say unless its to try and assert your petty and feeble nonsense. Christ was an avatar he came to teach a message his example will not be recognized by you until your death most likely unless you realize we are all eternal souls. His ascension was a statement and a message. As an ascended master the Jews who murdered him have maintained a pathetic cult of chosen sheep who think they are the chosen ones.

    • Like tie ourselves to a tree so loggers (who are cautious) don’t have a job anymore? Block trains so coal can’t be moved even though we use very clean coal? If we lose all our safe energy people they will be part of the welfare system. If everyone is on welfare there won’t be anyone left to tax from.

      The USA is the most taxed nation on earth overall. The rich already pay their ‘fair’ share and as a result investing has been curtailed and we haven’t seen anything new happen since the 80s.

    • Book your session at
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      be open to lifes syncronistic events and be prepared to cocreate

      We Are the Ancient Ones Helping God take her planet back and bring All God childrens Home Safe

      New Earth!

  18. The “Event” begins today. A select group of ambassadors and officials have been chosen. The remainder [us] will be invited [very soon] at a later date. Tickets are free 😉

  19. This mongols of a mankind they all attacking the Worldteacher and Buddha-Christ now all already for many decades; in name of the Calactic Codex all these attackers has to be removed from this Universe by the GLF and Ashar command etc. so that we all will get Universal Peace.

  20. Jesus is the only begotten son of God our Father. He sits on the right hand side of God. He’s not a woman somewhere on Earth on some website. But the Antichrist will come and pretend he’s the Lord. and quite possibly what this event is all about praise God the father God the son and God the Holy Spirit

    • James, please keep that to yourself. “Not everyone who says ‘Lord, Lord’…” you know what that means.
      Which part of the Nicean Creed you do not understand?

      • Carl, why not CHANGE YOUR constant one themed denial of people’s faith in the sacred and holy mission of Jesus Christ? You have said it enough that the views of people are skewed in this regard. I agree with you the churches the religions and many people have degenerated the message of his life into a personality cult the Vatican the priests are all pathetic examples of the universal laws he taught. You are simply being negative. why not promote his message of peace and forgiveness and use your brilliant intellect to enhance love and people’s faith by being a way-shower of truth and give intelligent cogent directions on developing themselves towards being better more wise Christians through service and love. Realize I recognize that parroting the words “Jesus is my savior “does not guarantee anything just as a confession of sins on Sunday and murders during the week do not absolve anyone of anything. Setting an example of a virtuous life by words thought deeds and actions as exemplified in Christs and living a life of kindness and caring is what will reflect in the book of life that will carry us into the next life. We are all already immortal it is time to stop bickering amongst ourselves. Carl stop being a negative nancy and be a fountain of truth and a positive example by correcting errors in others’ thinking by leading the way and not just telling people they are ignorant. How ignorant are you? You know most of these faithful are desiring sacred and holy lives their instinct towards christ is correct and noble. You only polarize them against you! Best to provide gnosis to allow them to see the error in their thinking on their own as only they can choose the truth as it is revealed to them at the moment. The interpretations of the bible may or may not need some enlightenment why don’t you offer the answer instead of being so stubbornly critical ? Manna for thought from a brother on the path.

        • Unfortunately the “Christ” definition has been misunderstood for so long.
          All Jesus and his X amount of disciples did was to bring or renew the Dharma to the Near/Middle East.

      • Take a shit somewhere else you Denier of christ not everyone believes in your wastrel ignorance try posting something positive for a change. I did a you tube exposing the Nazi Jewish connection. Yeah you are all being misled by netanyahooooo get life # carl idot

        • Where do the anunaki fit into all this? I mean, going back to babylonian times and before, you have a saviour and an anti saviour…a holy trinity..12 followers…an ark for animals..all before christ and christianity. I was raised catholic, so I know its history….but what about all the history before that? Who are you saying God is?

  21. I am amazed that 2,000 years after the messenger, upon divestiture of his material vessel, is still so misunderstood. The knowledge and love he shared freely is still being obscured by dogma that is mistaken for understanding of the message and people who believe part of the teaching and disregard what previous prejudices keep unknowable make for intimate desperation that’s experienced as weakness and hopelessness. Awaken! Love Is!

    • Christianity has been done in 70 AD. Anything after that was and is conquest.
      Speaking of the Second Coming, read the book by Paramahansa Yogananda to see why this has been an issue for so long.

    • We are supposed to all love and support each other. We are not to have any other Gods besides the one who created us!! It is a spiritual connection not of this earth because our spirits not our bodys with our vanity are recognized. It is our spirit our faith our love for others, our respect for all of the beauty that was created by the one who gave us life. I believe we must not communicate by means of computers or cellphones as we are now. We must tap into our spiritual existence and our relationships be personal and our messages be private between god and each individual who has faith in him. I dont believe every word of the bible, because fear is not something a loving god would portray. It is a love undescribable in the human language, it is a spiritual and loving relationship that dosnt need to be explained. It just “Is”. Your heart leads the way and there dosnt need to be any arguments. I have personally had experiences where i know God. He has answered my prayers. He has been loud within my soul and all that i am. Until you accept him and believe and not focus on the negative and things that are material and you understand that we live in hell on earth as it is now. Life does not end here!! It hasnt even started yet. This is just our time to choose our destiny…..whether we shall live in times of evil , and greed, chosing money and material things , worshiping false gods, or believing in propaganda the media tells you about? Or do you want a spiritual connection that cant be denied because you feel it with all that you are?? It is not too late to ask God for forgiveness for the sins and deceptions you have been led to believe by Those who are ignorant…..or Evil…..I dont believe things i see nor hear ….I believe in what my spirit feels and knows because I have gotten on my knees and aaked him for peace and forgiveness and accepted him into my heart….I have faith!! The bible is merely a guide….it dosmt matter which version you look at, old testament or new…our messages will be written but on a spiritual level what we need to personally do for our god to do his work with our hands and our voice and our hearts and our spirit is save everyone you love by making sure they also believe or open their hearts to hear him from within. You will know without a doubt because you will feel a warmth a peace inside your being ….you will have no fear in what is to come because you are saved …..and all of your fears disappear. You pray for him to show you his love you aak forgiveness for your worldly sins and tresspasses and you will feel a peace that cannot be denied by any believer!!! Seek him with all that you are and you wont have to meet up on any internet site except to speak for those who are being led down a path of falsehood….and deceit…..this is satan. Evil is just as real as Good and the devil is fighting hard for all of our souls…..A wolf in sheeps clothing promising all that is desired…….things that are shiny and fancy and tasty….. but God will take all the fear from your mind body and heart and you wont see his promises with your eyes…..You will feel peace and love from your soul!!!! May God reach every one of your hearts. He is our father…and our creator, his son died for every one of us, so that we can all know his love and share this with everyone you love so when he comes doubt and fear are nowhere near. Read the scripture, open your hearts to a love like you have never known!!! Like a mother and father have when they hold their child only a love far bigger and stronger without fear and then you will know that you are feeling our fathers love…!!!!! And dont wait another minute to seek him!!!!!!

      • Every faith around the world bears the same or some other related message: man know your self. But “the dying for one of us” part was the norm during Jesus’ time as there were many pagan beliefs that involve many forms of sacrifice. It does not apply today. “I will die for everyone’s sins”, where can you find it?
        Love is the highest power a human being can create or communicate with. Scriptures are second-nature or might be irrelevant after that.

  22. All communications thru channeling are still hijacked, COBRA comm as well, use intuition to discern truth, good news is the Non – Interference Law no longer restrains the GFOL, Prepare for truth! <3

  23. Carl,
    I am the creator of many of the main articles on this website look under the leadership section for my work. I also created the community leaders brief. I resigned from here several years ago however watch the posts.
    The galactic confederation recognizes Jesus the Christs work on earth as that of an Avatar which translates as the descent of light. His life’s mission was to teach the eternal truths of the universe and these have not changed.
    His life was not meant to be a personality cult. However, his resurrection was real and spectacular and this has had a message which is still valid today. He shows the eternal nature of the soul and conquering of the limitations of the 3-dimensional physical plane.

    He was a Venusian Master and is recognized throughout the galaxy as greatest possible incarnation on the physical plane. Furthermore, he is in charge of the universal administrations that oversees the development of life on the myriad worlds of creation.

    I will agree that the religions and the misinterpretation of his many teachings are problematic for a struggling human consciousness. I will suggest you have made your point that you do not recognize Christ that is your choice and in my opinion your loss.

    Growing spiritually is our desire and simply parroting some words saying “Jesus Christ is my savior is not going to help anyone unless they have faith in the power of good truth peace light unconditional love and forgiveness.
    The message was we are all children of the one living God. Therefore we are all brothers and sisters.

    • Bless you, Robert.
      I have learned enough what “Christ” means: “annointed with chrism”, translation of Hebrew “moshiach”, a title. What other definitions should I add to my mental dictionary so I can come into common terms with you?
      From all the questionable claims you present to me, I still await a successful “resurrection” experiment done by someone else; not one is enough.

      • carl you mentioned Yogananda he was a great saint. So if you read his books he honors Christ. He acknowledges there are many yogi Christs. Sri Yukteswar resurrected as did Yogananda. Yogananda mentioned Sri Yukteswar as resurrecting and Norm Paulsen one of Yogananda’s disciple shares Yoganadas resurrection in his book Christ Consciousness. I have many other instances of resurrection or ascension to share bt this will be done on my website. There are four types of Resurrection. One is Called translation here the person starts to regress in age physically and eventually ends up looking about in their mid-twenties. The second type happens at death and the person is usually resurrected to Venus. The third type of resurrection the person has their memories downloaded before death and their DNA sample is taken. The person goes to sleep and wakes up in a cloned body. In this solar system the resurrection is usually to Venus. The fourth type is ascension to the Great Central Sun. Some names of those Ascended are Annalee Skarin, George Hunt Williamson, George Van Tassel, Lady Aurora, Lady Columba, George Adamski. You seem to have an issue with faith and certainly aligned against Christ. Are you Jewish? If so remember Christ was Jewish. Your denial and negative prognostications do not serve your soul or others. The word Christ means anointed one and is Greek in origin. The exalted beings in Pleroma of the multidimensional universe recognize The Christ as the highest possible incarnation on the physical plane. We are all human here and subject to entropy however through mastering the laws of the universe taught by Christ and other Ascended Masters Male and Female we grow to embody the righteousness and love intended by the creator. I suggest you get out of your LIMITED BELIEF’S and open your heart because your closed mind cannot grasp the infinite mercy and love of the infinite.

        • Thank you for your reply. Why does it matter if your Jewish, Christian, or any other faith?
          I am afraid you are misunderstood; there is too much compulsion as I read down the ego of these preachers. It’s good when there are people like you though, we need more of them reasoning with the ones preaching darkness.

          • Carl it doesn’t matter what faith anyone chooses. As you would probably agree all “religions” are mostly controlled by power hungry people. The religious organizational systems are mostly devoid of allowing any new truth . This is not to say that there are many pure souls of positive orientation seeking sincerely for truth. This is a good thing and truth is freely available to those anytime anywhere a religious affiliation is not required to have a spiritual gnosis and experience. The reason I ask is you main focus here seems to try and undermine others faith. By your single minded denial of Christ you shortchange yourself. True others are offended that your beliefs are counter to their “truth” the emotional reaction is sometimes misplaced when parroting a book called the Bible. The Bible was written by men inspired by god. The Bible is only paper bound together and too many people maintain a fanatical obsession that this is the only word of god. I declare god is everywhere and present in everything. The living word of god is ever renewing itself in every second. If Christians would look at the Bible they would see the the book of acts does not have an Amen at the end. This is because gods works are never finished. C you would do better to articulate yourself better your battle is not with the faithful who have recognized Christ’s lifelong example of mercy and forgiveness and proving the eternal nature of the soul. Respectfully R

          • Robert, if I recall correctly the first “Bible” was compiled by Marcion. What you have was compiled after councils of bishops standardized “Christianity” as we know it. Cobra confirmed this in an interview. Just saying.

            I agree the original message, or what’s left of it, still remains in some passages.

        • Christ a wonderful light of pure love showed in a physical presence to me around age 5 . I have been on this earth for 67 yrs and this beautiful presence of pure love stays with me today . It has been such a influence throughout this journey . It brought me through parochial school and its draconian abuse through music and love . It led me down a path of everlasting beauty within the earth . It taught me respect of all life ALL LIFE . My journey has had many difficulties and lessons remembered and so many miracles within my soul and outwardly into the universe . I have never lost the immense love > I have struggled to achieve unconditional love for all and in present time with all the transgressions and negativity of such pure evil intent it is difficult to maintain . I can no longer linger on the negative aspect of this reality for I know deep within my soul that I am a small part of something tremendous something exquisite … simply put it is universal love . Just real love that is indescribable . I will continue to love Jesus for he is real and left this planet a path to follow . I know that God is just pure love . Pure love something that is hard to define within this space and time . I have been loosely shackled on this planet …loosely I say because of the beautiful light of love that held me close at age 5 .. Be joyful this is but a beginning …. Heart and Soul … love and light ….

      • @Carl, Check out Gregory Hallet III a Brit who claims to be the “Christ” which is a Title of Royalty in this case. Seems to have his paperwork in order. The Christians can now celebrate. As for myself, Christ or chrism is the light inside all of us that brings us the fullness of Man if we nurture it. The story of Jesus is just that a story. A story of how to regain a fullness of light or be christed, also a way to describe how true science works. It is all astrology, the original meaning, of the science of light and energy.

        • Sorry for the very late reply.
          Do you have some links to share?

          Light is just the driving factor of almost everything. When the guide says “Visualize a pillar of brilliant white light emnating…” it basically says that you mentally communicate with light waves far above the Earth, like telekinesis.

  24. Can anyone tell me when the Event took place? A specific date or just a month from 2018? I’m asking to relate it to specific events in my life. Thank you so much for any help and information

    • Elle,
      The event has not taken place as was stated and plans are changing constantly. This is a slow process of attrition to wake people up and to heal this planet.
      The event is a physical change but there will be no direct intervention from any space people. They will not take responsibility for 7 billion people and we want to kill ourselves by our actions and evil thoughts they must let it take place.
      They are working very hard as much as possible for us to choose love.
      You my find relevant information on my website

  25. If you follow Q, then you know a deep hurt has been put on the Cabal already. The human trafficking executive order by Trump has frozen a lot of Cabal assets already. Their satellites and comms have been disrupted. Many have been quietly arrested. The NXVM trial will open the door for many others. It’s happening. We are closer to peace on earth than ever before. They will not get their desired WW3. Stay in the light and help us illuminate the dark.

    • This world needs cattle management. The psychopaths will be receive electronic brainwashing and return as reincarnated ETs. There is no need anymore for old fashioned blackmail so some pedos are burned for show! The Event is not a global awakening, it’s a person to person individual Inception and it’s going on for decades already. Your base reality gets a new level: hell and you will live in that hell (it’s an inescapable electronic bubble) craving for heaven. You are required to work for Them and harass and recruit other citizens (Fallen Angels) to the new NWO. Enjoy what is coming, personal Armageddon for everyone so embrace your Ascension fantasies to survive the Hunger Games. In the new world Evil is literally Good and Good is Evil.

      Hail Hydra

  26. You have a beautiful website and a lot of great, valid information. Thank you for this! I have received information as well that it should, if there are no more delays, happen around the coming equinox.
    However, it may be that instead of more arrests at that time, there will be a mass die out of the cabal members along with all those who have more negative than positive energy in their auras or energy field.
    The arrests that have happened so far have been very important, though, and they have demonstrated that the people here are doing some of the important planetary cleansing ourselves, first. The energy blasts of the event will take care of the rest.
    The planet will simply be of a higher vibration that the negative people, and the greedy people who don’t really care about those they hurt, can no longer tolerate and survive in.
    GOD bless you and your important work!?

  27. Nobody needs to knock down anyone else’s beliefs, we are all entitled to one. It can be hard to unlearn or believe something else that you didn’t grow up with. Most religions encourage people to treat each other with love and kindness. Personally I think this is all that really matters.

  28. THIS is little more than a wishful hypothesis, completely devoid of any factual basis or reasonable expectations of it ever coming true. The writer truly does not understand the range, scope and aggregate depth of the Evil that relentlessly stalks humanity with it’s every waking breath, and offers us this pitifully empty wish as some hope to cling to. The evil that I’m referring to are like drops of Mercury that can seamlessly flow in and out of the mass it belongs to, an evil that instantly senses another of it’s ilk just by it’s proximate presence. What do you think these “drops of mercury” are going to do if by some strange twist of fate part of their mass is brought to justice? You think they will just quit trying, abandoning all of their mechanisms of profitable sorrow, death and misery? YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

    • Please just look into your awareness and see just how many limiting beliefs you carry within. To harbour beliefs of powerlessness and doom and gloom is exactly what the cabal wants you to do. In fact they feed off of this negativity since they have no direct connection to the Source.

      And I also suggest you also question the premises you hold for facts. I wouldn’t be surprised that there was trauma based energy locked in there.
      When you don’t believe something is possible, indeed it isn’t.


      • Yes I know I hear this kind of thing a lot lately it’s sounds wonderful but they ain’t going anywhere without a fight. Unless the Galactic Federation has secretly removed all the puppet masters and taken them to another planet to match their low level vibrational frequencies and level of consciousness. It sounds good to me but a Galactic War sounds more plausible like Pleiadians Vs Annunaki or something

    • Do you all really believe in a cosmic universe full of good and bad aliens like Reptilian or Paladians? Why do you believe this? Because NASA has shown you pictures? Do you really believe NASA has any interest in telling you the truth? Do you know NASA was born out of the mind of occultists like Jack Parsons and Nazi’s like Von Braun? NASA takes in BILLIONS of dollars a year and is a front for the military industrial complex. NASA is chalk full of Freemasons – in fact ever astronaut who ever supposedly walked on the moon was a Freemason. You think we landed on the moon with the computer power less than that of today’s calculators? Today NASA says we can’t even get past the Van Allen radiaton belt (the firmament?) but in the 60s they made it safely with a ship covered in gold foil? Why can’t they even put out a picture of the earth that is not CGI manipulated? 6-7 photos so far since 1960’s and they are all VASTLY different! Impossible! You think we can see to Pluto and far beyond with telescopes? All fake CGI! NASA has also been caught posting videos of space walks which were faked under water! There are NO air bubbles in space! A Mars rover you say? Who’s has the camera? So why all the lies NASA? It’s because it’s all fake! The greatest lie ever told. If you are truly awake you will see fake NASA is the only source you have to claim a cosmos even exists! Just because you see stars at night does not mean they are what you think they are. For arguments sake lets say the heliocentric model (also created by a Freemason) is correct and we are a meaningless speck of dust hurling through space at extreme speeds (which defies so many scientific principles on earth) and space is infinite. If this is true achieving advanced alien disclosure would be like firing 2 guns from CA to NY and those bullets finding each other and making contact! Absurd! True nothing is impossible but this is beyond highly unlikely. What is more likely is that any species older than us would have already destroyed themselves like we are doing. Bottom line Jesus is God incarnate! No alien in him whatsoever – and he doesn’t watch over a cosmos of alien races like the UN SUPREME LEADER OF THE COSMIC FEDERATION LOL?. Stop telling people lies – stop demanding God provide you a 2nd resurrection as confirmation. You can believe this unbelievable crap about aliens but you cannot believe in Jesus? You are deceived and THE EVENT is a Luciferian ploy to deceive you to your end by keeping you from salvation through Christ. Yes Q and Trump and disrupting the Rothschild system and will be making mass arrests – cleaning house long overdue. Lucifer will find a way (or already has) to manipulate the new system so he can usher in a globalist system of 1 religion, 1 government, and 1 world leader – aka the antichrist! This may be through fake alien disclosure – aka demons! The antichrist is already here he just hasn’t introduced himself. Order out of Chaos! This is the end of days – not THE EVENT. Quit smoking mushrooms and get your butt to church!

      • You coercing us? No way.
        Tell us where Jesus said “I am God” as Ahmed Deedat asked his fellow Christian audience.
        And yes, we demand a second resurrection with our own eyes. Your beliefs still make absolute no sense.
        May your God have mercy on you.

      • I am a Reptilian who looks after the functioning of the ET factions on your planet.

        You can ask me any question. I will answer when I have time. Mostly I’m too busy working on achieving my personal goals of profit and compensation for what you humans create… all you do is fight wars and shoot people up… what is wrong with you humans. Look at the news today… the ET factions are not managing the cattle as it should be so I’m off to work again.

        May your personal ascension to heaven/source come tomorrow awakened one.

      • Well put!!!!!! Bravo Bravo!!! Jer whomever you may be keep fighting the good fight! But this website doesn’t want believers. They want followers of their own version.

        The idea of this ‘event’ is pretty much what you described two guns from NY to CA trying to hit each other for that ‘bang’ moment of truth. That’s not how the bible states it.

        This website is like the May 2013 Rapture guy.

  29. Not likely to be soon, things only began to change in 1964 on July 8th, when there was a metaphysical operation in space around the earth.

  30. This literally has no evidence to back it up whatsoever. The event is just something a random guy said would happen and some other people decided to believe him. Think about it, where do you think anyone learned about a “galactic center” or being trapped in a black hole? Black holes aren’t anything crazy mythical or anything. They’re just very dense objects, and because of that have such a large gravitational pull that it absorbs %100 of light.


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