The Many Dangers Of Pesticides & Herbicides: A Database and List of Links.

By Edward Morgan


MIT scientist says glyphosate is ‘the most destructive chemical in our environment’

“Glyphosate is Ruining Your Gut and Triggering Autoimmune Disorders”

“Scientific Consensus Statement Reveals Roundup Herbicide A Major Health Threat”

“Pesticides and herbicides like glyphosate now strongly linked to Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders”

“Chemically induced autism? Scientist discovers pesticides, fungicides lead to neurodegeneration in test subjects”

“Roundup Herbicide 125 Times More Toxic Than Regulators Say”

“Glyphosate and cancer: Read how this deadly weed killer promotes multiple myeloma, leukemia, sperm damage, infertility, kidney damage, autism, endocrine disruption, DNA damage and birth defects”

“Pesticides found to cause trans-generational mental disorders and obesity … Harmful traits are inherited for THREE generations”

“Glyphosate damages DNA, says World Health Organisation expert”

Glyphosate contamination will cause 50% of children to be autistic by 2025, according to researcher: 

“Monsanto Herbicide In GMO Crops Is Carcinogenic”

“Monsanto accused of knowing the dangers of glyphosate for 30 years”

“Scientists Link Autism To These Toxic Chemicals During Fetal Development”

“Glyphosate, vaccines and fluoride are destroying our spiritual connection”

“VIDEO: How Monsanto’s Glyphosate(Herbicide) Attacks our Core Cellular Functions”

“Biotech violence against humanity: GMO industry kills and maims innocent people for profit”

“The EU says it will no longer allow “experts” who testify about food safety and pesticides to hide behind anonymity.”

“Monsanto’s weed killer “Roundup” found to disrupt human hormones even when exposure levels are LOWER than current safety standards”

The Case of Glyphosate: Product Promoters Masquerading as Regulators?

California to Label Monsanto’s Roundup as ‘Carcinogenic’ 

“Court rules Dow Chemical pesticide harmful to bees”

“Vandana Shiva on the Problem with Genetically-Modified Seeds”

Is Monsanto’s Glyphosate The True Cause Of Sensitivity To Glutenous Foods?

“Gluten Intolerant, Or Poison Intolerant Or Antibiotic Intolerant? It Is Official! Wheat Is Routinely Sprayed With Cancer-causing Roundup, Preharvest”

Is It Time To Acknowledge Roundup Herbicide As A Contraceptive?

“Roundup (herbicide) Full Research”

Monsanto’s Cancer Causing Herbicide Doesn’t Even Work, Actually Makes Weeds Stronger:

“Glyphosate Herbicides Plus Sun Exposure Is A Deadly Combination”

“Study indicates that even one week of organic consumption vs. conventional foods leads to a 90 percent reduction in pesticide poisoning”

“Doctors Link Monsanto Pesticides, Not Zika, To Birth Defects”

Results of Glyphosate Pee Test Are in ‘And It’s Not