Media Action Plan for the Event
The primary purpose of Prepare for Change is to help ensure the Event happens as smoothly and peacefully as possible, and media will play a major central role at the Event, especially in the first few days and weeks. All main stream media will be cut off from control structures and they will be immediatly used by the Light forces to communicate clear information about what is truly going on. This is a very important factor because triggers of fear in humanity could result in violence and not easily resolved conflicts. Clear, easily digestable information given to the general population very quickly at the moment of the Event through mass media is the most critical and effective thing to maintain calm and harmony, and doing it effectively requires understanding of the situation :
  • The Positive military and the Resistance Movement will deliver media packages to the mass media with all the critical information needed, including clear proof of what has really been going on. However, militry and resistance groups can not be doing everything alone otherwise people could fall into fear of a coup. They will do a lot, and they will need us to participate. Strong civilian organization and community efforts are among the most effective solutions to defuse tension in the first few days and weeks after the Event.
  • There are a few facts which will absolutely need to be communicated widely in priority to avoid triggers and tension : *This is not a coup. This is not martial law. Nobody is taking charge of the country. These are lawful arrests and many proofs are available to justify these arrests and they will be presented here and now. A true democratic process is being initiated and new elections will be held as soon as possible. Your money hasn’t disappeared. The financial system has been so corrupted by these criminals that the whole computer system it is based on needs to be restarted in order to delete unfair and illegal financial programs, and to re-distribute stolen money to the people it belongs to. The stolen money belongs to every human on Earth. This money has been stolen from you through taxes and other means throughout centuries, and it will be re-distributed to every human being on Earth as soon as the financial system re-opens in a few days*
    *No law of any kind is going to be imposed on you. Your destiny is in your hands through true democratic process*
    *We need your help, every one of you, to ensure peace, and that everybody is being taken care of and supported during this time of transition* You don’t necessarily need to quote these word by word, what matters is the essence of the message.
  • Most people will still be deeply engrained in matrix belief systems at the time of the Event, and therefore they will not be able to process all the information in just a few days. Talking about deeper subjects such as non-physical and off-world things (galactic wars, reptilians, archons, etc) would be too much for most people to hear right away, they would overload and simply reject the whole thing, they would be likely to fall into fears that the country has been taken over by a cult or something, which could also generate violence. Therefore information in the first few days will absolutely need to be only about physical, surface based information, such as the financial system, proof of the crimes of the physical cabal such as fake wars and suppression of green technlogies, etc, without going into deeper, more sensitive details. All the information will be released of course, but people will only be able to hear it progressively, step by step.

These are fairly simple points which will absolutely need to be respected in order to avoid violence. Choice of words, energetic clarity and timing of our media responses will be very critical for the turn of events which will affect billions of people in the first few days after the Event.