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  1. Hi Cobra
    Related to ascension you have stated that our personalities Will be dissolved. Why should that be a good thing? I see a more robotic person, and how about personal free will? Thanks

  2. Hi Cobra
    My question: on this prepare for change website, I recently read about whistleblower Bryan Kofron and Total Individual Control Technology. This is by tapping into a person’s mind via DNA knowledge. Scary stuff. Do you have knowledge of this (is it true?) and what is your thoughts on how to deal with it?
    Thank you for all that you do.

  3. QUESTION FOR COBRA: Vaccines becoming mandatory. It’s scary stuff. Australia and certain states of America are leading the way taking choice away from parents and giving it to the state. What is this going to do to humanity? Will it cause an uprising and awaken people or is it going to cause more division and fighting. How do we stop this vaccine tyranny becoming mandatory?

  4. Can you tell us how time travel works. I know you didn’t agree with Corey goodes idea of time travel so could you explain to us how it works

    • GF 1116 Louisa: Right, but we previously had Alfred Lambremont-Webre on the GoldFish Report where he disclosed that the DARPA time travel program pre-identified all the presidents since after JFK, and of course Trump was pre-identified as well. Even the Simpsons cartoon had predicted a Trump presidency, even though that is not the kind of research resource I attribute much validity to. But it was interesting that even Andrew Basiago was also pre-identified to become a U.S. President as part of this program that involved the Mars Jump Room Programs. I will ask you both about this idea of timelines and weather when they go into these programs are they actually all visualizing the same timeline?
      Cobra: Ok, there is a huge amount of disinformation about timelines and time-travel. Time travel is really not as simple as people think. It’s not like that you go into a machine and then you come out in a different time zone or year. Time is a vector which is determined in the direction between the source and the primary anomaly and the time vector is not just something that you can bend by your will, or I would say it takes a very high level of consciousness to create time loops. And all those projects were actually attempting to do it and they were not successful in reality. GF 1116

  5. By the way, this web site has technical issues. The ‘Post Comment” button disappears after filling in the comment box on Firefox for Windows 10 and the same thing happens on an Android 7 smartphone using a variety of browsers.

    Also the ‘mouse-over command on top bar doesn’t work we either . They all work on Chrome for Windows.

  6. Please sort out the nature and identity of our planetary Logos:

    On the one hand we have yourself and New Agers regarding Gaia as a benign aspect or child of the goddess or the solar logos.

    On the other hand the Urantia book describes the planetary logos as being named Caligastia who is a nasty and negative God .

    On the other hand we have Simon Parkes describing the god portrayed in the garden of Eden as being a royal reptilian .

    And on the other hand we have the notorious “Hidden Hands” illuminati insider describing the planetary logos as Yahweh and a creature who is a jealous vindictive God .

    Are these references to different beings, disinformation, or has the Planetary Logos converted to the Light after a dark history?

  7. You know at some point someone has to address this. We all talk about malevolent beings from the minor Chaos of the astral plane such as the archons, greys, reptilians, etc. But nobody mentions the beings of the Ultimate Chaos above the mental plane. They are the supreme gods who pull the strings. The Great Old Ones, the Elder Gods (H.P. Lovecraft) and the Forgotten Ones (Keneth Grant, Typhonian Trilogy) who do everything possible through their servants(alien races and the stupid initiated) to prepare the ground and open a gateway for them to come into this reality and eat the collective unconscious of mankind. Anybody care to comment on that?

  8. I assume this is where we ask questions as I’m not interested in “commenting” .
    I would like an explanation to what appears as a contradiction in your statements about the primary anomaly. I believe you have stated that everything created has to go through the primary anomaly.
    On the other hand I recall you stating that angels got trapped in the primary anomaly – and that it was an essentially negative formation. is it some feature within creation, or is it creation itself?
    You have referred to a Goddess Isis many times . I would like to know if it is your understanding that ISIS is the ultimate creator goddess herself, or perhaps the galactic logos of our Galaxy
    Could you please clarify this issue for me?
    Sent from mobile phone

    • I hope you’ve checked out our Cobra interview FAQ section at: where his comments about the Primary Anomaly questions have been answered. Please review that section, then re-word your question more concise, as we know Cobra needs very concise questions.

  9. ashtar stole my root chakra
    now i am bound in tachyonic source energy 5d continuum
    with cincinnati stones covering my auric field which is existing
    co creativly in the eternal now! help me please as st germain channeled
    information through the tachyonic cell technology i got
    to ensure the event as i co mingle in the ecliptic energies from the sun!

  10. Question for COBRA: Was Yahweh of the Old Testament a custodial god who was given permission to establish himself over a particular people and region? How was the parting of the Red Sea accomplished? Was that at the Straits of Tiran?

    • Yahweh is Yaldabaoth, -5D negative master of Old Earth (source: Hidden Hand). Yahweh is cruel god, that took gold, women and firstborn (Bible)..

  11. love, cobra can you maybe help me understand Barbara Marciiniak,Her knowledge Seems infinite and wise, but also hopelesss for us anything on her ? and where is she coming from

  12. I know we can do group meditation to dissolve the Hurricane Irma, but I am just curious why the light force not to do this with the advance technology?

  13. Hi Cobra there is an almost promotion of transgenderism in popular culture, making it seem as if transgenderism is a cool and trendy thing to get into. What is this due to?

  14. Hi Cobra the date of September 23 has dropped a lot. Can you shed some light on the astronomical alignment occurring on September 23?

    • September 20, 2017, precisely at the Great Pyramid at 5:42:24.333 am will be a major alignment that we have not seen for Eons and this is the long awaited for. Venus will be in conjunction with Regulus at this time. So at this moment, Venus, the “Morning Star” will be aligned with the “King Star”, precisely at the Christ angle 26,3 degrees (angle in piramids). This cycle will involve many planetary and astrological events including the alignment of Regulus and Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo.

    • Also its time of Woman(Virgo) with 12 stars, Moon at feet, crowned in Sun – astrological event of 23 September tied with Nibiru and Sun in Virgo (maybe eclipse)… Maybe Event as well. Yaldabaoth is ending (~90% now)

    • Good question. King Arthur also had a Cintamani. Deep ties with Holy Grail chalice of emerald or moldavite with 144000 facets that would activate the Cintamani Grid at the Event..

  15. Hi, Here is the questions:

    – Who was Dido (or Elissa) ? was she an initiate of the mysteries of the Goddess?
    – What was her purpose in founding the city of Carthage? and was there a specific reason behind her choice of Carthage ‘s location?

  16. What did China want from the USA in return for the secret codes for a large amount of gold to be given as a loan to the US Treasury last year?

    Could you share with us on the status of the morphic chambers and directred energy weapons?

    Is the cabal stealing money from their own minions?

  17. Cobra, recently a document has surfaced allegedly from an individual named Ernest Rauthschild, who claims to be a “Royal Prime Minister”. This document issues cease and desist orders to the “Keepers” (world leaders) and declares that some of them have violated their original mandates and are subject to removal of power. Can you comment on this document and/or its author at all? Is it legitimate or a fraud?

  18. Cobra, I understand that Whales and Dolphins come from Sirius B. Half are there in human form and half are here on Earth in animal form. When a Dolphin or Whale dies or is killed on Earth do they go back to Sirius B as human form again, or reincarnate back to Earth as animal form? When the Event happens, what form will they take then? Thank you very much and Namaste.

  19. Hi Cobra, who was the person known as Nichiren? Was he a light being?
    It is recorded that he was nearly beheaded in Japan in 1271 by the Kamakura government for spreading the Buddha’s teachings to awaken all people to their inherent potential and free them from the tyranny of the Japanese government. However, just as he was about to beheaded a bright light raced across the sky saving his life. Was this bright light a meteor or something else? If it wasn’t a meteor, what was it?

    Was the individual known as Sidhartha Gautama or Shakyamuni Buddha an Ascended Master? Is he currently incarnated again on earth?

  20. Hi Cobra! Are You familiar with information about Dave McCann – falsely accused and imprisoned man in California? Is he truely a key person in the liberation of Earth and has to be set free from jail to fulfill his mission?

  21. Hi Cobra,
    If the energy grid has now been replaced with the New Atlantis energy grid does that mean that people who have recently died no longer have to reincarnate? And did anyone who died in 2015 have to reincarnate back to earth by force? And was reincarnation put in place so that souls could not connect to Prime Creator/Source?
    Also, please let us know if the war will ever stop between Ukraine and Russia. And will Putin be held accountable for this war and for all of the crimes that he has committed?
    Thank you,
    Truth Seeker and Teller

  22. Hi Cobra,

    On the piano the white key representing the E note corresponds with the 3rd dimension. Following the E note there are 3 sets of overtones before we reach the G note or 5th dimension: one set that goes from the E note or third dimension to the F note or 4th dimension, another that goes from the F note to the black key F sharp/G flat note or astral plane and then a third that goes from the F sharp/G flat note to the G note or 5th dimension. Do these three sets of overtone notes correspond to the plasma, etheric and then astral planes in that order? Thank you.

  23. Question for COBRA: can you elaborate on how we can expect to receive our mission activation codes from the Light forces now that the New Atlantis energy grid is up and running? I assume we won’t have Pleiadians, Arcturians, etc. showing up and speaking with us directly, so what should be be expecting?

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