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  1. Q: ‘ The purpose of the soul evolution is to return the soul back to the source.
    The purpose of life is to find a way back into the One.’

    It always is on my mind as the end of the journey. Is it? What for? And what comes next?

    • If this might be the end, in this case are we able to cease at a certain point our spiritual evolution, or to benefit of ‘spiritual stagnation’? in case we have already the wisdom for this kind of decision. Or are we forced to go forward with our ‘spiritual evolution’ in the way in which the archons are forcing souls to come back on earth?

    • We’re now living in July 2016, still evolving towards our destination, which is in fact, our choice of who, where, why and how we want to be, in my view. Of course that’s to vague to leave it at that. I believe, Maria, that the source is the same as the One. I see endless cycles of existences, exploring life in infinite ways. There’s no end to this sort of journeys, as I perceive it. Even now, alive on planet Earth, things that had their meaning 10 years ago are looked at by me in totally different ways. That’s what the journey is about too, see what I mean?
      It’s not about the end, it’s about the journey itself. Reaching for the end result is part of the 3D world based on duality and linear time.Like comforting the mind by telling yourself “If I’m going to eat carrots all day tomorrow, I’m allowed to eat this box of chocolates now” 🙂

    • it’s a record of our *perceived* conscious experience, as gathered through our 5 senses (while physically awake, and not asleep).

      • i consider this explanation to be incorrect. from my perspective the ego appears to be an overlay of the self. we call it personality. it is as a reaction to the primary anomaly like a sense of incompleteness so we consciously choose to do “more” in order to compensate for that perception.

  2. Q: How do you understand ‘the Creation’? Is it those who created only this particular Universe in which we are (with Pleiades, Andromeda. Big dipper and Polaris), or you consider it related to the Multiverse (other parallel universes beside of ours)?

    Note: By multiverse I mean in the way in which scientific claims are about: (Alfred Webre’s work)

  3. Cintamani is a clear sanskrit word. “Cinta” is a brain and the “mani” is called stone or crystal. COBRA do you clarify that what is mentioned here is the illuminated brain (Pineal gland).

    The other stone to infuse Cintamani, Is it a “Shyamanthaka Mani” (a blue color stone / crystal) which KRISHNA possessed in his life time?

  4. Can dark entities be expelled from one universe into another? I heard that the Dracos were kicked of their previous universe and sent through a portal into ours is this true? or are the dark Dracos native to our universe?.

    • In this case how can we escape or leave this particular universe to another similar? What if an entity do no longer wish to return in the universe in which is the Central Sun from which he was emerged?

      • The purpose of question is for everyone to learn about what possibilities, and restriction as well, are after liberation in order for everyone to have possibility of long term prognose his evolution.

  5. Can you tell us more about the sphinx? Also, there has been a new discovery made off the Giza Plateau near or on military zone. This was discovered by Carmen Boulter and her team (creator of the Pyramid Code). There are apparently three levels of costco size chambers- can you tell us more about this?

  6. 1. What is the correct / natural food for Humans? (for example -koalas food is eucalyptus leaves, birds food is seeds and so on)
    2. Will we end starvation of animals after the Event? (those animals that are killed every day for meat)
    3. Is there any way to connect to ETs through meditation? If yes then what a kind of meditation should it be?
    4. When I’am awakened in a dream… where am I? In the world modulated by my brain or I’am somewhere in other dimensions? astral plane?

  7. Gratitude to COBRA. I am fascinated by the story of the Ancient Arrow site/Wingmakers. It states in the glossary obtained from the optical disc that the only way to connect to Prime Creator is “Only the core expression of the individual’s tone-vibration of equality will be successful in contacting Prime Creator in a meaningful way”. Can you please explain this in more detail? Thank you.

    • Hello, he actually answered this question on the last show. We all connect in your own way. Connect to your spirit and you will connect to the source. He says a bit more. It sounds like that what the definition is saying but much clearer. Peace and love

  8. 1.The force of gravity has a positive, negative or neutral nature?

    2. The Bible also mentions that the Tower of Babel and the appearance of the languages for the purpose of the people to spread the Earth, implying that there was only one language before. What is the real purpose of the different languages? That was a negative invention?

    3. There are two nights past, when i was beginning to sleep, I saw some crawlies such as large size black snakes, who walked on foot, jumping, with a lot of negative energy, and I knew they were not physical, were on another plane. The Bible mentions the snakes began to crawl, then the story of Adam and Eve. That was real? If so, whether they started to crawl before, walked standing, presenting a major risk to other animals?

  9. What are your thoughts on the significance of Ethiopia, as it is mentioned to have been in the biblical genesis and scientifically shown to have the oldest human bones: Dinkanesh or “lucy” as she is known. Ethiopia claims to have the Ark of the covenant, does that stem from extra terrestrial contact from the time of creation?

  10. Cobra, what do you know about the ‘Dal Universe’? Is it another particular universe as ours? is it one among the Multiverse? or is it another concept of parallel universe?
    Does it contain primare or other anomalies, strangelets, tunnels of set and so on?

    Dal universe on google:

    • John John, I would also like this answered myself. I have had a recent Air Force Master Sergeant talk to me about this. What I was told was something of the Dal Universe that is exponentially speeding up towards our nearest milky way galaxy, but in galactic terms of time, not human time.

  11. What languages do we speak after the Event? Now: Plenty of information about spiritual growth is in English. But, for example, a lot of Slavonic people do not speak English. Some words about communication after the Event, please.

  12. In regards to the creation, here in 3D we create life or incarnate life using sexual means. Is sex still a part of creation after ascension or in 4D and beyond? Yes, sex is for creation but there is much pleasure in sex here in 3D. We use sex as a way of expressing love or feelings toward our mate. What role does sex play or is it a part of other life forms in the galaxy?

  13. Corey Goode claims about the existence of a parallel Earth existing in a parallel Universe.
    Cobra, in which universe does it exist, and how many other parallel earths (in parallel universes) do you or RM know about? Are there without darkness, elliberation, human exploitation, so on?
    Are there other version of ourselves abroad these parallel earths in parallel universes, and are they in touch with each others at a certain higher level?

    Corey Goode’s claims about a parallel earth in a parallel universe?
    “Sept 22, 2015 – Cosmic Disclosure (Ep. 14): Portals: Parallel Earth”

  14. Through various forums, it is understood the pivotal earthly event, which is prelude to ascension, will mark the beginning of humanity’s (quote) finest hour (unquote). Additionally, it is further understood the clandestine groups — of both positive and negative factions — have collectively decided the most economical approach for achieving goals will come by way of a false-flag alien invasion, via Programmed Life Forms (aka PLF’s). Are you able to verify the extent of these truths, and if we can expect the event to take place prior to the 2016 spring equinox?

  15. at which phase of the actual EVENT are we going to be able to invite our space families to our local space and/or meet with the ascended masters?

  16. As working as a helaer for over twenty years now, withoutusing symbols or other religious stuff, only with the soulpower within me, I dicoverered that there is no necessity for soulgrowtz through pain.
    Soul is
    Thats all.
    Am I right?

  17. My question is:
    on some level do twin souls effect each others consciousness or emotions? Or are they completely separate mentally?

  18. Is This the Platform to ask the questions?

    So what is the purpose of creation? What is the pleroma? What are stars?- manifestations of pleroma? Is there a kenoma ? What are the histories of other star nations?

    I heard that starsystems can be understood as soulgroups, who share similar experiences as well as destiney. Can you give some examples of other cultures and how society work on other star civilizations?

    The NHC does not suggest an ending to the enslavement of humanity. What will happen after the event?

  19. Question. What exactly happens to us when we die.. Can you describe the process. In relation to what we feel and or experience.. where we initially go and what choices are to be made if any on where to go next

  20. 1. Whether only divine spark and primary anomaly participate in the process of creation?
    2. Is the primary anomaly generated by the source?
    3. In the universe, whether the total number of divine sparks and primary anomaly is the same?

  21. 1. What is the permanent atom in our spiritual body?
    2. Where does it come from?
    3. How to increase its frequency of vibration?

  22. Q: Cobra, what is the difference between the portals and black holes which links distant places in the same universe and that ones which links places in different universes?

    Q: Is it true that different universes in the Multiverse share a same (a common) part of the space-time continuum while others have not a common part of space-time continuum. In the last case is it possible the travel between that universes?

  23. Cobra can you confirm that the DALs (beings from DAL universe) discovered the Pleiadians before Earth and learned to get along with them, who were already freely traveling in space?

    Did the DALs shared their technology with the Pleiadians which then allowed creatures of our universe to visit the DAL Universe in Pleiadian ships?

    Do you also confirm that he DALs had an active Earth project around 1975? What was the result or what should be accomplished?

    Note – details about the question:

  24. Q: Cobra, what can you tell us about the alien lady Asket, her race ‘the Timars’ and their movement from our particular universe to the DAL universe, about 50000 years ago.

    Q: Are somehow this aliens, the Timars, another race that are as close looking with us as the Pleiadians are? Are therefore Pleiadians and Timars looking very similar?

    Q: What can you tell us about the planet Koldas? Where is it? And, how similar or different is it with Earth?

  25. Omnec onec in her history of our solar system tell us humans came to earth as fully hu-man, black, yellow, white, red it true?
    What about the blue race? Why hue – man?
    Steward Swerdlow true world history humanity saga correct?
    The terra paper by morning sky and Anton parks recount another story which says Adama half anu/beast is a hydrid creation originally to serve the annunaki race?
    How come the earth can be the only planet left being in the darkness? What about the Draco empire? The annunaki? ET have messed up so much with the human race why not divine grace? I don’t believe this is for soul experience we can learn much more being free.

  26. Secundary question, I’d prefer (as I’m sure a whole lot of other people would) to have the first one about the laws of manifestation answered.

    He basically said in the last interview that even tho Archons control the mass media and food industry, our free will is always superior. What does he mean by that? How can our free will be used to overcome the obstacles and control presented by the Archons?

    What is free will? Is it the same as will power? What is the relationship between free will and manifestation? including what you can manifest without infringing others’ free will.

  27. Can you tell us why the RH neg blood type was created, where it came from and what its purpose is, how does it differ from positive types.

  28. Is our sun part of a multiple-star system? Is there another sun, or sister “planet”, coming into, or close to, our solar system in the next years? Will that object displace rocks or other objects toward the Earth? If yes, there might be issues, what can be done about it? Can Cobra explain more about this please. THANK YOU, Cobra!

    • Cobra, in order to give a proper answer to this type of questions, please point on the item if the habitable planets (which belong to multiple star systems) are orbiting around the entire group (of stars) of the multiple star, or are there orbiting around only one star which is part of the multiple star. ?

    • He has addressed niburu and it is not really coming towards Earth. It is a tool of the archons to place fear in us. As far as the multiple sun systems, we are not part of a multiple star solar system. We have one sun and the planets revolve around it. The orion star system is a triple star system. It the belt on Orion’s belt. Peace and love

      • Not to be asked to Cobra, but only an answer to Humanity empowered:

        What do you mean by ‘the Orion star system’? In fact it does not exist so.
        Orion is a constellation with stars at hundreds of LY one from another.
        The Orion’s belt consists of the stars Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, and are also at hundreds of LY one from another. Google it for more details.
        A triple star system is “alpha” from Centaurus. (the nearest from Sol system). Google it too.

  29. I have a couple creation question about the primary anomaly. 1. I don’t quite understand how the primary anomaly came to be. Can you explain? 2. You stated previously that “The prime creator is the source, it is that field of consciousness from which each has projected parts of itself into the primary anomaly to understand it and to resolve it.”. If The Prime Creator is the Source, the Universal field of consciousness, the One, then who or what is this “each” to which you refer .. .”from which EACH has projected parts of itself into the primary anomaly to understand it and resolve it.” Thank you.

      • I think that’s a fairly close interpretation. But for your consideration: based on Cobra’s reading, “The Event”, combined with material from Jay Essex’s first book, “Creation,” it would seem the primary anomaly was actually a byproduct of the Original First Being (Source Spirit). The ‘anomaly’ seems to be a description of the negative frequencies– negative energy– that are inherent to a portion of Source Itself, and thereby inherent part of All That Is. All Creation contains some negative, problem-causing energies. Some sentient beings have more negativity, some have less. But all the issues, conflicts and war we see in the world today, and in the rest of the Universe, is ultimately a direct result of this ‘primary anomaly’.

        …that’s my understanding, anyway. I hope it helps.

  30. Q: Would you agree the most accurate chronicling of Creation is captured by Jay Essex, in his book entitled, “Creation: Its Beginning and Your Origin” ?

  31. Dear Cobra,

    Greetings. Can you please elaborate bit more about the eastern alliance?

    Where are the famous 18 ‘Siddhas” originating from south of India are placed? They were and are still working for the mankind in the faculties of medicines, astrology,immortality, elexir, alchemy and so on. They were called 8 Siddhis (Ashta Siddhi’s). Many of their secrets are hidden from the common public.

    For example these Siddhas had strong connections with China and “Boghar” is said to be the founder of Taoism

  32. In Hindusm the creation level gods are Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva! Who are they corresponding to galatic or universal level of creation?

    Is Brahma an ignorant being created the primary and secondary anomolies?

  33. If Wingmakers are the ancient humanoid race, are they creators of Anunnaki’s? Please let us have a brief and clear story of human creation on the planet Earth. Who are the ancient ET’s involved in different colored peoples on Earth.

    Is the first human on earth originating from Africa (Kilimanjaro forests?) or the sunken Kumari Kandam continent submerged in Indian Ocean west of Australia connecting present Srilanka, Madgascar and Southern India.

  34. Please elaborate bit more about the underground bases in Himalayas / Tibet.

    Many ascended masters like master Djwal Khul, Babaji are said to be still living in himalayas. Babaji said to his one of his disciples that he will openly interact with the public and the earth governments in circa 2040. This is probably after the Event once peoples government is established on the surface.

  35. Where can I learn the correct methods for manifestation? I have read The Secret and read many Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra books but I am unable to make things “happen”. Thanks.

  36. Hello,
    Cobra in one of his previous interviews with the Prepare for Change group said – that a soul’s agenda is to return with the Source once again. What happens to the soul’s individuality/individual personality when this happens?

    How is this any different from; sending souls to the galactic central sun for recycling, I heard that the soul is merged with the One in this process?


  37. Cobra, what are or what may be considered ‘twin universes’? At what extent may there be similar, and at what extend different?
    What Universes may be considered as twin to ours? and how do we access these universes?
    What about the possible twin soul groups and families of twin universes? How do they relate?

  38. Cobra, you claim many times that the feminine energy was suppressed on Earth, and that the masculine energy was very prevalent, therefore in consequence we have the actual status of fact of imbalances. OK!
    But how might look like our world in the hypothetical case in which the masculine energy had been suppressed in the way in which the feminine energy was suppressed in our world?

    How might look in this case our world with only feminine energy, but without the masculine one?

    How, and in which, does manifest this opposite type of imbalance??

  39. When meditating my third eye pulsate and after a while a white light bliss appear. Can you explain the meaning of it please.
    Is human breatharian by nature in a state of pure internal cleanliness?
    I completely change my diet with fruit and starchless vegetable only and practice frequent colonic enema. Can we reach physical liberation through pure internal cleanliness?

  40. Cobra, you confirmed once in your interview the “walk-ins” phenomenon. That one in which a human person’s soul is leaving his body while another soul comes in the body an is inhabiting it further.
    More exactly, a human living physical body is exchanging his souls, during being alive, preserving his physical identity, but not also his soul identity which is in fact replaced.
    Q: How is this possible by request, or how will it be after the Event, and at what extent?
    To whom will tell a person (in fact the person’s soul) that he want to perform an ‘walk-in’ soul transfer?
    What quality must have the body in order to be accepted by the in coming soul?

    NOTE: More details for new comers about ‘walk-ins’:
    Other may be found by web-search:

  41. Q1: Cobra, is there in the Multiverse a kind of parallel earth with a type of 1960-1980 period technological development, but without matrix, octopotus, darkness and so on. Is it accessible this Planet.?

    Q2: Are there on Earth incarnated beings from other Universes? From which one, and who are they?

    Q3: What can you tell us about a parallel planet named Tara, and to what extent is it earth like?

    Note: Details about planet Tara:

  42. Cobra, in your September 2014 interview with Rob, you told us so:
    “Cobra: I can explain this. It’s not actual time travel it’s a time simulation where you can recreate the past out of the Akashic records and you can have a third dimensional virtual reality experience of being present in the past events.”

    Q1: Will we be also the beneficiary of these type of technology of time simulation where we can recreate the past out of the Akashic records and we can have a third dimensional virtual reality experience of being present in the past events?

    Q2: Will it be possible (in the so much healing process you claim about) for us to have tech by which we may (at least in a holographic simulated reality) relive events from our lives in order to give them the desired outcome which we were unable to achieve at that time in the past?

  43. Cobra, on your blog came a post from Rob Potter among many other messages. It tells to us: “The GWB is now begining to manifest for humanity to acclimatize lightworkers for eventual face to face contact and mentoring of Guides and space family”
    Do you somehow agrre it?
    In the some post Rob told about “Tehama and the Original Cintamani stone are working with the telluric energy forces to restablish the proper frequencies to our world. The entire planets Grid is now keyed to Tehama and the original Cintamani stone ”
    Do you also agree it??

    Note: Nothing else may be found by Google search about “Tehama and the Original Cintamani stone”, therefore, only Cobra and Rob are able to give us more details.

  44. not to do with the article at all. but I can see the grid. however i have been told there is a negative and a positive grid. I know I saw the grid that is spoken of around the earth. I have no isea about a positive grid??? I was told to talk to you cobra, as you would be able to answer my questions. Why can i see the grid please. And what on earthnis a positive grid???? I know the grid is the grid. I have spoken to a few who clim to know about this tyoe of thing yet NONE have a clue as to what I saw. But i saw it and I know what I can see. Just lke i have know for the last 30 years there IS going to be change. And I also know cern will NEVER go head. EVER. I know these things from deep within my being. I would like to have a discussion and ask some questions with those who truly know what I see and know.

  45. I experienced an out of body experience. When in meditation I ask my sprit to show me where I came from ? As a result I found myself alongside the blue star of sirius, a system with three planets orditing the star. I have yet to know if the sirius star has three planets orbiting it . All earth like planets I’m just looking for verification of my vision or was it my imagination? I haven’t had another out of body experience since then ..

  46. Cobra, you know that we believe your conclusions to a great extent.
    Please define in a few words how do you nowadays understand the terms of “the human condition”!

  47. Cobra, we understand that you do not agree ‘the hollow Earth’. OK!
    But you agree that there are an entry to each of poles, N and S, isn’t it?
    How large are each of them and how deep? Do you also agree that these entrances, N and S, are communicating each with other, as well as with the entire ‘honey comb’ of inner Earth?
    Is it a direct line communication from N to S pole passing through the center of Earth?
    At what extent do you agree Jules Verne journey to the center of the Earth?

  48. From my vigorous daily practice of cleaning the internal organ and blood I found that the state of internal toxicity of mucoid plaque, especially parasites and gallbladder stones trigger karmic and egoic mind reactions. Through unproper diet combination and worms ejecta, daily putrified fluids are absorb in the ascending colon which affect the mental, emotional, physical and other bodies preventing “baby skin” innocent face and spontaneous happiness. I truly believe human being is by design a benevolent breatharian free from his own waste and parasites mind control. Hunger, intestinal gas and sex urge are parasitic by-product and nervous manipulation. Anger, shyness, fatigue is unclean blood and overloaded liver. Cobra and rob potter please can you confirm my statement? Can you tell us how human E.T. eat and does their technology can clean the body to his primal state of purity? Does nutrition is a grand myth for there is only elimination? Which is why correct fasting has proven to be so healing. Does human being were originally from higher plan of existence which is why we can’t adapt to physical density and food?
    This is what I do to clean the human body:
    – At least three enema sometimes with coffee with belly massage
    – Against worms, I take clove, mugwort, green black walnut hull with food to make them eat the poison and it works!
    – I use chanca piedra to dissolve gallstone, once in a while I drink a glass of oil before bed laying down on my right side to squeeze the gallbladder of its stone. After eliminating my breath, my eyes so expanded.
    – once per week I make 1 liter of Epsom salt for osmotic purgative.
    – I have citrus fruit only and meal for social reason.
    Hope it helps even though it’s a little primitive sledgehammer way…

  49. I don’t know wear to send this important formation to but I been joining in the weekly meditation
    for a couple of weeks I have been watching the weekly instruction video on my smart flat screen which is a Panasonic tv
    The actual 2 videos have now been block from my viewing saying this web sight cannot be found with
    Google browser but using my lap top computer hard wired to my hub the same hub that my smart tv wired to same Google browser at the same time I can get it which means my smart tv is bugged and they trying to stop me from doing this meditation so this means they are scared of this meditation.

    love and light S9

    • I recall that Cobra said at some point that all of the ‘smart’ technical things like phones, tvs etc are more easily bugged and more easily used for monitoring us in various ways. And yes you are correct they are scared of this meditation. More reason for us to take part devotedly until we are free. Thank you and Love and Light TZ

  50. Cobra, we need to know about what is known ‘Akashic Records”:
    Q1: does it contain data about only our particular Universe, or it contains data about the Multiverse (our and other universes as well)?
    Q2: is it possible from other universes (others than our) to access data about our particular universe? or vice-versa?

  51. Cobra, we want to hear from you something about that:
    “Sometimes we like to talk about alternate universes and alternate timelines where everything is like here, but with a little (or huge) difference here and there”.
    How do you call this? Is it a so named ‘potential space’? Where does this ‘potential space’ belong? In our universe, in other, or where?

    Note: More details about ‘potential space’ and other universes in Tanaath’s post ‘How Universes Work’:

  52. Hi I am a little distraught over having to pay 700.00 a month to OBAMACARE, when i only use Naturopathic doctors. I pay out of pocket for all my healthcare and the additional 700.00 for something I do not want really angers me. If all of this is coming to fruition, would I be crazy to cancel the insurance and take my chances with hoping I do not get fined at Tax time? I guess I would like to know Cobra, if you think that this stronghold of being made to have this insurance is going to go away after “The event.” And second do you believe “The Event” will happen in 2016.

  53. My question for Cobra is about general health and fitness tips he might have for the surface population. Other than the common knowledge of “eat well and get regular excercise” advice, does Cobra know of any specific or special health regimens, supplements, herbs, foods, diets, fluids, fitness regimes, air purification, or other technologies that would create optimum physical and mental health in the average surface human, even in the current culture and environment? If so, would he please share any special Intel on this that would help. Thanks.

  54. Are the rape allegations against Bill Cosby truthful or is it a Cabal-orchestrated smear campaign? Sorry if this subject seems trivial but in my opinion it speaks to a massive degree of control (through their media conglomerates) if it is indeed a Cabal attack on his reputation. If I may ask a quick followup, how do the Cabal determine which people to kill and which people to “merely” ruin their reputations?

  55. I’ve seen Websites describe shungite as synonymous with cintamani, but I’m pretty certain that’s not the case, right? In any case, I seem to recall you once saying that shungite and orgonite are beneficial, but can you elaborate on them in comparison to things like Tesla purple disks and tachyon plates?

  56. Hi Cobra My name is Thomas…23 years old..a most dedicated lightworker in memphis….but i was wondering should there be in option for the lightworkers who are already awakened? Can there be a spaceship to pick up the lightworkers who are ready to ascend? Certain people of the Earth don’t have a need to listen and embrace the truth of love and light.

  57. Or Do most of the people of Earth have a choice to move to another planet that’s still in the 3d phase if there not ready to move on to 5d?

  58. My question is two parts.
    Q1: Why dose a pyramid need to face north, south, east, and west?
    Q2:What is the difference between a nubian type and the cheops type of pyramid other than just the angle?

  59. Are truth movement sites and other alternative news outlets distractions from own self evolution journey of Ascension and personal transformation? Are self development and self awareness the key to the shift of ages? Why does the highly evolved being not speak of anything outside of Self? Why is there such a huge emphasis on disclosure? Are we not the more powerful humans, light workers, Warriors, star seeds because we are incarnated here to create heaven on Earth?

    • Royal Dew, I think that these sites and sources of such info can be distractions from own self, depending on if you let that happen and lose touch with your center of awareness. I think it’s all depending on discernment of truth and living it. If you mean the disclosure of ET existence, I think that an existence including connections with outer worlds, a network of worlds including our world on planet Earth, is the norm and was once our natural state of existence. I think we’ve lost touch with much that is our natural state and our true inheritance as spiritual beings, now in a physical body form. I think we’re slowly recovering from a sort of hybernation and begin warming up for a big party on the arena of LIFE. Dancing with a blue Avian maybe? Or Yoda?

  60. Hi! question for COBRA, 1 year ago my gall-bladder was removed from that day i only can tolerate some bread and rice, nothing else, after the event i can recover the gall-bladder using new technologies?

    • Must be pretty hard to live on that diet, Richard46. Looking at the advanced technical inventions on this side of the Event, it seems already now they’re pretty close to 3d printing of organs and bones, of which the last ones are more easy of course. You might want to try to visualize your gall bladder in that space where it once was present and imagine the energy of it still part of your digestive system. Once a physical part of our body is removed, the energetic blueprint is still present.
      It’s why so called phantom pain is present in missing limbs. On an etheric level that limb is still present and so is your gall bladder. This excersize may offer you some solace in broadening of diet. I can imagine that radish-daikon like foodsubstances may be helpful for your liver. Digesting fat is more difficult without a gall bladder, I suppose? Just some suggestions to consider, feel free.

  61. Man live in a short hair, beardless society. In the army we shave our head. Many sages are seen with long and facial hair. My questions are:
    What is the true purpose of hairs?
    Why Tibetan monks also shave their hairs?
    All the visual depiction of man of the inner earth civilization described by Corey Goode are beardless, is that so?

  62. Cobra,
    Who was Jesus and what is His current and future role?
    I have read numerous NDE accounts and Jesus figures prominently in some.
    In the NDE of Howard Storm (YouTube interviews), Jesus introduces Howard to numerous races in the galaxy/universe – noting most are redeemed/highly evolved, and Earth is a problem case with intense spiritual struggle here.
    The parables in the Gospels attest to a great and deep wisdom re Love and Unity Consciousness/Abba-Father, but also the problem of free will to selfishness.
    The Shroud of Turin is now according to scientists involved, to likely be from 2,000 years ago. The 1988 carbon dating to Middle Ages was due to medieval backing cloth weaved into original thin older Shroud. The still inexplicable image of the crucified man is 3D holographic gamma ray photographic negative with real blood stains consistent with Gospel accounts.
    Thus what was and is Jesus of Nazareth’s role?
    It seems that an Awakening of the more open minded Christian congregations to the revelations re ETs, SSP, disclosure, cabal, need for collective prayer/meditation that is targeted within an updated cosmological paradigm would be powerful.
    How can Christian churches be brought on board?

    How can other Religions be brought up to speed too for that matter?
    And steered away from negative divide and conflict roles that the Cabal stir up or take advantage of.

    Big Questions.
    Sorry 😉

    • Cobra, please answer these questions too in addition to PJ’s :

      Cobra, you did not elaborate on the connection between Krishna and Christ in one of your previous interviews so could you tell us if the Indian god Krishna reincarnated as Jesus Christ ?

      If suffering has no purpose then there must have been a plan to save Jesus Christ from crucifixion. Was there a plan and if so why did it fail ?

      Could you briefly explain what happened to Jesus Christ after he recovered from the crucifixion ? Where did he go, what did he do and when did he complete his ascension from the surface of the planet ?

  63. Many people were already outside of the veil:
    astronauts, military pilots, participants in the secret space program.

    What does this mean for these people?

  64. After the Event, will the darkness immediately disappear? Say, today is the Event, tomorrow one of my friend dies of a car accident, will I feel sad or angry about it? If I still feel sad and angry, how comes the darkness is gone?


  65. Q. What role does the end times and Jesus returning have to play in the coming event? Will Jesus really be returning to the planet?

  66. I’m a multiple UFO sightings witness having seen close up (within a couple hundred to a couple thousand feet) dozens of craft in first MO. from 2010-2015 just a few miles north of the state capitol and summer 2015 moving to northern WI. (middle of no where), these sightings and experiences continued through into 2015 winter. At first I thought it might be the Callaway nuclear plant near the MO. capitol attracting these craft just a few miles away and I, perhaps, a side interest to them (though some have hung over my apartment there cloaked until they departed so there was distinct personal interest by them) but, after my move, it appears the craft (throughout I have seen countless types I have dozens of pics/vids) continue to make their presence known to me (I’m grateful, it is so, yes). Now I’ve seen many posts about Cintimati stones, I am a gemstone collector having a variety of gemstones (though not that one, to my knowledge), my question then,, is; I have used my gemstones during meditation and being empathic feel energies radiating or refracting off of them at these times, are these UFO craft, coming to my location(s) because of this, or are they that interested in an individual like myself (personally, I have a background in religious & later, spiritual studies – and particular life long interest in ufology – call it a hobby, thrice requested to enter the ministry, and hopefully a good person). I guess I am asking if the gemstone collection has anything to do with my dozens and dozens of sightings and their use in meditation, is that something that attracts these people / ET’s, or if its the stones themselves attracting them (some like blue topaz likely having a minimal radioactive signature, thus combined with ithers might create a detectable radiation signature), or is it just me, that they are that interested in, or both, and if so, can others, use this technique to attract these ET’s because I know many people have never seen an ET UFO themselves, would like to, and this could be a means of attracting them to the individual’s location? Also, are gemstones in general going to still retain any value after the event, if people chose to buy them now for such a purpose and woukd any particular one’s other than Cintimati stones be better or retain their value more?
    Thank you for taking the time to review my question, and in advance for addressing it.

  67. Hello Cobra,

    What does it mean staying a virgin for both a man or woman?
    Does it reap benefits as i see the cabal always pushes sex on children(movies music etc), i would like to know why this is.
    And is it worth staying a virgin or is there no benefit or any “spiritual” aspect to it?

    Thank you,

  68. Hello Cobra,
    We purchased a bottle of the Tachyon water from your website and it arrived in a package without a label and instructions therefore we have been hesitant to consume it. Should we just assume it is safe? We would appreciate any advice.
    Thank you.

    • This will seem pedantic not coming from Cobra but he recommends 5 to 10 drops in a glass of water. I’m awaiting the same order so will probably do 10 drops in a 16-ounce glass bottle myself.

  69. Hello my friend,
    id like to ask you a question, Cobra.
    I live in Germany near the big haarp maschine in Rostock and i can feel the low energies at night.
    How can i protect me and keep up my energie before and while sleep?
    Makes a Schumann antigravitition generator sense?
    Thank you
    Victory of the Light

  70. Who was/is VIRACOCHA? Ancient Andean deity, described as a tall blonde male, where did he come from? Chimera? Pleiadian? What was his intention & was it positive for humanity?

  71. How will Mother Earth change/heal in response to and after the Event; specifically her weather patterns, her soil from poisonous chemicals and underground nuclear detonations, her polluted oceans? For example, will devastating tornados and hurricanes cease to exist? Will there be summers and winters with adequate rainfall and comfortable temperatures anywhere on the globe? How will we as stewards of the planet need to aid in her recovery?

  72. Cobra
    have 3 questions:

    1- exists or existed some kind of base or bases where physical bodies without a soul ready to be used in one or several Himalayan mountains

    2- satan and lucifer are archons?

    3- there some kind of physical probes that monitor camouflaged states of consciousness of people and are similar to what we know as orbs?

    Thank you

  73. Thank you Cobra and Rob for all the work you are doing. Rob Kosulandich and Tolec are two guys who claim they are from the andromeda council. They say ships will be coming around September to take people off planet. But Alex Collier and a few others have said do not ever accept any offer to get on any ships ever, stay on this planet! Could Rob and Tolec be right and there are good ET’s coming to take some of us off planet? Or do you think we should never ever take an offer to go on board a ship and be taken off world? Thank you so much! 💜

  74. Will the current mainstream media transform and spread light information packets when Reset transpire, or the main disclosing news field in new media, like the growing alternative media?
    Will there be found completely new disclosure websites and TV channels ?

  75. Here are my questions for Cobra:

    1. What has happened to the souls of human beings who died after the mass evacuation of non-incarnated souls on August 14th 1999?

    2. Is DNA manipulation a common practice in advanced species capable of it?

    3. Can you estimate the percentage of planets that hold a physical presence host dense physical (3D) life forms?

    4. Is it common for 3rd density physical beings to have no memory of their life prior to physical incarnation?

    5. Is the 3rd density always a lower level of consciousness?

    6. You have said that The Event will clear the primary anomaly from the Earth/Universe completely, resulting in an immediate state shift for all incarnated beings and the Earth herself and initiating an Ascension Process. You have also said that until the network that supports them is completely disabled, our implants reset daily. So, is any primary anomaly being cleared when we experience darkness and consciously choose to forgive and love it into the light intentionally?

    7. Is it true that underground civilizations came up to the surface populations periodically and presented themselves as gods or aliens? Is it true that some also joined surface dwelling seekers’ meditations and falsely represented themselves as Ascended Masters?

    8. After The Event, will the Ascension process always result in a physical density shift for the individual? Can you describe how the transition we currently call death will change after The Event?

    9. How long ago did primary anomaly begin to be accumulated around the Earth? Originally, didn’t we all come here to assist with the task of its transmutation?

    10. Will the Earth still hold a 3rd density presence after The Event?

    11. Can you describe if or how time is experienced on higher dimensional levels?

    12. Does primary anomaly have anything to do with the 3rd density experience of time?

    13. Recently you said that all the other Universes had been integrated into this one. Has the primary anomaly made the 3rd density possible? Were all the dimensional levels always present in creation?

    14. Would you comment on the accuracy or usefulness of the Wingmakers materials by “James Mahu”? Is this the Central Race that you referenced in a recent interview?

    15. Is there a “secondary anomaly”?

    16. A Soul Group implies that individuated Souls exist that make up the group. You have said that our human personality is a reaction to the primary anomaly, and a secondary, not a primary function. Would it be accurate to say that individuated Souls each have a unique Presence? And that perhaps, Presence is to Soul as personality is to human? (If all this is so) Does the Soul Presence influence the human personality?

    17. After The Event, will there still be alien races at odds with one another?

    18. Can you offer any practical advice for the development of discernment?

    19. Do you know how many people are participating in the weekly liberation meditation on Sundays?

    20. Is it true that after The Event, 3rd density human vehicles will not age and die as they do now, and that Soul Group members can come and go from them, rather like time-share condos? Manifesting as an infant and experiencing physical maturation will be an alternative choice…

    Thank you for putting as many of these as you deem useful before Cobra.
    Victory of the Light!

  76. Greetings from the Ancient Lands from the Maya, Guatemala! I have some questions regarding actual Mayan Spirituality practices and the Pleiadians. In the Popol Vuh is said clearly that 4 “wizards” came from the Pleiades (The B’alameb’, where B’alam means jaguar, magician / translation is very difficult since Mayan culture and consequently mayan language is way too different to western civilization) and they did ceremonies, the same as are practiced nowadays here in Guatemala, to bring the New Sun. They left the Mayan wisdom and tought the actual Mayan Calendar. My questions are these:

    – Is there still communication between Ajqij (the profesional of the days, actually known as mayan spiritual guides) and Pleiadians? If not, howcome? Can it be restablished?

    – How much and in what ways does this wisdom has changed since brought?

    – There are a fair amount of different time countings (calendars) using the Maya Calendar. Most “years” are governed by specific, and changing, days from the energetic calendar “Cholqij / Tzolkin” (not all communities call this calendar like this). In the year 2012 was debated in some circles of Ajqijab (ajqij in plural) the need of changing “Year Bearers” and a lot of analysis was made. Actually, I’ve seen that some famous channelers use mayan dates to date when they wrote the message but the date is absolutely out of sinchronicity with the counting used in Guatemala. Do you have any information directly from the Pleiadians about this problematic?

    – Unfortunately, since the maya elders agreed to make public the mayan wisdom, some people claims to be Ajqij when they have been in Guatemala, known an indigenous Ajqij, learn some of the calendar and practices in a tourism trip, or spending few months, when there is a traditional preparation to become an Ajqij. This has created misinformation and mishandling of delicate energies and knowledge, as well as profitting and discredit of this awesome and necessary wisdom, making people despise this. Knowing oneself is critical in order to stablish love and peace on earth, and the Maya Wisdom is a great tool to reach this self awareness. Are the Pleaidians handling these things or are they planning to return the knowledge lost through millennia back to its origin as was given by them before the Event?

    Cobra and PFC staff, I send you blessings form these formidable lands and may the Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth protect you and open white roads in your life! Thank you for your most appreciated work!

  77. Do you have some information about the current situation in Brazil?
    I’m very concerned about this issue because the majority of people in Brazil think the elected president must be removed from power.
    You said the Cabal wants to weaken the BRICS by destabilizing Brazil.
    This destabilization could come with the removal of the current elected president Dilma from power?

  78. Dear RoB / Cobra

    Is our planets really of sync? Is there really chance of the planet colliding?

    Why does Source not put a end to the crap carrying on here, eg Like babies being used for sacrifices and blood being used for demonic rituals?

    Who are the Hindu gods really? are they multi dimensional beings like some say they are? are they keeping this world in darkness as well?

  79. What information, if any, does cobra have on DMT? Can this compound connect us with our higher selves and other dimensions. What is Cobras understanding of DMT?

  80. I remember cobra’s description saying he had a great connection with his soul or higher self or wateva its called. How can someone conect better and what are some techiniques that can be used to get awnsers. I follow the law of one channeling that ra did so i was wondering what techiniques cobra would suggest on how we could connect to our higher self as close as he did or as much as he did. I would also like to to ask how to unprogram ourselfs like cobra. I heard that he’s not as programed as much as a lot of humanity is so how can we start to deprogram ourself and what are some of the programing out there that we can notice and transmute. Thank you.

  81. A question I’d like to ask Cobra: What is the purpose of Twinsouls who are both incarnated on earth right now? In which way do they contribute tot the shift into higher vibratons?

  82. 144k individuals meditating at the weekly meditation would speed up the EVERNT. Approximately how many people are joining in that meditation now?
    I am confused as I thought things had reached a point where there is no way the cabal would be successful against us. With this question and comment, I am not clear on what you meant: Q. So has the collective shifted enough to turn the tide with what is going on on the Planet?


    Not yet, but we’re getting closer.

    I am so broke, but would like to work with people with the Tachyons and other technology. Is there any way I could get on a waiting list so when the RV happens, I could order it right away?

  83. I want to ask about a specific program in the black-ops and abductions from the past, from recent past to 30 yrs or so ago. Some of the abductions included experiments on messing with human attraction and love relationships. Eve Lorgen calls it the Alien Love Bite. The ETs (apparently Greys /Reptilians of some kind, in partnership with US military) were able to select soul mates and give them “twin flame symptoms.” Were they trying to fake/manufacture twin flames? Or to interfere with actual twin flames, to sabotage them, connect them with a proxy who was not a true twin flame? Did they mess with some ‘real’ twin flames or intense soul mates just so their hyperdimensional beings (who need to live thru humans) could feed off the spiritual energy? What were the main objectives, what are they still doing, are military experiments stopped but hyperdimensional/demonic activities with regard to twin flames/soul mates continuing? If you could answer one or more of these questions it’s greatly appreciated!

  84. Hy Cobra!

    Legends of the Hopi Indians say there was a war between Atlantis and Kasskara also named Mu.
    Atlantis was ruled by a beautiful woman with bad charakter, who was responsible for this conflict.
    Is this story true?
    If it is true when was it?
    In the late atlantian era?

  85. What will happens to germany in future and what role does it play?
    Will there be a civil war along europe, because of the inner conflicts in the countries with the migrants?

    Creetings from Germany

  86. Cobra have some questions, I hope you can answer some:

    4- you know if there are beings who are called “Pathal” and could talk about it?
    5- The darkness is part of a plan or higher pact to increase the evolution in the universe?
    6- Innana was called Khrishna and Emmanuel was called Christ, these presences were received by Vihnu and Jheshua, this information is correct or know anything about it?

  87. Hi team,

    Cobra mentioned concerning black magic. I you have a special mission und you are confronted with back magic you have to take care of the protection protocolls, Where do I find information about the protection protocolls?


  88. Fluid group Masterplan management. Will information and Intel pertaining to this plan be given to the average person? What are the requirements to be chosen for such an honorable task?

  89. Hi Cobra, we are now seeing things heat up in the exposure of the Panama papers and now the3rd worlds largest law firm is squealing about the exposure of top officials, top government officials current and past, etc
    Whoever exposed it has implicated China, Iceland and Russian governments. I have a feeling it maybe an attack on the BRICS alliance or would it be the exposure of those working for the cabal who are being exposed? ? Are you able to shed some light on it at all?

  90. Cobra, you gave us many answers about souls of their higher level. But, we are already very curious, if you allow us.
    Q: do you know about your case, what are you and your wife at a soul level? Are you members of same soul family, soul mates, twin-souls? If yes, can you tell us?
    Q: and, if this is the case have you chosen one another having these acknowledgment, or you learned it later about what you are?

  91. Cobra, you are like an older friend for many of us, so we feel need to know more about yourself, but not about what you need to hide now, so don’t worry please.

    Q: we remember from your first interview that you are a pleiadian soul in a human earthly body.
    OK, because as we know there may be many like you, starseeds, light workers, so on.
    But are you, (at your pleiadian soul level) a higher density spirit incarnated in a 3rd dimension earthly body, or you are rather a 3rd dimensional at the soul level too?

    Q: If you are in the first case, then are you already ascended, and your mission is only to assist us in ascension? Or, if the case is the second, then you will ascend together with us, maybe in the first wave?

  92. Q: You have recently commented on the concept of “infinite parallel earths” coexisting simultaneously in the infinite Now of creation.. being NOT accurate, mechanically speaking.

    This is information often heard reflected to us by Bashar of the Sassani civilization. What is your take on their origins, their agenda (positives and negatives) and perspective, then?

    And how would you reconcile their claim about this subject (I.e. that we are shifting billions of times per second through parallel realities like still frames… With the illusion of continuity making it seem like “The one earth”).


    • The question posted “John John October 24, 2015 at 12:17 AM” was incomplete forwarded to Cobra, concerning about the existence of parallel realities, so the answer was the same.

      It must be pointed in the question so:
      Q1: are there parallel Earths or alternative realities, similar to ours, IN PARALLEL UNIVERSES, (NOT IN OUR particular UNIVERSE)??

      Q2: What are (and how are constituted) ALTERNATE UNIVERSES and alternate timelines (in this ones) where everything is like here, but with a little (or huge) difference here and there”.
      How do you call this? Is it a so named ‘potential space’? Where does this ‘potential space’ belong?

      Note: Any question concerning ‘parallel’ (Earth, timelines, so on) must be considered in PARALLEL UNIVERSES! Otherways the answer (from Cobra or anyone else who knows) will be NO!

  93. Greetings.. I would like to ask if Cobra can please speak about Maldek and was this the place of the end of the last cycle? also the law of time and the cosmic history cube? ..also could Cobra discuss the transistioning from biosphere to noosphere?.. is this to occur prior, during, after the event or is this the event? Thank you.. harmony, peace and love to all.

  94. “We’ve heard that the Tunguska, Russia, explosion about July 30, 1908 was caused
    by either Nickolas Tesla, a meteorite, or even an assassination of a family that
    escaped from another planet in a spaceship. What was the real cause?”

  95. -Can you share your opinion about
    “The law of one” and “hidden hand”content.
    -From the artifacts and paintings, it appear that such being as Buddha, jesus, krishna, the first people of ancient Greece and European were of black origin and appearence.
    Your view please?

  96. Hello Great work Cobra for all you have done!!! My question is regarding the basket of currencies or future of money, what is the longevity of Bitcoin? Will it be in the RE Basket? If not, do you think Bitcoin will prosper or dwindle in time? Aside from the fact that in 10-20 yrs, all currencies supposedly won’t be needed.

  97. I have a question for Cobra.
    Do the negative E.T.s know about the primary anomaly being transformed at the moment and what do they think about that? Does this process also have an impact on them energetically?

    • Q: what happens with the 3rd density left behind? Does it crumble, and what does this crumbling consist in? Will it crumble together with all the ‘package of prosperity funds’, ‘free energy devices’ and ‘end poverty’ investments till that time (and tons upon tons of physical gold)?
      Q: what investments are necessary for the Ascension Process only (i.e. ‘ascension chambres, and what more)?

  98. Does Modern day Feminism have a negative effect on relationships between man and woman? I do believe we can reach true equality without the extreme views of modern day feminism. Is there anymore need for the feminism?s

  99. Hi Cobra,

    I went through the page “” & I miss intel about elves, dwarf, devas & fairy.

    Pls could you share all what you know about those creatures?

  100. How soon after the event will the non-physical beeings be removed, in other words: when will the attacks on lightworkers stop???

  101. Q&A: What’s the best thing humans can do when they pass away? (including keeping in mind the intentions of the beings in the afterlife that force us to reincarnate)
    Not going to the light, staying in lymbo seems like it wouldn’t serve much of a purpose for anybody, so I’m thinking making a contract (not sure if before or after entering the light) to reincarnate under the condition of being left with this last life’s memory unerrased (and possibly gaining memories of past lives) would be the best deal in order to come back and be a light worker. If I’m correct, why don’t I hear of people who have already done this? Thanks.

  102. Can Cobra please comment on the fact that “Temples of Baal” are being erected everywhere and certainly in New York and London, in Trafalgar Square. It really makes you feel that the situation is getting a lot worst rather than getting better. What are the Elite up to by doing this?
    Many Thanks.

  103. Hi

    1. Cobra, could you say something about Central Sun and Its beings?
    2. Why God/Light/Source do not stop prime anomaly?


  104. Cobra, we remember from your post ‘The Ascension Plan ~ A Cobra Update (07-03-2016)’ that:
    “The majority of 70 billion non-incarnated human souls were mass evacuated on August 14th, 1999 to the motherships of the Ashtar Commnad and then transported to a certain planet on the outskirts of the Pleiades”

    HOW was that POSSIBLE as long as you claimed many times that since 25000 y ago all souls were trapped inside the veil (in higher planes, etheric and lower-astral), and that at any supposed attempt of LIGHT forces to do something, strangelet and toplets could explode??

    Cobra, please give us a clear answer in order to put it together! Thanks!

  105. Cobra the USA is about to lose its right to vote. I feel like civil war will destroy plans for the event. I don’t want to fight but when they beat us up and arrest us for peaceful protest and say you can’t vote what else is there to do but fight for our freedom?

  106. Back in the mid-1990s, prior to the Archon invasion and the Great Forgetting, UFO and extra-terrestrial subject matter was going mainstream. Probably the best example was the “Alien Autopsy” film which aired multiple times on prime-time national television. The consensus today seems to be that the film was a well-made hoax, but it certainly looked real from my point of view. It seems to me that this was precisely the type of disclosure event that convinced the Archons to intervene. So here’s my question: was the Alien Autopsy film real or a hoax? If it was real, what can be told about the origins of the entity and the film itself?

  107. Dear Cobra,
    and dear anyone else who may have thoughts about this question.

    If we are infinite beings living inside a hologram, wouldn’t each and every one of us be powerful enough to set things right, simply with the power of our thoughts? Why would we ever wait for conditions to be right, or for help? Couldn’t any one of us set ourselves, and everyone else, free at any time?

    I am truly curious about this.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Cobra likely has much more to add, but free will comes into play in a big way. Violating another’s free will is a big deal. There are rules and that’s a big one. We don’t have a right to save or set another free if they don’t want it because doing so would violate their free will. Sadly most of the surface population is massively brainwashed and doesn’t want to be saved because they don’t understand the situation they’re really in. It’s the same reason the positive ETs don’t land en masse. We have to collectively summon them, issue a “calling” and if we don’t, the free will of the non-believers is infringed upon. On that note, I have meditated and asked for them to show themselves to me and they obliged the very next day… flew right over my house. They need that request. Try it out, they are listening.

  108. Cobra, may you put together for our better understanding:
    how does fit the moving of humanity toward ASCENSION (which involves a higher density than the 3rd) with the fact by which many sources (as are Ben Fulford, Dave Schmidt, the Ambassador), including the assians are preparing the new financial system, who claim that they will use the gold and financial resources for a plan of 20 to 100 years, consisting in educating humanity, stop environmental construction, new technologies, so on, all of these seeming to enforce the 3rd density of humanity.

    In other words, the new financial system seems to be intented for an usage which will enforce a 3rd density (even if a much better) world, but in no way to action which will push humanity to a higher density world.

    Cobra, the single fact that the Asian alliance seems to have a vision of a 3rd density of humankind after a period of 20 to 100 y DO NOT feel good for many of your followers.
    Please may you put it together. Thanks!

    • Cobra, it may seem quite horror that all the resources of humanity are planned to be spent for only allegedly end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and eventually travelling the space (all in a 3rd density mode), but nothing for the ascension process.
      May you give us a promise that the priority is the ascension process and that RM will supervise the spending of all resources in this way.

      On other hand, in case of the 3rd density will crumble in a way or other during or after the ascension process, all the investments spent for only improvement of 3rd density living may seem vainly.
      Can you confirm it Cobra?

  109. Cobra, many states around the world seem to see the writing on the wall and are stocking up on as much gold as they can get their hands on in order to back the new currencies. Yet, here in Canada where I live, the newly elected government recently did the exact opposite and sold off its entire gold reserves. The Canadian government now has literally no gold left, which I find concerning. What can be said about this move by the Canadian government?

  110. There has been a series of significant earthquakes in Japan as well as other countries in the world since April 14 and are still continuing in pretty large scale. Are those artificial earthquakes? If so, what would be their purpose and who were behind them? People here in Japan are curious and worried.

  111. Cobra how “SAFE enough” is the planetary situation now, and what can do and not do the common person without any risk?

    How may we be intercepted now by ‘black boxes’ (or who the hell knows what other colour boxes) if we try to go in touch with aliens, nonphysical or even more, how are channelers intercepted or not anymore, and so on?

    In what stage are we now comparing the situation to the recent past? What can we do now, which was not safe enough to be done in the recent past?

  112. Cobra, give us please an update concerning:

    Q: the scalar plasma grid, at what extent is it dismantled now?

    Q: which is the stage of improvement of the implants that are just naked singularity portals eventually containing strangeness producing quark-gluon plasma inside implants’ singularity well?

    Q: which is the consequence of today’s stage of these?

  113. Hi, I have 3 short questions for CoBra

    -Is his/her voice’s deformatter put only in an anonimity purpose or also to transmit certain kinds of vibrations to the listeners ?
    -I see in the air – especially in a bright environment (natural light)-, moving points of light. Is this what CoBra calls “tachyons”, or is it “prana” ? Maybe prana is an other word for tachyons ?
    -As the global situation is improving on the planet (even if it seems to be slow), do we really need an “Event” in order to continue to improve the situation like it is already happening since the last years ? Couldn’t we continue on the same positive momentum with or without an “Event” happens ?

    I wish you courage and good fortune

  114. Mr. Cobra
    Thank you for your time in reading this email and possibly a reply.

    Can you help me discern which scenario would be the correct path of coming events?

    Nancy Lieder from Zeta Talk describes a world of destruction and chaos with near human distinction. Before things on earth get better.

    I have read other older materials that describe the same Phoenix Raising written by Mary Summer Rain, The Green Emerald tablets just for example.

    Then I listen to your interviews with Rob Potter and Others and read messages from your website and you describe a gentler scenario from what I get from your site.
    Unless there is more to your Event than my understanding.

    So I left to ponder what may be the truth that one should seek or gain more knowledge of.

    I truly would look forward a reply and again thank you.

    Rocco L. Busco

  115. Cobra, we remember from Untwine’s interview with you (on March 15, 2015) so:
    “Cobra : Valiant Thor was a representative of the Galactic Confederation, he came to this solar system through a portal on planet Venus, and then on planet Earth …”

    Q: We understood that Valiant Thor had a human earthly body during his mission on Earth. Yes?
    How did he get this human body and how did he left it on ending the mission? Was this body already grown up when he took it? Was it an ‘walk-in’ transfer, a clone or what?

    What kind of body has he in the Galactic Confederation and what was the status of this body during this earthly mission, while having the earthly body?

    Q: If you can not give specific detail about this case, please give us an answer over all, as long as the question is not necessary concerning him but rather similar types of cases.

    • But, Cobra, no matter how do you answer these questions, beside of all, we need one answer more:
      Q: How did he not been trapped inside the veil once entered here, and how was he in fact able to escape?, … and if it was an attempt from the Galactic Confederation to extract him from here then strangelets could explode?

  116. What are the energies of each of the seven color rays of a rainbow?

    Is it true that in ancient times in Egypt and Greece, color temples were built into seven compartments, each one containing one of the seven rays? If so, what was the purpose of these temples?

    Is all physical life throughout existence dependent on water for their survival?

    Is distilled water the best water to drink?

    Why are Isis Quartz named after Isis?

    Are Owls a symbol for Goddess Isis?

    Thank you

  117. Cobra, we remember from your March interview an answer which prevails among many others:
    “We are not forced to go forward… You have a natural tendency and desire to want to feel more happy”.
    Beside of the common sense of this answer we ask allowance for some more questions.

    WE are RESPECTFULLY submitting to you to acknowledge that many of those who fight alongside with you for Planetary LIBERATION fight for what they understand the meaning of ‘to want to feel more happy’. In fact it is the right to ‘not do’. To chose ‘not to do’ and ‘no longer to experience anything’. No better, no worse. To remain in a spiritual stagnation.

    Q: How may these come true for those who chose it? How will Light forces come in help for those who ask for it?

    • Cobra, to help you a bit to give a proper answer, and more specific:
      You claimed many times there will be ‘much healing’ in post Event era, OK?

      But do accept that after 25000 Y of being forced to do and to experience something in all planes, physical, etherical, astral, so on, and forced to come again and repeat, are we not legitimate now to ask for our right (as a natural one) to say: ‘NO! I DO NOT want to do and to experience anything anymore! Notning in no planes! Nor in physical, etherical, astral, and so on!”

      May this be also part of the ‘much healing’ you speak about?
      How may this come true? Stasis chambers or what else? How do you consider it?

  118. My questions for Cobra:

    What creates addiction? Why is it worse in others? How can one overcome it?

    I’d like to hear Cobra’s perspective because I feel the mainstream view is missing something. Thank you.

  119. Will our stance of lightness of heart, joy and grace be most challenged once we’re in the eye of the storm, with numerous fellow beings around us, entering a state of fear and chaos? I feel this future scenario is calling forth our present vigilance and connectedness with life coming from compassion, to a much larger degree than we’ve ever may have experienced. Except past existences in perilous circumstances. Is this the unique humour of the Universe, to bring us an ultimate test that may turn out to be our most welcomed blessing, at the same time? “School is out”, so to speak?

  120. Q1 What is MERKABA?

    Q2 What is Mandala?

    Q3 What is Galactic Tantra?

    Q4 What is “Flower of Life”

    Q5 What is The Book ” Aurora 2012″ 

  121. Cobra, look it us, long awaiting for who knows what, a new subject comes out!
    It is the ‘giants in stasis chambers’!

    But the item of interest are not as much the giants. But rather the stasis chambers. Or the fact itself: giants in stasis chambers.

    The question is: To whom belong these stasis chambers, who is maintaining them in stasis, who calls the giants to wake up now, and who allows all of this?

    How were the giants not trapped inside the veil in order to be forced to reincarnate to generate ‘the loosh’ for the darks?
    Why only giants, and why not humans as well? Which is the stage of spiritual evolution of the giants during this stasis time? Is it a spiritual stagnation, a cessation of their evolution, or what?

    • Cobra, but as long as you claim the giants were already raptured (maybe in milab bases), then was their awakening not premature? What was calling them to wake up now, and why no after the Event? What was wrong with their awakening?

  122. I have a question? I have a strong feeling that Barbara Marciniak, who claims to channel the Pleadians is a FAKE! Can you ask Cobra if this is true. P.S. I see all the questions on here but rarely see answers, I’m not sure i know how this works.

    • Allison K, I tend to agree with you regarding Barbara Marciniak. When I hear her voice, during channeling, I hear a man’s voice and I doubt if Barbara has made a choice in freedom to channel this entity/being or whatever it is that comes through. I’m getting cold chills when I hear that voice. And for the answers to our questions here, I think these are asked during an audio interview later, with Cobra. Maybe not all questions, I’m still a bit of a newbee myself here.

  123. COBRA, James Casbolt mentions “Platinum Blues” or “Digital Children” in his project mannequin papers. Have you heard of this? or any info/Intel you might have is appreciated?


  124. Hi Cobra. As much as it pains me to say this, there does certainly appear to be a war against the white European race being waged on the surface. Frederick Lindemann, a Zionist and close advisor to Winston Churchill during WW2, is quoted in his biography as saying that the goal is “the abdication of the White man”. Is it true that one of the Cabal’s primary objectives is to have the Earth ultimately controlled by a small circle of Zionist “supermen” served by a new humanity consisting of mixed-race slaves with “the mentality of the worker bee”? Is this why we’ve seen such a massive push for multiculturalism in white nations over the past few decades? And does this have any bearing on the migrant crisis in Europe today? Is the Cabal trying to breed out the white European race and replace it with mixed race “worker bees” who will work for them without question?

  125. Namaste all of the light. Dearest one Cobra could you please speak about Gaia’s ascension… and how we all must leave planet surface during the transformation? (Total restructure eg. raising of two lost continents and equaling of watet to land) Is it true those who do not ascend will become refugees in crystal subterranean earth or aboard light forces mother ships?.. is Maldek also going to be reborn out of the asteroid belt (what was originalinally Maldek before the destruction of that planet) to give another destination for Earth refugees?.. also can you speak about all other life forms during this event.. as plant life and most animals are of Gaia’s consciousness will they remain with Gaia or be evacuated also and what of fourth dimensionals like dragons and fairies or gnomes etc?.. and how much longer can Gaia really hang on before our mother earth must undergo her changes?.. after all is it not her right and just reward for all our mother earth has done since her journey began from the central sun?.. personally i can’t help feel selfish and feel it wrong to ask her to wait until we can sort ourselves out first.. she has given us all so much already. Thank you and Victory of the Light.

  126. Cobra, we hear the Event is imminent, is it so? But don’t worry, we are NOT asking when?
    The problem is that in pages upon pages of preparing for the EVENT an item seem to be not covered at all. Here it is.

    Q. You claim that close before and after THE EVENT will start many persons from the surface population will receive a call to answer from RM if they get involved in this early phase. Isn’t it?
    But who are these? Only high rank officials, or common people, supposedly light workers, or else?

    The question is: HOW do they/us know that this calling comes from RM, or if it is a trap?
    Today or tomorrow any of us may receive a call, IN FACT a trap, to do something, allegedly for the EVENT? How will look like the very calling from RM??
    But, Cobra give please an ANSWER. Not only to use our discernment.

  127. Cobra, would you like to give more details about THE ASCENSION CONFERENCE, at least concerning the main items in discussion:

    *Galactic Alignment and Galactic Superwave
    *The Octopus, Veils and Secret Space Programs
    *Galactic Light Forces Inside our Solar System
    *The Ascension Plan

    *Chalice of Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine
    *Law of Choice
    *The Power of Positive Decree and I AM Presence

    *Transmutation Process
    *First Contact Zones
    *Areas of Light
    *Ascension Vortex Technologies

    *Goddess Spiral as Transmuting Power
    *Goddess Presence
    *Holy Grail Activation

    *Other new information never before presented and about the energetic work.

  128. When the Galactic Codex refers to “sentient beings” is it referring not only to humans and other humanoids, but also animals – like cats, birds, cows, foxes, etc – or trees and plants, rocks, streams and rivers, etc? Who or what is considered a sentient being?

  129. Is a big moldavite equal as a little cintamani? Has a moldavite influence on plasmatic level? Would you say something about moldavites? What are the moldavite messages? What is origin of Russian stones sungite and charoite? Would you say something about charoites? What is the best centre for a crystal grid? Clear crystal or which stone? Which crystal is eligible to wear in this time? Thank you, Cobra.

  130. Questions about the Galactic Codex

    To Cobra, Veronica and all involved at the make of the Galactic Codex

    First of all I want to make clear to endorse the importance of the several rights mentioned for each sentient being, and I acknowledge that we live under the programming of the Dark Forces.

    But I have a number of questions, whereupon I look for an answer before signing the codex.

    1) Who of what exactly contains the Galactic Confederation?
    2) More then ones we have been explained the importance of meditation as for a Full Disclosure and the dismantle of plasma strange let and toilet bombs. Therein lies the suggestion that the power of Love and Light is bigger than the power of the Dark, and bigger than the power of that horrible weapons? Is that a misbelief, because the Light-forces now claim the right for armed intervention?
    3) Frequently we have been said that because of the respect for the so called Free Will of human beings only help will be given after it is being asked (“Aks and you wil be given”), while now all of a sudden it is called “nonsense”. This is confusing me. Did anything change?
    4) The new time will also bring a recovery of the female values on Earth (which have been heavily suppressed during the last 6000 years), according to what I red from several sources. What can I already find back of that in the (formulation of the) Galactic Codex?

    As an active thinking-along member of the humanity, I will appreciate if you will take serious my remarks and answer them. Thank you in advance.

  131. If Cobra canot answer all these questions (i am well aware Cobra is very busy and respect that) can we have some other enlightened person answer or attempt to answer these questions or perhaps someone to point the asker in the right direction to find the answers? Thanks and blessing to all.

    • Questions about the Galactic Codex

      To Cobra (Khajiit7), Veronica and all involved in putting together the Galactic Codex.

      First of all I want to make clear to endorse the importance of the several rights mentioned for each sentient being, and I acknowledge that we live under the programming of the Dark Forces.

      But I have a number of questions, whereupon I look for an answer before signing the codex.

      1) Who of what exactly contains the Galactic Confederation?
      2) More than once we have been explained the importance of meditation as for a Full Disclosure and the dismantle of plasma strangelet and toplet bombs. Therein lies the suggestion that the power of Love and Light is bigger than the power of the Dark – and bigger than the power of those horrible weapons? Is that a misbelief, because the Light-forces now claim the right for armed intervention?
      3) Frequently we have been told that because of the respect for the free will of human beings only help will be given after it is being asked (“Ask and you shall be given”), while now all of a sudden this is called “nonsense”. This confuses me. Did anything change?
      4) The new time will also bring a recovery of the female values on Earth (which have been heavily suppressed during the last 6000 years), according to what I’ve been reading from several sources. What can I already find back of that in the (formulation of the) Galactic Codex?

      As an active thinking-along member of humanity, I will appreciate if you will take my remarks seriously. I’m looking forward towards your answers. Thank you in advance.

  132. Hey my name is Thomas Cortez Lee…From Memphis TN…Do the galactic federation know who i am? if not..Can you tell them im ready to be an intergalactic peacekeeper

  133. Are the Light Forces involved in the growing ‘Nuit Debout’ (‘rise up at night’) movement started in Paris or is it a spontaneous manifestation of the mass awakening?
    The same goes for the recent TTIP leaks.

    Thank you,
    Victory of the Light!

  134. Question: What abouth those non-stop atacks abouth ashtar sheran was a traitor? and he lie all ppl who trust him ?

  135. Question 1:
    where did the human beings take the rise? Did they originate from Apes? What differences are there between the human beings and the other animals? Are only their souls different?

    Question 2:
    What will happen actually in the fall of 2016 ?

    Question 3:
    How much time could be left us to increase the frequency after the Great Disclosure?

    Question 4:
    Is it occasional for Man to come into the world? Does everything happen synchronically ? Is Everything a subject of life ? What differences are there between the human civilization and extraterrestrial civilization ? Is the Earth a prison or the challenging space to learn ?

    Question 5:
    Could you give us a comment on the asceticism ?

    Question 6:
    Could you tell me what’s the rate of ascension ? and how many people can’t ascend into the 4th Density approximately ?

    Question 7:
    What about the other side of the black hole ?

    Question 8:
    Does the Feline belong to the Central Race ?

    Question 9:
    I wonder which race created the Sirians.Could you talk about it,please?

    Question 10:
    How soon can the Chinese people transform their current living environment, and what’s more,when will the shift of the traditional system of education happen?

    Question 11:
    Since the Ascended Masters or angels are gods,why can’t they help to remove the negative aliens? and why don’t they make a public appearance to tell us the truth and the ways out of the difficulty?

    Question 12:
    Excuse me,could you please introduce some ways to raise frequency rapidly to us?

    Question 13:
    I have personally seen someone twitch at a funeral.He forgot what he had said completely after waking up.The locals have been used to such phenomena. Is this related to his soul? I’d like to get a general idea. Could you do me a favor? Many thanks!

    Question 14:
    Excuse me,where are the important energy vortexes in China?

    Question 15:
    Where did the starseeds originate prior to their incarnating upon the Earth ? Did they come from the Pleiades?

    Question 16:
    Are there any new jobs to work on after the Event?

    Question 17:
    Which density does the soul exist in? Is it a sort of eternal life? and what’s the basic form made of?

  136. Question. About 2 months ago I had a very powerful vision. The Event had happened. The earth was moving up, first into the 4th, then the 5th, then the 6th dimension. While this was happening, I saw Jesus and Mary Magdalene walking down a set of stairs. The LIGHT kept rising and getting brighter. The earth was healed and beautiful! Jesus and Mary were pure, unconditional love. And behind them were the spirit halves of the male and female of Source! I was shown what heaven looks like, but what took me by surprise was that we, the earth, could go up to the 7th dimension. And the shock of what I sensed is that there is something above Source as we know it! And whatever this intelligence is, it is in the 7th dimension. I was not ready to find out what is above Source, because I was totally unprepared to even receive that knowledge. My question is, is what I saw going to happen and is there an intelligence above Source?

  137. The first thing that lead me to this point was the book Out Of Body Experiance by Robert Alan Monroe aka. Ashaneen – . Is he one of the lightworkers ? Is he helping us ?

  138. Question about this site. One of the featured healers – found when hitting the “you are loved” link here – passed away last year. She is known here as Devi Cholet. You can find the record of her death by searching for Deborah Cholet. It is the first link that appears on a google search. She passed on October 15, 2015. Those seeking healing from her will not receive a response.

  139. Question for Cobra. We came from one.. We are one.. Everyone is loved.. It’s never to late to turn to the light right ? So isn’t it that the Dark Ones need are love the most right now ? To show and share our love with them ? So they can feel it, turn to the light and with there power and knowledge be a great asset to us all ? I think so..

  140. Can Cobra offer any comments regarding orgonite? Many of us create and “gift” orgonite in the form of tower busters in order to protect our communities from EMF attack. Aside from cell towers, can Cobra advise where our orgonite will be most effective? Any other thoughts regarding orgonite are appreciated.

  141. How does the archaeology mean at the world of 5th dimension? I’ve heard that for the future,turning into 5th dimension,the archaeology become the main part of academy,but many of knowledge in books published at past dimension were not available at the 5th because many of them will be useless in particular the history of political power, religion or eles. How are these knowledge utilized after we ascended?

  142. Hi COBRA, thank you for all you do! My question is, why is it so many of us feel sick all the time. I will feel sick for a few days get better and a week later the same thing will come back again. This has been going on for a couple of years. I’ve been to doctors, and been on many rounds of antibiotics and never get better. I exercise and eat healthy. The freeky thing is lots of people are saying the same thing is happening to them too. Nobody feels good anymore. Is this from chem trails or could it be from the energies coming into earth? I’ve even heard it could be from dna activation. If it is dna activation what are the symtoms someone would have? Thank you! 😊

  143. I have a question on Planet x. I have been following this site since 2000
    and wonder if this is true what the zetas are saying of this planet x coming soon (but I ‘ve been waiting 16 years) and cause a pole shift. Is this true please advise if I have wasted 16 years on this thank you.

  144. Greetings, this may seem odd to some but i am wondering with Cobras vast knowledge if he would know if the cannabis (or marijuana) plant is native to earth, or was it introduced here from another planet? ..I’ve seen many suggestions of the later and am rather curious if it is and perhaps other plants are introduced also like perhaps aloe vera as it also has great medicinal value.. thanks and love to all.

  145. On May 25, 2016, US Special Ops forces performed a surprise “raid” in downtown Tampa, Florida, in which Navy SEALS, Marine Raiders, and Army Green Berets fired shots while jumping from Black Hawk helicopters to the surprise of city residents. The explanation given was that the effort was to test readiness in a crisis situation by carrying out a 30-minute drill exercise in which the soldiers “searched for pirates” which had “captured the mayor”. Is this something the American people should be gravely concerned about, or like Jade Helm, is there a positive aspect to this?

  146. What causes the Mandela Effect? There are so many of us who remember things differently (BerenstAin Bears vs BerenstEin Bears for example).

    • re: “so many of us who remember things differently” … I too would like to know what this is about because I’m experiencing it too. I believe it has something to do with alternate timelines but I don’t know for sure.

      • I kind of remember Cobra saying we were set for the Event to happen in 2012, but something happened to change that. I’ve wondered if CERN changed things and we experience that as the Mandela Effect. But, like the guy who was supposed to die in Lost, things that are supposed to happen will happen, maybe just a little later and slightly in a different way.

  147. Several years ago an amateur astronomer named John Lenard Walson released photos of several unknown craft he photographed in Earth orbit. Some were correctly identified as the ISS and the space shuttle, but many of these craft were not so easy to identify. Some of the photos can be found here, for the benefit of the readers:

    Can Cobra offer any comment on the craft photographed by Walson? Thank you.

  148. How are people going to know which questions may have already been answered or their answers. I know this is probably a work in progress but if we look ahead for a minute this section is going to grow by quite a bit and it will be somewhat of a difficult task to use by management or reader. I may be wrong…

    • The answer to your first question is, listen to the Q and A interviews with Cobra, published here.
      It will be clear which answers are given to which questions. Some won’t be asked, of course.
      Maybe one of the moderators can remove those that aren’t relevant anymore. Or it may be that they’re left in here, so that questioners can check if their question is asked already. Not that it
      helps much, when they’ve not listened to the interviews.

  149. My family is psychopathy.
    I am very suffering.
    Please tell us about a psychopathy.
    Do they have a reptilian soul ?
    I don’t think it’s they are same human race.

  150. Thank you so much. I live in Turkey and four nights when I looked out the window I see a red cloud.
    Then comes the blue lightning and no rain. You know you can’t see the color of the clouds at night. This is a very specific form of the cloud. Is there any information about this topic? I wonder if there is anything I can do.

  151. I read some posts about how Obama will disclose information on Extra-Terrestrials just before his presidency ends. This should be around the time of the US election. Is this part of the official full disclosure process by the light forces (and hence the start of some mass change visible to everyone) or is it just another sham? Thank you!

  152. What could be the prophecy or future of each of the four peoples (Black, white, red and yellow according to the Hopi) plus the rainbow/mixed-race peoples? Can you specify on each of them?

    Are you aware of the Nordic alien scheme and practice of harvesting humans for various uses (extracting hormones, muscles for food, bones for different uses, products for life extension, etc.)?

    Are the Three Days of Darkness and the Magnetic Pole Reversal related or different?

  153. A question for Cobra:

    Should we be sending love to Yaldabaoth or simply visualizing it gone? Which is more effective?

  154. A question for Cobra: I always run into an ” invisible wall” that stops me from doing/being/ having all that I feel I am meant to accomplish. I cannot see this wall. But I know it is there. I have talked to others who have experienced the same. What is this “invisible wall” that sabotages all of my efforts?

  155. My question has a few sub-questions within:

    Cobra has said before that the Universe is not a computer program but there is an organic technology created by the Archons put around the Earth. (Is this the Matrix which scientists have found has a 10101 type code & is why they say everything is a hologram or somputer code?)
    My real question is, if a human had to leave the Earth an travel past the program would he/she suddenly feel completely different then when they are on Earth or in the program? And what would our reality look like & feel like if this program was not around the Earth or does this program not effect the way we experience physical reality?

    Also can Cobra please explain, what exactly is Dark matter & why it is referred to as Dark?

  156. After reading Neil Keenan’s latest…how important of a roll does he play in this or is he for a lack of better words…a paid shill? I hear that Drake had a falling out with Neil and Thomas.

  157. Question: what type of devices that the American political candidates wear that keeps them looking like humans, and not like shape shifting lizards ???

  158. How close are we to The Event? Several interviews ago you gave a percentage of preparedness.

    After The Event, how quickly will medical technologies or healing chambers be available to the general population? Can we expect some spontaneous healings during/after The Event?

    Also, some channels out there are stating that after the 3rd wave on June 20 those who are non prepared will not ascend but will be moved to another similar (but less dark) 3d planet to complete their preparations for personal ascension, is that true? Will the population be conscious of such a move? How will it effect families?

  159. Cobra,

    Can you please shed some light on who Neil Keenan is, who Thomas Williams is (on DRAKE radio show), there role if any, and the tremendous amount of internet info regarding General Dunford and the supposed

    new republic.

    If there has been a new Republic established in the US it certainly doesn’t show itself with any visible changes.



  160. Greetings. Please ask Cobra in the next interview “Who is Enki, and what is his relationship with Earth at this time?” Thank you. 😉

  161. In the alternative news the pineal gland is much discussed. For the present human on the surface is it safe to activate the third eye within their archon’s matrix (technology?)?When the pulsations are intense I start to fear the unknown and pray for my life not knowing what I am exposing to..

  162. Is negativity necessary for our collective spiritual evolution? I think so.

    This is a question and answer from Corey Goode’s website The Sphere Being Alliance.

    Q: The Sphere Beings are buffering the Ascension process, have quarantined the Draco and those aligned with them, yet now they say it is all up to us and they can’t intervene even though they have intervened already.

    “The Sphere Being Alliance is not interfering by holding back the culmination or heaviest point of these galactic waves. (Which David Wilcock refers to as “spontaneous ascension”)
    It is our group consciousness that is making the decision. The Sphere Being Alliance (SBA) are humble servants of cosmic law and our collective free will Choices. Again, it is difficult to try to overlap our 3/4D way of thinking onto other beings in our own Density let alone those of others. All that has been done by the SBA has been authorized by cosmic law on behalf of our mass consciousness which is sort of a higher thought-complex of us beings which makes up the social memory complex we share.”

    The Sphere Being Alliance consists of 5 races ranging from the 6th density through the 9th. If they wanted to come in right now and clean everything up they could. Strangelet bombs, toplet bombs, none of it matters, they are WAY above any of that.

    And this is a question and answer from an interview this year in may between Cobra and Richard and Lynn from Prepare for Change.

    Richard – A lot of people say that it’s necessary for evolution to experience negativity, would you agree with that?

    COBRA – I would absolutely not agree. That was a teaching that was disseminated by the Archons to keep people enslaved. It is absolutely not necessary and it is harmful for the development.

    If what Cobra said was true than The Sphere Being Alliance would have already fully intervened a LONG LONG TIME AGO. Things like the “Cosmic Law” and our “Free Will” would not matter as stated in the Galactic Codex something Cobra fully believes in as well as nearly every other positive being in this galaxy according to Cobra.

    Here are a few quotes taken straight from the Galactic Codex:

    Section I: The Law of Divine Grace
    Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to positive life experience

    Section II: The Law of Dividing the Conflicting Parties
    Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to be divided and protected from the negative actions of other sentient beings

    Section IV: The Law of Intervention
    The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the intervention in all situations where the Galactic Codex is violated, regardless of the local laws

    Now let’s just remember this is called the GALACTIC codex as in our galaxy, not the entire universe. Now lets also remember that the Sphere Being Alliance consists of 5 races ranging from the 6th density through the 9th.

    It seems to me that negativity existing for our collective spiritual growth is a 6th-9th density ideal/concept.

    Now my question for Cobra is what is his response to this? What is the highest density being Cobra has ever interacted with and what is the highest density being/beings that are a part of the Resistance Movement/Galactic Confederation? Also has Cobra ever studied “The Law of One”?? This is material that the Blue Avian “Raw-Tear-Eir” recommended Corey and rest of humanity to study. Thank you. Namaste.

    • Actually I was wrong about this codex only governing our galaxy.

      “This codex is called the Galactic Codex and represents the legal basis for all actions of the Confederation in this and other galaxies.”

      Also I’d like to point out that I am in no way talking down to Cobra. I’m just trying to put the pieces together. I appreciate everything Cobra has done for us, Cobra has always been my number one source for information, without him I wouldn’t be this awake and aware. So thank you Cobra for everything that you do.

  163. Q: can you say more about the energies of the simplex geometries? and the presence of the golden ratio in the pentagon (Pentatope) and its peculiarity ?

    Pentagon 4Dimensions, Hexagon 5Dimensions, Heptagon 6Dimensions, Octagon 7Dimensions, Nonagon 8Dimensions, Decagon 9Dimensions….

  164. Cobra, it has widely been reported that the Cabal plans to reduce the Earth’s population by 90%. With the world’s current population estimated to be 7.4 billion, using that 90% figure gives us a total of 6,660,000,000 (six billion, six hundred and sixty million) murdered. Can you offer any comment on this figure? Certainly such a Satanic number is not a coincidence.

  165. A highly publicized shooting took place in Ottawa, Canada, on October 22, 2014, in which a Canadian man with ties to the government and who had recently converted to Islam, is said to have shot and killed a Canadian soldier before attacking the Canadian Parliament, where he was subsequently shot to death by police. It has been alleged by credible sources that a high ranking member of the Stephen Harper government named Denis Lebel was about to be exposed for attending a child sacrifice event at the Vatican, and this incident was staged as a smokescreen designed to divert attention away from this. My questions for Cobra: 1) Was any soldier actually gunned down that day, and 2) is the story about Denis Lebel true? If not, then what was the reason for this obvious false flag event?

  166. Dear Cobra!
    Do you know if new Hollywood movies and tv-shows contain infrasound in the soundtrack?
    Kind regards,

  167. I am an Egyptian and I have been hearing that Egypt in next few months will have lots of downfalls and I would I like to know who controls Egypt and Also I hear rumors about the current president was killed and the government is hiding it is that true?

  168. Dear Cobra, you have mentioned in article from Thursday, May 10, 2012 in article Clarification about Archons that “Leader of the Archons on the physical plane has been arrested on May 5th by the Resistance forces and taken off-planet. He has crossed over to the Light ad is now free-willingly assisting with the planetary liberation process.”

    On Sunday, July 15, 2012 in Layers of Conspiracy article you said about Archons that: “Their leader was arrested in Rome on May 5th, removed from this planet and taken to the Galactic Central Sun immediately. He was the one that many members of the Cabal were worshipping in their distorted rituals, so now they are worshipping something that does not exist any longer.”

    So my question: is this being assisting with the planetary liberation process or this being doesnt exist anymore?

    and second question on Sunday, January 12, 2014 in Fall of the Archons Update you said that: “On the physical plane, the current Archon leader is now living in a small provincial city not too far from Rome. He came to Earth in 1995 through a portal in a deep underground military base near Verona to prevent the Ascension and planetary liberation process which was in full force then, and to prepare and organize the Congo Archon invasion in 1996. Obviously he does not belong to old Italian black nobility.”

    Could you elaborate on this, please as well?

    Thank you


  169. Cobra, please speak about the current politic scenario in Brazil, the coup of the darkness that taken the country, all the corruption. What are the light forces doing to help us reverse that situation?

  170. I have been using the Cobra Protection protocol (Mirror Shield & Soul Star Chakra Vortex) daily for several months now. I described it to a shaman that I trust who said mirror shields are great, but they require a lot of energy to maintain. Is this true that it does take a lot of energy?

  171. There is a lot of artists interpretations of light skinned caucasian ET (like some Pleiadians or Arcturians). This seems a bit ethnocentric. Are there ET humanoid races that look like Africans or Asians of this world?

    • Based on whistleblower testimony, there are ET races resembling what we know as “Asians”, as well as every skin color imaginable. There are even humanoids with vegetable-like physiology. Brown-skinned humanoids are apparently very rare. What we refer to as the African race may be the only racial group on Earth to be 100% native to this planet.

  172. Hello, Cobra,

    Swiss guaranteed basic income vote
    I just read the results of the Swiss guaranteed basic income vote. The Swiss rejected guaranteed basic income. Where are we on this issue right now ? You stated previously that there would be guaranteed basic income for all after the event. Appearently, we are not close on this issue yet as compared where we should be.

    1. Was the vote rigged?
    2. Where are we on this issue right now ?

    Thank you.

    • Jerry, as far as my understanding goes, there’s never a fixed outcome of procedures involving money. Look at the process of a banking crisis, for example. It builds up through the years and those who are awake can see it coming. Although strategies are planned and events foreseen, it’s the free will element in all human beings, that determines how things work out, even predictions. In Holland, there’s much discussion about a basic income, recently supported by a minister who clearly points out the benefits of it, in an economic sense. The costs of keeping people from the streets, feed and shelter them, prevention of criminilaty like stealing, are higher now, compared to the total sum of a basic income for all jobless citizens in Holland. That’s a strong argument for pro of course. Maybe this will cause a speeding up of a positive decision in the governmnet, possibly without voting by citizens, for pro or contra. There are other nations who provide for a basic income with good results and also a local currency circulation is introduced, like in Totnes and Bristol, both in the UK. Supporting the local economy. Some changes need gradual unfolding and implementing.

  173. Basically, I’d like to know the detail of what COBRA says, which is that when 144,000 people mediate, then the Event can take place.
    Having said that, my questions consist of 6 of them in total. As follows:

    As for the progress, how much percent is achieved according to the monitoring by light forces, now?

    As for the timing of global event meditation, is it necessary to be “simultaneous” concerning the timing of meditation? And otherwise is it not counted into the 144,000?

    As for the condition to make the Event happen, what COBRA wants to say is that the balance in (collective) consciousness would be achieved globally due to what’s called “phase transition” made ubiquitous thanks to 144,000 event meditation, so that no panic and confusion globally is expected. Is it correct?

    Is the following anticipation correct?
    Event can be executed when one of the followings meets required condition:
    1. By the light forces, when they finish all the necessary works such as dismantling Strangelet bomb, removing chimera group etc. They will execute the Event plan as their part.
    2. By the light workers, when the number of Event meditation reaches 144,000, the event will be executed.

    As for the treatment of dark forces, they will be arrested through the smooth procedure of chain of command, originating from RM ->> Positive military ->> police ->> actual arrestment on global scale publicly available on “TV”. Is this correct?

    After/During the Event, how will Chimera and Archons be treated? Is there any pre-decided plan on the side of light forces, or not?

    The allocation of Saint Germain Prosperity Fund to light workers. This is explained in the article “Operation Dreamland,” how will be light workers be assessed and identified and qualified? Also, are the participants to COBRA’s conference have priority in receiving a tip of the Fund?

    • Regarding your point 7, KIN117 (@KIN117 the compensation with financial means, to whomever it’s planned to be offered, I don’t see paying participants of Cobra’s conference as the best road to follow. That’s highly sensitive to suspicions and rubbing of shoulders, as I perceive it. This comment also may be sensitive in that way, to moderators here, but I’m going to present it anyway, censored or non-censored. We’re free to speak our mind and have an opinion on whatever topic or people’s words, be it in positions of authority, either given or chosen, or in positions like members here in general.

  174. Hello,COBRA!
    I’ve heard that separated seven universes are integrated these days but is the multiverse theory still exist in the outer space?

    • I’m out on a limb now, yes I know. But I have to laugh, really. Steven, for I think we’re possibly 98% starseeds on this planet, sorting out what works or doesn’t work in relationships. It doesn’t take a starseed to have a complicated relationship, the present day condition on planet Earth is offering numerous mirrors and triggers, to sort out our priorities or issues and to count our blessings, as human beings.

      I truly feel that this sort of questions are best asked after looking within ourselves, finding where we are in relationship with our Self. When that’s hunkydory, we will begin to attract a partner, in a healthy + and – polarisation. Not the other way around and presumably without having much to do with being a starseed, or not. Don’t reach for the fruit, look at the roots and do your home-work, pun intended.
      The fruit will take care of itself that way,it’s what your efforts bring forth, maybe with an element of surprise. The tendency to put our attention to otherworldly affairs carries the risk of becoming otherworldly somewhat, possibly also ungrounded, on planet Earth.

  175. 1) If we are to clean the planet, how come we then have to evacuate (according to Sheldan Nidle).
    2) How much time from “The Event” to “Ascension Chambers”
    3) Who is actually behind the book, The Bible?

  176. How do you define the Pythagorean Illuminati, the ancient secret society that has been on the side of “light”, against the Old World Order? They have elusively coordinated the 3 world historic revolutions: American, French, Russian – all failed in the end result, because of infiltration by the Old World Order(OWO), or in your terminology Cabal. For your information, it is not associated with Alexander Romanov, who had been labelled as “charlatan” by the very same society of Pythagorean Illuminati at their official website, which has revived recently:
    They claim that the society was founded by Pythagoras, the very first person who called himself a Philosopher. I’ve been digging this kind of esoteric yet liberating movement for a while now. They call themselves “Hyperboreans”, which means that nobody can find any of them on this planet. Also important to point out is their series of eBooks. You can find out them by amazon searching “Mike Hockney God Series”.

    So, what do you think?

  177. 1) Why is it that if we are to clean up the Earth, are we then supposed to evacuate the planet as Sheldan Nidle has suggested?
    2) Who, according to your sources is responsible for the writing of the book “The Bible”? Is it completely fabricated by man & for the control of our spiritual power, or is there any truth to what some people claim, that it was inspired by God, the father of Christ, his only begotten son.
    3) Why would this octopus plasma shield entrapping humanity have SBs & TBs attached to it? If the Cabal knows they are going to go anyhow, why don’t they just activate them anyway?

  178. Cobra, it has been alleged that many well known musical performers have been secretly “replaced” at some point in their careers. The most well know examples of this are Paul McCartney allegedly being replaced by an imposter in the Beatles in the late sixties, and Bob Dylan, who is said to have been “portrayed” by several different people over the decades. Another more recent example is rock musician Dave Grohl, who neither looks, sounds, or behaves like he did 20 years ago. Are we talking about clones here, and how common is this phenomenon in the entertainment world?

  179. Cobra, since compression breakthrough is the compression of Light coming from above and below, on a personal level, when the kundalini rises is it met with Light coming from above as well? Like meeting half way in the middle – the heart chakra?
    On chosing the name Cobra, it reminds us of the kundalini sepent rising, but for some it could have a reptilian conotation – what would you reply for people that associate you with reptilians?

  180. Olá Cobra gostaria de uma explicação acerca do DMT, o que ele é na verdade, pessoas que usam etc… Gratidão

    Hello Cobra would like an explanation of DMT, which he is in fact, people who use etc … Gratitude

  181. Would like to ask Cobra what his view is on the Mandela Effect which seems to have gone viral, with many people reporting examples they are experiencing on a daily basis?
    There are even FB groups that have been set up specifically to discuss the ME. If people are seeing changes in hard copy such as in their Bibles does this indicate evidence of timelines merging, parallel realities, or ???

    • Ha ha ha…. I really have to laugh about this video. Honestly, it’s an example of gullability in people who think they perceive a different timeline, expecting maybe to see it happen and looking for evidence of it. We all memorize things differently, we always, in all circumstances, remember things differently.
      Now, we may be in a different timeline when you disagree with my view on this video. Consider your view as equally valuable as mine and we’re closer to the point where Cobra talks about. Maybe those gullible dreamers are heading in the opposite direction of it, in their imagination.

  182. Cobra, I have two quick questions which I hope you have knowledge of. Does Jeff Rense have any connection to the Jesuits, and is it true that the Vatican is in possession of the actual physical body of Jesus and has had it for 2,000 years?

  183. two questions for Cobra:
    1,Is Barbara Bush actually the daughter of Aleister Crowley?
    2,Is Alexander the Great actually buried in the Siwa Oasis of Egypt?

  184. Was Lyme Disease developed as a bio-weapon? It is very difficult to treat; can you offer any treatment advice to Lyme sufferers?

    • You can find a lot of suggestions on internet, Dave, plus experiences of people with Lyme. I’ve known several people in my life, suffering from Lyme. One visited lots of alternative healers, taking herbal remedies and the other lived 8 years in a tired condition, physically, losing her job as architect, her spouse and her home. The former found healing, accepting his fate, also the fact that the lyme is always present in his body, slumbering. The latter found physical healing, after a long time, with the help of all chemical drugs she could lay her hands on. She changed her diet of pure clean food to a diet that is chosen by most people, eaten with indifference, satisfying the taste buds only. She grew cynical about cleanliness and purity of one’s body and strengthening of one’s immune system, never accepting her “fate”, As the fighter that she was, she managed to create a workshop/ atelier for clothes, design and handmade creations, in her home, with excellent taste. Offering other women a place to make clothes too. I can’t think of anything else that I could offer, Dave, besides what I just described and I wish you a treatment that works for you. And your complete recovery in due time.

  185. Is it allowed to explain please how to train oneself in order to have true telepathic communication following the protocols?

  186. “The gnostic illuminati, for their part, are admitting their ISIS campaign has failed but say the remaining ISIS fighters will struggle to the last. They also say they still might nuke one city but would not say which one. It is likely any such attempt will be neutralized, they were warned.”

    The quote is from Fulford’s weekly report on Monday, June 20 2016.  
    Is gnostic illuminati led by Alexander Romanov a hoax? 

  187. 1. How much the Chimera group infiltration has been removed from SSP factions since may 23th?

    2. has it helped Congo portal any significant way? I only trust you Cobra as other sources are not so trustable so this would need confirmation from you if it helped Gongo portal or not?

    3. Can Yaldabaoth / Plasma octopus entity disintegration and removal of anything connected to entity start immediately after all plasma toplet bombs are removed?

    4. Negotiations with Rothschilds are only to get more out of them that will benefit light forces, they will still be arrested at the event of course?

    5.You probably can’t answer to this in details but do you have any rough estimation how fast can remaining plasma toplet bombs be removed? month? two?

    6.You previously some time ago already mentioned Grozny , the capital of Chechnya has a major negative vortex. Is there any plans to meditation or operations to turn this vortex to light or disintegrate it?

    It would be nice to get answers to these questions.

  188. Dear enlightened brother I want to ask about the dark knight satellite and can you tell us of its real purpose? Also what really is the extremely luminous asas-sn-15lh? I’ve tried to research these things but with so much disinformation and to what I found on these subjects didn’t resonate and i feel it is not truth. so please brother cobra can you shed some light on this. Also if one was to use free will and imagine themselves as bright as this asas-sn-15lh filled with divine light and love then project themselves into the heart of the octopus with intention to change/heal rather than dissolve or recycle this anomaly would this be helpful or should one just concentrate more on healing vortex and anchoring the Devine love and light and feminine energies?.. its just I feel sympathy for the octopus and think it not to be truly evil but driven to be or manipulated in some way to be what it is now.. i guess can octopus be healed so octopus can be good? be brought from the dark to the light? otherwise would it just be best to attack octopus an use free will to see it banished to central sun.. I wish to use my free will to help in what would be most productive to liberating gaia and think if octopus can be brought to our side we could really give the cabal the boot… or would it be futile to even attempt such a thing?

    • “…can octopus be healed so octopus can be good?..” Sounds very sweet, khajiit7, if it would be that simple? Imagine why it is that octopussy has been naughty until this day? Giving it sweets doesn’t help I’m afraid. Love isn’t about a walk with marshmellow bricks underfoot, sometimes it’s as sharp as a brandished sword, cutting through the crap.

  189. Thank you Cobra for your insights on the toplet bombs’ unexpected quantum potential chambers! Just one context seems expressed unclear (maybe not just to me):

    Does the ENTIRE plasma primary anomaly have to be dissolved (slowly step-by-step because of the toplet bombs’ unexpected quantum potential chambers) before the comp. breakthrough can take place, or just what you mention as critical mass of the primary anomaly? The entire anomaly spreads far beyond the solar system from what I remember, so that would mean a HUGE time effort aka delay..

    Regardless of your answer to above, can you share a rough estimate based on how things look right now, how much time the reduction of the anomaly will take the very least before we’re even entering the phase of comp. breakthrough likelihood? Days, weeks, months or even 2017 or later before any chance that “the tickling” can begin?


  190. Cobra, is there anything more we can do, other than doing the event meditation and our inner work, to speed up the compression breakthrough process?

    Thanks again!

  191. Where does the Brexit vote fit into the efforts to bring about The Event? Is this the first significant domino to fall in humanity’s struggle for freedom, or is it something that is secretly being manipulated by the elite?

    • A suggestion, DD. Please don’t expect Cobra or the elite to be the Gods ruling our world, by telling us about if and how the strings are pulled. Draw back you attention and find your creation powers and answers inside of you. We all are The Event, creating it together. I’m finding a lot of questions that show a Calimero stance in the questioner. That won’t do the job for you, see what I mean?

      • With all due respect Marian, my question was not addressed to you. Questions are being solicited, so please allow them to be asked.

    • Here we go again…. all that gazing in the crystal ball, dressed in drapes and veils, whispering formulas and gesturing in secret signs, leave that to the Harry Potter movies please?

  192. i read in michael newton books that soul chose the parenths and plan life by itself.but you said that archons infiltrated the akasha records and alll the being who came here to help gave most dificuilt life.i have most kindes parents in the world.there whole life drink pure water never use fluor in thot paste only organic food.i have probably the helthiest mom and dad on whole ist possible that the archons dont make intervention in my case?and when we bi in 2020 or 2025?

    • marko, you must be the sweetest boy on planet Earth, hurry now and find some good excersize to grow some muscle and grow up! This is a typical example of mental reasoning: “If I make sure I’m like this, or that, do this, or that, eat this, or that, I’m fine and St. Peter can’t refuse me in entering Heaven”. Not that it truly happened for sure, but it’s a nice allegory, have you ever read about Jeshua’s choice of poor fisherman, guys with street-wisdom, beggars and pickpocketeers, to follow him as disciples? For discernment we need seasoned warriors, it’s the most delicious humour in life.

    • It’s looking more conclusive that no they are not infiltrated because they are the main/top illuminati. Their disclosure seems to be finger pointing and calls for anti=semitism so others will look the other way. Don’t expect any truth from them. We are not singling them out – it’s most governments.

  193. Will the land masses on all coast lines be under water. Specifically the east coast? I have siblings that live in those areas.

    • If I may advise you for a moment, Alverta, it’s recommended by numerous messengers in the scientific world and the alternative media, that it’s wise to leave coastal areas and move inland.
      But always see for yourself how the actual condition is and how you feel about being at risk or not. This advise to the world is given for the risk of a geo-engineered tsunami aka seafloor earthquake, or Earth changes in tectonic plate motion in general, plus the risk of flooding too, I guess? Which east coast by the way? There are many on the globe 😉

  194. Does Cobra have any information about a mysterious object that is said to have exited out of a black hole in our galaxy? I believe this was first reported this past fall, and just recently circulated on blogs. The object has to have been huge to be picked-up by earth-based instruments. And once it emerged it was followed by a massive pulse of x-ray energy. Scientists are perplexed because not even light is supposed to be able to escape a black hole. It would be interesting to know what it is and it’s reason for popping in.

    Thanks for considering including this on the list of interview questions. Much appreciated.

  195. Cobra is there simple cure for most of dieseses thank we can make urselfs ? Is SODIUM CHLORITE

    The Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) ?

  196. Cobra… As more information comes out on the damage vaccines do to our bodies,
    is there any type of energy work healers can do to assist others in eradicating the effects of these? thank you

  197. Cobra, Is it important for twin flames who have found each other, to interact face-to-face or can their work in assisting the anchoring of the balanced Divine Feminine/ Masculine energies be accomplished just as well over distance? Thank you.

    • Twin flames and teamwork? Oh la la, this may be explosive, you know? It depends on how much karma you’ve got to work through, created together, before beginning the work face to face. I expect you know the answer already, deep down. Otherwise, I suggest better work together but keep a distance 😉

  198. Hi Cobra,
    When it is said that we will all return to become one again or return to source,
    does it mean we will loose our identity, personality and form?
    Will this happens somewhere in the future is this Ultimate goal of the Universe? to return to source and loosing our identity

    • It’s best to have a sense of humour, reading some of the questions here. I’m in tears….:)
      Yes we all dissolve and form one undulating blob morphing into a big smiley, when all is well that ends well. Is it something you look forward to, Pedro Matsu? I certainly not! Please think for yourself and choose how you want to arrive at the end of the road, or at the start of a new one?

  199. I am from Portugal, and from ages we heard that we have Michael energies anchored here in the capital and Sintra and strong feminine energies in Fatima, is this true? Is there any vortex we can connect on those regions of the country

  200. In your June interview you spoke about how all the Universes were absorbed into this one around about 1999 of our time and you said it was quite quick and intense when the other universes came through a worm hole into this one, Was there any thing that was seen or observed from Earth? Does NASA or any website have any articles about seeing something in space? Is this maybe the Great Attractor that the scientific world speaks about?

  201. First :We hear for a so lang time soon, soon, even trough channels, but what is soon in the perspective of beings , which live so much longer then us.?
    For exampe a mid fifty has not muich time left other than a youngster in the mid twenties
    Second As we have no real data when the event occurs , isn t it better just to live a sturctured life instead of just wait passive for the event , because it is presumably in next week, month , year ect. ?
    With great love and respect

    • Please, Ruediger, don’t project your sovereignty onto an outside authority deciding your life for you.
      Passively waiting in frustration because so and so…. said so, is the worst case scenario to follow, when you want to be enlightened. You are the Event, we all are creating the Event, a New Earth,
      creating an existence where we canand will be who we truly are. Start chopping wood, strip the wallpaper from your walls, start bungy jumping, walk on a tight rope, invite a refugee at your table… but do something.

      • You just misunderstood me a bit. I do not fold arms and wait, i medidate and are worging on myself every day. But my question is still there. I do not talk about personal event which can be sooner in some cases like a uplifting or a samadhi, or a melting in the christ conciousness. I mean the general event to be felt for every one felt on earth, the peak wich also involves the open contact to aour space brothers and sisters . so here is my question again Some people say it is so near we just can not plan any future like building houses or start a business , we must start hiding water and food.
        others say it will last to maybe 2050 . And between a lots of believers of the event it is so when the next peak wave comes they cry this ist the event i can feel it it will be soon. Some even do refuse to work and earn their living . telling all is bad why work for the cabal system, event comes soon , everyone will get money , we must not work ect ect..
        . So i hear Cobra soon what is soon . When the whole thing starteds lets say 1986 was a date it was alterd to the beginning date 2000 was alterd to 2012 where the beginnig at least happily started. No the big event date totally unknown
        I do not talk of these waves we all can feel now. I not deaf and blind . I can feel a change in my meditations i did since 1980 . So im not without practice. But i get a bit impatient.
        Not to attack you. But for me im ready just to go on with my meditation and forget all about event and do not pull any energy in it anymore . Like a wife getting pregnant it is nine month
        when the child comes usually and only in seldom circumstances chilsd is born earlier.
        There must a absolute deadline for the event too.
        I know things can change due to the effort of the cabale but the RM is also making their effort

        • I agree that planning for the future and acting on personal goals may be difficult when so much is promised at the event and after the event. It’s also hard to tell if the changes we see are due to the actions of the cabal or the actions of the good guys. I guess its because most of the things are happening behind the scenes and only later, its released to the public. Also Cobra has said what is soon for Cobra isnt the same for other people. Plus most of the light forces’ progress on neutralizing the strangelet bombs or dealing with the chimera bases up in space isnt easily verifiable by most folks.
          Thats why I focus on whats going on the economy as one of the visible markers for the event. Like the banking systems collapsing, followed money being taken from peoples accounts, which will be required to wake the ordinary people from their distractions and busy lives and let them question their realities for the first time.
          there are other markers as well. Cobra said Turkey may be the trigger for short, intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough.
          I also follow Drake in his shows. Drake has also said that the understanding is that this is their and our final year because of the galactic realignments, portals. That may be why the queen and the pope are so scared.

  202. Having researched the flat earth theory, I find the evidence compelling. Why hasn’t anyone from the science community come forth to answer the legitimate questions from these folks? Huge red flag for me, and points to the real possibility that we never went to the moon, NASA is complete BS, and the Earth may very well be flat!

    • For an earthworm the Earth is flat, for Columbus the Earth is round. Ever tried falling off the edge?
      It’s that simple.

    • To the best of my knowledge, the “flat-earth theory” might be just a disinfo and distraction. Conemplate also that if we would actually living on flat-earth, would all other planets be also flat? The idea might be also a symbol of the power of our beliefs; when we truly believe something we will always find evidence to support our beliefs, no matter what they are. From a universal standpoint. the flat earth does exist as a potential, but it is only in our imagination, not a crystallized experience of our actual planet. Bashar (who in my feeling provides high-vibratory and accurate info) did not agreed to this theory and the evidence might be that when you spill out the water into the space (without gravity) it will always shape itself into a sphere / a ball. So it appears it is a natural thing in the Universe. We do live on a giant blue ball floating around the cosmos and I think it’s cool 🙂

    • My take is this, and this is just my opinion: The idea that the Earth is flat is preposterous. “Flat earth theory” was rolled out to discredit our group and its aims. They even came up with decent evidence to back it up, just to reel in a few people. Anyone pushing this theory might as well be telling people that the tooth fairy is real or that dinosaur fossils were put there by Satan to trick us. The flat earth theory makes us look like kooks and once they’ve made us look like kooks they can discredit everything we say. I see it as no different than the “no planes” theory of 9/11, that no airplanes struck the WTC. It’s just something someone came up with to make us look like idiots, because then everything we say can be written off as insanity. I advise anyone to be careful of what ideas you buy into. There are many groups out there trying to manipulate what you think and believe. And belief is more important than many realize.

      • I think flat earth is bs. However, I don’t think a plane hit the south tower. Have no opinion on the north tower, could have been a plane but probably not the passenger jet they purported it to be. Thus I can understand your analogy – used to believe it myself – but check out some “no plane” videos on YouTube – you might come to a different conclusion.

        • Enough people in NYC that day saw the planes hit the towers, and video “evidence” can easily be manipulated. Not buying it. Now, Shanksville and the Pentagon are a different story, DEFINITELY no planes there.

  203. I have recently learned of the Mandela Effect. Please give your insights to this phenomenon and explain if you can how this has happened and why. Thank you.

  204. How can us children (mainly teenagers) assist as lightworkers when our families don’t believe in what we can do and are doing right now? What actions can we take?

  205. * Angels. why are they always depicted with wings? are all angels really angels, or some other entity, e.g. ET’s that arrive & leave on ships? if so, why didn’t they draw what they actually saw?

    * What happens to incarnated dark souls (black pope, kissinger, bush, etc) who die now? Can they remain outside the jurisdiction of the Light, or are they all held accountable?

    * I had an ET contact on Tenerife years ago. They lived under Mt. Tiede and said they were kind of hiding, on the run. were they Zeta Reticuli beings? are they still there?

    * current International Treasury Controller, Dr. Ray C. Dam. does he have legitimate authority over the world’s gold? what role will he play in the financial reset? Who really controls the gold? the M1? White Dragons? Light Forces?

    * in a post (Aug 20, 2015), Cobra said the mineral version of the ‘elixir of life’ was more powerful than the herbal one. Can he say what elixir he was referring to?

  206. Question to Cobra: can you give examples/links of really effective energy healing/diagnostics devices that can be purchased?


  207. Cobra, on your recent comment:

    “Lynn – When, and how was the mixing of the languages done, and by whom?

    COBRA – The mixing of the languages was done basically after the fall of Atlantis with the purpose of creating more division on the surface of the planet and this was done by the Archons.

    Richard – Same purpose religions and cultures and all that stuff was created? (yes). Got cha. thank you”.

    MY QUESTION: So should we understand that we should not protect languages and cultures? Is it not the same as what globalization pretends? Thank you.

  208. the recent Cobra interview mentioned the Rife frequency machine. I also do frequency-based energy work as a trained, experienced Radionics practitioner, and offer my services to this community. White Light Radionics is a superior form of Radionics I studied while living in the UK. It works energetically to re-balance Consciousness. Think of yourself as a giant radio containing thousands of stations (cells, organs, systems, chakras, auric fields, etc). Radionics is a way to tune into these stations and measure how much energy they’re putting out – normal, low or too high. Treatment can focus on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual concerns – a sore back, allergies, stress, fatigue, relationship or family drama, emotional blocks, mental patterns, karmic ruts, negative entities, spiritual growth, etc. A treatment is devised from the readings & analysis, to boost what is weak, and detox what is stressed, encouraging the body-mind back to its natural state – Health! I’m happy to barter & work with a sliding scale. Please email me for my brochure & further info.

  209. You mentioned how the Event will start immediately after the toplet bombs and anything else that can destroy us is removed. If you can put it into a percentage, how many of the total has the light forces cleared so far? This would give us a better understanding of how close we truly are to the Event. Thank you!

  210. Can you comment about sites that are located in Carpathian Mountains at Sarmizegetusa? It is a site of similar function as the Stonehenge?
    Some suggest that energy vortex that is in the south-east Europe (Carpathian Vortex) is waking up and this will cause a number of implications and transformations. This vortex will have the same function as the vortex from Glastonbury-Stonehenge?

  211. Q1: In the Wingmakers material it is said that the Central race created angels. Is this true?

    Q2: Do you know if the Wingmakers material ever was compromised by the government?

    Q3: Is there a central universe as depicted in the urantia book and the Wingmakers material?

    Q4: Will the story of the actions and inner workings of the RM be told after the Event?

    Q5: Are density levels determined by frequenzies or do more parameters come into the picture?

    Q6: Do you know if the more advanced extraterrestrial races have found scientific proof of the the essence that animates the body, i.e. the soul?

    Q7: Does DNA also have encoded instructions for the functions of energy bodies, like the etheric, astral and mental bodies?

  212. 1 – How many embodied and disembodied souls still live on Earth?
    2 – You know how many souls will be sent to other planets due to their low vibrations?

  213. Q: James of the Wingmakers once said in an interview that a planetary dimensional shift like the one we are currently in, requires, in most cases, a parallel planet to be engineered. To your know knowledge is this the case with planet earth?

  214. Q: Cobra, in a previous interview you had mentioned the importance of drinking the purest water one can find for health and balance. Can you elaborate and give us your definition of “pure water”? Is that in terms of chemical free, or abundance in minerals etc.? Also, is there any way for surface humans to get/buy the elixir/beverage the Pleaidians drink each day?

  215. You have said that “Sedona is one of the most important energy vortexes on the planet right now.” Why is Sedona so important?

    Sedona has 4 main vortexes: Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon. Are they all equally important?

  216. i have question for cobra dont put this on the air just email me the answer

    i have had contact with a three small grey alilens . they took me to a place where it looked like space ended it was some kind of city what was this. and they showed me a smaller ship it was a square and big .every time they come they show me stuff the last time they did something to my head and it sweled prity bad i had to go to the hospital.they took pics and i saw every doc in the building that day. what i would like to know is can i trust them and why do they call me pigera adamas i looked this up and i dont think any man can be called this. they never give me answers they just do thing to me and say we are your guides. can you help ? our gov wont help.

  217. Hello COBRA!

    I have a question concerning the light body. In a certain channeling I heard that going into the light body is a very personal process and that the person itself decides, when he or she is going into the light body.

    And here is the point: How can I determine when and especially how can I perform that?
    I also know, that ascension is not about “escaping” as fast as possible from earth.

  218. Cobra, Some yogis/ saints claim to have seen a very, very large number of enlightened beings and/ or deities enter an object or a person. This happens very, very rarely and when it does happen it usually occurs at great speed and is accompanied by sound and/ or light manifestations of a divine nature. Please give as detailed a reply as possible as to why this occurs and what should a person do about these enlightened beings and/ or deities that have taken residence within his/ her self ?

  219. Q: Hello there dear PFC & Cobra. Since after the 29-30 of June I started noticing the clouds here in Sweden changed. They seem to have become lighter, more “fluffy” and have a strange glow to them I have never seen before. And I seem not the only one noticing this here. Do you have anything to share in regards to this matter & change?

  220. Dear Cobra,

    First of all, thank you for your sacrifice for the freedom of humanity!

    After the Event there shall be many improvements in life, but I still see several problems remaining:

    1. Will there be some kind of simple and effective technique for physical and energetic personal protection available to everyone, so that everybody, even the weak, feels and is safe? And if so, can you give it now?

    2. Will men still be fighting for attractive women and vice versa after the Event or shall there be some permanent solution to this problem, like a method of finding inner fullness, completion? And if you know such a method, could you share it?

    3. With the new freedom of movement and low cost of living, majority of people living in the big cities will probably move to places of beautiful nature – won’t that cause problem and create new overly populated areas?

    4. Attractive land to live in may be in short supply – will this cause problems or conflicts between people?

    Thank you!

  221. I would like to know when you will announce about the World Meditation? You spoke about this meditation about a month ago and it suppose to happen on July 8th. Please let me know if it is cancelled or what happened? You were talking at an interview with Coory Good t

  222. Dear Cobra,

    What do you think about radiesthesia (such as pendulum or tensor) as a truth-finding method?
    Is there a risk for the results to be manipulated, and if yes, how does this manipulation happen?

    Thank you,

  223. Greetings.
    I feel that there are beings that absorve my energy in a way I don ‘t comprehend. What can I do to avoid such acts, and how can I control my energy field?
    Thank you.

  224. Hi Cobra my friend, – Question : There is a great deal of recent debate, theory, concerning what is being referred to as the “Mandela effect” – the definition and theory that time has or is being manipulated. People are remembering that the world around them from every day objects to relatives have changed. From a TV series changing name, to relatives suddenly not being alive and in existence, to those remembered as having passed are indeed alive. What is the truth and reality of the Mandela effect. Love and light – Medwyn.

  225. – I’d like to know what Cobra thinks about cryptocurrencies, about Onecoin; he never mentions these tools like valid alternatives to traditional banks, he talked about putting money on gold or a house to protect ourselves by banksters, but never suggested to consider Onecoin an option:is it a valid and safe tool, at least to rely on until the Event? Is it really free from Cabal control? Is it a mean of social justice, an ethical investment? Or are the private profits behind it to be avoided for our spiritual and financial liberation?

    -months ago an interview to Putin’s ex-wife Lyudmila was published, in which she stated her husband was even not human but a clone, and that when alive he used to be mean to her, should we consider all this stuff as misinformation?

    -is Europe (and Euro currency) going to resist before the Event, or is its total collapse necessary to re-start? I feel German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble to be a particulary negative and dangerous character, who wants to provoke intentional suffering and destruction, and who is a main cause of actual Europe crisis, more than Angela Merkel; is he a draconian or what? Will he keep the power until the Event? Will Greece be forced by him to leave EU, followed by other South Europe Countries, stating the end of EU and severe poverty for all these Countries?

    -is censorship in Mainland China getting worse and worse until the Event? What’s happening to Tibet once the Dalai Lama dies? Are these demonic chinese elites strictly obeying the Cabal, or do they consider each other enimies? Is there a great resistance to censorship and oppression inside the Government and the Communist Party, is there someone fighting to free chinese people from such extreme enslavement, materialism and ignorance? Is any hope to see chinese education system (terribly oppressive, dangerously nationalist and brain-washing) renewed before the event?

  226. Q: The NASA $1.1 billion Juno project is “on the news” at this moment; their spacecraft has entered Jupiter’s orbit and will be there for research. I was wondering if you have any intel on this subject, as well as what is going on with Jupiter right now with regard to Earth? Are there physical or non-physical beings on Jupiter? We also have a movie “Jupiter: Ascendance” which you shared is encoded and inspired by light-beings. Jupiter is clearly becoming more present in our collective consciousness.

    Q: I noticed there is a lot of programming in Poland with regard to Russia and Putin. It is almost always distorted information and manipulation of the masses using tragic past images and prejudices to maintain or enforce negative attitude towards Russia and Putin. As a Pole, I feel it it would be best for us to leave the EU and co-create “The Slavic Union” with Russia and other countries . Still, it is only a seed-idea for now, that resonates with but a few. I was wondering if you have any intel on this subject and the direction Poland might be going.

    Thank you. Victory of the Light!

  227. Cobra: Many thanks for the wisdom you bring to great issues of our time:

    Would it be true to say that earth is being helped for these severtal reasons:

    1) It is close to being accepted into the Galactic Brotherhood?
    2) It is on a great trading route and it is important that strategic nuclear weapons not be exploded and interfere with the Space/Time continuum in which the ETs travel safely?
    3) It is being prepared for a Golden period of peace and prosperity – promised in this Aquarian Age – and is the Event intended to lead into this?

  228. Hello I’m from Brazil .. say the Pleiadians that landings formerly had its consequences because they changed the nature around, can a huge size of ship hovering over the sky without causing the same effect of a landing ?? many videos are coming out on the internet about that huge nava in the clouds. Equitumans were in charge of settling the land in the past? any anomaly began with the decline of this civilization ?

  229. can the magnetic motor type Perendev be something useful for society before the event happen? or the roads are not open to new technologies? the planet will come out of inertia only after the event? no technology will be released before?

  230. hello cobra i want to ask you a question about the satirn ring david icke said that vas a devide that send frequency trought the solar system and use moon as amplifier to keep as in 3dimension and 2dnn spiral? is that true/and if is true waht is going on on that problem?thank you

  231. Was Ireland physically part of Atlantis, and are there certain genetic traits that Irish people have as being descendants of Atlanteans?

    • Roscoe, try to find the free downloadable PDF “The Pharaos of Ireland” it will offer you some answers maybe.
      I myself believe in Ireland’s connection to Atlantis, due to an experience I’ve had on the South West coast.
      Also, I believe that Atlantis was large and that its location was quite wide-spread. Also, due to the rising of the sea level after the ice-age ice melted, many remnants of old civilisations could lay hidden below the surface of the sea, such as near the west coast of Ireland.

  232. How do you define a being of “unity consciousness”? You have used this term before. My understanding is that we can choose to step out of duality/separation and become of unity consciousness, that is, aware that All is One. We then become of a higher density and understand that all is perfect, even in our current “lower” dimension where people are fighting in a dual (good vs bad) mindset (Archons vs RM). Wouldn’t the fight be futile and inevitably be endless as long as we are of duality consciousness? My understanding is that the only way out is to rise above, perhaps not in this life but in the next ones… ?

  233. will the return of the worlds prosperity start first with the lowest class of individuals or at certain agreed upon power centers?

  234. I read in a reply from Cobra that he would leave some reputable companies to buy gold and silver from with Rob. Did he ever leave them?

  235. I’m needing advice on our financial situation. My Husband and I are retired and have all our money in a 401k and invested with a broker. We paid cash for a house. Im trying to get an advise on how to trade those investments for gold and silver. I need a reputable source to buy from and advice on storing it too. I don’t want it in a bank or depository. Cobra mentioned this before. He said something about giving a list of reputable people to buy from. We stand to lose all that we have if this collapse takes place. I know from the past how fast it can happen. In 2008 we lost half of what we had then. Any info or advise is appreciated.

  236. @Peyton

    Just one person’s opinion on precious metals options, do your due diligence.

    Physical bullion for delivery
    Miles Franklin (claims to have had no customer complaints in 27 years of business)
    SD Bullion
    Schiff Gold

    Internet-based PM investing, stored by provider in their vaults (not physical delivery, unless you request it)
    Hard Assets Alliance

    100% physical-backed funds that can buy through online broker
    PSLV – Sprott Physical Silver Trust
    PHYS – Sprott Physical Gold Trust

    Mutual Funds
    SGGDX – First Eagle Gold Fund (about 20% bullion, the rest precious metals miners)

  237. Thanks you very much for all those information.
    thanks again for the revolution to free human beings

    their is a concept of artificial sun and moon,according to it space travel is impossible.
    earth is enclosed with a dome(firmament) with that sun and moon are same size orbiting around earth under the dome.Stars and other are under the dome,Their are various visual evidence is available for that.if it is like that then how satellites are possible please provide us the proper truth.

    Satellites are impossible :

    No one Has Been to Space in OVER 40 Years:
    their are various article with video proof available for that.

    Distance to the Sun impossible to Calculate with Straight Light :

    Artificial sun patient :

    more about .so would you mind please bring the exact truth about this concept.

    Victory of light

  238. Would Cobra please clarify the difference between Planet X, Nibiru and the Blue Kachina as there is so much confusion and fear porn on the internet about this, like Obama is going to nuke Russia if Putin warns us about Nibiru. Is Nibiru real and what can we expect? If real, how is Nibiru related to the Event and to Ascension? Thanks.

  239. Were the archons aligned with the light in the beginning? What influenced them to fall? Was the primary anomaly new to all of existence at the birth of our Universe? What caused the primary anomaly?

  240. Is there a different explanation for these “holes in the sun?”
    massive new “hole in the sun,” or a big patch of black in the corona, was spotted on Monday by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

    But as Tom Yulsman of Discover’s ImaGeo blog notes, these holes appear from time to time.

    He wrote:

    A coronal hole is a place where where the sun’s magnetic field opens out into interplanetary space, allowing hot material from the corona to speed outward. As a result, these areas have very little hot plasma compared to their hotter, brighter surroundings. So they appear much darker.
    Yulsman also uploaded a snazzy animation to YouTube, above, which shows SDO images of the hole in sequence.

    Here’s one of the new images released by NASA:

    (Story continues below image.)

    NASA says these coronal holes can appear for weeks or even months at a time, and can take up as much as a quarter of the sun’s surface.

    While a hole in the sun is nothing to be too alarmed over, it can lead to problems here on Earth: Solar winds released from the corona can form solar storms, which can disrupt satellite and radio communication systems.

    On the other hand, they can also produce some pretty stunning auroras.

  241. Were the upside down pyramid shaped UFOs that appeared over the Giza pyramids in April 2016 real? If so, what was their purpose? Thank you for all you do.

  242. Putin seems to be missing again! (July 1st 2016 – today July 13th 2016.) Where is he? Thank you for everything you do.

    • I had read in some source, maybe David Wilcock, that the last time he went missing he was taken for a meeting with representatives of the galactic federation. Hopefully, he’s having another meeting!

  243. If i see Time will come when the sphere won’t damper anymore the galactic energy, we are going to see etheric and astral life force manifestation. But before this time would you say that we can prepare ourselves to such event by going through an initiation for it is known that human have the potential to the tangible use of the etheric third eye to see and feel beyond the physical..or not necessarily.
    Cobra for you are an initiate of the mastery of the SELF and the temple’s portal, will you be kind to share deeper knowledge of the eye?
    I’ve heard something that the fourth dimension will be dissolved.
    By letting go of the reactive mind we let space to the SELF and surrender to its neutrality? Is it the purpose of being? Or maybe all will be revealed transcendantly in due time for every being after the event.
    Thank you

  244. Hi Cobra,
    In one of your interviews you mentioned that in 1999 most of the souls on Earth had been evacuated from the astral plane to one of the planets in Pleiads by Ashtar’s command for healing. I would like to know if present day souls are still being sent to this planet. If they are not and they still reside on the astral plane, are they not then faced with danger from negative entities?


    Dear Sir,
    This is a brief answer to your ‘public review and discussion’ concerning your blog-post ‘Terms of Surrender’.

    We are respectfully forwarding to you the point of view by which you and RM have to negociate which each of us by our request, but not only with those in power now.

    One item which we, as each individual, may be interest in is the possibility to back free entirely from any kind of imprisonment no matter how allegedly ‘a natural process’ it may be or not a part of.

    What we need to be assured is that you find a solution for any of us to be able to take out, to detach individually from the collective consciousness (as a whole) from which (as Corey states) each of us are only facets.

    We ask this in order to no longer share the reality manifested by the earthly (and like hell looking) human collective consciousness as a whole.
    By backing free, we need to be able individually to no longer share the reality generated by the summum of individual thoughts of all earthly humans taken together.

    So, you and RM may negociate with whom you want and whoever you consider it may be at best for the humanity as a whole.
    But on the other hand you have to give to anyone the right to be separated individually from this disgusting collective consciousness, no matter it belongs to the nowadays or alleged post-Event era.

    May you take in consideration all of these requests (possibly coming from common people) and may you put in discussion some sustainable solutions in this way.

    With kindest regards.

  246. Namste, dear brother of light Cobra.. I enquire about the fourth dimension. Is it true Source and our galactic family of light and love are disintegrating this dimension? To further speed up the ascension process and also to stop the dark entities and beings, from being able to hide there? Please if you can elaborate on this subject. thank you . Victory of the Light.

    P.s. if marian banghor or whoever your name is sorry… reads this and feels it necessary to comment.. please don’t bother, I do not care for your egotistical, judgmental points of view. I don’t know who or what you think you are but just save it for someone who cares. people are just trying to find some answers and direction and I suggest you leave it to those who can provide it to them. love, light and peace be unto you.

    • For better or for worse, please, I suggest you take my comments with a grain of salt and a bit more sense of humour, khajiit7. We’re all entitled to offer suggestions and possible answers here, as much as Cobra intends to offer. If my comment doesn’t fit, please, come to me directly and tell me what’s on your mind or in your heart, okay? That’s what I call fair game, you know how to contact me. Thank you.

  247. Benjamin Fulford announced in mid-July, 2016, that the White Dragon Society is offering rewards of close to $39 million dollars each for the arrest of top Cabal criminals such as the Bushes and Clintons. Can Cobra offer any comment of this claim? Is such a removal of these people authorized if they refuse to surrender?

  248. Cobra, do you agree, and at what extent, with Ibrahim’s Plasma and Planetary situation update:

    concerning the following items, that we allegedly may be now of:

    The plasma plane ?
    EM. Ibrahim : the new timeline and its sub-timelines are ready now to solve this problem, and this happened just 10 days ago [early to mid of July].. .

    The Galactic Wave ?
    EM. Ibrahim : it is in the third phase, in its peak now

    The blue pulse ?
    EM. Ibrahim : it is already active with the manifestation law through the collective consciousness now, and there is a final step that should happened on earth to let the pulse flow..

    Ascension ?
    EM. Ibrahim : uneven between the categories of people, but in general , we are under decoding the light code within ourselves..

    Ley-Line network ?
    EM. Ibrahim: almost completed, but waiting for the light pillars to complete

    The Disclosure?
    EM. Ibrahim : waiting for the completion of the conventions that happening now to be revealed as full disclosure..

  249. Can you give more details on the “sneeze” referenced in the July 14th post? Also, what conditions
    will the general populace gain shortly after the sneeze, and more importantly after the Event? Will Financial debt be eliminated? Mortgages? Will we be freed of debt slavery immediately? Thank you

    • YES, I think this is an important question. Can Cobra elaborate a bit on precisely how the planetary situation will change once this “sneeze” happens?

  250. Could Cobra, or someone, give me clarity on the relationship between the Chimera, Draco and Cabal? Is that simply a hierarchy of leadership?

  251. 342.
    I read about the Etheric Archon Grid from Cobra’s blog originally published on January 3, 2013 and later published on
    November 1, 2015 by Colaborama. Since it was described as the main factor delaying the Event, how close are we
    to removing the Etheric Archon Grid?

  252. Hi COBRA, do you anything about Oak Island and what happened there in the past? Was anything ever buried there? Were the templars ever there? etc.

  253. COBRA along that line, do you know of any other ancient cultures besides the Vikings that made it across the Atlantic besides the Vikings? This might be the Egyptians, Phoenicians etc. Also, are the egyptian artifacts found in the grand canyon a hoax or not?

  254. Is the mechanism behind the weaponization of food to manipulate the gastrointestinal microbiome that then causes disease?

  255. dear Cobra, brother of Light , pls tell the situation now in Finland and under Finland and our sky here pls. We have nature and elementals are here friends with me. We are One!

  256. Hello and thank you for all you do!

    I am confused about the upcoming changes and the different aspects of them. I have read from several sources and they all describe it differently. For example in the Law of One they call it ‘The Harvest’. From the Cassiopaeans (Larua Knight Jadzcyk) it is called ‘The Wave’. From Corey Goode he calls it ‘moving into a higher energy field’. I have heard it called the ‘pulse from the central galactic sun’. And you call it ‘The Event’! Are these all names and descriptions of the same thing? I try to find corroboration, so I am trying to see if these different sources are saying mostly the same thing. Are these all the same thing basically?

    The other thing I am struggling with is whether this Event/Wave/Harvest (whatever) is inevitable and unstoppable? Some things I have read seem to indicate that there are sphere beings ‘sheilding’ us from these waves to ‘protect’ or delay the effects so that we can better prepare… ?

    Thank you!

  257. Greetings COBRA,

    This is the third question I shall ask of you, my first two about crop circles and Bernie Sanders were answered on air over the last couple years…

    Mehran T Keshe and plasma physics. You’ve consistently mentioned chimera plasma scalar control grid.

    MT Keshe appears to have proven free electrical energy based on a new understanding of neutron plasma physics.

    COBRA you’ve stated many times that the final barrier to the event is the plasma scalar grid control.

    Is Keshe plasma tech spreading worldwide thru internet a part of the dismantling of the chimera plasma grid control?

    If u cannot comment on this I understand.

    Victory to light and love and exponential joy that surely awaits.


    • I’ve looked into the Keshe material and workshops on screen in videos. There seems to be a huge power struggle going on at present, with Mr. Keshe presenting his work, making attempts to create strong foundations all over the world. I believe in what’s behind it, but the organisation is apallingly amateuristic,
      on many levels.

      The format of presentations is unbelievably sloppy, with Mr. Keshe walking out of the frame, invisibly talking about abstract principles and throwing in idealistic talk that doesn’t touch ground almost. The audio quality is poorly, much time passes with solving interuptions when going offline or off the air.

      A practical approach, plus shielding of negative energies, to keep this whole concept grounded, is needed, plus a coaching of Mr. Keshe’s condition and style of presentation. He’s extremely tired and mainly present in his head, due to his conditions,, barely hanging in there. He’s upset for a long time already and works, under enormous pressure. This isn’t new, many inventors who were involved in free energy work, have gone before him, through different phases of deteriorating difficulties.

      Coming out with something that is a huge threat to the existing powergame, pun intended, is always followed by efforts to suppress and destroy it by the players of that game. When I took a look into the comments of Mr. Keshe’s videos, numerous people complained about not “getting it” or calling it “gibberish”, asking for an explanation of basic principles and terms. My attention is always quickly moving away, when I try to follow Mr. Keshe.

      There’s a lot of “noise” going on, on energy levels. As I perceive it. I sincerely hope that a couple of warriors, who can cope with it, will come forward to assist the Keshe work, taking off the burden a bit for those that “walk it alone”. Co-operation of joined forces is the best antidote against the forces and their attempts to destroy truth. Let’s hope the Keshe work will prove to be the prelude to a world living in free energy and freedom.

  258. Hi Cobra,

    Could you please clarify what relationship between Russia and Turkey is? Why are they improving their relationship with Erdogan?

  259. Hello Cobra,
    Do we leave earth when our soul contract is done or can dark forces interfere and have a person leave before they are done on earth, getting murdered for example? My twin flame was recently killed and he was working on his enlightenment, making people aware, and doing a lot of good for a lot of people, I think he was one of the light workers. You actually answered some of his questions in 02/22/2015 interview (Gill). So my question is: is it possible that he wasn’t done here, but was targeted because he was making a difference?

  260. Is Barrack Obama a lightworker? Some still seem to regard him as someone fighting against the darkness, but his actions as president seem to strongly indicate otherwise.

  261. Q. I have been on this planet for 40+ years and I have seen with my own eyes all that is happening to it and how the people have been taught to look at this planet as just a rock versus a living thing. I am many others have formed and tried to get funded companies and projects that would bring about timeless solutions. Yet nothing happens to bring these solutions forward.. meanwhile millions are spent on pokemon and others time wasting distractions. How can we work together immediately to be the change and be the team on the ground who is willing to restore paradise on this beautiful planet?

  262. Hi Cobra, since I live in Vietnam, a country in the south east Asia, where China is so aggressive with their neighbors I have two questions for you and hope that you don’t mind give me the answers. Is China allowed to invade Vietnam, like they did with Tibet after the WWII, as part of the Cabal’s plan for Asia for the NWO? Will Vietnam survive this attack?
    Thank you very much for your answers.

  263. Ok, what would happen to humanity now if the Event would not happen at all? I mean, if the Event timeline would not exist?

    • I would hope that we can still make changes in our world. Good people will report more of the truth, legal action will be taken against Cabal members and we could restore decency and goodness around the world. What if enough people reported abuse, human trafficking, crimes. It’s happening, doesn’t always make the news. I’d like to challenge any ‘lawyers’ out there – who know law to start some law suites against these corrupt local and country governments. Be more vocal. Of course, there is safety in numbers because too many whistleblowers have been taken out. Wether the Event happens – changes must happen.

    • Whatever happens or not, in the future, Ludwig, if you study the past prophecies of indigenous tribes, shamans and prophets, include astronomy, astrology and begin reading of historic events, you can’t miss the keys and wayshowers that clarify our present situation in life on planet Earth and the changes we’re going through. Besides, waking up is also bringing back the memories of who you truly are, it’s self-evident. Although I share advise and suggestions often, the only truth is the one found within you and if you know your vision of a future that allows your soul to fulfill its purpose, ask your guides and higher self for assistance to create just that. You’ll find the answer to this question here in due time. Meanwhile, live to your heart’s delight.

  264. Cobra, If duality is removed at the time of the event, does this mean we all become enlightened beings? And the only thing left is to become consciously aware of it by intellectually understanding what has become of us?

  265. Sorry, to add to my question, there are many channeled messages from
    AA Michael, St Germain and the council also in a way confirming this as a major breakthrough and that we can expect change extremely soon. Are these confirmable or is the situation to Sensitive to comment on?

    Many thanks!! Mary xx

  266. Dear Cobra,

    could you please tell us if after The Event, the religious cult like Scientology will disappear ? (hopefully yes) and what will happen to all the people involved with it ?

    second question, can you please tell us something more about Switzerland: which is the position inside the Cabal’s plan and what will happen after The Event in this country ?

    thank for all help and your time

    • jimbravo350000, your question reminds me of an expression in a cartoon illustration I have at home, with a young boy in the costume of a prince, with a cardboard crown on his head and a cardboard sceptre in his hand “I’m told that when I grow up I will understand it all, but I’m not sure if I want to”. You may find an applauding audience once you graduate 😉

    • My understanding is that you don’t. When the time comes for Earth’s surface population to ascend to fourth density, those who are ready will move on and those who aren’t ready will repeat third density on/in another world somewhere else in the galaxy, as Earth will no longer be capable of supporting third density life. Think of it as failing the third grade and having to repeat it while your friends move on. To answer your question, even if you are ready to “graduate” to fourth density you have the option of repeating third density if you choose to stay behind and help others in their journey.

  267. We are still in one never ending loop and without any arrogance, I would like to show you how it could be possible to change the way we are acting our life on this planet. As you know the slogan of the French revolution is
    liberty, equality and fraternity
    that’s where the problem started, this slogan is wrong by accident or in purpose, that, I can’t tell you.
    It has to be fraternity,equality and liberty, do you see it,
    let me explain why, when a soul enters a body, he’s coming from out there going throug a mirror, so in that way everyting that was left is now right and vice versa.
    Now back to our slogan, if we’re all brothers and sisters, we’re equal and if we’re equal we are free. If we’ll learn to live through a mirror, we’ll live from our soul who’s a pure part of the creator hologram and this planet will be a true paradise.

  268. I have a question on the state of awake and sleeping. Why sleep restore energy and peole sleep? Will people sleep for longer time if stay at planets that cannot see the Sun? Are people at Antartica or inner have sane sleeping cycle? Or the inner Earth being sleep and wake up in hundred years like Snow White? Any beings does not sleep? Is dead soul or Angels or Chinera or Draco does not need to sleep,

  269. A writer/researcher Bob Nichols(Veterans Today) does regular radiation updates and is reporting that the radiation levels are now staggering and of a lethal level in the US. Cobra in the past has maintained that there is some cause for concern, but that we haven’t reached a critical point yet. Can we get an update on these radiation levels? Thank you to Cobra and Prepare for Change for all the great work.

  270. The Keshe Foundation and spaceship institute claims that AI (artificial intelligence) is involved with its technology, should that be a warning or be considered a red flag? He also uses plasma generation for many of its demonstrations, is this related to the plasma octopus surrounding the Earth? If so how? It seems like these are technologies we need to help heal Earth, are these corrupted versions of higher vibrational technologies we’ll see after the event? Also is, that he is now based out of Saudi Arabia, a clue as to which side is backing him?

  271. Cobra in a previous interview you said duality will end at the time of the event. Does this mean we will become enlightened at the event?

    • As far as I’ve come to understand it, Sil777, regarding the duality consciousness, there’s the presence of this condition in the Universe, in certain locations, and there’s the presence of that condition (or vibration) in us individually. We are always free to choose a frequency to exist in, in sync with our awareness.

      If you choose to remain in duality consciousness within, for whatever reasons of clinging onto what’s always been familiar and feels “safe”, you can exist in that vibration amidst of a planetary vibration that has risen above it. We’re never forced into a state of consciousness, we always choose for it from within.

      It’s a law of nature, as far as I’ve come to perceive it. In itself, as I perceive it with possible limitations, enlightenment isn’t necessarily the same as stepping outside the duality consciousness that is present around, collectively.

      To me, enlightenment is the ability to be present, while fully clear. And discern, without being thrown off guard by emotional resonance with what might disturb one’s inner peace, while being amidst whatever vibration that is present at that moment. It’s possible to be aware of duality consciousness, within and without, and not resonate with it, see? That’s what being sovereign means, to me at least.

      That point of view of mine is put to the test now, for sure 🙂

  272. Hello.

    1. Cobra said that both the light side and the dark side has a very advanced technology. Science is being developed on both sides. I doubt at this point since the light force is connected to the source and should have more information for advancing technology? Thanks

    2. When I share cobra or corey or benjamin’ truth articles. There were some “Spiritual people” were angry against me and don’t accept the darkness, some of them even “questioned” me that I have no any evidence. That’s the main point, what attitude may we take when we are facing the darkness? Ignore ? Out of sight out of mind? Transform them into light?
    Cobra can you tell us how to deal with these people?Thanks

    • You are encouraged to share whatever information resonates with you and you feel is accurate and truthful. This is all that is expected of you. Those who resonate with this information, those who seek truth and light, will accept it. But you should move on from those who reject it. You risk infringing upon their free will if you try too hard to convince them to accept ideas they don’t want to accept. You have no obligation to “wake them up” if they don’t want to be woken up.

  273. Question to Cobra
    1. In South Africa mining is a source of income for a lot of people. There are towns that only exist because of the mining in that area. Currently the mines are struggling and a lot of people have already lost their jobs. What is going to happen after the EVENT happens? Will mining stop completely and if so what are the people going to do for an income?

    2. In South Africa there is currently a huge debate going on around land claims. After the EVENT happens and all the borders are lifted, will people still be able to “own land”? How will housing and land owning be influenced?

  274. Please understand me why the name “Cobra” assosiates with the SNAKE and “White DRAGON” assosiates with the SNAKE too.

    There are no chances in the Univerce.

  275. Cobra do you know a tiaouhooba planet and civilisation of it? michel desmarquet was meet this beings and the masters of this planet named thaori.He write a book “mission” available to download in the net.Is they are a wingmakers?Did they a member of force of light?Did humanity meet them after the event?Who send a jesus christ to the earth?pleaiadans? tiehooba? or civilisation of rael?did experience of negative polarisation humanity cause growth a consciousness and understanding a polarity for all universe and all beings?

  276. Hello, and tanks for see the message, because what i want ask for COBRA is he have somone in restiance is show some probablyty of future personally and planet?, My brother have 13 years old, and told me about things go appen in future, the big fight againt arconetes, and other thing that correy have told, about IA, the gigants go comeback, and who have show is here brother spiritual, and explian is are Lieutenant, and have appear more 2 people, and more dreams not about the future, but is other things, my brother say have ability spiritual to see the future, and i m stun with information, when i go die, i know i go comeback again this planet, like my brother is change the spirtual in 5 years old with my brother spirutal.

  277. Question for Cobra: Could you please elaborate on the prime anomaly? Specifically, dimensionally, how far up (spiritually speaking) does this anomaly resonate? And, in the construct, considering, say, Bentoff’s vision of multiple universes, does this anomaly resonate across more than one universe? Given that, where did/does it originate (meaning, is it something which would benefit from focused clearing)? If possible, can you elaborate on the issue at hand regarding the prime anomaly, perhaps hitting on the importance (or lack of) of dealing with this ‘glitch’ at this time. I mean, with all the delays and postponements, is there a possibility that it won’t be dealt with at this time, that we will be shunted into yet another cycle? I know that we are constantly being reassured that is no longer a possibility, but if we had actually reached critical mass, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all would we? Thank you, for your addressing my question and your ongoing service.

  278. > Danell Glade
    > August 9, 2016 at 10:34 PM | Reply
    > COmpressionBReAkthrough – the Event
    Sorry, Danell, my question was another. Why two names assosiate with snakes (reptilians), It’s very intersting association: when I read “cobra” I see in my brain the image of snake 🙂 The same I see when I read “White DRaGON”.

    But when I read ‘Ashtar” I see the image of humanoid…

    May be you understand me.

  279. No evidence of the Dark? Tell these people to take a good look around them and have a closer look at exactly what is going on with war, famine, poverty. If there was no dark everything would be light and living in peace and harmony! I have encountered these people also. We love in a polarity world. With good comes bad unfortunately. The evidence you tell them is all around them. I hope that helps. I hope once the event happens, actually I know once the event happens, there will be peace, harmony, prosperity and above all love x

  280. You have stated and I quote: “vaccines are deadly poison”, as a scientist I cannot appreciate this statement since it is not backed up by data or logic. Research shows very clear decline in death and disease rates (polio for example). It is difficult just ignore them since they are published in respected peer-reviewed journals that is the basis of our whole scientific world. In addition I can’t understand the reasoning, if its poison (meant to kill) why is there only usually mild side effects?

  281. The serpent is widely misunderstood, it is the sergeant that offered eve spiritual knowledge from the tree of life. It is the serpent within you, you use the serpent to rise the kundalini, and reach your Christ mind. The story of Adam and Eve has been used by the cabal to portray the serpent as evil, when I’m actual fact it represents spiritual knowledge. It represents wisdom. Don’t be alarmed by this, it’s another cabal tool used to instil fear and potrait it as evil, as its knowledge is forbidden. Loo into the story of enki and enlil from the Sumerian tablets. You can watch a short YouTube video explaining it clearly, you will be surprised, but the evidence is in the Sumerian tablets. Many cultures around the world worship the serpent as a God. Hope that helps…

  282. Mr.Cobra or others. For the past many years I have had strong urging to not want to be here on earth and I want to go home. Yet I have no clue where home is. This urge has gotten stronger the past year and is really effecting me. Am I insane or is something to expect.
    Please send an answer.

  283. Le jour de l’événement, que se passera-t-il par exemple pour une personne récemment décédée du cancer ou autre maladie et qui aurait bien voulu être vivante à ce moment-là ? Aura-t-elle la possibilité d’ascensionner vers la cinquième dimension ?

  284. Do other, more awakened or advanced societies compete in recreational sports? Is there a possibility that professional team oriented sports will dissipate given humans’ awakened mental/physical powers? If Team A knows what Team B will do next, is there a point?

  285. My question relates to debt forgiveness: Since there are some people with mortgages and others who have chosen to rent because of the inflated prices, it would not be fair to forgive mortgage debt and give people with a mortgage their home for free, while conservative renters get nothing.
    There is another theory that mortgages will still need to be paid, but interest will be reduced or waived, and that everyone will be given a gift sum of money in their account, this is a lot more fair.
    Cobra how do you see this situation playing out fairly? I am a renter and would hate to see others be gifted houses for reckless borrowing. If this is truly going to happen, do you suggest people get mortgages asap?

  286. Hello Cobra, thank you for this opportunity to connect with you. My question is will the United States go into Marital Law and if so when and for how long? Also, how can we prepare peacefully and lovingly if this is true? Lastly, will the United State have an election or is the Marital Law set to occur during the election time (November)? Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

  287. What can the humans of earth do to protect themselves from the mind control AI, so to break away from it’s grip on us as a people? How much longer do we have to be under control, it is the worst experience you can imagine?

  288. what happens to one’s energy body when one masturbates alone?

    how does it impact one’s energy flows and does it block chakras in any way?

  289. Ancient Egypt. Was Isis from Sirius? Who was Ptah? Who was Horus & what’s the significance of the Eye of Horus? Was Amun a chimera invention? David Wilcock said recently the Egyptian Gods like Osirus were an invading giant race, and the source of the Cabal bloodlines. Is that true?

  290. Did Yggdrasil (the great world tree) ever exist in the deep ancient past and if so was it destroyed by the Archons?

    The great tree was mentioned in the bible:
    Daniel 4:11 – The tree grew large and strong and its top touched the sky; it was visible to the ends of the earth.
    Daniel 4:12 – Its foliage was beautiful and its fruit abundant, And in it was food for all. The beasts of the field found shade under it, And the birds of the sky dwelt in its branches, And all living creatures fed themselves from it.

    And then it was destroyed:

    Zechariah 11:2 – Wail, you juniper, for the cedar has fallen; the stately trees are ruined! Wail, oaks of Bashan; the dense forest has been cut down!

    There is a documentary on the subject that is gaining traction fast.
    Something about this resonates very deeply on a soul level even though my rational mind rejects it.

    Will such trees that are miles tall grow again after the Event and 5D shift?

  291. Cobra, recently you were asked to explain why some individuals here on Earth have so much more difficulty dealing with being here than others. These individuals are largely positive, yet they seem to attract an inordinately large amount of negative attention during the incarnation, attention such as bullying and personal attack which wears them down over time. You responded that individuals who have a strong potential are indeed targeted by the controlling forces who want to slow them down. How do the controlling forces typically go about this? Are the people who give these positive individuals such a hard time actually Archons or Dracos, etc., or are they simply normal humans who become “possessed”? Secondly, is this an example of illegitimate “bad karma” that the Archons trick us into accepting when we begin an incarnation? Thank you for your time.

  292. Question for Cobra:
    If human “leaders” are under the direction and control of Reptilians and Dracos, which species of Non-Terrestrials are/were controlling them? Was it the Maitre? Have they been removed?
    Thank you!

  293. According to your blog in April 4 2012 about Resistance Movement. You mentioned that you have seen computers being developed and also Andromedan craft in their hangar in 1977, but apparently you were maybe a 6-year-old kid or so right then. How could that happen? Was you already there when you were a kid or you saw it on your vision or by other means? I need to get this clarified so as to answer doubts from others.

  294. First, I want to thank infinitely the Cobra and all light team working day and night in favor of light and love. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Cobra, I am not able to see you physically, but in way, I can see you and feel your light; thank you! It is an honor for us.
    Well, I am Brazilian and when I was born in late 1989, Brazil has lived in long crisis; Brazilians often say that the crisis exists since Brazil exists… I feel that Brazil have been massacred by external powers, by outside governments, and even the politicians of our country are increasingly sinking our country; but, at the same time, I feel that Brazil, along with Latin America will emerge somehow… I hear and read little about Brazil, for that reason, I decided to send this question.
    Please, tell me what you know the future of Brazil? Do you have any information about Brazil and the Brazilian population?
    Thank you so much,

  295. Hi everyone!

    Question for Cobra:

    – Some years ago I have experienced a total awakening that faded when I woke up the next morning.
    I was walking back and forth between rooms in my apartment. Suddenly I decided to myself “Now, without thinking” . Then I went to a frightnening mind state that seemed that i was forgeting about everything. Suddenly the most positive and radical thing happened – I was without toughts, seeing everything as for the first time, without suffering or disconfort of any kind, and with huge enthusiasm. I was aware that I was aware! Totally alive! I realized that all my life was a dream in my mind and i had awoke from it. Also a heavy weight left the back of my head. Next morning – the “normal life” dream got back, with its endless stream of thought and painfull emotion. So the question is – for those of us that underwent an experience similar to this, what steps do you advise to get back to awareness as fast as possible? – THANK YOU ALL AND LOVE YOU ALL =D – António

  296. Hi I have two questions that are unrelated. The first question has a few layers too it.

    Could Cobra please speak about the country South Africa. His knowledge about whats going on within the political situation here especially since there was a very recent & seems positive outcome with the voting of new governance within the country & the countries role within BRICS, especially since the current President is so corrupt its a joke! Why is he in power & who is controlling him?
    Also if Cobra could give a bit of his insider info about the countries past. From its inception with the Dutch East Indian company & why they really colonized here & also if Cobra could speak about its recent past with regards to Apartheid & the truth behind that evil system being placed here & how it related to the world at that time & even now & lastly about Nelson Mandela, was he really a hero or a puppet placed here to manipulate the people?

    Recently a mayor from Turkey spoke about & showed pictures of this big red light hanging over the city, Ive seen more pictures of the ufo & witnesses described it as a little star surrounded by a red light moving slowly in the sky then disappeared into nothing. Could Cobra speak about this, if he has any insider information about what it was or who it was over Turkey.

    Thanks so much, Love & Light!

  297. Clarification question for Cobra

    In last month’s Q & A you said “The Republic and the currency re-set will happen at the moment of The Event and not before.”

    Is this the “Mass arrests” event or the “Compression breakthrough” event?

    Thank you for all your efforts to free this planet.

    • My understanding is that the reincarnation cycle is never-ending and the Event will not cause it to stop. The Event is simply the graduation ceremony. Typically a soul has the freedom to reincarnate on/in any world it chooses, wherever it feels it has the best potential to learn its lessons and advance spiritually. We on Earth are currently imprisoned here and have been forced to live incarnation after incarnation in 3rd density servitude, and this is what will end with the Event. Those ready to “graduate” to 4th density will live on in this new 4th density Earthly paradise which we are currently transitioning into, but the vast majority of humans will not be ready and will thus start a new 26,000 year cycle on other 3rd density worlds. But Earth is widely regarded as perhaps the harshest 3rd density world in the galaxy, so starting a new cycle on another planet will be a huge relief for most souls, despite not moving on to the higher density with the new Earth.

  298. I belong to the Star Seeds Group in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro and my concern is precisely what will happen to us with our people being ruled by thugs, kleptocrats and even worse with groups who just want to destroy humanity, with George Soros ?? Our people were indoctrinated by the criminal faction and can not see what these thugs are doing the same to the people of Venezuela !! What can we do to prevent another country to be destroyed by these communists and capitalists goal ??

  299. (1) When the financial reset taking place, will all of the global debt be fully erased? eg: our credit cards, home loans, etc.

    (2) many lightworkers are willing to help but again all those important positions in our UFO and spiritual communities are controlled by the government and some lightworkers with huge Ego. What would happen to those important positions in our spiritual and UFO communities? Will ETs step in to clease it up or we need to figure it out by ourselves?

    • Although there are possibly more causes for dementia, apart from aluminium in chemtrails, one cause is worrying and feeling depressed, living in resistence to how one’s life turns out or in other words, how life shows up in one’s life, feeling as if one doesn’t have a say in it.

      It’s living in powerlessness to one’s own fate and sense of wellbeing, that ends in dementia often. It’s a sad but inevitable result of a human being’s spirit choosing to refuse conditions in life, on an unconscious or half conscious level (I feel bad….. but hey, what can I do about it?) to the point of becoming too depressed to make an effort, either to improve living conditions or to get rid of them.

      The spirit, at some point, decides that it’s been enough and it escapes, leaving an increasingly more confused physical body behind. Obeying to a law that says “when you don’t use it, you lose it”
      It’s a sad thing to watch and requires much loving kindness to keep up with caring for these people.

      One thing we should keep in mind, is that the things we speak of in their presence are fully understood by their soul, while their eyes and ears may seem unaware of what’s been said. Speaking about them in a disrespectful manner is registered by the soul and possibly painful to experience.

      At least it strengthens the feeling of powerlessness. Imagine how it feels, when someone speaks about you, over your own head, to another person, without including you in the conversation. You feel as if you’re not there

  300. Another question and this is about the pleiadians.

    Whats is the role of pleiadians in the galactic wars? We know that they are very advanced spiritually. Do they fight with another races? Or was this many years ago of our own time?

  301. When I have a Cintamani stone nearby, it seems more challenging things happens in my existence? Is this a coincidence? How a Cintamani Stone Affects it’s surrounding ? Thank you

  302. Cobra
    To happen EVENT it is necessary to cleanup Earth astral?
    How many embodied and disembodied souls still live on Earth?
    You know how many souls will be sent to other planets due to their low vibrations?
    Thank you

  303. That was over 10 years ago. I read Marciniak book “Earth”. I cant buy it because there was no money. US is wild country where everything for money. In those book was written that in the ancient times Pleiades was manipulated with the genetic lines of the human race and have been associated with the energy Reptiles.

    Marciniak wrote, we slowed down your growth, intervening at the genetic level and changing your very structure. We produced these steps to ensure that you did not have the same abilities as us.

    Now through 500,000 years Pleiades punished, they were trapped.

    Question for Cobra. Please comment it. And tell me what that Pleiadians now do: I cant understand, help they to people or to themselves?

  304. I’ve noticed some strange anomalies in the skies recently, they resemble thunder storms but the lightning stays in the clouds and never contacts the ground, the lightning also seems unnaturally colored and it is never accompanied by thunder, when I check the radar it shows the skies are clear. I’ve asked a few people about it and some claim it is heat lightning, while others believe there is no such phenomenon. It has however come to my attention that this would be a great way for someone to cover up something like maybe an atmospheric battle? So my question would be, Do people like the Cabal use weather manipulation to mask major atmospheric battles from the surface populace? I apologize if this question has been asked before there is ALOT of information here to sift through to check if this has been asked or not, thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

  305. Thanks Cobra for all that you do for the world.
    What I would like to know is, What will happen to relationships after the Event? I know my partner thinks all this is crazy and he is very closed minded. Will the gap we have between us be filled? Will people have to make the decision to move on without our mates or will we be able to stay together?
    I am also an animal empathy and I am worried and curious about what we are going to do with all the animals, specifically in zoos and wild rescues and race horses, it’s not like we can open cages and just let them out.
    Thanks for you time and consideration.

  306. Cobra, how will the event affect those who have mental illnesses such as PTSD, Bipolar Disorder etc., and those who have brain damage such as in alzheimer’s disease?

  307. Cobra

    What is the purpose of celibacy and is it healthy? A person if he or she maintains virginity is doing a good choice or this is manipulated by the Archons?

  308. How the souls that are leaving the body now are knowing about the Event? And as the situations is increasing they are receiving intel about their future on planet Earth? Do they have to wait now for some autorizations on the Higher Dimensions? I mean, they know they are going to come back to Earth after the Event?

  309. You always encourage us to share knowledge and informations for example by writing blogs. I’m wondering if we are safe by doing such activity im Internet. I know there is an effective protection meditation that we can find on your blog, but before I make a decision I need to be absolutely sure that my liittle children, my family are safe. For instance we know that they taking kids away from their parents for ridiculous reasons.

  310. I don’t understand why we are upgrading our weekly meditation event to Ascension Meditation. I remember Cobra mentioned that the real Ascension process will begin at the moment of the Event. However, the Event hasn’t yet started and you wanted us to do Ascension Meditation instead of Event Meditation.

  311. Hi Cobra, do smaller countries in asia, like Singapore play a role in the financial or any relation to any alliances, etc? What kind of role do they have?

  312. Are the extremely high temperatures in the U.S. caused by either Haarp technologies, mobile Ionospheric Hearters, or some other weather manipulation technologies ?

  313. Dear PFC and Cobra,
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    I have a few questions for the next interview.

    There are many things about human physiology and psychology that don’t make sense and I was wondering if any particular traits indicate anything about our origin, stellar or otherwise. For instance…

    Q: Why do some people sneeze when they see bright lights?

    Q: Are wisdom teeth an indication of DNA tampering?

    Q: Why do some races have seemingly quite homogenous characteristics (Chinese, straight black hair) and others are so varied (Caucasian, brown-blonde-ginger,black/curly,wavy,straight etc.)?

    Q: Why do people go bald or age seemingly quicker than other people?

    Q: Why do some people feel mellow from cannabis and others get paranoid?

    Q: What is the real purpose of tonsils and the appendix? Are they really just vestigial remains of now redundant organs?

    Q: Are human beings naturally monogamous or is that an unnatural condition for some people?

    Q: Are moles and skin tags natural or a sign of some interference with our bodies?

    And I have a question about the SSP, as referred to by many researchers.

    Q: Why would the SSP train and use people for years only to then go through a lengthy process to wipe their memory and re-integrate them into society? Wouldn’t it just be easier and more secure for them to simply eliminate the person once they are done with them?

    2 final questions.

    Q: Does the cabal have a DUMB in Farnborough,UK and, if so, what is it’s specific purpose?

    Q: How do we become fearless?

    Thank you for your time. I know you won’t get time to ask them all but hopefully a few have piqued your interest.

  314. Do we have to believe of the Illuminati whistleblowers like Leo Zagami and Svali about the modus operandi of Illumina or they are just paid to spread disinformation?

    Could you talk us how was the Event in other planets that have passed the same situation we are dealing here on Earth?

  315. Cobra, how was the reaction when tne top member of the Cabal in the past know for sure that this planet was going to be released by their hands and their destinies if they did not accept the Light?

  316. Maharishi’s organization was responsible for organizing the huge group meditations in the 70’s and 80’s that had such a huge beneficial effect on world consciousness. Most of those participating were younger people like myself, who are now aging. The group is very much still active but doesn’t seem to appeal to the younger generation. Do they have a roll to play in hastening the event?

  317. Cobra live in Nova Friburgo Rio de Janeiro Brazil many around the world were aware of the great tragedy that struck here know me say it was like in Japan a weapon climb that caused such a disaster? thank you.

  318. Question for Cobra: The word “God” is male-oriented; “Goddess” would be the female. Yeshua called God our “Father.” You refer to Source as the “Absolute,” “universal field of consciousness,” and “the One.” How can we envision the “Absolute” in our minds–to help us go beyond a male or female image?

  319. Dear Cobra. Randy Cramer claims that the gravity of mars is 0.6 of earth. NASA claims it is 0.375 of earth. Is NASA lying to cover up the possible fact that the earth is very cavernous and has less mass than we have been led to believe. Possibly to keep people from exploring and discovering something they don’t want us to know about.

  320. The Earth’s current population is estimated to be approximately 7.4 billion. How significantly will that number decrease when the Event occurs? Will any third density life still be present on the surface after the Event, or will those remaining be strictly fourth density?

  321. 1. I recently read Barbara Marciniak’s books of Pleiadian channeling and would like to know if the information she provided is accurate and the spiritual exercises and techniques are useful for becoming more positive, in service to the Light.

    2. Is the timeline that she provided about the “nanosecond” – the period of 1987 to 2012 – accurate as a description of the Earth’s transformation to a different level? How can you define that transformation for the uninformed?

    3. What happened in 1996 – was there a war that ordinary humans know nothing about?

    4. If a person is “taken over” by a spiritual entity called “chameleon” can this “possession” or “attachment” be broken, and the person regain his/her humanity? And what is a “chameleon”?

    5. What is a difference between “feeling” and “emotion” – and are these both essential for reaching the spiritual level?

    6. If having more feeling and emotion is better (is it?)should “enlightened” individuals avoid anger, pain, and fear, or should they embrace the negative experience to learn from it?

    7. Why are so many of the “enlightened” authors so strongly anti-Christian, and after professing a quest for universal love and light proceed to attack the spiritual core of religious belief? Perhaps, if they focused on the commonalities and shared belief/quest for the light/love, the “awakening” would be more effective and more people could be reached.

    8. Is it possible to become “spiritually awakened” while being a Christian, and/or remaining within the organized sphere of one of the Earth’s religions?

  322. Cobra, you said in an interview that after the Event the human population would be diminished, is this in consonance with other sources that a huge part of the human population is going to dense planets in the Universe to continue their evolution?

  323. Reading about some people who aren’t able to accept the light and change and are thrown to the central sun to be disintegrated in it, how does it feel to them as their essence is erased? Do they feel burned?

  324. I would like to ask about Finland. What is happening, why is it ruled by so negative forces? In other words our government is against it’s citizens.

  325. Hillary Clinton clearly represents the interests of the Illuminati, but who does Donald Trump represent? And is it possible that both their candidacies will self-destruct and open the door for a resurgence and election of Bernie Sanders, as some have predicted?