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7 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Rose Newsletter Sign-up

  1. Dear Carolyn Blake, my facebook is katica.rozsa60, here I am in Romania but in vest. You can write me to I have a little group here. Everybody is very busy but we can talk on skype or facebook or email. God bless, with love, peace and harmony. You can write in hungarian or romanian language.

    • Linda, I am in Romania. There are no Romanian groups yet and I was thinking to set up a group to meet on Skype. In some countries there may be such few, and all scattered miles from each other.

  2. I am in Romania and I don’t find any groups. I live in a small town in the east of the country. Are ther people forming groups long distance, such as by Skype conference. Hilde, are you in Europe?

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