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This page is dedicated to information related to the Sisterhood of the Rose Group. The PFC Sisterhood of the Rose Group was formed in 2014, but grew substantially in August 2015 when Cobra featured the group in a blog on There are almost three hundred  members of the groups who receive newsletters and about half of them participate in one of two discussion lists.  They organize and meet locally for Meditation Ceremonies.
We are now using Coeo for Event Support and Sisterhood of the Rose Local Groups! Please click on the map to the right to visit the Local Groups Home page and sign up. is managing the local groups of which there are two, the Event Support Groups (masculine) and the Sisterhood of the Rose Groups (feminine). COEO is a major tool for PFC and it should be a major resource for every member. Please visit is everyday after you visit, and check your messages and look at the Events calendar for information about scheduled activities in your area and worldwide, such as Global Synchronized Meditations.

About one-third of all the PFC Local Action Groups are Sisterhood of the Rose Groups!

Facebook Pages for Sisterhood of the Rose

Website Information listed below describes the pages and posts on the PFC website related to Sisterhood of the Rose

Discussion Lists for the Event Support Group

This list is for everyone to discuss topics related to the spiritual journey into the divine feminine, as well a meetings and meditation techniques.

 The Sisterhood of the Rose is re-emerging all around the world, activating once again an ancient circle of Atlantean priestesses later known in Egypt by this very name, the rose being the sacred symbol of Goddess Isis. These priestesses gathered united in their Heart to invoke and bring forth the Goddess energies of Love and Harmony. These energies are foundational to the Unity of Creation. Without them there can be no Life, for without them the Divine Masculine can find no haven from whence to seed itself. These Divine Feminine energies are returning today with the Goddess herself, in her many aspects, in order to heal Gaia and the human collective, restoring the sacred connection uniting all Life on this planet, as a new and unprecedented era of radiant blissful Golden Age is now coming to being through Divine Plan and loving co-creation.

The energies of the Divine Feminine represent the calming, balancing, soothing and nurturing energies that will be required up to, at, and after the Event, in order for all the transformations to unfold peacefully, as safely and as gently as possible.

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Go to the Google Groups site to read the forum threads.!pendingmember/pfc-sisterhood-of-the-rose-discussion/apply Remember you need to signed up for the list to access it!

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  1. Thank you for you all! If you could just see what I have seen and what is happening in the now!!! Wow! You guys are amazing! Love and Light! Mommy says Hi! xxx

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