The secret war for the planet raging between Satanists and the forces of light is headed for a decisive battle centered on the eclipse due to start shortly after this report goes live.

There can be no doubt this eclipse is not an ordinary event. It passes over seven towns called Nineveh, a Babylonian city mentioned in the bible as the center of sin and depravity. It also passes through seven towns called Salem, known in the bible as the dwelling place of god.

We also note there was a 4.8 earthquake in New York just days before 4/8 and that the Statue of Liberty was hit by lightning. It is also the case that states of emergency have been declared along the whole path of the eclipse.

There is a lot more that is being covered extensively elsewhere but it is clear something very unusual is going on. This 7:17-minute video covers a lot of it.

Also of interest is Simpson’s take on the eclipse.

More and more people are now aware of the war between Satanists who want to enslave us and white hats who want to free us. If the Satanists win, humanity will be enslaved forever in horrific conditions. If the forces of light win, humanity will preside over the evolutionary equivalent of a big bang that will make the Cambrian explosion look like a champagne bubble by comparison.

Let us start by looking at what the dark side is up to. According to a report sent to us by German intelligence, the Satanists’ plan for the eclipse is as follows:

They are planning a biological attack on April 8th, just before the totality of the eclipse. This is how it’s going to go down. Planes will be delivering their payload at three intervals. The first will be 2 hours before totality, 1 hour before totality, and final one 30 mins before totality. The planes will be deploying a dry powder (bacterial bioweapon). It will not be visible…Symptoms will begin appearing 7 – 10 days after infection. 30 days after infection the media will notice. 60 days after infection the panic will be at all-time highs. 90 days after infection the newly agreed upon UN/WHO pandemic powers will be enacted.


That is why the “Q” site warns: “Do not look at the eclipse.”

Satanist “Climate Czar” John Kerry’s daughter Vanessa says “billions of people must die for ‘New World Order’” and that “the time is ripe for a globalist coup that uses the control mechanisms of the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty to create a world government that is not accountable to anyone.” “They” scrubbed the video of her saying this at the WEF from the internet but both German and Polish intelligence confirm she said it.

The WHO is not a government entity but is privately owned by mass murderers like Bill Gates. The treaty they are trying to impose will allow for such things as:

“Forced vaccinations”

“Forced Medical procedures”

“Forced Lockdowns”

Russian FSB intelligence has already warned the vaccines they will be forced on the vast majority of the people will make them dumb, passive and unable to resist Khazarian mafia authority.

This process of turning us into mistreated farm animals has already started in Ukraine. EU MP Marcel de Graaf confirms the Satanic Ukraine is the largest supplier of children to pedophile networks and human and organ traffickers. It has set up nurseries with foster mothers for this purpose. These forced fertilization facilities get women to give birth to both “super soldiers,” and children to be used for adrenachrome “harvesting.”

By the way want to know where a lot of your Ukraine tax money went other than for building child torture facilities: Nice new mansions for corrupt Zelensky cronies.

Of course, they are also drug dealers and not just child torturers. Interpol reportedly intercepted a conversation between two Argentine drug traffickers regarding the delivery of a large consignment of drugs, at least 300 kg of cocaine, which was to take place at the Buenos Aires airport on the day Zelensky and his delegation arrived in Argentina to attend the presidential inauguration Milei.

The worst part of it is the Satanists admit they take orders to do such things from non-human entities.

If this enslavement is allowed to go ahead, humans will suffer the fate of the T Rex. It went from a long-lived apex predator to battery farmed chicken whose lifespan is often measured in months.

The white hats are NOT GOING TO LET THIS HAPPEN. A major offensive is underway that will permanently remove this Satanic threat from this planet. We assume for example the disease spraying planes will be shot down.

Once the Satanists are defeated the planetary liberation alliance plans to help the creator by increasing the amount and variety of life in an exponential manner. This will be based on the 3,6,9 sequence that the genius Nikola Tesla was obsessed with. It will be combined with the Fibonacci sequences of previous evolution to create entirely new paradigms of life.

But, we jump ahead of ourselves. In the here and now Pentagon white hats, Russian military and Asian royals have just finished a meeting where they concluded the Vatican paid Israeli Crime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu $100 billion to attack the Iranian embassy in Syria. The plan was to provoke Iran to retaliate. After the Iranian retaliation, the Israelis plan to




destroy every major city in Iran with Nuclear missiles. The aim would be to destroy Persia (what they call Iran) in order to get their hands on the Persian treasure hoard.

What the Israelis and their Vatican backers fail to understand is that Iran and Russia have secret weapons that will vaporize the missiles before they reach Iran.

The meeting also revealed that while the Arctic was completely under white hat and Russian control, a fierce secret war is raging in Antarctica. The white hats are winning but it is far from over, a meeting participant says.

There has also been a fierce war raging in Japan. Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama and his flunky fake ambassador to Japan Rahm Emmanuel tried to force the Japanese government to hand over control of the telecommunications giant NTT. They want to get their hands on it because they are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel: the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve is down to 17 days of supply and “Biden” just canceled the refill order.

A mass revolt by both Japanese industry and the Japanese military put an end to this plan.

In addition to this, Obama and his Rockefeller/Rothschild puppet masters also tried to get “2.5 quadrillion dollars” based on fictitious Philippine gold hoards, according to White Dragon Foundation sources.

That is why the slave Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan and President Bongbong Marcos of the Philippines were summoned to Washington this week.

The US military in Japan also provoked the Japanese military to threaten to attack their New Sano Hotel headquarters when they tried to revive the osprey-linked military bribery network, the sources say.

The US military dark hats further tried to start a war with China using their base in Taiwan. The base was destroyed. This was what was behind the 7.5 Richter scale magnitude earthquake in Taiwan. “The Chiashan Air Force base near Hualien was the epicenter of the quake. The depth of the explosion (earthquake) was 9 miles. This was a WH military alliance Op. A DUMB was taken out. There are many deep underground facilities at the base with tunnels going in several directions,” Pentagon sources say.

The alliance has also been given actionable intelligence by the Japanese military that exposes the real owners of the Bank of Japan. The Japanese government document in the picture below shows the BOJ is not Japanese but is instead owned by: Edmond de Rothschild based in Luxembourg.

APSA Bank aka the IOR or Vatican Bank and Barclays Bank based in the United States.

This intelligence will be acted on by the Asian secret societies unless control of the BOJ is returned to Japan. Restoring the BOJ to the Japanese imperial family will end the Khazarian Mafia’s control of the world’s financial system.

By the way, Japanese imperial family sources tell us someone has been forging the signature of a certain Edmond de Rothchild who died 15 years ago to pay off certain imperial family members. The Edmond de Rothschild bank is now headed by Ariane de Rothschild.

As far as the Vatican Bank is concerned, we also know someone is using a rubber-masked fake Pope Francis to keep control of the Vatican Bank. This would be the Satanic P2 Freemasons who just paid Netanyahu the $100 billion to try to start nuclear Armageddon.

As far as Barclays is concerned, MI6 informs us “Barclays collapsed into a bankruptcy agreement with a law firm in London called Allen and Overy.” The head of MI6 claims they now own Barclays which has an “asset sheet of $2 trillion and the Times Square former Lehman Brothers building.”

These are likely the people behind BlackRock and Vanguard who are now being outed by many people including Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić.

Regardless, MI6 says they support the WDS plan for a future planning organization. Hopefully, this means the white hat plan can now be implemented. However, believe it when you see it.

Something big is definitely going down though. Both Russia’s FSB and Pentagon sources sent us a video clip from 2017 of Donald Trump saying a storm was coming. They sent it together with this April 3 cover of the Tehran Times saying “We shall pray in Quds [Jerusalem] soon. Storm is Coming.”

We assume the fall of the Satanic Israeli regime of Netanyahu is part of this storm. The situation there is definitely critical. Last week demonstrators in Israel broke through security barriers and entered both the Parliament and Netanyahu’s house looking for him. You can be sure he would have been hung on the spot if they found him.

Mossad sources tell us there is “NO WORD ABOUT THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE AVATAR NETANYAHU. Is he allegedly still in the hospital, Recovering from the hernia operation? All is silent.”

With or without Netanyahu Israel is completely isolated internationally. “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm put the Israeli regime on the brink of extinction and dealt an irreparable blow to the Zionist project in Palestine,” says Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah the secretary-general of Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah.

The Iranians make it clear they will not be conned into an all-out attack against Israel but instead will insist the entire world deal with the Israeli, Ukrainian and US rogue states.

“Russia and China have had enough of the KM Satanic Israeli attacks. Israel will be no more, as we know,” a Mossad source says.

The US Corporation’s days are also numbered. These reports are a snapshot of the collapse:

Since March 2023, the number of full-time workers has collapsed by 1.347 million while the number of part-time workers exploded by 1.888 million! All the job gains since 2018 have gone to immigrants, mostly illegal immigrants

A combination of failed ‘Bidenomics,’ i.e., elevated inflation, disastrous progressive social justice reforms that ignited a tsunami of retail theft nationwide, and snarled supply chains left over from the Covid era have led to the demise of “99 Cents Only” stores nationwide, which began the liquidation process on Friday.

In answer to their incompetence, the US Corporation sent Janet Yellen and others to China to politely ask them to both deindustrialize and buy more from the US.

Yellen obviously got the polite thumbs down to her begging mission because she turned from polite to hostile and “is now demanding China stop selling components to Russia because Russia might use those components to make weapons and defeat U.S. / NATO weapons which are often a decade behind the Russians in terms of design and engineering,” a Pentagon source comments.

“The U.S. still thinks it can dictate all global trade, finance and technology. It is wrong. China and Russia have already proved that U.S. sanctions only make them STRONGER. The U.S. empire is collapsing, and that’s why the U.S. is trying to take us to war,” the source says.

US Corporation representatives are clearly being snubbed. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan just postponed a trip to the Middle East because of a “cracked rib.”

Then, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and an American delegation were forced to drive from Paris to Brussels to attend a NATO meeting Wednesday after his plane was again grounded due to a “mechanical issue,” the State Department said.

The US has also surrendered to Yemen militarily and is not asking for a “diplomatic solution” to Red Sea crisis. They will be told to pull the plug on Israel for sure.

The French are also freaking out as their international anti-Russia coalition collapses and Russian justice looms. French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu called Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu to try to convince him Kiev and the West weren’t involved in the Crocus City Hall attack, blaming ISIS. The problem is Russia knows ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

They also know France is the main backer of the Ukraine regime now and that “Ukraine’s involvement in numerous acts of terrorism carried out in Russia, including the attack on Crocus City Hall, is beyond doubt.”

In a sign French President Emanuelle Macron Rothschild is terrified of the Russians, he says “France needs to cooperate with any country facing the risk of terrorist attacks,” in comments on the recent phone talks between French and Russian defense ministers.

“I instructed the minister and the relevant services to have a technical exchange of information with their [Russian] counterparts to communicate a message of solidarity, and also because we had useful information, which I will not disclose here, about who was behind this terrorist attack,” Macron said.

The Russians are now working behind the scenes with French resistance to end the Macron regime. The French patriots know Macron himself is the highest-ranking member of the Rothschild family to hold a formal political office and that his overthrow would help end KM rule.


The Russians are also getting closer to the truth. “International terrorism supported by shadowy sponsors remains a global threat to the entire world,” Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov says.

He is referring to the Cult of Ba’al or the Satanists.

This diagram reveals the history of a powerful Death Cult that has ruled Earth for all recorded human history. The timeline is trisected and proceeds from top to bottom.

At present this group is represented by the movement traced by the Russians to the theosophical writer Alice Bailey. She claims her books were dictated telepathically to her by “a Master of Wisdom.” These are the Satanic thought-forms able to hijack human minds that Pentagon sources discovered in their own research into the New Age movements.

Anyway, the Russians say that, spurred by these thought forms, Bailey founded the Lucis [Lucifer] trust. It’s located in the UN headquarters building and “is actually the root of all globalist agendas.” The trust controls the program for 90% of the US educational system via the Fetzer Institute, the FSB says. “The trust is the origin of language used by the WEF, Schwab, Harari, along with Tavistock Institute, MI6 and CIA, and they have the same masonic occult bosses/or boss,” they add. Their aim is to “replace, interpret all religions.”


They are trying desperately to ramp things up. In the US Marjorie Taylor Greene says “Mike Johnson Plans to Suspend Rules and not Place the Bill through the Rules Committee.” In other words impose a totalitarian dictatorship.

In Germany the domestic intelligence chief is trying to police the “thought & speech patterns” of citizens and introduce the the novel offence of “systematic delegitimization of state conduct.” In other words, he wants to punish thought crimes.

This is an example of this sort of policy at work:

Jesse Watters: “Trump is banned from talking about the judge’s family. Why? Because the judge’s family was paid by the Biden campaign. The judge’s family is currently being paid by Adam Schiff over $10 million.”


Elon Musk describes how killer AI drones could punish thought criminals.

Is this some sort of threat to compensate for a 20% drop in Tesla sales and a 43% decline in BYD sales from the previous quarter? This is not year on year meaning sales have fallen off a cliff and his company is no longer viable. He must be secretly feeling desperate.

This killer AI drone technology is already being used. “Israel’s Lavender artificial intelligence system is automatically identifying potential targets in the Gaza Strip based on alleged links to Hamas. As a result, tens of thousands of civilians are in mortal danger! Alarmingly, life and death decisions were made by machines, with human staff taking just 20 seconds to authorize the bombing. This brutal digitization of the killing process, where people are reduced to a set of data, is a threat to humanity and our civilization,” Polish intelligence warns



It would also be criminal to doubt government stories such as these:

Reuters has published perhaps the most bizarre article ever, warning that climate change is having a detrimental impact on the income of Indonesian transgender sex workers. Yes, really.

Here is another one that is not an April fools’ article:
“Now scientists say wearing JEANS is bad for the environment.”

There are many such bizarre articles appearing saying such things as “water vapor is a greenhouse gas,” and not just cow farts anymore. It is all a sign of some sort of mental breakdown. But we are supposed to believe it all or else.

We are also supposed to believe the fear porn they are pumping out at record rates such as the following:

Next epidemic to spill out of China could be SUPER GONORRHEA – where the rate of antibiotic-resistant STIs are 40x higher than US and UK.


Then we have this: “Bird flu pandemic could be ‘100 times worse’ than COVID, scientists warn.”


And if that isn’t enough, here is more Fear Porn being released.


Bird flu dairy cow outbreak widens in Ohio, Kansas, New Mexico…The spread to an increasing number of species and its widening geographic reach have raised the risks of humans being infected, the head of the World Organization for Animal Health said on Thursday.

It seems they are desperately looking for cover stories for vaccine damage. On this front the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released 780,000 reports received shortly after the COVID-19 vaccines were pushed showing “people experienced a wide range of post-vaccination problems, including heart inflammation, miscarriages, and seizures.”

Justice is coming. A criminal complaint has s been filed against European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for “usurpation of functions and title, destruction of public documents, illegal interests-taking and corruption.”

This is about a €35 billion contract between the EU and Pfizer. Her husband Heiko von der Leyen, was a director of Orgenesis, a company that has played a central role in the EU’s vaccination campaign. Orgenesis and Pfizer have the same major shareholders. Also, the EC awarded €320 million in grants to Orgenesis in 2022. On top of that millions of doses of anti-Covid mRNA drugs (mislabeled as “vaccines”) worth $4 billion were lost.

In Italy, former Health Minister Roberto Speranza, who enforced vaccinations, can no longer move without police protection. The Italians are waiting for him everywhere and shouting “Murderer”

In Canada, Justin Castrudeau cannot appear in public without being chased by and angry mob. Here is a recent example from Hamilton, Canada

Also, Bill Gates was just called a pedophile on LIVE television. Watch the attached video with Clay Clark saying the truth as it should be, on Newsmax

In a sign action is being taken, more evidence is emerging that something happened to the British Royal family. Where have they all gone? Kate, the kids, her parents, and her sister are MIA!!

Credit: cristinabrunothemusecreation75

If I was a senior KM leader, I would not be sleeping very well. Justice is coming.




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