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    • Ascension Connection
      The Ascension Connection is where you can meet like-minded individuals and safely share your opinions and experiences on higher-dimensional topics. The conversation is meant to empower people to create a new harmonious society with love, well-being, unity, and balance
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    • Circles of Harmony
      Join to learn about how to create Circles of Harmony in your own communities to bring about change, healing, and harmony.
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    • Common Folk of Earth
      I, born upon Earth free of sin, swear before the Creator and Creation to toil for equality through eternity. To do so I vow to never wage war against any fellow Folk to gain the fruits of Toil of the Common Folk for luxury through Usury.We are the Hall, known as Earth, and we exist interweaved with everything in existence as Sol whorls through the ages. Toil is necessary to pass the Creator’s requirements to reach Bliss. The Creator of Creation strives to exist with the desire to build Wonders within the Halls and to Measure the rate of existence as the many Observers in many Halls measure the other with respect to themselves. When Creation becomes Cognizant of the Creator, it becomes fully Conscious and Candor enough to realize the answer always lied in each of us.The Four Requirements of the Creator 1)Feed the Children 2)Clothe the Children 3)Educate the Children 4)Protect the ChildrenI swear as a Common Folk of Planet Earth to wage war against any creation that aims to defy the requirements of the Creator, knowing chains can only bound our children if Usury exists. Toil is done for the Children to build upon our works to make them greater thus, I swear to break any chain found upon myself or any other creature on Earth to ensure the excess is shared in the effort to make our children greater than us. Words may change through the eons, but never again will Usury manipulate the simplicity of the Creator’s requirements. I do this to ensure all Generations following will be taught without censorship and all questions analyzed freely without occult theological conspiracy theories being propagated for Usury to indoctrinate the youth to accept enslavement without resistance. Never will I let Wordy words indoctrinate Common Folk when the Creator asks so little of me and there should be no reason or desire within me for anything except becoming greater over time; all the while watching the story of our Earth whorl through Aethral fields while we are busy measuring to prepare for the waves of creation to complete cyclic oscillations. I swear to uphold the Creator’s requirement knowing all evil will cease to exist if toiling for the youth of all the Common Folk is all we ever did. Common Folk are the only Creatures that should exist, any other Creature would prey upon the Children, and we would never know Freedom. Free Minds Live Free Lives Liberty Over Usury May Our Children Prevail
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    • Healing
      We gather on a weekly basis to consider ways of healing from emotional trauma and past wounds in order to move forward with our life’s purpose unhindered and unencumbered.
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    • 1 year, 10 months ago

      Star Siewertsen

    • Nature
      The Nature Restoration Group at PFC is perfect for people who passionately want to commune with and heal the Earth. We offer a place to meet, share ideas, offer solutions and support each other.
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    • 2 years, 6 months ago

      Miss Merrilee

    • Universal Astrology
      This is a group to post and discuss astrological alignments, astrologic concepts, sidereal and tropical exploration, space weather, solar and earth activity and natural storms.This is NOT a place to post for astrology readings or ads for readings. This is not a group for natal interpretations, rather a daily look at astrological data for interpretation that will better our lives, health, and perspective to include the stars, light, and cosmos.
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    • Volunteers
      The PFC Volunteer Team provides opportunities for persons interested in getting involved and active with the Prepare For Change Mission.
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