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Prepare for Change Volunteers are people from all over the planet who realize that we must take responsibility for ourselves, that the “leadership” of society has been highjacked by a small elite who have directed everything that money can buy toward the accomplishment of their very self-serving goals.

This is why we are a volunteer network using open source technology, for it is only through the dedication of honorable men and women that the ambitions of the self-serving can be deterred. We take pride in building upon one another’s work to create functional solutions for all the people of the planet, and that it is important that all of these efforts will evolve from the foundation of committed PFC members. Take a look at the Programs listed in the form and see if you would like to become involved.

We will send you the PFC Council Members and Volunteers newsletter regularly to keep you informed.

Prepare for Change Volunteer Form

PFC is growing and numerous new functions and programs need an hour a week or more from talented and skilled members to move forward. If you can help, please volunteer! Currently we need volunteers to help our website Content Team to choose and post articles that support our member's work in their communities.This form is submitted to the Membership Desk, Volunteer Section.
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85 thoughts on “Volunteer Form

  1. Hello beautiful souls! I am trying to understand why CE5 isnt on PFCs radar yet? I dont like the name but what it means is human-initiated Conscious contact with our Celestial friends. I have been practicing solo for almost a year and have had many astounding w experiences, even have some documented via video. If you Really want to know the Truth about”UFO’s”, you Need to investigate into the CE5 Contact phenomena happening GLOBALLY! You could talk to someone like Mr. Kosta Makreas of www.etletstalk.com, you can find groups globally via www.etcontactnetwork.com. you can find Hordes of video proof on conscious, human initiated contact on youtube channels like Ce5 academy, Skylight films, Sirius Disclosure and Etletstalk (ive even got a couple of my own posted)… CE5 is Not just about the fact that we are not alone, its focus is on Oneness, Healing the planet, LOVE and the power of our conscienceness, and soooo much more. Namaste everyone. If i can help at all please dont hesitate to ask 🙂

  2. Hello, Lightworker living at the south west coast of Sweden. Close to south Gothenburg

    wish to connect with others

    Wish to make / wake more people.

    Put up stickers and advertise about what’s going on out in public.

    I Feel it’s time to put up out in Public..
    So i need to connect with more people involved.

    Lots of light and love <3

  3. I live in Southern Colorado ( Del Norte) near the places that humans and star beings have been. I would like to be a part of the volunteers to change the vibration to a loving and kind place. I would like to volunteer in the areas needed. Love has Won, Sherry Smith ~*~

    • Hi Kara,

      I live in Western Australia and would love to get more involved in this – it really is an amazing ‘event’ to be part of.


  4. I have seen over 50 space crafts and seen and talked with our cosmic brothers. I have even seen and talked with our water brothers at sea. Born in the late 40’s with a father who was a Navel officer, I have always been aware of many things. It has only since 2012 that these things have started surfacing to the general public. Hallelujah! I am moving to Tucson, AZ in a couple months and want to be able to meet others who are
    awake’ for conversation, friendship and meditations. I can be reached at Deva-Arts.com. I so look forward to meeting mew friends.

  5. I really like to help people to heal to make the society and world a better place to place. Meditation and energy healing is really help people to live better life. Thank you so much for doing great job.

  6. I lived in Brasil for nearly 3 years in the early 1970’s during the military regime, and learned the truth of what the US Gov’t was really doing to that country & its economy. I had close friends who were tortured and interrogated, and as an American, I could do nothing…only watch and live in terror!! Once I returned to the US, I began learning more and hearing what the US Gov’t was doing through the agencies of the CIA & FBI to the Native populations, of which my own bloodline was connected. I was an active member of Native American Solidarity Committee (NASC), a counter organization to AIM. This experience led to further discoveries on a spiritual level that I was well ready to receive and badly needed in order to heal.
    So many false assumptions began falling away and I was left with strong feelings of wanting to be a part of making things Right somehow and looking for ways to participate in this much needed CHANGE!! For me, this culmination of Events is the reason I am here now.

  7. Lightworker from New York City. Looking to meet up with other awakened like-minded souls. My contact info is: [email protected]

    I watched the Twin Towers fall on 9/11 from my office conference room on the 70th floor of the Empire State Building. So many innocent souls were murdered that day, and not from the planes, but from the controlled demolition from the US alphabet agencies. (Sorry, jet fuel doesn’t melt steel.). My cousin worked at the south tower at that time and the elevator shafts were closed for renovations weeks prior to 9/11. Our own US government put Thermite in the elevator shafts and imploded the towers. All the fireman who ran into the building to save innocent lives were murdered. Also, my boyfriend at the time worked at 7 World Trade- that building wasn’t even hit by a plane. They didn’t even try to make 7 World Trade look like anything other than a controlled demolition. The horror of 9/11 still lingers, and I often go downtown near where the towers fell and lay healing crystals and meditate. I work near Times Square now and meditate and lay crystals where that psycho drove into and killed people with his car in Times Square. Also, I posted a warning on facebook about the recent Operation Gothic Shield EMP Nuclear Bomb Training in NYC and got a phone call from Homeland Security – higher self gave me that information and the intimidations towards lightworkers needs to stop.

    Also, I was supposed to be on Pan Am Flight 103 that was bombed over Lockerbie Scotland. We were 90 Syracuse University students studying abroad in London that semester. 35 SU students were murdered by that terrorist act including my roommate. With so many horrible terrorist attacks our earth needs serious help and healing.

    Furthermore, earth’s people are being poisoned and tortured: GMO food, flouride in the water, aluminum in dental fillings, chemtrails, forced vaccines with mercury/aluminum, BigPharma that puts profits before people’s health (in some cases the pills make people sicker). Financially we are being scammed: the US government is 21 Trillion dollars in debt. 25% of our taxes go to paying for a black budget: underground military bases, FEMA camps, more bombs, etc. When will the madness stop!!

    I pray every day that The Event happens soon. I am happy to help in any way possible. Lightwork, Event Day coordination, Meditations, graphic/web design, etc. Let’s bring in the victory of the Light.
    Peace and love! Sharon

  8. I am in the Kansas City lees summit Missouri area. If there’s anyone needing help please email me I have had several spiritual experiences in awakening and I am here for anything. Love, peace and light

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