Cornerstone Cobra Articles

Cobra has published great amounts of information on his blog since March 2012. We have selected a few major articles, cornerstone of his information, for people who are new to this. These are also great to re-read as they contain a lot of condensed information. For those who want to get even deeper understanding of the general situation we strongly recommend browsing through his archive.

For those who are new to this, Cobra’s informations come from direct physical contact (not channeled) with various off-world groups (Resistance Movement, Pleiadians, etc) and individuals infiltrated within various structures on the surface of this planet, all of them working for the liberation of this planet.

To go to the articles, click on the pictures:

Galactic Codex
Published on April 4, 2012

Resistance movement
Published on April 6, 2012

Removing the Cabal
Published on May 2, 2012

Fall of the Archons
Published on May 8, 2012

The Veil
Published on June 18, 2012

Brotherhood of the Star
Published on September 5, 2012

The Masterplan
Published on October 12, 2012

Etheric Archon Grid
Published on January 3, 2013

Quarantine Earth Endgame
Published on March 10, 2014

Fall of the Chimera
Published on July 7, 2014

Plasma and the Planetary Situation Update
Published on October 7, 2014

Published on January 19, 2015

Solar System Situation Update
Published on February 9, 2015

Galactic Wave of Love
Published on July 26, 2015

The Great Forgetting of 1996
Published on October 6, 2015
Light vs Darkness
Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness – published on April 17, 2012



New Financial System – published on April 28th 2012

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  1. It’s not difficult to start a new blogging website. And to be honest, Anil is one of the bloggers on this blogging world that inspires me to have my own blog and today I have that.

  2. After several dreams & visions, I’ve determined that elapid and company square measure the foremost positive cluster on the earth fighting the darkness. I trust in my very own heart to grasp the mission and feel that the teams walking with elapid square measure true and wish U.S.A. to search out the sunshine. The Galaxy breathes each 25k ~ 26k years some. This breath if filled with Love and lightweight, not Darkness. Whoever these teams square measure that square measure behind the take down of the Kabal, grasp that i’m with you.

  3. I am unsure if others additional knowledgeable than i’d agree my response, however my restricted understanding is that we have a tendency to ar on the sting of fourth Density “existence” and fifth dimensional ‘consciousness’. If anyone else needs to expand upon these ideas, please do thus.

  4. Hi there. I am Jamie Bailey and I need someone from this organization to contact me immediately, as I have an urgent contribution to the cause that must be shared!
    I am Stellar Kaleida on Facebook…please message me as soon as you can.
    Thanks… 🙂

  5. This website is the best resource yet that I have come across, to enable communities and large organizations to respond effectively in the event of THE EVENT. Thank you to the volunteers who have put it together.

  6. Hello, re-reading these once again. It would be nice to ahve them in chronological order though. Thanks for everything guys 🙂

  7. I just found this site prepare for change. There is so much misinformation throughout the entire planet . I see it everywhere. How is one to know that prepare for change is any different? How can anyone believe anything that’s being said by anyone anymore. I feel so lost and confused.

    • Because of free will, things change minute by minute. This is why we are to stay in the present moment. Just turn toward joy as much as possible. Do things that you love to do and work with your hands. Build, draw, make music, anything creative and attempt to stay in the present moment with an open heart.

  8. Hi. I’ve been following all this for years, but what I see is a hidden secret society behind the take down of the cabal. …which i think is great, if the people people doing it weren’t part of The Order of Sion. The Goddess cult. The cult of Venus/Lucifer. Going back to Egypt & even Atlantis. The Sisterhood of the Rose seems like a front for them. The cabal are just the fall guys. After they are taken out the real NWO takes over. They all answer to the Women in charge of The Order of Sion. All of freemasonry, the Templars, Jesuits, all the secret societies, they all answer to The Order of Sion, the “cult of Venus/lucifer”, the morning star. If you look at the symbolism of all these secret orders, it’s all about the Goddess. hmm… very interesting. The female illuminati… The Queen bee and all her workers are male… oh well, we may get a global reset, but don’t hold your breath for a free Earth just yet… the real heads of the NWO are female, and you’ll never know their names…

    • After many dreams & visions, I’ve decided that Cobra and company are the most positive group on the planet fighting the darkness. I trust in my own heart to know the mission and feel that the groups walking with Cobra are true and want us to find the Light. The Galaxy breathes every 25k ~ 26k years or so. This breath if full of Love and Light, not Darkness. Whoever these groups are that are behind the take down of the Kabal, know that I am with you~
      Victory of the Light,

  9. Pleiadian Semsaje Voice you needed 1-Spirit Box 2-Astral visualization.2-Telepaty 3-Audio Recorder.4-Luck.

  10. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey ,salute my dear Untwine, thank you so much for all you have done to restore this messages for the good of all that is love. Lots of love. Victory of the light. So be it. So it is. I AM.

  11. This page is where you go to vet my latest publication. The planet is drifting along in ‘gamma phase’, but that won’t be for long. Because of that it’s time for people to realize that Earth is under Quarantine.
    In other words, there’d one heck of lot more ‘UFO’ sightings than there are.
    The reason we are off limits is a grid of anti-quark Toplet bombs that hold such a threat, we can’t even imagine, but now we are free of this threat.
    Since 1996 the Pleiadian Light-forces have been keeping a handle on things for us without much appreciation. My book reveals that their primary purpose is to defuse these bombs so those in control of our system, (from Jupiter, inward), can set up the new ‘Atlantis Command’. 
    The main mission of the RM story happened early fall, 2017, when a meditation induced violet flame dispersed the black stone kept at the Brookhaven Institute on Long Island. Other missions were examples of how the USAF began actually helping the Light-forces at this time, where before they were just looking the other way. Find out why in “Agents of a New Atlantis” by Robin Fitzgerald (This works for Google Preview, but like ‘The Portal’, it’s a lulu publication.)

  12. I have a question pertaining to those who have in this lifetime done a terrible act such as child molestation. Are they able to turn their energy back to the light and still yet gain enlightenment and awakening? And then there are others who have done even more terrible things… how does the collective consciousness handle these individuals, and assist them on the transition to self love and forgiveness when they are trying to embrace their true selves… and see what they have one?

    • hi beautifulknightsky…. new Updates into the horrendous treatment of our Crystal Children has come thru Today… Here is a YouTube documentary list that is changing the World and lessening the dark surface – i do not know the current ration but we required 5% more – which was still at 85% Dark. The 5% would bring the light force to 80 % Dark and 20 % Light. Parettos law will change and have a dramatic effect on the 80%. The 80/20 Rule…here is a Compilation of the Who’s Done It in addition to those major rings now exposed- this group is the main Source of Child Exploitation and sex Abuse/trafficking… Women & Children first:: Always

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    “The second main factor holding back the Event is the deep mind programmed state of the surface humanity which has chosen the slowest path possible towards the Event. Now a small minority of people is overperforming and carrying the load of Liberation for many, whereas the vast majority is underperforming and just complaining. Many people are asking me what to do to speed up the Event. The answer is very simple: each of you has been born with a mission. Go inside, discover that mission and carry it out. All our missions combined will create the Event.”

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  14. Your recent interview with James Gilliland has been deleted by Youtube. Find another way to get this video or sound report and get it posted on a site that will not be deleted.

  15. Lee from London
    I have called for help with pain removal and now have more pain than ever.
    After pleading with the Pleiadians to take me out of the trial program as I am now much worse than before they said No. what can be done now.
    They are unhelpful and not pleasent.
    Stop the program please…

  16. thank you so much for “Command PB Stardust” – I suffer from chronic severe pain and have an implanted device to help with this – the device stopped working and I started to use this “request” – I actually got more relief from using this than when my implant was turned on – we have shared this with numerous people, who have also benefited – as far as we know, there was only one person that we told that did not have any relief from their pain

  17. In de Name of the Crist I gave big thanks to COBRA for the help he and the Galactic, Universe and Cosmic Brothers displays to us, as soul into this body in 3erd Dimension with out loaded God quality’s and capacity to develop the other side of the veil. Thanks for help us to help our Father God on what he ask us to do here for him, thanks to all Archangels, Ascended Masters, Mother Mary, our Master Sananda Jesus and our cosmic family for there presence in this big moments of our Ascension planetary and humanity.

  18. I am giving feedback on the request of the Pleidians on the silent thoughts to assist healing. I definitely felt a reduction in pain since then. Can you assist further?

      • I just heard about this Pleiadean assistive suggestion, and I’ve found it entirely effective! Currently, I am suffering a reoccurring case of tendonitis in my left elbow, but after repeating the phrase “Command BP Stardust”, most of the pain immediately subsided, and continues to subside!

  19. Please consider below things before doing meditation.

    Your body must be out of waste to attain the benefit of meditation. So do below
    1. Avoid non veg
    2. Do practice of Prana suthi (
    3. Don’t eat anything at-least 3 hours before doing meditation.
    4. Pray to your god before meditation.
    5. Try to get energy from space and nature (Trees, Water, etc) by asking them to give.
    6. Concentrate on your breath in and out while doing meditation.
    7. Try to do it under a Pyramid to increase the power of energy.

    Save the earth!



    Thanks so much Cobra for all this precious essential education into the structure of enslavement of humanity, or what’s left of it.
    I believe the baby boomer generation is actually the main core of the aware beings on earth. There is a beautiful subculture of the actual youth that is spiritual and aware and following what is going on with the prepare for change network, ect… But the majority of the youth is completely under the spell of mind manipulation, listening to rap regression nonsense instead of true music and tattooing and piercing themselves while looking zombie like to their cell.

    All the main core of the Baby boomer light forces will be dead within the next 10-15 years, leaving Earth in a state of almost total global ignorance.

    I am also convince that when declared as operational, the very first plan of the New World Order, is to incarcerate all the light bearers on Earth within a 24 hours massive secret surgical removal societal operation. This is the main reason of the existence of all these millions of coffins being accumulated by the NSA in their very numerous secret concentration and execution camps.

    I believe the presence of this generation of light bearers is essential to the liberation of Earth.

    This is why I demand, in the name of the Light, that a vast operation of protection aboard extraterrestrial light mothership be prepared and operational, in order to put under the protection of the light, this now aging generation of the wise men & women of Earth, before an eventual massive operation of incarceration by the New world Order is put into operational mode.

    This enlightened stratum of humanity can be healed, re-energized with the healing technologies of the Celestrial civilizations. They can also be educated clearly and completely on what their respective mission is, so when the time is safe for them to return to Earth, they can much better serve their mission of guidance and counselling to the rest of the globally unaware population.

    In grace and hope
    Victory for the Light !
    Vivas, Vivas, Vivas !



    • Dear Astraelia,
      I am a “baby boomer” person and I don’t expect to be dead in the next 10-15 years. By then we should have the Holographic beds and the other healing beds functional. It is my hope that this be so. If they should be working by then, and disseminated, then I believe that many of us can regenerate to being younger and functional in our old age. It is my wish that this be so. There might be other technologies just as powerful for healing by that time. Do not fear that the lightworkers be “incarcerated,” or somehow stopped, as, I have found that we are completely disseminated throughout the entire planet in an even fashion, so as to allow all lands and territories to be uplifted. Yes, our sole vibration lifts the masses. We only need to be present. Believe me, more and more enlightened and advanced beings are being born minute by minute, raising the vibrations of the Earth. It is my hope, prayer, and understanding that after a certain time period, negative beings will simply not be able to ingress here because this will be a higher vibratory place where only higher vibratory beings can exist. I think this will happen rapidly….it has already been happening gradually, but now those born at this time, are very much advanced and are not only beings with karmic ties to the Earth, but are beings who are from varied places in the galaxy who have wanted to help with this transition, with the enlightenment of the Earth. This will be a high vibratory planet soon.

    • Viens de prende connaissance de votre message : 91981371 code de lumiere CELA N’ARRIVERA JAMAISSSSS —- PAIX LUMIERE AMOUR JOIE ARMONIE A VOUS ET VOS CROYANCES – Namasté

  22. why didnt the galactic federation step in when these dark forces were present during the war of mars and maldek (exploded planet theory) these dark forces were here way before 26000 years ago. if they have stepped in everywhere else, why wait so long? i question everything, it didnt take me too much research before i started to wonder… i believe freedom and healing are possible for this planet… but some things dont add up in this story. so either you are not sharing all the information you have, or it is misinformation. and yes i know this comment will not be published so no worries. im probably not the only one who noticed. this is not a negative post either… just saying

    • The version that Bashar gives is that a celestial object collided with Maldek and that at a different time altogether, another object collided with Mars that destroyed its atmosphere. Perhaps, all the warring vibrations, those negative vibes, actually attracted that fate. I wish I knew the answer but I don’t. I’m just offering you another story that I have heard about it. Remember there are also different timelines. Just saying…..

    • Difficile à croire mais si nous n’avion pas eu “les force de l’ombre” nous n’aurions pas compris que nous devions retourner à la Lumière alors quoi qu’il en soit, Spirituellement ,c’est de la Lumière en mouvement donc Dieu qui a décidé de faire cette expérience!!!!!

  23. Eu também não consigo acessar e tb não consigo compartilhar algumas materias postadas no facebook…
    Toda essa dificuldade me trouxe aqui…e foi ótimo…
    O importante é conseguir…e nós vamos….

    • Bueno, hacemos una llamada a cualquier persona que pueda corraborar alguna verdad existente. Sea yendo al Record Akasico personalmente o yendo donde un Maestro de confianza para corroborar. Pero la verdad es que el punto de imporancia es el AHORA. Es AHORA cuando podemos cambiar. Ver el pasado es simplemente conocer el trayecto viajado. No se puede cambiar, solo ver, y aceptar, y rezar que nunca volvamos por senderos malevolos.

  24. RE: &
    and so many others who have re-posted info regarding the EVENT.

    What happened to free will ?

    Earth is an individual journey to “Christ Consciousness” – not some magical “Event” breakthrough – poof all is better now. This is no different than the many pastors who claim the world is going to end or there will be a rapture or the galactic federation is going to come save us.

    Some nice ideals shared about earth transformation, yet there is no “savior” in beam light form, 2nd coming or liberation that’s coming from above!


    • May GOD allow you to be present when the EVENT happens. I have come to Earth precisely for the enlightening effect that this EVENT will have, which is supposed to be the enlightening of Maria…yes, me. Yes, there will be an event. I doubt that some people would be so hardened that they would not be able to experience this, as the animals and plants and everything on EARTH will experience this; even the rocks. You might pretend you didn’t……but you will not want to continue with that agenda, I predict. IT is near.

  25. Suggestion: Line up the picture links for the articles in the following order by original publish date, left to right, then top to bottom.

    Would it not make more sense to read them from earliest date to the latest date? They currently aren’t in any given order.

  26. hello guys i live in the city of mexicali baja california mexico we need help here this and every city in this border line are full of darkness there are thousands of maquiladora industry plants where they manufacture everything from planes to chevy cars and TVs that go to the market next door to you guys they pay people the daily salaries of 5 dollars per ten hours of work besides that you can find here aswell casinos and drugs and alcoholl and prostitution people dont realize they are treated like slaves and it seems like nobody cares if you guys can please help i will be very happy since i am getting tired of tryng to open the eyes and make people aware of the reality we are shinning still and would like to get some help now

  27. Please can someone tell me if what i saw was the grid. I saw a grid in the sky 2 weeks ago. twice. it was perfect squared grid. the lines were dark shadows. it was NOT chemtrails. it was waay to high. I was watching a airliner go over for chemtrails. We are not in a fly zone. so i look everytime I see a plane. And waaay up above it Way way up was what looked like safety glass with the wire square grid through it. I could see it the second day through the chemtrail haze. it was patchy and there waaay above it again was a perfect formed grid and like the fist dfay it was as far ass I could see. Was i seeing the Grid we are all speaking of ??? 🙂

  28. Intent is a powerful force. Should enough people believe Dave, and his claim of no disclosure, then perhaps this would happen. This could severely effect all the hard work Cobra is doing. On another note; Kreshe ( has, on the drawing board, a working model of an ‘anti-gravity’ vehicle. I’m sure, within the next 500 years, that this would eliminate roads, and bicycles.

  29. Years have passed by, and sadly/unfortunately, there is still no hard proof that all of these are happenings.

    How can I know that all of these are really real, not just some imagination?

    Please shed some lights, and explain in details & logical way to me, thank you.

    • You can see that this is real by the effects that are happening world wide that are apparent. I know they were not very apparent several years ago. Surely you can see the chem trails above, and how they obfuscate the sky. I have seen them every day here where I am. Not everyone believes they are bad stuff. My own daughter thinks they are just exhaust, what they call, contrails from the airplanes and that I am paranoid….but when you notice that some planes eject them and others don’t, and they seem to be basically at the same elevation, then you know something is going on. Also, people are starting to speak out…they didn’t before out of FEAR…you have not seen testimonials from all kinds of people on Youtube? I just saw the other day, a testimonial of a girl in one of the armed forces….who got out because she was forced to do this….and she did not agree. She posted pictures of herself at work in uniform, as well as showing the forms that she had to fill out detailing all of the toxins she had to deal with. How about another topic, the pedophilia going on? Years ago, when that white haired English fellow, David Ike,that I highly respect now, was reporting what was going on in England…and I could not believe him…and now, it is being revealed here in the USA! Pedophiles are being incarcerated by the thousands. Are these the “happenings” you were speaking about? If not, please specify what you were referring to.

  30. Has been difficult to get up-to-date information. Seems hard to find in your site.
    Frustration reigns.

    I love your info and send you my blessings.


    • I am not sure if others more knowledgeable than I would agree my response, but my limited understanding is that we are on the edge of 4th Density “existence” and 5th dimensional ‘consciousness’. If anyone else wishes to expand upon these concepts, please do so. This is not my area of expertise.

  31. OK I figured it out, you have a bad link in your opening remarks.

    Cobra’s website is

    not this one

    (blogSPOT not blogPOST)

    but your link says otherwise and it goes to a dead or possibly compromised site.

    Who posted this page anyway? Why no attribution?

    • Thanks for pointing out the bad link, there has been lots of interference with this page. I created it but i don’t need to take credit for it. When i created it i checked all the links and they were working fine, i clicked on every single one and they went to cobra’s blog. For some reason it is being changed somehow and it is not my doing. Everything is working fine now, and i’m intending it to stay that way.

  32. When I try to share this article in a fb post comment on my own wall, I get the following message from FB:

    “You can’t post this because it has a blocked link

    The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:

    Please remove this link to continue.
    If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.”


    I have reported this to FB as a possible attempt at censorship to prevent Cobra’s message and intel from getting out. I explained the nature and intent of Prepare for Change as a grassroots community forum to help distribute information and dispel panic at the coming planetary changes that we anticipate, such as a global financial reset, changes in government and Extraterrestrial contact.

    I informed them that if the link was dangerous, my own computer virus protection would have prevented me from accessing the link, which has already posted on many forums/sites such as WordPress and Blogger, without incident.

    • It’s good to keep in mind that most of the moves in the virtual world are monitored and Facebook, Google, YouTube and most antivirus programs and protective programs for our computers are designed to block certain publications addressing subjects that may bring dark agendas to exposure and the light of day.

      The most sensible thing to do is use your discernment and choose to open a link, despite warnings from your anti-virus program, or not of course, if you feel doubt and give up on expectations that Facebook is taking notice of your message or request. YouTube simply ignores my requests, even when I ask for technical advice. That’s the ingredient in our efforts to make chocolate of the moves in the Wishing Well of Wonders.


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