Cobra on GoldFish Report August 9, 2016

The GoldFish Report Blog GOLDFISH REPORT NO 57, EXOPOLITICS ROUND TABLE PART 3 “MANIFESTING OUR NEW SOCIETY” AUGUST 9, 2016 Published on Aug 9, 2016 On GoldFish Report No 57, the Ambassador welcomes COBRA, Alfred Lambremont-Webre and Capt. Max and Nicole Steel to our ExoPolitics Round Table Part 3 “Manifesting Our New Society”. Another amazing … Read more


There is a push on currently by the dark forces to curtail all good work by lightworkers. This emergent news concerns Kevin Annett. He was just interviewed about his current connections to controversy by Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection. Please listen to this interview that can be found at the following link: The divide … Read more