Cobra Update – 21st May 2018 – Firing the Grid Update

Certain Light Forces fleet, even more evolved that the Pleiadian fleet, has begun activating and preparing certain key members of the surface population for Compression Breakthrough and the Event. This process may trigger all of suppressed energy patterns and belief systems and its purpose is to test preparedness. Remain calm. Dragon sources have communicated that … Read moreCobra Update – 21st May 2018 – Firing the Grid Update

Cintamani Update

Cintamani Update  Since I have released intel about the Cintamani stone, many pieces of this sacred stone have found their way into the hands of dedicated Lightworkers and Lightwarriors and will serve as transmitters of energies of compression breakthrough at the time of the Event: Selected pieces of Cintamani stone were put into many … Read moreCintamani Update