Special Cobra and Corey Goode Joint Interview—Coming Soon!

By Lynn (AKA Angel Eyes ~**~)

This is a shout out to all readers/listeners of our Cobra interviews. I will be joined by Justin Deschamps as co-host of this special interview. Prepare For Change is joining forces with Corey Goode and Justin Deschamps to promote a special meditation to be held on the day of the eclipse: August 21st, 2017.

For the next 4 days only—I am seeking questions on meditation and other topics of interest appropriate for this joint interview. This is our chance to advance as a united people, to stand in solidarity for a common cause. We are all desiring a new society, free of debt slavery, where people can follow the path of the heart, be engaged in work that is joyful and fulfilling. Now is our chance to join with a larger community to create what it is we desire. It is through peaceful means, that we will overtake the dark and create our new society. It is by love that we will win.

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(no money society?) Michael Tellinger – Ubuntu a blueprint for Human prosperity. (What? no money)

Michael Tellinger – Ubuntu a blueprint for Human prosperity

This almost 3 hour video was filmed mid-August 2014.  I also recommend any other youtube video’s from Contact in the Desert or Joshua Tree, CA in August 2014.

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To Fear or not to Fear . . . . that is the question

The Dark and the Light side of Finances – in regards to the Event.

It is said that there are 2 main emotions or forces in life – Love, or Fear or you could call it Light or Dark.  I personally have lived 5o. .something years on this planet Earth – and I’ve spent the majority of that time – in some type of fear . . . . .  Spend part of your day observing yourself and your talk – is it Love or some type of negative fear.  Listen to the conversations around you – judgment?  Fear?  or Love?  Turn the news on – that is a 1/2 hour to an hour of Fear.  Now go to a movie theatre – what are the majority of the movies produced about – killing, death, suspense, drama – other names for FEAR.

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