Robert David Steele: Q, ETs, Icke, Deep State & Adrenochrome – Prepare For Change

Prepare for Change speaks to Robert David Steele on May 28th in a long and winding interview that sees Robert passionately presenting his take on subjects from Q, Deep State and Adrenochrome to his recent review of David Icke’s book Everything You Need to Know But Where Never Been Told. The conversation leads to thoughts … Read more

Falling Fruit – Grassroots Efforts With Open Source Collaboration – Genius!

Passionate environmentalists Caleb Phillips and Ethan Welty set out to “unite the efforts of foragers, freegans and foresters everywhere,” and came up with a map that points to over half a million food sources around the world. They created a website that identifies fruit trees and other edible plants that are free for the taking … Read more

Architecture for Humanity Relaunches as Open Architecture Collaborative

The Open Architecture Collaborative has been created to replace the of Architecture for Humanity which closed in 2015.  Local chapters have banded together to create the new organization. More than 30 chapters in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa have come together to form the new organisation, which pledges to pursue community engagement through design. The group’s stated mission is “design advocacy, … Read more

PFC Technology needs your help

Hello Family, I have recently come across some drastic changes in my life and am needing some help. Any donations, heart warming messages, or open source work, please send them here: Email I am currently the administrator here at PrepareForChange & you can view more information about me at: Thank you, Many blessings, Your … Read more