GoldFish Report No. 150 with Cobra, Benjamin Fulford and Winston Shrout ~ 10.20.2017

The GoldFish Report   |     Published on Oct 30, 2017

Hosted by Louisa & Winston

Transcript by Gica

Cobra’s Voice Modulation by Steve

Louisa: Hi everyone, welcome to the Goldfish Report, I am your host, Louisa and today we have another Exo-Geopolitical RoundtTable, continuing our series of `Uniting the Light!´ with Cobra, Cobra, welcome back to the Goldfish Report! Thanks for joining us! Cobra Yes, yes, it is exciting to be here again! Louisa Thank you! And of course, a returning guest for the Goldfish Report, Benjamin Fulford, welcome again Benjamin!

Benjamin: Yeah, thanks for having me on!

Louisa …and of course today, riding shotgun with me and as a guest and co-host is our friend, our Apalachian American ….Winston Shrout. How are you, Winston?

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The Prepare For Change Community Leaders Brief is now available in Multiple Languages

We’re pleased to announce that the Prepare For Change Community Leaders Brief in now available in Multiple Languages.

This list will be updated as soon as more translations are published. If you wish to become a volunteer translator and translate one or more texts to your native language please fill this form. Translations can make a huge contribution in spreading crucial information at the time of The Event.

The main introductory text to be distributed by the PFC Event Support Groups to their local Leaders is available in the following languages:

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