The Strawman is the Ego: The Parasite Cleanse Begins at Home

Let me tell you why I like this article:  well written, informative, current and needed.  I encourage all to read, then take in this message.  The first part of change is recognition.  Recognize where we are – and how we got there, so we can then make changes.   Each of you have a Strawman … Read more

172 Documentaries to EXPAND your mind Spend some time on these – they are part of connecting the dots.  Thank you all the progressive thinkers and doers that have spent time, money, energy and sometimes their life getting this information out.   1. Home (2009) 2. Thrive (2011) 3. Paradise or Oblivion (2012) 4. Love, Reality and the Time of Transition (2011) 5. Earthlings (2005) 6. Everything You Know … Read more