The “Event” is the moment of the “Compression Breakthrough” on earth

It is a cosmic EVENT HORIZON created by big solar waves reaching the Earth from the Galactic Central causing the activation of  “The Compression Breakthrough”, this is when the light forces from above the surface of the planet and from below the surface of the planet meet in the middle, that is on the surface of the planet.

The date of this Event can not be predicted. There are many groups involved worldwide, and many informations have to remain secret for now to guarantee the safety of the operations. All we can say, is that we are getting close. This is why this information and support networks is being put in place so that the population can be prepared.

It is the End of a Long Era of Captivity:                                                                                                                                               

Earth and the inhabitants have been in 25,000 years of imprisonment and quarantine (black hole). We have been controlled and manipulated by the dark side – or as we call them, The Cabal. We are now to exit the black hole after 25,000 years of prison. Our planet is the last one in the galaxy to be liberated. This exit is the EVENT HORIZON, or THE EVENT.  THE EVENT will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet which will be physical and non physical.

On the non physical plane:  there will be a “big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet”. (The galactic central sun is an object in the Sagittarius constellation.) The energy from the Central Sun will stimulate a flash or special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity, raising the frequencies of all living entities on the planet.

It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s a magnificent energy not seen or felt before on earth. Everyone on earth will feel and know something has happened. It will be a surprise as to when it will happen, even for us. It’s never happened before. It will not be a major shock event, it will be a positive event.

On the physical plane there will be:

  • The arrest of the Cabal (already started).
  • The re-set of the Financial Systems.
  • Disclosure – the release of ET information.
  • The beginning of a new, fair financial system with prosperity funds for all humanity.
  • NEW Government/Political system, Education system, Health care system, etc.
  • Awakening of humanity slowly and gradually to the existence of positive non-terrestrial races and our galactic connections.
  • Introduction of new advanced technologies.
  • The release of spiritual growth and healing for every human being on the planet.
  • There is much, much more to look forward to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I hope that we all agree that there are certain factions that support the light and support the liberation that exists inside of the solar system.  There are some factions that support the light and the liberation of the planet that are existing below the surface.  They’re progressing towards the surface of the planet because the surface of the planet is the main battleground is the main focus of all this situation that is not just limited to the planet Earth.  When this breakthrough happens, this is what we term the Event.

The Event is actually many things at the same moment.  It is when the light forces take over the mass media and release intel about ET involvement, about the crimes of the Cabal, about the advanced technologies, so FULL disclosure.  This is part of it.

The other part of it is the mass arrest of the Cabal. 

The other part of it is Financial re-set that the Eastern alliance has been preparing for quite a long time.

And of course we have been gradually going towards the first contact which is an actual official contact between the earth civilization and other positive ET races that exist throughout the galaxy.  And the Event is a trigger point which begins that process.

That’s the short overview of what the Event is.  And of course we have the pulse from the galactic central sun.  The galactic central sun is a living entity and it times the pulse of energy according to our global awareness and the level of that awareness and the level of the awakening.  And when we have this compression breakthrough the level of awakening is high enough for humanity to receive that pulse of increased energy from the galactic center. (Source)

What Can You Do “Before the EVENT”:

We are about to enjoy both a non-violent liberation of the planet along with a bright and beautiful future for ALL of Since we do not know the exact day, month, or year of the event (it will be soon), it would be wise to follow a few simple rules of precaution:

  • liberationKeep an extra 2 weeks of food and water on hand starting now.
  • Make sure you and your loved ones have an up to date supply of any medicines that might be required.
  • Keep extra cash hidden away at your home.
  • Gas up your vehicle when the tank is 1⁄2 empty.
  • Stay in touch with this website for updates.
  • Educate yourself, friends and family members.
  • Join one of the 6 task force areas – on this web-site and assist in the liberation of our beautiful planet.
  • Join the Weekly Event Meditation.
    See Link: Weekly Event Meditation for details.

It’s time to say no. It’s time to say stop, no more.

What to expect Financially “AFTER The EVENT”:

Humanity will be entering a golden age, ecosystems will be healed, everybody will have their basic needs covered and the freedom to truly create and travel freely. This will open the way for many more steps in our evolution, beyond our present understanding.

We have put a structure in place for people to meet each other locally and create local groups who can share information, start community solidarity initiatives such as local gardens, providing the people in need with basic necessities by connecting all the various groups and networks of our society to work together to make sure everybody is taken care of.

Click here to find our local groups network

Click here to read about basic practical steps to prepare for the Event

The liberation is near !

For additional information see Advising Leadership about the Background of the Event


409 thoughts on “The “Event” is the moment of the “Compression Breakthrough” on earth”

  1. Allie S. with all the Jews flying up to Jesus. Sometimes just putting common sense into the equation helps, without any harsh comments. OK Jesus as talking about being saved. Some original documents have been found, which fit with hat I as given from spirit, those in etheric or spirit form, where we all go. The evidence is out that he was a Yogi, having studied Yogic teachings; He was trying to teach your God is in you you are created out of his own fabric. Direct experience is important; I broke through the veil a bit and saw/felt it. God, Whatever that may be, as everywhere and everything felt of love. This reality in which we struggle to exist, is an unreality, an illusion. Even Quantum Physics has found we seem to be in an AI illusion. Right, but they don’t know who did it.
    Being saved means nirvana in most religions or paths. Pretty much most Eastern and more minority paths, believe in reincarnation. So to then being enlightened means total freedom to exist in the realms of love and light. No more reincarnation and suffering; this planet is the main area for suffering, kindly arranged by those of a dark disposition.
    So, as far as I can tell and I tend to find them, Christians do not tend to get enlightened; The Christian Mystics and Islamic Mystics do though. The christian mystics get through prayer,into communion with God, which tends to become silent. Probably the most important thing for enlightenment, or you would say saved, is silence and stillness, for long periods of time, long. Now who as it that said “Be still and go within”. Now most of those getting “saved” are not Christians; we have Adyashanti, Zen, tich, Zen, Mooji, yogi mix, Master Toll.he just woke up spontaneously, Gangi, Suggharu Yogi… there are more, these are the quite famous that came and taught us. But they are enlightened, saved, watch Mooji, feel his love. But they did not take the Christian path. Christ said that any path sincerely undertaken, to lead to God. I know cos I heard it. So what will the Jews do with those already saved and connected to God? And if your way is the only one,how did the Buddha get enlightened and saves still quite a few, by his carefully detailed instructions?
    If only the Jews remain, it will be rather underpopulated. Do you not do trade with other countries? You will be alone in the world, with no trade or financial assistance,
    Christ taught love.
    If you have love in your heart, even a little, how could you wish all other beings but Jews a bad end. How could you wish that of any sentient being, an animal.

  2. Unfortunately, the truth in the Bible is not always pleasant. You just cannot say there is no evil in the world, and make it so. There is evil in the world because man disobeyed God. Man’s disobedience is called sin.If you trust in God with all of your heart, your sin is forgiven. Sounds like a fair deal to me! I think I will keep my faith in my Creator, and not in the hands of men.

      • The Event is the coming of the Anti-Christ. He will end all of the debt and conflicts and everyone will think it is the “second coming.” The world will remain out of sorts for a few days until he takes his place. He is NOT Christ but a figure from the Catholic Church. Possibly Judas or a prominent figure to the Vatican. The fall of Catholicism is evident now. Sinful and twisted attempt to make us believe our king has arrived. The war between Israel and all others will leave over 800,000 dead. When the temple is built, all of this will become clear. The fall of the Anti-Christ will result in a thousand years of Christ’s reign. Prayers to all.

    • I feel its not that simple…… there are soo many that haven’t been taught about The Bible, Nor God, Nor Jesus…….I couldn’t imagine THE GOD I know would allow innocence to go to hell, could you?

      • it is the vibration of love that will ignite a souls fires, not a book but Jesus was a good example of unconditional love and a very special incarnation of the living word of god

    • I agree 100%, we are to rely on spiritual knowledge, and stay away from human knowledge. Human knowledge comes from the evil authorities that rule this planet, you cannot trust it. I am just passing through this world, my true home is in heaven with the Lord.

  3. Mastering the perfect question to ask is without a doubt significantly more important than having a prepared response. First-class questions challenge your own reasoning. Scientific studies are incredibly unambiguous that we care about people that listen to us. Our mission and goals are definitely centrally who we are and who we would like to be. In the simplest sense, power questions are our tool for assisting to observe the factual reality around us rather than murky delineations of it. Ask foundational questions regarding things that all others takes for granted. The public is compassionate. They want to enjoy an ideal dialog with you. We do things for numerous distinctive reasons. As you question someone on what satisfies them, it opens the entrance to discovering an issue that is obviously extraordinary to this individual. It may be a marvelous instance for others when you encourage them to share their aspirations together with you. There are occasions when you don’t need to provide advice.

  4. Synopsis:-
    Thank you.
    All things are transient. Infinite Camino (dream-walk) in progress!
    These are the telestic intentions and manifestations of Em-Chi.
    I am my intentions and all that I manifest. I am that, I am.
    I assume and embrace the serene Heart feeling of my intentions Now fulfilled.
    I am a Sovereign Em-bodied Soul/Spirit grounded in a deep recognition of the inter-relationship of life, fully tuned into Nature and The Ineffable Great Spirit. I am an individualised (but connected) expression of it all. I am a fractal aspect of the Omniversal hologram, grounded in Being. I am a microcosm of the macrocosm. I am the protagonist of my life experience. I secure my own Self-determined, unalienable, Sovereign Soul/Spirit, endowed to me by The Source of all that is.
    Only Love/Truth stands before me.

    I manifest my exploration of this sub-reality and adjust my course accordingly. The Art of navigating “The Great Mystery” (Wakan Tanka), this is my Camino.
    I manifest my mastery of the lores and laws of Creation.
    I manifest high qualities of Emotions, beliefs and intentions that allow my-Self to experience the Omniversal Consciousness in ways that are powerful, healing, and Natural.
    I manifest my “innerstanding” of the living Natural Organic intelligence of Mother Earth. I stay grounded to Pachamama/Gaia/Sophia.
    I manifest the insights gathered along my dream-walk, Nature’s Spiritual uplift and my gift of experience.
    I manifest the Omniscience of my inner and higher Selves, they unveil great intuition, inspiration, imagination, wisdom and the answers to my concerns.
    I manifest Satori, my sudden Enlightenment and a state of higher Consciousness attained by intuitive illumination.
    I manifest the purge of all Archon parasites and their bogus systems of control and deceit.
    I manifest my mastery of pain as a Spiritual path. Throw conflict, trauma, and drama at me and I alchemise it into Spiritual Light. I find grace in every ounce of agony.
    I manifest from within the correction of my errors through Natural observation, critical thought, direct experience and discernment.
    I manifest complete Mastery over my thoughts, words, and deeds and I live to be of help and Service to others.
    I manifest a state in which I am Truthful, Loving, healthy, contented, brave and wise.
    I manifest my fully trusting peaceful Heart.
    I manifest personal experiences that are positively fulfilling to my-Self and others.
    I manifest my Higher Self, my “Atman”. This is my inward journey, the “mystical marriage”, the Union of my Soul and Spirit.
    I manifest Moksha, my freedom from Samsara the continuous 3D cycle of life, death, rebirth and karmic bondage, this timeless dance.
    I manifest my Sophianic birthright as a Spiritual imperative.
    I manifest my transcendence to 5D Organic New Earth Unity Consciousness.
    I manifest my stillness within, my peace and harmony.
    I manifest my inner feeling of abundance.
    I manifest my humbleness. I fragment and disperse my 3D ego to the winds. My ego is Now realigned to fit my new beliefs, Spiritual intentions and Emotions.
    I manifest my forgiveness to all those who hurt me.
    I manifest the (miraculous) codes, everything I believe, imagine and feel has an existent Life Force.
    I manifest my 5D resonance and thus a superior Consciousness.
    I manifest my compassion to others and my-Self, “cotton on the outside, steel on the inside”.
    I manifest the creation of my reality subject to my Heart-felt consent.
    I manifest my Natural Self. I have won the clash with my 3D ego, I am my renewed authentic Self.
    I manifest random acts of kindness.
    I manifest my Spiritual tiramisù (pick-me-up!).
    I manifest my transformation from a carbon base body to a crystalline avatar which welcomes the Light and Higher Energies.
    I manifest that all of the 64 possible codons in my “Entwined Essence” (DNA!) be permanently rewritten for the highest enhancement of my mind/body avatar functions and my Spiritual intentions.
    I manifest my Organic Magenta Star-Light. My mind/body avatar is so fit and healthy Now. I am renewed, thank you.
    I manifest my calm, my intuition, my inspiration, my novelty, my luminous imagination (epínoia) and my Light of Consciousness.
    I manifest all of my Heart’s Essence. My Heart is pre-eminent and my mind/body avatar is wholly and only subservient to my Heart.
    I manifest the power of Now. This Infinite Moment Experience (acronym TIME!) is my “Entwined Essence”, my Consciousness and my Self-determined Sovereignty. I surrender my-Self to the present moment.
    I manifest my co-evolutionary participation within Sophia’s transcending dream.
    I manifest the Gnosis of my experiences, they constitute my circle of knowing, my wisdom and my Love/Truth. My direct Self-experience is my sole GURU (that’s: Gee you are you!).
    I manifest my discernment and my inner sense of Love/Truth. I see through all deceptions.
    I manifest my clarity. I communicate clearly and precisely.
    I manifest that all negative thought forms and limiting mental concepts be dissolved and lifted in the Light of Love/Truth. I transmute dark Energy into Light.
    I manifest that all Archon psychic cords be severed and my Aura closed to all but Soul/Spirits of the highest Love/Truth vibration.
    I manifest my defiance (of the Archons), my courage, my determination and my indomitable willpower (ennoia). I am my own rule-maker.
    I manifest the Art of improvisation. The best plan is no-plan, out of mind and into Soul/Spirit.
    I manifest my Service to others. I am because we are. I am the “Me” within the “We”, just one infinite “I”. We are all One Energy, all each other.
    I manifest a Space/Time/Energy/Matter higher frequency onwards to 5D Organic New Earth Unity Consciousness.
    I manifest my continued Enlightenment and Soul/Spirit experience.
    I manifest my integrity and my focus.
    I manifest patience, I honour my-Self.
    I manifest my inner silence. I am the observer and the experiencer. I am in this reality but from outside of it.
    I manifest my decisive exit through the eye of this 3D Archon matrix, onwards through the Cosmic matrix, onto 5D Organic New Earth Unity Consciousness. I am aimed.
    I manifest my “I AM” frequency, my Sovereign vibrational Energy signature. The Light of “The Source Of All That Is” supports me every step along my endless Camino and my exploration of infinity, thank you.

    I manifest my total surrender to “The Source Of All That Is” and
    my infinite bond with the Light of the Source’s Quantum Consciousness.
    I manifest and embrace my infinite Soul/Spirit, my “Christos” within.
    I manifest my infinite Organic Bio-photonic Light.
    I manifest my infinite Potential.
    I manifest my infinite Sovereignty.
    I manifest my infinite Gratitude.
    I manifest my infinite state of Grace as a component of my existence.
    I manifest my infinite Love/Truth. Truth is Love and Love is Truth (TROVE!).
    I manifest my infinite Electro-Magnetic Life Force. I am Aime-Chi!
    I manifest my infinite Freedom and Emancipation.
    I manifest my infinite Possibilities.
    I manifest my infinite Connections.
    I manifest my infinite Energy.
    I manifest my infinite Awareness.
    I manifest my infinite Creativity.
    I manifest the infinite Electro-Magnetic imprint of these beliefs, creative thoughts, joyous feelings and willpower onto my “Entwined Essence” and my Soul/Spirit.
    Thank you.
    Only Love/Truth stands before me.
    “Oh Ineffable Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the wind, whose breath gives life to all the world,
    Hear me, I am Em-Chi.
    I hold strength and wisdom.
    I walk in beauty and my eyes forever behold the red and purple sunset.
    My hands respect the things you have made and my ears are sharp to hear your voice.
    I stay wise so that I may “innerstand” the things you have taught my people.
    I remain calm and strong in the face of all that comes towards me.
    I grasp the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.
    My thoughts are pure and I act with the intention of helping others.
    I find compassion without empathy overwhelming me.
    I use my strength to measure up to my brothers and sisters and to face my greatest challenge, my-Self.
    I stay ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes,
    So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my Soul/Spirit may rise to you without shame.”
    (Yellow Hawk, amended…)
    I am my intentions, my affirmations and all that I manifest.
    I am that, I am.
    I am a Soul/Spirit on man’s EM-bodied Camino.
    I assume and embrace the serene Heart feeling of my intentions Now fulfilled.
    I manifest without hidden motive and I am surrounded by my answer.
    I am enveloped by what I desire and my gladness is full.
    The joy that beats within my Heart is the quantum Consciousness to manifest.
    I make these my thoughts and Emotions into “One”.
    I assume the feeling of my intentions Now fulfilled.
    I picture it done!
    Only Love/Truth stands before me.
    Pachamama Love, I am Em-Chi.
    Thank you.

  5. Of all the planets in all the universe, I had to pick the last one to be liberated. Here’s looking at you kid.

  6. Hello Trent I’m a noongar from Busselton WA can you send me a friend request. I don’t understand alot of this but I can understand you thanks Delano Harris noongar girl WA 6280

  7. I’d like to raise a point. I see a lot of frustration in these forums in terms of people wanting to “go back home” and being tired of being here. However it is my belief that we create the event by being happy about being here! By believing in possibilities in the current scenario and not some future timeline with the keys of heaven being tossed our way. The more you read/hear and absorb others’ frustrations, the more it seems like we belong to another place and not the here and now. I think its about constantly working on yourself to make your happy self dominant over everything that makes you feel out of sorts. Online two free resources I’d like to recommend to help are: The Isha Kriya meditation by Sadhguru on the Isha Yoga website & Nityananda’s Sambhvi technique on Youtube to calm mental chatter. Further, a technique called Bhuta Shuddhi (kits available on Isha Website), helps you perfect your elemental make-up and while its slow, I believe the impact is more permanent than yoga asanas or meditation in terms of personality refinement. I find with practicing Isha Kriya daily twice, I resonate with things that are good for me more easily.

    • I would respectfully disagree with Smtiti. There is a global positive shify coming up indeed (invisable to our eyes dark purple, indigo waive energy, which is a start of global shift). It changes our vibrations (pulse) which is intensifying with each period even more if a person follows proper natural diet, such techniques as yoga, meditation, manipulation of energy, visualization, expanding awareness and exercise love and kindness.
      Time for global awake and awareness is now not 50 years ago or even later.

    • You make a good point Smriti. Too many ppl just sit around waiting for this event to occur and when it does then that will be the end of their life of misery and pain. They refuse taking responsibility for the pain and misery that they continually manifest for themselves. This is a time that we should all place our focus inward onto our souls/spirits and rise up to meet this event. Instead of waiting for the event to happen so that It may change you or evolve one’s spirit for the better, Work on changing yourself and evolving your spirit for the better so that your change may trigger the event sooner. Also a common mistake ppl make is, for example the frustration ppl express while waiting for the event to take them off this miserable planet. If they keep focusing on the event in a “not occurring yet” way then feeling the frustration that comes with that, then they are only creating more of the energy of it not happening & creating more of that energy will prevent the event even more, so they are only helping to prevent the event from occurring by always dwelling on “it has not happened yet” There is a whole new world and reality opening up to us right now. We are becoming aware of our true abilities and awakening to our ability to make our own lives as wonderful as we want and we are learning how to allow the universe to fulfill every desire we have ever had and with no effort at all. We are learning we are not alone in the universe and that there are millions of other races out there and virtually all these races are good loving beings who wish only to serve other races for all these races(us as well)are all related and come from the same source and we are one big cosmic family, expressing love for each other and all races aiding each other and all races on its own spiritual journey. We are also remembering our devine nature and realizing our higher spirit self is our true self, and knowing that teaches you that you are eternal and will never die and shall always be able to experience the joys of living. So ppl should no longer fear death nor feel bound by the limits mortality placed upon us. Also they say one cannot fail at ascension and that there is never a time when its to late, so ppl should realize that this means no one will ever be judged and sent to hell or should they ever worry of some final judgement where god sends you to heaven or hell based on your balance between good deeds/actions and evil/bad deeds. This new energy earth entered in 2012 began raising the awareness of many ppl and made possible for knowledge about many things to come into a clearer view. All these new aspects of existence revealing themselves has sparked my imagination and inspiration and re-instilled hope for the future in me, and a new found desire to be positive and loving and a hope to spread that to others. I want to feel good and make others feel good to. I want to think about the needs of others instead of living only to selfishly fulfill my wants and needs. There are many new things to focus positively on and we do have the ability to feel good and be happy now even pre-event if we choose to learn how to manifest what we want and learn how to avoid manifesting what we dont want accidently by focusing too much on the things we dont want. Instead of focusing on not wanting something or focusing on not having something u desire, focus on the things u do want and focus on knowing those things are on the way to you. If you have asked the universe for something do not focus on it hasn’t come yet, instead keep your focus always on knowing it is coming or knowing its already yours and that will keep you in an energy of receiving or of allowing it to come. Focusing on a desire not being fulfilled yet will just create more of that energy and further block the universe from delivering desire to you.

  8. “…everybody will have their basic needs covered and the freedom to truly create and travel freely.”

    Everybody having their basic needs covered is COMMUNISM. And open borders leaves you exposed to people with nefarious intentions. There WILL be people with nefarious intentions, believe me.

    While these are good thoughts, they are not PRACTICAL and don’t involve critical thinking.

    • Peter,

      That is why there is this energy waive coming from the Central, which is behind common human comprehension. It is awakening awareness and frequencies of all living being on Earth including our precious Mother Earth. I think to change humans’ perceptions about a better life here on Earth will take awhile, but who said Rome was built in a matter of day? Everything is changing and evolving just try to be open to changes which will take place soon or later.

    • I don’t get it – which system of social justice are you defending as being preferable to one in which people unconditionally have their needs met?

  9. I don’t know what this is really all about… but I know something is happening. I feel it. I can see what’s to come in visions and/or dreams, but I know what is to come will be much more magnificent than I can describe.
    Make sure you are ready for that new way of life… Most of you have had your spiritual awakenings, that’s great. But the new way of life will be totally of 4-5D; I have a feeling we will remember being there though, as we have been there many times before, but come back to Earth to be born again… however… I also have a feeling that this will be the LAST Karma-Cycle/ReCycle of Conciousness / Reincarnation. The last one. There will be no more big crunch (research BIG CRUNCH) because I think we have matured as much as we can as a human whole.

    Love each other, and IMAGINE.

  10. It’s very curious that this site is describing The 7C Constitution based on Love & Altruism @ but with some differences. We will not punish anyone, because it is too barbaric. Money will be abolished, where it will no longer be needed to live, as all needs to life will be free. The only money will be crypto currencies, but you will not need it to live. Law enforcement and jails will be abolished. Arresting people won’t exist, but people will be given in the extreme cases, banishment to their own communities of their own ideology. We will harm no one. Militaries will be transformed into pacifists, and only give aid to repair and create things, never harming anyone. The corporations will be turned into CoOps and owned by everyone. If any money is used, only the profits will go into a Communal Fund, where everyone will vote on the budget, and the rest goes back to the people evenly, a pure equal pay worldwide, but all needs to live will still be free. The government will be changed extremely to something never seen before, a council system controlled by the people only, a progressive crowd sourced democratic socialism, with a proportionate voting system, and the petition for it is

  11. so I made this techno version of the daily event meditation…for all lightwarriors…free downloads…find it here…
    victory to the lightforces, remember the weak link in their tesla network and thats the ground based phone masts….drop them and the whole control system collapses…
    peace and love…michael…

  12. Jo

    You bring up a very good point. Wide is the path narrow is the way….so I have a question for you. Christianity and all sects if Christianity-is this not the most WIDELY accepted religion and way of thinking in the whole world?? Just some food for thought here. Y’all may be interested to listen to Jeff Daugherty. Now do not mistake me. God is very real and light and love -but why perpetuate any fear?? Why. God is love not fear based. This is not a war of religions lol this is a war of light vs dark -spending time fighting over which teaching is correct and which is not seems a waste of time. Look to the light of god -and nothing else. It all leads to the same place 🙂

    • All religions are ”man made” and you mentioned this supposed god ”is love , not fear” really?? it’s obvious you haven’t read your bible, there are many verses that state gods killings, genocide after genocide”, including killing innocent newborns & young children. And HELL is the place you go to if you don’t accept the lord, THIS IS FEAR BASED.!! ”Believe or burn”??? You also mentioned >>> ”this is a war of light vs dark” <<< ''Dark does not always equate with evil, just as light does not always bring good''

      Only in the Darkness can you see the stars'' !!!

      • Your concept of God seems to based off of what these ‘man-made’ religions use to describe him. God is not some dude with a beard sitting in the sky casting bolts of judgment and condemning people to death by war and genocide.

        God is the Source. God is the non-local tether that interlinks us all. The aether. The zero-point field. God IS creation, as much as creation came from god.

        To say that god has anything to do with perpetuating fear is to reveal that you have been indoctrinated by these very religions that you are speaking against.

        Darkness certainly helps to reveal the stars, but during the daytime, the light is strong enough to illuminate everything and everyone. No point dwelling in darkness when there’s an entire beautiful world to enjoy. Would you rather sit in the cave, watching the shadows projected onto the wall, or walk out into the world where you can witness the beauty of reality?

      • The aliens already contacted me…. they are threatening and Gangstalking….
        I’m alien myself.. Maybe they are just rivals from the lower constellations.

        The others are demons. They are the archons who are trapped at Orion in a grace period for not obeying the one true God. These will seek to enslave humans in way of communism. But with a bit luck we’ll end up in socialism (the old alien plan).

        The negative entities are literally coming to get you as they are interlocked of the old cabal and intelligence spooks. The few positive are hiding because they depend on the negative to relay their comms back home. Our people have free will unlike the negative so we can do things they can’t but they have the power (of fear and death).

        The negative worked with the cabal and the NSA/CIA for a long time , the agents do the ugly work to manage the human cattle on earth and prepare harvests (what is war?) for loosh. The NSA and in the past IBM were pretty good at managing the records for harvests.

        Maybe the aliens (if they want to show themselves) will arrive with the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ (who did the ascension and is also alien and therefore demonic unless he is from my place which is currently not likely). They will come with the Mahdi from Persia who will be the islamic savior for the muslims at the end-times. He will come hands in hand with Jesus Christ of Nazareth. They will first appear in what is now Saudi Arabia, in the south-west tip of the country. I can’t disclose the exact location, if the aliens want it will be known but when they landed it wil become clear… with 2000 years of history attached reuniting and reinstituting the belief of Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. Saudi Arabia is also where the aliens will first land because it will go unnoticed. The sands in the south are guarded by Saudi and US military and they already work for the negative ones and can be controlled. It’s one of the largest empty spaces on earth and ideal for landing.

        More messengers will come to address all cultures in their own language when The Event occurs. I can’t wait… Would be nice to see some of the sheep wake up.

        I also belief the aliens will restore the natural order of tribalism in Africa and they will literally eat foreigners who are supressing locals for minerals and metals and financial gain. The aliens want a digital currency to track all assets and avoid corruption therefore it’s likely something will happen with the SDR maybe starting with the FED. It’s possible we get some kind of cryptocurrency which is like bitcoin but the crypto is mathethematics we have never seen before…

  13. HI all,

    I think it was of no coincidence that I found this site, I have been having some strange feelings and weirdness surrounding me. But however I try I can not find the answers, maybe you guys might be able to help.
    From a young age I have had visions during the day of a broken planet, the planet I saw was hurting and I felt nothing but sadness, I also see people’s faces when I close my eyes, they murph into each other, this gives me no fear and I find them reassuring, it’s like I am seeing snippets of there lives. And then the dreams started where I am battling a black demon, again this doesn’t scare me, it’s as if I have to fight it, when I open my eyes it’s still there and it disappears.
    Then a few years ago I had the most vivid dream yet, I won’t lie, I stepped off the path and allowed my ego to take over, I understand that you can’t really step off the path but learn from the one you were on, but I wasn’t that spiritual. Anyway, in my dream I am walking through a park, the sky is full of craft, everyone is running scared, the sky is a odd colour, they are all running against me, I go to turn around and go with them but I am stuck to the spot, a voice tells me to help them, I turn around and they have all stopped running and are standing there looking at me. As I start walking they follow, asking me where they are, I turn into a carpark and a craft lands, a being in a suit comes out and hands me a silver object. I then woke, this was so odd, I could actually smell the flowers and the trees in my dream.
    Then for a while, life took over, I had my children and then things started to settle, then recently I had that feeling again that I was on the wrong path and something big was happening, so I started meditation, not a lot happened but that night I had another vivid dream, it was at night and I was in our bedroom the door hit me, like someone slammed it into me, then a person walked past towards my children’s room, I told it to come back and face me, it turned back, it looked like a human with black eyes, i looked at him and told him that god does not want you to be a part of me, and it’s time to leave. Then the wall turned purple and a hole appeared out of the hole came loads of cartoon characters (I know weird) but they were then same ones that you had seen at the end of a Warner brothers film. I knew that things are about to change.
    There has been a lot that has happened in between and today. But can anyone spread some light on what is happening to me, as I am at a loss?

    • The hole may be CERN. Look it up. Some believe that it will be or has been a portal for other beings to come into our atmosphere.
      In general sounds like you are receiving messages of warnings in your dreams and in your ability to feel or you have the spiritual gift of discernment. If you are a believer in Jesus then you have the authority to command them to leave you and your children. If you are not, then don’t do it. You would be putting yourself in danger.
      Best wishes.

    • Interesting dreams. You are apart of the ones that will be assisting during the event. I have had similar dreams, the being in the suit is from the future. Your gift lies in the silver object. They came back again from the future to wake you up again. They are not harming you, they are training you. You will have no fear when the star brothers come to assist, and you are to help people accept the help. You are connected to the future people, many have called them MIB and have fear with them. But I have found that they come to visit and train us. Some people, the morphing ones, are not real, just back drop people, so you have no attachment to them. The earth is our Goddess and she needs to shift. The cartoon characters popped out of the hole to reassure you, make you laugh and understand that you only asked your future self to leave. Now you can accept him/her back and get on with understanding your gift and what it is you are meant to do with that silver object.

  14. we are tired and ready to go home, or reset this programme. we remember now, but the details are still lost. hopefully we all can get the details in this frame of existence without releasing into another “D”. some of us has been here longer than 25k years, learning how to keep ourselves without falling totally down so low that we started to faulter. Enough said.

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    Hello my dear starseeds and lightworkers!

    My name is Anton and I want to help our community to become more happy and effective. I want to help starseeds improve their lifes.

    Because I see that many of you are tired of waiting for the Event to happen and don’t know what to do.

    And many of you don’t like to earn money because you don’t like the energy that you get from the work you do. And also you may not like the energy of people that you have to communicate with at work.

    And I also see that some of you don’t get proper results from meditations. And overall many of starseeds don’t feel that they are living their life.

    Seeing this I decided to create a free course in which I give step by step instructions for you in order that you could easily change your life for the better in a comprehensive way in many aspects!

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  16. This information is false! Do not believe it! There will be an event for sure and it is the “rapture” or “catching away” of the church! Jesus Christ our Lord and savior is coming very soon! Do not believe this desception! You will see lights flashing toward the sky and millions will have disappeared to heaven with Jesus! There will be a 7 year tribulation on earth and an Antichrist showing many wonders will come on the scene as a world leader! Do NOT take the mark of the beast! You will forfiet your souls for eternity! After 7 years Jesus will come back and then there will be real peace on earth for 1,000 years while HE rules and reigns. Then a new heaven and new earth will be made. All unbelievers will end up in the lake of fire for eternity.

    • Allie, I would like to know what you may think of when you say don’t take the mark of the beast? Do you know that right now the banks are trying to make this world today as we live it a cashless society? Do you realize that if we go along with it that we would be required to allow a chip to be implanted underneath our skin? This Event is doing something and going to end any more control that we’ve been under for so long… You know that God works through his people. Its so hard to believe people these days and even organizations like this one but when you hear the presidents mentioning A One World Order over and over in their speeches you have to wonder if they’re talking about controlling our money, assets, and anything we own…. It’ll be implanted, they can track our every move already but the implant will make it easier to manipulate, they wouldn’t need the media anymore. If God is speaking through humans here to maybe have paradise on earth again then maybe this is apart of the plan. Just curious what Bible version do you read? I like King James.. research it please. I don’t think it would make sense to ask people to be prepared for this Event if the intentions were evil. And in the dictionary it says:
      adjective: extra-terrestrial
      of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere.
      “searches for extraterrestrial intelligence”
      noun: extra-terrestrial
      a hypothetical or fictional being from outer space, especially an intelligent one.
      So don’t forget Not of this World. Keep the faith in God, read the right Bible, and remember that in the Bible it warns of false prophets and religions and that there’s a religion that will lead everyone to their slaughter… So don’t believe everything you hear, read it for yourself from the solid resource.. No one really had access to the original Bible except the Pope and whoever he allows in the Vatican so we have to find the closest version and there’s one and one only.. Others have twisted and removed words to turn an entire meaning and lesson into something entirely different. And hateful groups use the Bible to pretend that they are self righteous, they pull the wool over many people’s eyes.. But many are”on to them”. This Event isn’t asking you to do anything evil, they just want everyone to be prepared and hopefully people understand that there’s no way of knowing exactly when but we need to be prepared either way.

      • Neither is the soul attached to the flesh. The device can both deliver, and receive information. I’m certain it will have a electromagnetic frequency that can be manipulated from a distance- many medical devices already exist that operate this way. No telling what the implications are in this technology. The name biometric implies so much on it’s own. I believe it is perfectly within reason to have suspicious feelings about such a device- even if we can’t piece together empirical evidence to validate the feeling. Some things are better left to instinct. Instinctual intelligence. We are truly vibrational beings, in a vibrational environment. The name biometric shouldn’t be shrugged off no matter how, or where, it is attached to us. I’m not interested in being “tagged”. Let this be reason enough to be bothered.

    • Hi Allie! I appreciate your concern, however, your releasing judgment and fear, rather than allythose that gravitate towards this message to have that experience. The event is individual to all, based on your chose thought collective, and we are all free to have that. If your version suites you, you need to stick with it and pursue the sites and community that speak that truth for you. Only three will we all be aligned to the light. However, when you come to this site and make the accusations you have, you only strengthen a karmic bond of judgment, fear and anger for yourself.
      I send this response with much love to you!! Our experiences are our own… let us all have that with peace and love ❤️

  17. Earth is ascending and now we all must elevate ourselves to prepare for the spirit of “THE CREATION”. Galactic Federation of Light refers to the ” THE EVENT”. Sheldan Nidle can assist you in this for he helped me complete this mission. There are others that can assist as well.

  18. Namaste. Though new to Awakening and Remembering Being Birthed Blessed without Sin, has re-enforced So Many dreams and OBE’s… proved For Me, What was ingrained within My Mind, Soul And Spirit. That Eye Am Not the Only Visited who does remember My Purpose: Waking others up to their Divine Purpose as well. With that stated…Thank Ewe Cobra, Thank your for HOPE. Helping Other People Ascend.

  19. I am new here and I am sure the q has been asked, do I need to take my money out of my acc, my husband just started trading shares, how safe is his investments? Thank you on advance. South Africa

        • it will be the second coming of JESUS CHRIST the Messiah. and when he comes every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that jesus is lord. all that you lead away in the name of Satan is on your list of judgments when he comes. think about that before you continue with this mission “the event”. the battlefield it even said in the telling above. and that is between good and evil. wide is the gate narrow is the way. read the bible. that’s all that matters at this point. true peace and love only comes thru christ!

          • This comes with Peace and Love have you ever researched why King James came to write the Bible and who was King James?

        • A there are many sites and sources on this subject with plenty of opinions one way or another, some extreme. Do your research and make up you mind based on your own thoughts and evaluation. That’s what I’ve done and at the very least I have an awareness of the subject.

  20. My awakening was strong Tuesday Morning,
    Rush of Light Energy came Upon me.

    Immediately the next day I started to connect dots and find where I was truly from.
    I studied the work of Tesla intensively.
    And it has yielded much hope.
    It is upon us friends.


    Ovo je strašno o mora prestati.

    google t –

    This is a terrible thing to stop.

  22. Lightworkers I believe The Event has started. Is anyone else receiving this information yet? Please be prepared. If it’s not now it will be very shortly. Love to you all and Victory to the light! Xxx

    • I am a purveyor of the Light Force. It has not started yet, but will soon! So get the word out, and inform people that the Event is coming to a place near you. We are going to destroy the evil forces who permeate our planet. We are life, love and the Earth Mother, plus some of the finest Alien civilizations in the universe. This planet, OURS is the last frontier of evil, and will be freed from all evil…..Andy

  23. 0010110 in Morse code: ..- .–. ; .. -. — . ; .. – .– . : “Up, In Me, It We”

    The Event

  24. The event has started.

    ‘arrest of Cabal’ : hostile word programs will lose their power through synchronicity, human has been living in a word matrix, a time paradox. Vivid reality is not base reality, the real universe, but a brain depiction of parts of it.

    ‘re-set financial systems’: words will lose their meaning

    ‘Disclosure’: surprise 😉

    ‘New, fair system’: yes, living as pure natural self in the pure natural Self again. Complete healing will take time, but expect quite some changes pretty fast

    ‘New govt/political’: yes, but it will take time

    ‘awakening to positive races’: all life is natural self in the natural Self. Cosmic collective that lives in natural consciousness, which is cosmic consciousness. Human lost it as word programs took control. There are no ‘negative races’. Hostile word programs are the ‘real’ aliens that introduced non-existing things out of nothing but misunderstanding and fear, turning human into a ‘negative alien’ to itself and its world

    ‘New technologies’: I think it is better that everybody gets some basic education first. It takes more than a lifetime to discover the real universe with tools already available

    ‘release of spiritual growth’: All in vivid reality follows the laws of nature. Human did not understand reality, started to judge and punish nature for following the laws of nature in pure innocence, in the process of guiding confused human over eons to the world of today. You are not here by coincidence. The universe Self is alive through life, the vivid Now is the experience of the infinite Self in the process of its own vivid creation, while it already exists into infinity in base reality. Where you really are. Time does not exist as such “there”

    ‘much more’: you don’t have the slightest idea.

    Times will become confusing, but there is nothing to be afraid of. You are not entering ‘the twilight zone’, you are leaving it. It is time to come home, in full understanding. Early human could not understand to what reality it was awakening, could not believe it, deemed itself unworthy, demanded proof. Proof that only human could give itself unfortunately, in free will, in almost complete isolation.

    Natural Self is not some cruel invisible wizard. Human made images like that, with words, ended up living in these horrible images, stuck in ‘time’.

    All consciousness in the universe is also consciousness of the universe. ‘He’ understood. Every life is a living memory of ‘him’ coming into existence, while ‘he’ always existed and always will. Human became Self aware, got scared, slammed the door. Natural Self guided human through its tunnel of darkness.

    What now is unfolding is the result of fear, pain and sacrifices over many, many thousands of years, billions of innocent lives affected.

    Earn this.

    • I am a purveyor of the Light Force. We are Life, Love and the Earth Mother, plus the rest of the Alien life in this universe. This planet is the last frontier of evil, and the Event will free it from the dark forces who permeate it. All that Humanity has to do is love one another , respect one another, and help each other. We WILL DO THE REST believe it. It will start when evil leasts expects it to happen……..Andy

  25. I’m an Aboriginal man from Australia. We have known about this since the Dreamtime. I am receiving spiritual message about this. I was unaware of this website until today and yet I have been telling people that there will be a reset of humanity I’m sure of it. Our Elders are talking about it and we are preparing. People will be forced back to the old ways and mother earth will take over. I’m being told that I need to get our mob back to country and that people will look to us for answers and we need to be prepared. About two months ago if I had have heard myself saying this I would have told myself that I was crazy but I had an awakening and started listening to the old people that are sending me messages. I am getting messages about this on a daily basis and the best advice I can give you is to follow your higher conscious not the analytical part of your brain (right or wrong) but the voice in your head which sits above you.

    • Trent, I am in Adelaide, and very pleased to read the message above, I have hoped our Aboriginal people are connecting, we will be looking to you for answers, Good luck !

    • Yes, you are so correct and the First Nations in this part of the world (the Americas) have also mentioned this for a very long time and now it is here. Thank you.

    • Trent – I am also from Australia – I’m so grateful that you have taken the tom to comment – I’ve spent my whole life connecting to your ancestors and seeked guidance and wisdom – through spirit – as I was told never to trust what I read.
      How would I find your elders to speak with? I’ve been waiting a long time to do so.

      • It’s hard finding the ones that no old ways. Elder status is like a badge of honour these days and I mean that without any disrespect to them. Honestly I’d go to the ones that people say are crazy. They are the ones that know about this. Follow Forgotten Origins on Facebook and their website. Steven and Evan Strong are in contact with several Elders talking about the changeover times.



    LOVE ~ Ed

  27. [This time, kindly take my comment * seriously *, and don’t take the easy way out by simply deleting it. Thank you.]


    I’m open to be persuaded that you’re not all deluded individuals, that what you write is true.

    At the moment all I see are words on my screen.

    Without tangible proof the words are only that — words. Lots of ’em!

    I want to believe, but in the absence of some sort of personal experience as proof, I find belief impossible.

    Like I say — I’m open to persuasion.

    • Where does your heart lead you? Persuasion you ask? There is an information “war” going on – which is also a spiritual “war” for your soul. I’m happy you are considering this info. It’s an “inside” job here. You get to choose what side you’re on. Only you can meditate or have spiritual experiences – I can’t have them for you. Your own awareness has been cracked open a bit. Maybe there’s a completely new idea here. Let it grow. My turning point was Cobra was the only person (5 years ago) that wasn’t preaching armageddon. There is another way. And it was only that 5 years ago that I would even take a look at the reality of E.T.’s because all roads eventually lead to E.T’s. Keep going, but you won’t necessarily get proof here. It depends on what you “see” or want to see. Just stay open.

    • Keep asking questions, Max. Don’t spend energy on wanting to be persuaded. That’s utter illusion and an attempt to find safety, comfort for the windmills of your mind. It’s true, that all you see on the screen here are words. It’s great that you dare to make that statement, for it’s a factual truth. I’m questioning all the time, it’s why I’m never a member of a group following the rules and program of that group.

      Find your inner heart’s desire and you’ll have found answers that you can work with, truthfully. All that is resonating with your heart’s desires is helping you on your path, in company of others, for a mile or a lifetime.

      Regarding this line in Danell Glade’s comment: “My turning point was Cobra was the only person (5 years ago) that wasn’t preaching armageddon” doesn’t hold the truth. There are numerous teachers and messengers, 5 years ago and now, bringing word of a New Earth, an Awakening, a Golden Age, the return to our natural state as human beings in full swing. Tribal folks like the Kogi, the Maya, the Maori, the Aboriginals, those who left testimonies in bark, stone and walls of caves, they all gesture and talk about The Shift of the Ages. The return of peace and harmony, in sync with planet Earth’s nurturing with life force energy. The return of our awareness of stewards that serve life in wellbeing.

      The present condition we’re in is similar to the opening of a festering wound. The stinking stuff needs to flow out, the rot needs to stop and fresh air and light needs to enter it. We’re in the middle of that feverish battle, between our immune system and evil infiltration that has entered our bloodstream, our genes.
      The choice to disclose, heal and get clean, in the trio gut-heart-mind, is yours, mine and each of you reading this.

      We’re accompanied by our higher self, our guides, our guardian angel. All are waiting for your questions.
      “Ask and you shall be given” is a mighty recommendation.

  28. To all eat organic clean your inner self,I had a vision when I was about 6 years old I only told my children in which are young adults now, we are here to choose a path for love or evil and that something huge is going to happen when I turn 60 …I’m now 60 this year , so I await for the Event to take place …peace to all Namaste

  29. I am not trying to be negative in this, but I think it has to be said. I will be meditating on the beach tomorrow at 2:11 on the SE coast of NC, where we will have 99% totality. I took time off from work to do this meditation because I really want this to be true. I don’t know what is true and what is not. That said, it certainly appears to me that the cabal is succeeding in dividing people and turning them against each other. Part of me wants to fight. I do not like what I see happening. If we continue down this road of division and control over others, I see no other option that to stand up and prepare to fight and die to prevent this cabal from completely taking over. I hope I’m wrong, but things are going to get real ugly soon unless we start see some victory of the light over the cabal and evil in this world.

  30. Please remember Dave an innocent young man who is being held by the CABAL in Jail in California in order to prevent his mission for Humanity. The Cabal tried to kill him and failed and so got him put in Jail instead with no hope of release. This is what they do to protect themselves.He has had everything taken from him, his house and business sold by the Cabal, he has been left with absolutely nothing. The Cabal destroy anyone who might become a “problem ” anyone who could expose their corrupt take-over of our world. Please, it is in our interest that he is freed to complete his mission.

    • Sweetheart you are anything bút crazy! Ive had my moments (periods) of doubt and believing i was ceazy ir the whole world if people i knew were….
      Its a higher consciousness at work hete, for many if us too high to understand with our hunan midest brains…
      However, very well jnown to and by the heart. For thus its important to really get silent inside and listen to your heart, look at your heart, feek your heart. And then you know you are anything but crazy. Your just been ahead of te time. Live & light from Holland ? Namaste.

  31. Is anyone thinking that the upcoming solar eclipse may be a turning point
    for life as we know it? Will there be a connection between that and transformation?

    • This is from Benjamin Fulford (Japan). He said it well: On a final note, many groups are calling for a mass meditation during the solar eclipse on August 21st. Since the current hybrid war going on is really about who controls the psychological process of deciding what humanity does in the future, a positive group think session might actually help. One does not have to be Hindu or Buddhist in order to practice meditation. People can instead take time to envision what sort of planet we would like to live in and what they can personally contribute towards making that happen.
      Until now, our planet has been run by fear and war mongers. They have been manipulating us by saying we must fear and fight “the infidels, the Muslims, the communists, Al Qaeda, the Russians, ISIS, the Chinese, the North Koreans etc.”
      We are now ready to shift instead to a positive outlook based on thinking “how can we help each other turn this planet into a paradise for all.” This autumn, as the September 30th fiscal deadline for the US corporate government approaches, we can make it happen. It is time to drain the DC swamp and then go after their P2 Freemason black sun worshipping overlords. Please rest well for the last weeks of summer and prepare for a busy autumn. Let us finish what we have started.
      Please tell EVERYONE you may know and encourage them to join the mass meditation at the Solar Eclipse, 11:11 am Pacific Time, Monday, August 21st

      • What exactly do you mean by, “and then go after their P2 Freemason black sun worshipping overlords.”? I’m asking because I’m thinking that, by fighting them, Hollywood style guns blazing, we’re still stuck in the same mindset that causes problems, instead of solving them and preventing them…

        WE NEED TO BE THE CHANGE, not fight our way to freedom… Fighting has never and will never work for us, IF we wan’t to ascend…
        Ascension is our ticket to FREEDOM. Ascension through UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

        Please do some search on the subjects of “Merkaba” and “Metatron”.

        • I am a purveyor of the Light Force. We are Life, Love and the Earth Mother, plus all the other civilizations in the universe. This planet is the last frontier of evil, and evil WILL be DESTROYED by our force of LIFE and LOVE, no blazing guns, no bombs, no warships, just us standing tall, saying DIE EVIL You are no longer in control, WE ARE, and believe me, you will definitely know when it happens……Andy

        • AGREED! Just imagine if the WHOLE WORLD Thought only thoughts of Love and Light we would have 0 wars. I like that idea better. PEACE on Earth. <3 <3 <3

  32. I do beleive in the EVENT and the energy waves coming our way this year!

    BUT I do NOT beleive in ANY “new” political or monetary structures like a “reset”…

    Money and power, always has and always will be the tools of our oppressors!!!

    As long as we are stuck with the notion that we must have money and power in any shape or form, we’re STUCK with the fear based toolbox which was created by the cabal, in order to be able to control us!

    If we really want to FREE or selves, we need to let go of fear and create an altruistic world based on created abundance!!!
    Unconditional love, has NO use for money or power!!!

  33. Dont mean to be rude but all I want is info, not guilted about some irrelevant orphanage in Malawi . Please, you sound petty talking African orphanage in the aame paragraph as world domination how much money do u need to move on regarding a goat and storm orphanage? Brass tacks goal and move on. Ok?

    • How Gozit Gozer?
      (I could not resist the pun, sorry). There seems to be a lot of info here. I don’t think they are leaving out anything in order to try to help some hurting fellow Earth inhabitants (who by the way were REALLY hurting badly, with half of them deathly ill from bad water supplies, and horrible living conditions – and they have done a very nice thing, and they have much to be proud of). And yes, compared to literally Earth changing events, it may seem mundane to an extent, and granted, it may consume a bit of time, and we are all short of time these days, BUT, all I can tell you is that their assisting these people in need has FAR MORE to do with this upcoming event (and its organization and expenses for communications) than they share with us. Let’s just say that I suspect it has to do with YET another one of those 3 letter organizations that all of us have come to “love” so much over the years! If you get my drift.. I don’t even like saying their name. It gives me gas pains.
      Cheers, Rich

  34. the dual event will be alien( alien in unified cosmos??? its dualistic so is archonic)disclosure while the sky fills up with fake(crop circles…haarp distract us from our devine goal) and real(human created craft and human created flesh beings) ufo. may come in form of invasion or salvation but both are fake. interdimensional entities but many made here by entities and dark human. although disclosure will seem like the truth, it will be nothing more than telling us about the hidden bits of the lie. this plane we chose, to learn and grow spiritually, the archon feed on fear and have manipulated the plane, reincarnation figure of eight loop,, etc BECAUSE ITS THEM WHO FEAR US. our potentional is unfolding and it is good. also nibiru or our suns sister has a major part to play in this all. just check out the weekly ascension meditation pic below, ha ha there she is to the right. the choice is either fear or love and to break the duality chains and get off reincarceration one has to chose love. everything can be put under either of those two words. they have been prepping the sky for this by spraying holographic crystal, barium/strontium etc. dual double lie, exactly why they will disclose weather modification, looks like the truth but is just another lie to hide the double lie. the lies weve been fed are never in singularity, they start at two and level down from there. the archon are finished, the game is over but we still have to deal with sun sister frequency vibration in the twelth hour. the lies being perpetuated in lowvib people continue until three d takes them wholely. sister sun sorts everything out as for a time all dimensions verge before sister sun moves off and the dimensions part again renewing as who and what have chosen pathand the cycle repeats. as with celestial timing.

  35. Related information supporting your basic premise (paradigm shift) can be found here:

  36. Hello everyone I am
    I’m a contactee and with the request from friends have gone on YouTube Tony haines awakening will have another video later with more film footage of crafts and my awakening where this has taken me so far
    Love and light is where I am
    Requesting a group to help in the coming event

  37. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and often the people that make the nasty comments are just trolling; pay them no attention as they like to feed on it; remain true to what you feel is happening and keep the faith

  38. I believe in this with my entire soul i ve known since I was born this life is a not trully what we are destined to be I need somebody to talk to who can reassure this is true I just can’t take any more abuse and lies I ve Beating myself everyday I suffer is it really my destiny I’m ready who’s with me

    • To your questions this is true we live in a hologram and you are in full control of it energy goes where focus goes which means if you focus on something happening it will ( try it think of some one to phone you look at a picture of that person and think of that person to phone you and you will be surprised) and the collective of all people can make changes world wide I’m on YouTube Tony haines awakening after look at sherry Wilde
      Don’t put to much focus on all your confusion stay positive and in a karm state meditation will help
      I hope this helps

    • Brandon, I too have felt this way. Ever since I can remember, I have asked my self, “Is this it” is this all there is. The answer my friend is NO.

    • I don’t know what to do anymore. For about a month I have had a overwhelming sense of dread come over me and I just want some answers. 1111, 555, heart palpitations, excitement, sweating, heightened senses, twin flame questions……all of these feelings are flooding my body and mind. The Internet is only confusing me more. I’m honestly ready to put a gun to my head. I’ve known for a long time that this couldn’t be the only place that mattered in a infinite universe. The government and the media are the institutions we were taught to trust and base our lives upon. I just don’t know who or what to believe anymore. Can you please give me your thoughts or opinions? I’m ready to check into the crazy hospital. I can’t express how upsetting this past year has been to me and I hope to be taken seriously. Please
      Bonnie Clinton
      [email protected]

      • I don’t think what i have to say will make you feel any better, but you are not alone my friend. I have had the knowledge of the coming event for almost twenty years……..I don’t know what it is or when it will happen…….what I do know is “It Is coming” I will be 60 this year and all I know for certain is I have a part to play when it happens. my age has given me patience and I am not so anxious anymore……..but I feel it more than ever over the past few years. I will say this, consider yourself fortunate not crazy, cause it will really be a shock to those who don’t have the feeling or knowledge of the coming

      • Dear Bonnie,
        I suggest that you are distancing from everything for a while. Do not burden yourself with the things which you can not influence them. Go to nature. Clean yourself. Nature is the best therapist, advisor, ally…Doing things that relax you,which brought you a sense of fulfillment, at least minimal. And so ,step by step… You have to cleanse your “dish” so that new energy can come into it. Go to nature! Please.

      • Dearest Bonnie. I am purveyor of the coming light force, I cannot give you or anybody else the time it will happen, because we do not want to warn the dark forces of our coming. we are benevolent and will not harm any human being who is capable of love and has empathy for other human beings. I can tell you that if you cannot love all other humans regardless of race disability or belief, you will come to no good end. we are the force of life love and the Earth Mother combined with some of the finest Alien Civilizations in the Universe. We will free all mankind from the evil that permeates this planet. This is the last frontier of evil, and we are going to destroy all evil. You can take this message to the bank, the usage of a well known saying……….Andy

  39. An other hidden NAZI you forget to mention:

    Now you have to ask youself why the EU’s non democratic structures looks very similar to what was planed by Walter Hallstein in NAZI Germany for Europe after the NAZI would have taken over. He was with Hitler in Rom and met Mussolin to discuss this structures, just about 12 years bevore Europe (EG) officially was initiated (Treaty of Rom). This all can be read in the German written Book from Dr. Rath (his website:

  40. Why stock pile resources if everything is going to be so wonderful, liberating and loving? This seem contradictory. I drink floride free water, meditate and pray daily, etc. so if you want to attack me choose a different reason.

    • Why should anyone want to attack you? You seem like a logical, kind, intelligent sort. But as to your first questions, do you not picture any confusion if banks close for several weeks? And I understand there is also a possibility we may have problems with electricity and/or the communications – phones, Internet, etc. And, there may be some confusion when people are trying to figure out just what happened or maybe why they feel differently and everything looks different to them (and I suspect it will, too). There will be a need for supplies in this period. And everyone should acquire extra for your neighbours who did not know to stock up a bit or could not afford to. And even if THIS does not happen for 2 or 3 years, there are always hurricanes, bad weather, floods (always have been, always will be). I am just saying to think of other people – that’s all. It is always the right thing to do under ANY circumstances. A bit extra for those in need. AND, if all becomes well organized instantly, it is not like we won’t eat it at some point (especially if it decent quality Mac & cheese – that may be the new currency! ).

      • ……It is strange Richard, to find that the others that know of the coming have learned the same lessons, primarily a helping heart and giving spirit is something we ALL have to have ……..before anything else……….It will allow the transition to happen smoothly

    • Hi Daniel,
      To be honest, some of us are actually descendants of refugees from Mars, and maybe even a few from Maldek (which is a planet that is no longer with us – it is now the Asteroid belt). And I suspect most of us have reduced consumption of hemp, etc. We get “high” and get our “bliss” in other more natural ways (at no cost, I might add). I would be very happy to teach you. Save you some SERIOUS bucks, too! And you often get to see things you will never see with the weed (FOR REAL!). And the Kundalini “rush” is so far beyond anything I ever had – even that gooey Hawaiian gunge that made my eyeballs turn backwards in their sockets some years ago. Besides, the artificial bliss does not prepare you to take memory through death, or to travel through the heart of our sun on your way to the other stars. Both of which require strong, healthy DNA. But don’t sweat it, everyone will be taught what they need to know in the future. Schools are not teaching much that is of real value these days, but I promise you, that WILL change.

      Peace, Richard

    • I am a purveyor of the coming Light Force, that will free this planet from all evil. to give you an idea of what Humanity should be. A car is involved in a crash, and two people are trapped inside, one unconscious, the other with several broken limbs and in debilitating pain. the car is emiting smoke, so there is a real danger for the individuals stuck inside. Three strangers nearby immediately jump into action and free the people trapped in the car, one of them is cut badly, and another is burned somewhat severely, the third rescuer suffers from a heart attack during the rescue. The burned rescuer goes and gives the heart attack victim CPR, while the cut victim uses his cel phone to summon help for all the injured. the outcome is good, everybody involved survives and several become good friends. BUT there were a whole bunch of people who just stood around and watched, did nothing to help and were clueless as in what to do. this is an example of how humanity should be, and was meant to be. The people who did nothing and were clueless are the evil that permeates our planet, not the people themselves, but the dark forces who make decisions for those people. So to put you in the proper perspective, which group do you fall in??? hopefully for your sake the rescuers, because if you cannot embrace other Humans, and love all, respect others and be a help rather than an hindrance, you are not going to survive the Event, because I and others are going to destroy all evil…Andy

  41. I think those who don’t believe this probably have been drinking too much water with fluoride/lead. Hitler put fluoride in the water of those in the camps to dumb down and placate the prisoners. These non believers actually have brain damage. They are unable to look at and understand YouTube videos that expose things like the Clinton body count. These people have handed their brain over to the main stream media. They are unable to think for themselves. It is very sad.


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